Last Night

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“Masturbate for me.” he says breaking off our kiss.

His lips find mine again as his hands travel down my body, finding the button of my pants. He unbuttons them and together we pull them off. I take my left hand and spread my pussy lips, soft and smooth from their shave just hours earlier. With my right I gently stroke my clit. I’m wet, but just a little. I bring my right hand up to my mouth, but he takes it instead, sucking and licking on my fingers before placing it back on my clit. I start rubbing, gently.

My hands are cold as I rub in circles over my clit. Almost immediately I feel the familiar fluttering in my stomach, electricity starts running down my legs. My breathing deepens around his kiss, I have a hard time focusing on his tongue in my mouth. My finger starts to get dry and I reach down between my pussy lips, wet and already starting to swell hot with blood.

I bring my freshly wetted finger back to my clit, and continue my circles, faster, harder as the electricity continues to grow. With my left hand I pinch my clit, holding it up, exposed, the hood pulled back from that sensitive, soft pink nub. My right hand starts to pull on it, gently, as it grows with the sensation. I pull my feet together, knees bent, opening my hips as wide as possible. Rubbing across my clit now I feel the tightening of muscles deep inside my belly, my back arching, ass tensed. There is wetness starting to ooze from out my pussy lips, now swollen tight, red and hot. He has stopped kissing me now, watching intently my face, my pussy spread out before him. Finally I start to come, moaning as I rock back and forth on the waves of pleasure it brings.

“Good girl.” he says when I’ve stopped. He takes some of my come on his fingers, and brings it to my lips. I suck at him, licking his fingers clean as he breathes deeply. My come is salty sweet, I have always liked the way I taste. He kisses me again, finding any traces of come on my lips and licking them off.

“Keep going.”

My hands are placed back on my pussy. I moan, and start to rub gingerly again, my clit swollen and sensitive. He finds my nipple gently with his hand, as it stands hard against my thin shirt. He brushes it with his fingers, gently, teasing. I moan as he lightly taps it. Taking the hem of my shirt he starts working it up my torso, following its progress with kisses. I take my hands from my pussy and raise them overhead to take my shirt off. He pulls it up to my head, but leaves it half off, my mouth free, arms trapped above, eyes covered. His mouth finds mine again, hungrily kissing me, tongue darting in and out. HI finds my pussy with his fingers and starts rubbing. His other hand finds a nipple and rolls it between his fingers. I moan and arch into him, wanting the warmth of his strong hard chest pressing into mine. He props himself up on his arms, away from my body, leaving me arching in frustration. canlı bahis

I hear a soft ‘click’ and a cold piece of metal presses into my throat. He turns the knife on my skin, until the point presses sharply into my flesh. My breathing quickens as he slowly drags it down my throat, over my collarbones to my chest. I arch with it, stretching my skin out under its passage, thinking of the fine pink lines it leaves behind. Coming to my nipple he draws small circles on just the tip, lightly scratching the sharp point across the delicate flesh. He starts pressing harder, deeper with the point, until it is no longer dragging across the surface but digging in, poking hard into my flesh. I arch, pushing harder into the point, and he pulls on my nipple ring, stretching my nipple up, the skin tight as he presses hard with the point, again drawing circles. I breathe in sharply as he pulls, moaning as he plays cruelly with my nipple, then moves to the other one, pulling it hard while he scratches at it with the knife point, quickly running the point in short strokes over the tip.

He starts dragging the knife downward again, tracing the curve of my hip, lightly over the bone, and curving in toward my pussy. He spreads my pussy lips with one hand, and drags the knife up each lip in turn, lightly, but I’m so swollen and sensitive it feels heavy and sharp. He places the blade flat against my pussy, its length running between my lips and over my clit. It’s cold, enough that I breathe sharply as much from the shock of it as the excitement. The cold blade pressed against my pussy, he pulls the hood of my clit back, exposing the sensitive, swollen flesh beneath. Pressing the knife into it he massages me in slow circles, fully aware of how sensitive I am after the first orgasm. After letting me ‘rest’ this way for a moment he turns the knife to its back edge, and rests it against my carefully exposed clit. Gently he starts flicking the knife across my clit, the sharp point almost warm now with the heat of my body. The sensation is quickly too much, and I start to twist away, overloaded.

“Careful” he says holding me down, and takes his free hand from my hood and places it on my throat, pinning me and trapping the point of the knife delicately between clit and hood. He starts tapping my clit with the knife, lifting the handle so the point digs in and releases quickly, sharply. I tense trying not to move and the pressure against my throat increases. His breathing quickens, as does the tapping. I know I’m getting wet, though I can’t feel it yet my body tingles, a sure sign my lips are glistening. I start breathing heavily, he can see my muscles tense and release as I try not to pump my hips into the blade. Quickly he drops the knife and brings me to orgasm with his fingers, rubbing hard to match the grip on my throat. I push and writhe against him, coming so hard it is almost painful.

