Lake Trip Continued Ch. 01

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Eric looked a bit sheepish, but ate his breakfast with gusto. Again, both girls hovered around Gary and made sure he was well served. Eric pouted as Marilyn fed Gary the last piece of bacon, then hugged his neck.

“What’s the deal, girls,” Eric whined. “Why is Gary getting all the attention?”

Gary glanced over at the two gals and smiled when they stayed silent. “Well, Eric, some of us have it and some of us don’t,” he crowed. “You just don’t know how charming I can be when I’m at the lake.”

“Yeah, right,” Eric retorted. “I’ll be charming too, once I shake this hangover.”

Marilyn smiled sweetly at Eric. “I sure hope so, big boy. You were quite a disappointment last night, you know.”

Eric groused, “Well, announce it to the whole world why don’t you. I just needed my beauty sleep, baby.”

“I recommend an afternoon nap,” Marilyn hinted broadly. “I’m going to need one too, that’s for sure.”

Cindy laughed at the other couple. “If we go to the island, Gary and I will be sure to give you plenty of rest time. I think we could use a nap too.”

“You’re insatiable,” Gary chided. “How about just laying in the sun for a while?”

“Okay, we haven’t done it on a beach blanket yet,” Cindy countered. “Last night was just a warm up for the main event,” she added coyly. “I’m sure you can handle it with ease. You did so well last night.”

Eric was a bit mystified by the conversation, but at least he felt he was no longer being shunned. “I’ll have to watch Gary a little closer,” he thought. “He’s become bolder all of a sudden.


The two Sea Ray cruisers slowly made their way through the multitude of boats rafted up near the island beach. Gary recognized Mort, another friend, and his cruiser with an anchor out. He pulled up on the starboard side and Mort put out bumpers. Soon they were rafted up with Eric’s boat up against Gary’s.

Mort and Carol were a few years older. Gary knew them from when he had a slip on another dock. Gary offered Mort a beer and Carol invited them over for snacks. Meanwhile, Eric was surveying the shallows and the beach. Young beauties in brief bikinis were everywhere. Young men in trunks and gimme caps milled around, taking in the acres of flesh on display.

Mort smiled broadly when Cindy appeared in her two piece suit. Her large jugs were barely contained by the thin triangles of her top. He could clearly see the imprint of her nipples. Cindy’s bottoms were equally thin and Mort enjoyed the way the scrap of material formed a distinct cameltoe when she stood.

Carol sported a leopard one-piece suit that was cut high on her hips. The suit top was loosely tied so there was plenty of cleavage showing. She didn’t seem to mind Mort’s leering at Cindy’s chest and almost bare bottom. She was used to the casual attitude that was a hallmark of the island beach crowd.

Marilyn finally appeared on deck. She looked stunning in her tiny thong bikini. Her long, slender body accented her curvy rear and helped avert the eyes of admirers from her small breasts. Gary watched Marilyn climb over the side and join him and Cindy. Her thong was riding up in her rear crack, leaving her ass totally bare. The image of her full lips devouring his fat cock the night before swam back across his mind.

Gary handed a cooler of drinks across to Mort, then turned to Cindy and Marilyn. “Let’s join Mort and Carol. She’s got snacks ready.”

Gary stood on Mort’s deck and helped Cindy across. Next, Marilyn began to make her move. Gary held her arm as she swung her leg out and over. Halfway across, Gary looked down as Marilyn’s top fell away from her chest for a brief moment. She obviously wore a padded bra. Her little titties were just small cones, topped by large, pink, puffy nipples that were almost as big as her breasts. Gary felt his cock pulse as he recalled his quick peek at Marilyn’s secret.

Eric was in the water, beer in hand, chatting with another couple. Music was playing loudly from another boat and several girls were dancing on the swim platform.

“Well, it’s a typical crazy day at island beach,” Mort said as he dipped into the guacamole. “Tits and ass as far as the eye can see.”

“Mort!” Carol chided. “You’ve seen it all before, you dirty old man.”

“Oh, honey, I’m not a dirty old man. I’m still a dirty young man, practicing to be a really dirty old man.”

Carol laughed. “You’re an incurable sex maniac, my dear. But I know how to deal with you.”

Everybody laughed at the exchange. Marilyn adjusted her top and tried to pull the thong out of her crack.

“I wish I could wear one of those,” Cindy said, “but my butt’s too big.”

“Mine is too,” Carol volunteered, “and I’m too old to be showing my ass like that. But, Marilyn looks great in her thong.”

“Thanks, I think,” Marilyn demurred. “I wouldn’t have the nerve to wear it anywhere else but here at the island. There are so many others, I didn’t think I would be out of place.”

