Laura Roft: Piss Raider – Reboot Ch. 03

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Brother Sister

Laura had turned and fled yet it was insanity to think that she could outrun the creature she had just encountered, the amazon goddess turned wild beast.

The jungle did it best to restrain her, vines and foliage catching on her flesh as she pushed past at her best speed. The fact that she had yet to receive a spear in her back gave her some hope but at the back of her mind, she knew that she was being toyed with. Had it not been for most likely the ammonia in her pee stream, then she might have never seen through the drug-infused hallucination that had created beauty from a nightmare.

Even as she ran on, with tears in her eyes at the futility of her plight, she could see the purple vapours rising from the ground. The jungle was home to whatever foul brew was escaping the ground, and she could feel the drug in her system once again working its strange magic on her senses.

The trees were growing, morphing into green-clad skyscrapers readily ripped from the heart of Manhattan. There were people all around her, indistinct blurs that she could not focus upon, pushing past on their rushed routines. The littered jungle floor had transformed into a street, the chatter of monkeys now that of honking taxis.

Still, she pushed on, not trusting her senses. Something inside told her that her pursuer was close at hand, no doubt hesitant at sealing its kill due to her erratic and illogical behaviour. Her naked body was soaked with sweat, her long brown mane a straggled mess that fell around her shoulders to just cover the nipples on her rounded exposed breasts.

Hers was a headlong rush into insanity and into death, her life hardly begun. She felt regret over her pending demise at the hands of the strange biped beast that hunted her. In her mind, she replayed the sight of Mark Thane producing his cock in front of her before beginning to relieve his pent up spray of piss over the rocky lodge. How she wished that she had able to sample its hot wetness or to feel at the same time the wonderful warmth of her own escaping piss stream as it flowed from her pussy and past her thighs.

Her thoughts became part of her hallucination. The skyscrapers became statues of ancient Greek gods like those she had encountered on a dig site on the outskirts of Athens along with her father. Apollo and Zeus towered above her, composed of chiselled perfection with an ivory sheen and endowed beyond measure. She could run no more and she collapsed, staring upwards on her back at the sights above her.

The statues were alive! Their eyes had gained animation, their manisa escort lower appendages stirring with a mockery of life. Apollo aimed his massive dick in her direction and she watched with a mixture of horror and arousal as his bell-end parted as he began to spray his torrent of hot, godly piss all over her.

No sooner had Apollo started when Zeus, master of the Olympian Host, joined in, sending his hot salty stream over her naked body. Their piss was anything but hot, rather containing a chill sent from the depths of Hades. Laura’s mind struggled to split the fantasy from reality. For a brief moment, the truth of her surroundings took hold. She had fallen from a grassy bank and into a shallow river birthed by a cascading waterfall playing from a hidden point of release from a rocky outcrop covered in lichen and jungle foliage. She gasped for air, regaining her composure. The water spraying over body was shielding her from the rising purple streams that had given rise to a cloying mist that had reduced visibility to a couple of meters.

She moved out of the spraying falls, trembling from its cold touch. The air away from the flowing water was horrendously warm and moist, draining the vitality from her wearied body. Almost immediately the effects of the purple mist began to make itself known again. Apollo and Zeus had been banished only to be replaced by their female counterparts.

Laura stared aghast at her mind’s drugged fuelled insanity. Hera, Queen of the Gods, rose like a mountain above her, coupled with the divine beauty that was Aphrodite. The goddesses were intertwined, their chests pushed against the others, chiselled hands rounding on perfected breasts of undeniable beauty. The sight of their pussies above her gave Laura a good idea as to what would occur should she linger, her imagination no doubt treating her to a deluge of piss from their cunts.

Pushing the impossible site from her mind, Laura struggled to the riverbank. She had nothing to use as a mask to protect her from the purple gas and she coughed repeatedly as it filled her lungs. Dropping into the water she started to drink, desperate to fill her bladder in the hope of being able to pee again soon. It was her only defence!

She was still on her hands and knees when her inbuilt senses told her that she was no longer along and rather than imaginary gods standing above her, she had been joined by something belonging to the world of the living.

With dread hounding her actions she shifted her gaze and took in the sight of the beautiful Amazon woman maraş escort she had encountered earlier, the thick matt of dark pussy hairs hiding her slit from view. Perfect breasts mocked her as her gaze travelled higher, knowing that the beauty before her was just a lie triggered by the purple haze.

