Ladies First

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Two simple words flashed across your phone’s screen telling you that a visit was imperative. “Bad day” That’s all that was necessary for you to know I needed you. So, without a second thought or a reply to my text, you drove the familiar path to my front door and waited for me to arrive home. As my car rolled to a stop beside yours, you hopped out, locked your door, and prepared yourself to hear me rant about a jerk boss, an unfair new policy, or the fears of having to find a new job. But, when you opened my door, offered your hand to me, and sliding my fingers into yours, I got out without speaking, you knew you had the situation under complete control.

After taking my keys, unlocking the door, and leading me into the house, you gently push my shoulders to sit me down on the bench at the front door. You lightly kiss my forehead and smile as you take my work bag and my purse from my hands. I just sit there, watching you move around me in slow, deliberate motions, and I still say nothing. Then, without any warning, you get on your knees in front of me, move my legs so that your hips fit inside mine, and you slide up so that you are face to face with me. We are so close to each other but are barely touching; you move your arms to rest on my legs and your hands are around the small of my back so that I feel like you are securely holding me. In one seemingly natural movement, I take both feet out of my shoes, wrap my legs around yours, and pull you even closer to me. While my hands gently encompass the back of your head fingers slightly clutching your hair, through my lips escapes a weak, “Thank you” before they meet yours. It’s a simple, sweet kiss, but its heat releases hours of tension, and you feel my body slightly relax into your arms.

With a few more kisses from you down my cheek, onto my neck, and across the top of my chest, you get to your feet and pull me up from my seat. Your arms tightly hold me close to you, I bury my head in your chest, and you whisper canlı bahis şirketleri to me, “I have you, baby. Okay? We don’t even have to talk about it.” I look up to you and nod my head as a single hot tear rolls down my check. You smile, wipe it away with your thumb, and kiss me with the most sensual kiss I have ever had. It is soft and tender yet powerful and sexy. Your tongue dances with mine and you pull me closer and closer to you the deeper you move into my mouth. It’s the type of kiss I can feel from the tingles that start at the top of my head and fall all the way to the bottoms of my feet. My pulse races and my cheeks turn a flash of red as we pull away from each other. You wink at me, give me a sly grin, and give me a quick pat on the butt to spur me into motion.

As is my usual custom when I get home, I head up the stairs to my bedroom to change clothes. You are close behind me, watching my hips twist with each new step I take, delighting at the prospect of seeing them without the veil of fabric. Once we are in my room, I walk to the dresser to determine what I will put on, and you head toward the bathroom. As I pull a pair of jeans from the bottom of the drawer, I hear the shower door open and the rush of water as the shower is turned on. With a bit of a puzzled look on my face, I appear at the bathroom door and look to see you standing there with nothing but boxers on and the steam beginning to build in the room. You seize the moment to grab me around the waist and kiss me again; this time it’s hard and deep, even a bit forceful. You bite my bottom lip as your hands travel under my shirt, up my back, to my bra clasp. Your lips still firmly planted on mine, commanding that I kiss you in return. Your fingers follow to the front of my body and find the lacy cups hiding my hardening nipples. Your thumbs very lightly circle them and you quickly flick each nipple until you feel them grow and you hear sounds of delight from me.

Finally, I canlı kaçak iddaa can no longer wait to feel your mouth on my skin, so I pull back from your kiss, jerk my shirt off, and pull your head toward my bright pink areolas. With your chin, you push my bra under the curve of my breast and my nipple pops willingly into your eager mouth. You passionately engulf your prize as flicks of your tongue and your still roaming hands cause my breaths to shorten. While I unhook my bra and give a slight shake to have it drop to the floor, you unbutton my pants and peel them along with my panties off my waist, past my hips, to my knees. I gingerly step out of each side, as your tongue swirls around each breast, between them, up the side of my neck and you kiss, just gently, at my ear. I shy away with a smile and a bit of a giggle, but you know that I am powerless against you after feeling your hot breath tickle the side of my neck. I gasp for air and rise up on my tip toes as you bite at my neck and your fingers trail their way down my back all the way to my bottom. Your hands wrap around each cheek, and with a note of authority, you pull my body toward yours; I feel your hard cock press against my wet flesh. The room is engulfed in clouds of steam from the heat of the shower, and beads of sweat and condensation mix on our skin as they roll slowly down our bodies.

We again exchange hot, passionate kisses; they become more frantic and animalist as I tug at the waistband of your boxer shorts still sitting on your hips. You help me remove the damp, clinging underwear from your body, and as soon as they hit the floor, you’ve spun me around to face away from you. You grab a handful of damp hair at the back of my head and pull just enough to hurt which automatically causes my back to arch and the fullness of my ass nestles between your hips. I realize that I am careless, intoxicated by you, and fully ready for you to take me in any way you choose. I turn my head quickly to the canlı kaçak bahis right and steal a glance at you before you pull my hair again and press yourself into my fleshy bottom. You could see a little spark in my eyes that tells you I like what I am feeling and I want desperately to please you.

Biting my lower lip, I lay my right check onto the towel you’ve set out on the stand beside the shower. My left palm flattens against the wall in front of us, and my right hand reaches between my legs to slide between my pussy lips and quickly circle around my clit a few times; I am dripping wet and want you inside me so badly. You spread my ass checks apart from each other so that you can see my tight asshole. I reach behind me and slide my middle finger from the top of my bum down to my soaked snatch and making sure you are watching my every move, I slide my lubricated finger around my asshole and then dip it carefully inside, again and again. Each time, I relax just a bit more until you can no longer wait and press the throbbing head of your penis against my glistening flesh. As soon as I feel it, I push against you until you have buried all of your stiff cock into my back end.

I begin to play with my clit as you grind your hips into me with every push. With each surge forward, I come closer and closer to climax. You begin to feel my body become rigid; the tension you feel causes a fast surge in your body, the need to cum and quickly. You slam into me again and again until with a guttural moan, your cock explodes inside me. In complete exhaustion, you slump onto my back but remain inside of me. You whisper to me that you want to feel me cum. My clit, hard and fully at attention, needed just a few more flicks before I slide my finger deep inside myself to feel my pussy spasm in complete delight. You feel my ass begin to grab and tighten emptying you of any last drops of your cum.

My knees shake just a touch and every few seconds my body is thrilled with consequential waves of pleasure. You slide out of me, take my hand, and turn me around to face you. Gently, you place your hand under my chin as your lips meet mine. After a sensual, loving kiss, you smile at me, open the shower door, and say, “Ladies first.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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