Eric returned for another beer, his hangover forgotten. “You look bahis firmaları splendid, my dear,” he crowed in his best Rhett Butler imitation. He popped the tab on his beer and patted Marilyn’s bare bottom.

“I’d give anything for boobs like yours, Carol,” Marilyn said honestly. “One of these days, I want to get some real tits,” she added.

“Your boobies are just fine,” Gary retorted without thinking.

Marilyn turned on him. “How do you know?” she inquired

“Just a guess,” Gary replied, trying to cover his slip up.

Eric raised an eyebrow, but stayed silent. Cindy giggled and turned away to keep from laughing out loud.

“Maybe Eric will loan me the money so I can fill out my top better,” Marilyn suggested as she ran her hand up and down his back.

Smiling, Eric hugged her to him and gave her a quick kiss. “I like them just fine, but if you want some bigger tits, maybe I will help you out. How would you ever pay me back?” he asked with a mock leer.

The group heard a loud commotion over at the music boat. Turning, they saw two of the dancers pulling off their tops and baring their breasts for the adoring crowd in the water. Soon three other dancers removed their tops. The topless dancers were crowded onto the platform, rubbing their ample chests against each other.

“More, more,” the crowd chanted as the beat of the music drove the dancers. One of the girls pulled the strings on her suit and her bottoms fell into the water. She wiggled her smooth pussy at the guy now holding her suit. As the crowd roared approval, she turned her back and held onto the stern, spreading her legs wide. Not to be outdone, several other dancers began to flash their pussies and two more pulled off their bottoms, prancing around completely nude except for their hats.

Mort and Eric clapped and whistled as they all watched the show. Some of the girls in the water took off their tops and their boyfriends were fondling them as the crowd watched.

“Come on Cindy, show them all up,” Mort urged. “You’ve got better tits than any of them, and yours aren’t plastic.”

“I don’t think so,” Cindy replied as she wrapped her arms around her ample chest.

Eric saw a chance. “Just a quick flash to make them jealous, Cindy. Come on, it won’t hurt.”

“Not on Carol’s boat,” Cindy responded defensively, yet weakly.

“Honey, I don’t give a shit,” Carol answered. “Show ’em if you dare.”

Mort and Eric waited expectantly by the rail, watching Cindy’s expression. Both had dreamed of seeing her bare tits.

Cindy put her fingers to her mouth and emitted a shrill whistle, turning quite a few heads. Then, she grabbed the bottom of her bra and pulled it up to her chin. Her large breasts spilled out, exposing her large rosy nipples to everyone’s view. Quickly, she pulled her top back into place and picked up her drink.

“There, are you all satisfied?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, that was great,” Eric gushed. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it, but you did.”

Mort gave Cindy two thumbs up. “Congratulations, that was worth the whole weekend.”

Gary stood to one side, amazed that his girlfriend had just flashed his friends and most of the crowd. “Son of a gun,” he thought, “this is going to be one crazy weekend. Was it the heat of the sun or the heat of the moment?”

Whatever it was, Gary became swept along with the sexy atmosphere. “Okay, Carol, it’s your turn to give the boys a show,” he bravely urged.

Carol shook her head slowly. “Surely, you boys don’t want to see old lady boobs,” she declared.

“Oh hell yeah,” Eric prodded. “They’re all good, right Mort?”

“Well, I sure think so,” Mort proudly declared, holding his drink high in the air.

“You’re still in your mid-forties and with a nice rack, Carol,” Eric continued. “Do it just for us here on the boat. We won’t call attention to you.”

“Mort, help!” Carol begged.

Mort grinned and put his own meaning to her plea. “Okay, he agreed, I’ll be glad to help.” With that, he grabbed the straps of her suit and jerked them down her arms. Carol squealed as her cups reached her waist and her 38C tits popped out, exposing dark tan areola the size of half-dollars topped with erect nipples that still pointed at the horizon.

“Damn you, Mort,” Carol gasped as she attempted to get her suit back up. Mort continued to hold her straps down, giving Gary and Eric, along with a dozen others nearby, a good long look.

Marilyn’s mouth fell open as she, too, admired Carol’s ample bosom. “Holy shit, Carol, you have perfect breasts. I’d give them at least a nine.”

Gary’s mouth went dry as Carol finally gained control of her straps and replaced her boobs, one at a time, into her suit.

“You’re a lucky man, Mort,” Eric told him. “I’d give a lot to play with those beauties, you know.”

Mort smiled at Eric. “You never can tell, Eric. She just might call your bluff, buddy.”

Carol remained silent, much to Gary and Eric’s surprise. Maybe there was more to Carol and Mort than met the eye.