This time the woman did not hesitate. A stream of fast-flowing piss erupted from the woman’s hidden pussy lips, flowing into the open air on its way to splatter over the edge of the grassy bank and into the water in which Laura was kneeling. She felt its heat, more so as droplets of piss landed on her bare, chilled flesh. A strong set of hands reached out to grab the top of Laura’s head and to manipulate her downwards and towards the flowing stream of piss.

Laura tried to resist but the amazon was too strong. A word was spoken over the distraction of the nearby waterfall and the wet splatter of raining pee.


Laura could imagine but one translation, that being; ‘drink.’

She had no choice. She opened her mouth and allowed the hot spray to flow past her lips. She swallowed, trying not to gag on the foul taste. The Amazon woman was still peeing, the stream flowing from her hidden lower lips showing no sign of abating. Laura swallowed again, desperately wishing that this was Mark Thane’s cock that was producing the golden shower she was being subjected to.

She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the memory of his pissing cock. The stream entering her mouth began to diminish.

‘Hu lah aran ha.’

Laura heard the laughter in the creature’s tone, cruel and full of malice. She opened her eyes and found that the being stood above her on the bank had regained its real countenance.

‘God, its pee must act as a counter to the purple drug!’

It stared down at her with hate fillings its primitive eyes. The spear appeared in Laura’s vision, being raised in high in preparation to strike. She felt the moment of her death at hand.

A single gunshot rang out, silencing the sounds of the jungle. The creature above Laura stood for a moment, frozen in time as a red swelling dot appeared on its forehead. Time reasserted itself, the cacophony of the jungle returning as an overload of screeching monkeys and of startled birds lifting from the verdant canopy. The beast fell heavily into the river, blood leaching into the water even as the current began to carry it away. Laura watched it go, too overcome by shock to react.

Black figures emerged from the undergrowth. They were armed and armoured, the red mardin escort pentagram painted on their suits above the left breast denoting their allegiance. Their guns were trained her way.

‘You. Don’t move a fucking muscle,’ instructed the nearest suited Pentagram warrior, his voice amplified by the mechanics inside his faceless helmet.

Laura had no desire to try her luck. The others were fanning out to surround her, their dull matt black rifles appearing hi-tech and very deadly. Slowly, she raised her arms and became very conscious of the fact that she was completely naked with the exception of her boots that were still submerged in the river.

How had they been able to find her here in the depths of the jungle?

‘Check out the tits on this one,’ said one of the warriors reaching to release his helmet’s faceplate. It popped up to reveal an evil face wearing an unpleasant sneer.’

‘Cut it out Carlos,’ snapped the figure behind the unmasked man. Despite the mechanical tone, it was obvious that the speaker was female.

‘Ha, just jealous that she has tits unlike you, Rubio,’ said one of the others relaxing the hold on his weapon. ‘Nice shaved pussy as well. A proper good fuck I reckon.’

Laura’s heart started to race at the implied intent behind the words.

‘You will stay your place until the mistress orders otherwise,’ snapped back the woman who had been identified as Rubio.

‘Yeah, well once she has had her fill, I bet that we’ll get a turn at fucking this one, even you Rubio! He laughed. ‘You do fuck women don’t you Rubio?’

‘Better than you will ever know,’ the female warrior answered as she pushed past her companion and motioned with her rifle in Laura’s direction.

‘Turn around,’ was the offered instruction.

Laura did as she was told, sensing the fact that all eyes were on her tightly rounded posterior.

‘Oh, I can’t wait to fuck her,’ said one of the other warriors, moving closer for a better view of Laura’s bare bum cheeks.

‘You like it the back passage, don’t you Santiago?’ suggested the cruel-looking man named Carlos.

‘Long and slow brother. I’m going to stick it in so deep that she’ll be cleaning her teeth on my bell end!’

This last comment resulted in a shared laugh from those in the black suits, even as Laura’s wrists were bound behind her back. Her anger returned, the same rage that had consumed her since learning at her father’s death at the hands of Pentagram and upon the instructions given by the one these black-suited warriors referred to as the ‘Mistress’. She struggled to contain her emotions knowing that she would have to bind her time before any opportunity for escape would present itself. One burning question, however, continued to eat at her insides.

How had they been able to find her?

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