Moments bahis siteleri later I feel his cock at my lips, hard, slightly wet. I open my mouth as he slides it in, as deeply as he can, then out, teasing me. I lick his head, kiss it, and he slides it back in. His tongue finds my clit and I try to jerk away, but he catches my legs with his hand, my torso pinned under his, head forced down by his cock in my mouth. He teases my clit with his tongue as he forces his cock deeper down my throat. I almost can’t breathe around it.

As he continues to tease my clit I start licking him, almost frantically trying to make him come, to end the stimulation to my over-worked clit. He moans and stops for a second, but just that. He finds my clit again, sucking, biting gently as I moan and writhe under him, trying to focus on his cock instead of my own body. With one hand he strokes my pussy lips, they slide effortlessly through the come there. He fingers my lips, parts them, and starts massaging just inside, teasing me with his fingers. I try to push myself down, to take his hand into me, but pinned as I am I can’t move much, and I can feel him smile as he pulls his hand away from my efforts. He starts stroking my pussy again, but this time his hand drags lower and lower, until it is gently stroking my ass. I shiver a little, nervous. He has never paid attention to my ass before.

Gently he increases pressure as he strokes, fingers well lubed with my come. His attention to my clit increases, faster, and he pushes himself down hard into my mouth as he carefully slips a finger inside my ass. I’m choking on his cock, and the only way out is to slide down some, bringing his finger deeper inside me. I try to stay up as long as possible, trying to lick him until he starts to pump in and out, which would give me some little breathing room. I feel him tense and fight it, and finally I have to wiggle down, just a little. He starts moving his finger, carefully massaging me, and I start to relax. I feel another orgasm building, strange and intense. He senses it as well, and continues to lick my clit as he pumps his fingers in and out. Soon I am rocking back and forth, building, and he starts to fuck me in the mouth, firmly, knowing that it will make me come sooner. I start to orgasm, and he slams his cock deep in my mouth, choking me, as he works his finger faster, harder in and out of my ass. I moan and shudder under him, I feel a pool of wetness on the sheets. I ride his finger, his mouth for what feels like an eternity, before falling back, exhausted. He pulls his cock out of my mouth, and turns to kiss me. He pulls my shirt fully off, and I wrap him in my arms, his hard body pressed against mine. “I haven’t said you could stop.” he says, taking my hand and placing it on my pussy. I flinch away at the mere touch, but he takes my hand firmly and re positions it. “Noooh.” I moan, gingerly trying to work my bahis şirketleri clit for him. I am exhausted, utterly spent. I can’t keep my hand in position, certainly not moving, the sensation is so much. “Don’t disappoint me.” he says, placing his hand on my cheek as he looks at me with his grey blue eyes.

He turns me over onto my stomach, and grabs my hips, pulling me to my knees. He holds my hand over my pussy, making me rub myself. He lets go as I focus on keeping myself going, knees weak already. I feel something cold, soft, and smooth pressed against my pussy, he slides it up and as I register that it’s a vibrator he turns it on low. The egg pulses steadily against my pussy as he checks to make sure it’s positioned firmly against my clit.

Satisfied, he sits back and watches for a moment, then I feel the head of his cock pressing against me. He finds my pussy lips, gently, holding my hips. He rubs himself against me, teasing, holding me back that I can’t slide onto him, before easing in. I moan, almost coming just from his being inside, as he starts to move in and out, slowly, keeping me from another orgasm. He is keeping himself from it as well, I can feel his legs tensed as he presses against me. His breathing quickens and deepens, and I feel a finger again on my ass. I start to push into him, rocking back and forth to deepen the sensation, but after a few strokes he pulls out.

Moaning, I push back against him, to find his cock at my ass, rubbing gently but persistently. He turns up the speed on the vibrator, and pushes it against me hard. I start to gasp and shake, and he carefully slides his cock into my ass. Slowly, carefully, he inches in, rocking back and forth just the slightest bit, and I start to push back onto him. He starts to fuck me, slowly, and turns the vibrator up all the way. I flinch at this, and he grabs my hips and starts to fuck me in earnest, still slowly but slamming into me harder each stroke. I can’t help it and am rocking with him, increasing the tempo as I struggle to keep the vibrator firmly pressed against my clit. I hear him breathing, deep and ragged, as I moan and writhe below.

He won’t come unless I do, I know. But another orgasm seems impossible, even with the faint tingle in my clit. Seemingly reading my thoughts he reaches down, and slips his fingers inside my pussy. I tighten around them, feeling fuller than I ever have. He strokes inside me, his knuckles pressing against my g-spot, fleetingly I suspect that he’s almost stroking himself as well.

The g-spot does it, and I am hit with an orgasm like a train, suddenly, violently. Come drips from his hand, running down my arm, and he grabs the back of my head, pushing me down as he slams into me, shaking, and finally having an orgasm of his own. I feel each contraction, each wave as he shoots come into me, they line up with my own and we move together. As we finish he pulls his hand away, and takes away the vibrator, bringing both my hands above my head as he lays on top of me, sweaty, spent, warm.

We lie for a few minutes before he looks at me, murmuring “Ok, you’re done.” He smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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