Mort kaçak iddaa turned his attention to Marilyn, who had moved to a seat in the cockpit of the boat. Well now, Marilyn, you’re the only gal here who hasn’t flashed. How about it?”

“I can’t, I really can’t,” she mumbled. “I’m too flat. I’d be embarrassed beyond words.”

“Yeah, Mort, lay off,” Eric agreed. “Marilyn’s pretty self-conscious about that.”

“Okay, okay,” Mort said with hands raised. “Point made. So, Marilyn, why don’t you flash your pussy instead?”

At once, Marilyn saw a way to overcome her embarrassment and avoid any more attention. She was rightly proud of her prominent mound, shaved smooth except for a thin strip running from her slit upward about two inches. Moments later, she stood up between the cockpit seats that shielded her from everyone except those in the boat.

Wearing a determined look, she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her suit and slipped her bottoms down to her knees. Marilyn could hear the intake of breaths as she stood up and let the others ogle her neatly trimmed pussy. Their eyes seemed to warm her vee from a distance and she felt her inner labia begin to swell. Before she knew it, her puffy lips glistened with her woman’s honey. Instinctively, she worked to pull her thong back into place to cover her obvious arousal.

“Fantastic,” Mort exclaimed honestly. “What a sweet-looking pussy!”

All that Gary could utter was a low “wow.”

“Marilyn, honey, you’ve got to show me how you trim yourself so pretty,” Carol stated. “I love that look, but I’ve never had the nerve to try it.”

Pleased with their reaction, Marilyn stepped back out of the cockpit, no longer feeling embarrassed. What you miss in one area, you can somehow make up for elsewhere, she decided.

Eric, feeling the effects of the recent excitement and finally overcoming his hangover, suggested to Marilyn that it was time for their afternoon nap. Marilyn knew his meaning and she too was highly aroused, having flashed her pussy at the group. Eric helped her over the gunwales and they retired to the “Fun Seeker II.”

“Guess I’ll have to wait for my shaving lesson,” Carol groused in jest. “Those two will be occupied for a while. Are you two going to desert us also?”

“We’ll stick around if you like,” Cindy said as she adjusted her suit top again.

Carol smiled again. “Good. Mort and I like company, particularly a nice young couple like you and Gary,” she said cryptically. “Can I ask you a very personal question, Cindy?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Well, I couldn’t help but notice how your bikini bottom creases in front. Now, uh, usually, if you have a full hairy bush down there, it would keep your suit sort of rounded and puffy. Does the crease mean that you also shave some of your bush?”

Cindy’s cheeks colored slightly. “Boy, you did ask a very personal question,” she began, “but since Marilyn just bared herself, I guess it’s okay to tell you the truth. Mine is completely smooth, that is except for right around my other opening. I shave every other day at least.”

“I thought so,” Carol nodded. “Mort has been after me to trim myself up more. Would you go below with me and let me show you what I’ve got and give me some advice?”

“You mean right now?” Cindy stalled.

“Why not?” I’ve got my courage up, so all I need is some instruction from someone who knows what’s what.”

“If you really want me to, I guess I could do that for you,” Cindy reluctantly agreed.

Carol turned to Gary. “Sorry, Gary, this is for us girls only right now.”

Gary nodded and turned back to watch the action on the music boat while Mort poured them each another drink.

Down in the cabin, Carol began to shrug out of her one-piece suit, her luscious tits swaying as she pulled her suit down her legs. She stood so that the light from the small windows fell across her body. “See, Cindy, I’ve got a very hairy bush. I trim the sides in so it won’t stick out of my suit, but the rest is a bird’s nest that extends halfway up my tummy. There’s even a thin line of hair up to my belly button.”

“Yes, you do have a problem,” Cindy agreed. “You’d have to shave about every day, I think.”

Carol laughed. “Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. I’d get to play with myself more often.”

“Oh? I figured horny Mort would be taking good care of you, Carol.”

“He does in his own way, but I still get the urge to have some private fun too, don’t you?”

Cindy was a bit shocked by Carol’s honesty, but she decided to open up to her also. “Sure. Usually when I shave. I take a little extra time to make things feel nice. You know.”

Carol smiled again. “Can I see? Can I see you now, so I’ll know how I’ll look if I decide to shear off my wooly bush?”

“Uh, I guess so,” Cindy finally mumbled. She stood in front of Carol and hesitated briefly. Carol could see the distinct cameltoe in the front of Cindy’s suit. She instinctively licked her lips.

Cindy took a deep breath and lowered her bottoms partway kaçak bahis down her thighs. Carol stared at her smooth pussy lips and the triangle indicating where brown hair would be if not regularly shaven.

“It’s beautiful, Cindy,” Carol gushed as she continued to gaze at the bare slit facing her. “I just love it.”

“Thanks. It’s really not that hard to keep it nice and smooth. After a little while, your skin becomes accustomed to the blade. You’ll need to use conditioner when you shave and some baby oil afterward to avoid bumps. I can show you how to do it without nicking any tender areas.”

Carol looked up at Cindy. “Can I just touch it a little? Feel what it’s like?”

Cindy saw her serious look and nodded without speaking. Carol moved closer and reached out with a slight tremble in her hand. At the other woman’s touch, Cindy drew in a breath. The moment seemed awkward to them both, but Carol’s soft touch felt good.

“I love how smooth it feels. It’s like a baby’s skin. I’m amazed that you can get all the hairs along your slit so cleanly,” Carol told her as she let her finger explore along Cindy’s swelling lips.

“Maybe you’d better stop,” Cindy whispered. “What if Mort came down here right now?”

“No way, he and Gary won’t disturb us. He knows I’d kill him if he did.”

“Well, your touching me is beginning to feel too good. Maybe it’s time to stop,” Cindy murmured half-dazed.

“But, Cindy, I like the way you feel. I can’t help it. Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Yes, too good I think. I’m getting excited and you’re a woman,” Cindy quietly croaked.

Carol persisted. “Okay, but can I just have one little taste while we’re alone together? Nobody will know.”

“I don’t know, Carol, I, I . . . really”

Before Cindy could finish her thought, Carol leaned forward. Her tongue slid up and down Cindy’s smooth gash once, then again, then a third time.

“Oh my God,” Cindy gasped as Carol pressed her tongue into her slit and sucked hungrily.

Carol raised her head and looked into Cindy’s eyes. “Oh honey, I’m so sorry. I just couldn’t resist. Please forgive me.”

Cindy stood trembling as a small orgasm streaked through her. She sat back on the couch behind her, gasping for breath. After she recovered, she looked down, then over at Carol. “I’m sorry I got so aroused and caused you to do something you might not have wanted to do.”

“Nonsense,” Carol retorted. “I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you did too. No harm done, right?”

“No, no, I’m fine now.”

Meanwhile, Mort and Gary sat on the swim platform, sipping their drinks and watching the beach action.

Mort turned to Gary. “Been with Cindy now a good long while, right?”

“Yeah, we’re kind of opposite personalities, but we complement each other. She’s quite a girl.”

“I noticed. You must really enjoy those big boobs of hers. I’m glad I finally got a glimpse of them.”

“She’s been full of surprises this weekend,” Gary responded. “She’s never shown them off before.”

“I noticed that you liked looking at my Carol’s tits when I helped her out of her top,” Mort chuckled.

“Sorry, Mort, I couldn’t help looking, you know.”

“No problem. I’d have been hurt if you hadn’t taken a good long gander. She’s got a nice rack too.”

“I’d say we’re both lucky, Mort.”

“Gary, tell me the truth. Have you ever had thoughts about what it would be like to be with my Carol?”

Gary hesitated. “No, well yes, a few times. Again, I apologize, but you said you wanted the truth, Mort.”

“How about today?”

“Yeah, I guess I did when I saw her boobs for the first time.”

“Well, I had that same feeling when I saw Cindy’s rack and the cameltoe in her bottoms today. I think we all have such thoughts, don’t you, Gary?”

Gary looked at Mort. “Yeah, I suppose we do. Why did you bring that up, anyway?”

“Can I be completely honest with you, Gary?”


“Once in a while, Carol and I like to share with another couple. From what I’ve observed, I’m sure Carol would enjoy spending some private time with you. I know that I’d like to do the same with Cindy. Do I shock you?”

“Uh, yes, I mean no. I could tell that you liked looking at Cindy from some of the other times we’ve been together. I like Carol too. I’m not sure how Cindy would be with such an idea, however.”

“Well, why don’t you think it over and maybe bring up the idea with her. If she’s okay with it, maybe we can arrange something this weekend, what do you say?”

Gary tried to picture himself with Carol, and Cindy with Mort. The vision of Eric with Cindy also reappeared as he mulled things over. Then, he remembered how Marilyn looked when she pulled down her pants and when he saw her little titties earlier. “I’ll give it some thought, Mort. Eric and Marilyn might be candidates too, you never know.”

“That would be icing on the cake,” Mort grinned. Marilyn has a sweet-looking pussy. I know that Carol has her eye on Eric too. See what you can do. If not, that’s okay. We’re still friends, right?”

“Right!” Gary agreed as his mind began to whirl with possibilities.


Cindy stood and pulled her bottoms back in place. “Do you want me to give you some shaving tips?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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