Leprechaun Tales Ch. 02

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This is a sequel to my story ‘Leprechaun Tales’ and continues the story of Jimmy O’Scoury and his Irish-American family. You don’t necessarily have to have read Part 1 to enjoy this story. However, Part 1 was very good so why the heck not?

In Part 1, Jimmy, a sexually underdeveloped dwarf was treated by a German doctor and after one year of treatment had grown over one foot, so that he now stood about five foot one inch tall. But it was his penile size and his sexual capacity that the Doctors treatment radically changed, giving Jimmy a huge cock and the desire to use it. In part one, in the summer previous to this present story, Jimmy had made love with his beautiful sister Patty; a neighbor, the Chinese girl Soo; and of course his mother.

Part 2 describes his sexual experiences as he starts his senior year of high school. Enjoy!

Leprechaun (noun) a mischievous Irish elf

In Irish folklore, a small (but well hung) man with magical powers, often dressed in green


My summer of sexual initiation was finally over, my sister, my love, Patty, had returned to university, it was just Mom and I at home now, my final year of high school was about to begin. I was ready for new experiences, new women…I was keen to use the big cock my doctor had made me…ready to show my friends and enemies I was no longer a midget between my legs…that I was a man at last.


She was standing on a low stool, dancing naked for an old guy in the corner, when she saw me reflected in the wall mirror. “Jimmmy,” she yelled as she hopped from the stool and ran into my arms. “YOU CAME”

I had just arrived minutes earlier in Miami Beach’s number one strip club, ‘The Pink Pussy’ and one look at Nicole and you understood why it was number one and how it lived up to its name.

At twenty-three she was at the height of her beauty and exuded a sexuality that was overpowering, undeniable…even as she had run over to me I had seen thirty sets of eyes follow her, drinking in her splendor, jealous of the attention I was receiving.

She was about five foot seven but her upright posture, her pulled back shoulders, and her firm, proud breasts made her look taller, and as she moved, her long, dark blond hair bounced over her shoulders and back, the soft tendrils seeming to caress her with each step she made.

My eyes involuntarily followed her soft curves, the long arch of her neck leading to the high, round, pink capped hills on her chest, and then slowly down lower, across her flat stomach, stopping for a second at her navel before my eyes found her shaven mound and the pink slit below.

“You’ve seen me naked before,” she laughed as she followed my eyes, referring to the day we’d spent together with my sister at Haulover Beach weeks before. “I was hoping you’d come,” she added, and then, grabbing my hand led me to a table in the darkest recess of the club.

I had arrived at the club on a Friday night around eleven-thirty, driven to see Nicole again by the loss that week of Patty and Soo, both of whom had gone back to school, leaving me with only Mom for my sexual gratification.

“So, did it work? Did my performance at the beach help you with your little Chinese friend?” she asked excitedly as she hovered atop a stool between my legs. “Did you fuck her?”

As a favor to my sister she had played my girlfriend that day, trying to make my neighbor Soo jealous, helping me in the conquest of that little Asian pearl. Seeing my blush at her questions she laughed and then demanded, “C’mon, give me the details,” even as her fingers slid onto my thigh and slowly slipped upwards.

Shyly at first, and then more confidently, I described my seduction of Soo, told Nicole how I’d been sleeping with her for the last three weeks, described our lovemaking, our lust.

“She was lucky,” she interrupted with a sigh. “I almost decided not to help,” she said as her fingers found my now fully erect shaft, impatiently grasping it through my pants.

“How come?”

“I almost decided to take you home myself…if I hadn’t promised Patty…well I,”

“But everyone here wants you…you can take anyone home you want to…somebody rich … or handsome…or famous…”

“Well then, I’ll take you,” she laughed, “I’m finished at midnight…I’ll dance for you til then,” she added as she stood on the stool, spreading her legs, opening her pink insides to me as she pushed her shaven mound within inches of my face.

We left soon after, and as she drove me to her condo on South Beach she only used one hand to direct the little convertible beamer, the other was tightly circled around my fat cock which she had slipped from my pants, pumping me in tune to the techno music that blared from her speakers into the tropical night.

“God, dancing must pay well,” I said, as I looked out the window of her fourteen hundred square foot, sixteenth floor beach condo. She had a northwest corner and from the living room I could the moonlit beach to my right, Ocean bahis firmaları Drive and the clubs of Washington Street straight ahead and the lights of downtime Miami to my left.

“Do you like the view Jimmy,” she asked hoarsely as she hugged me from behind, her hands pulling me back as she slipped her fingers down the front of my shorts. As she unzipped me I turned to face her, and felt my cock jump upwards just before it was trapped between our bodies.

“I’ve been dreaming of this big guy,” she said grinning as her hand found me, “and he’s not leaving this apartment until he can’t do it again.”

“That could be weeks,” I boasted laughing, my penis feeling longer, harder than it ever had before.

“We’ll see,” she laughed, then slid down my body to her knees and quickly engulfed my cockhead between her lips.

“Jeeeesus,” I groaned as I watched her slowly swallow my cock, stunned at how easily she was able to take my full length. She grabbed my rear cheeks, even inserted a finger in my ass, as her tongue, her lips worked from my balls to the tip of my straining spear, licking off the first drop of pre cum before swallowing me again.

“Niki, slow down baby…pleasssse…” I moaned, pulling her shoulders, trying to raise her off my cock before I exploded.

I heard the liquid plop when her lips finally released me, felt her tongue move across my navel, my stomach, felt it stop for a second at my nipple, felt her little bite there before I pulled her to her feet and met her tongue with mine.

“I’m so fucking wet Jimmy,” she cried as she wrapped one leg around my back. “”Lift me Jimmy, put it in, fuck me,” she ordered as I grabbed her ass and lifting, moved her so her wet pussy was just above my bucking prick.

“Yes honey, yeeeeeeeesssss,” she squealed as I slowly split her with my fat shaft. “Fuck me hard honey, stuff it all in,” she insisted.

And I did! And she welcomed me into her molten channel as her ankles locked behind my back, and then still holding her, I turned and pushed her so that her back was against the glass door that separated us from the balcony.

Each thrust brought a grunt from Nicole, a grunt that was accompanied by a clenching around my shaft of the muscles in her cunt, muscles that gave a quick, lubricated squeeze before releasing me.

“OhhhhBayyybee, oh god, yesssss” she screamed as the tremors of her first orgasm pulsed through her, her womb opening and closing in tandem with my bursts of sperm that were now shooting into her.

We fucked five times that night, a primal, elemental round of fucking that was simply about sexual gratification. Simply put, our bodies were made for each and we acted accordingly. There was no need of long seductions or foreplay, analysis or questions – we just fucked – then we both came. Then we did it again.

There were no rules, no taboos as we coupled, both of us just reacted and fulfilled the others desire. I felt good when I was in her and knew I satisfied her as she’d never been satisfied before.

I didn’t go back to her club again that fall; instead we spent our free days tanning on the beach followed by slow lazy fucking on her balcony overlooking South Beach. We had a hunger for each other that was insatiable, and even though she started seeing a wealthy older businessman, a relationship that got increasingly serious as the weeks flew by; she refused to stop seeing me.

“I’ll always want to fuck you Jimmy, even when I’m an old married woman,” she promised just days before she got engaged. And I was elated by the other news she told me in the days leading up to Christmas…


My first day of my senior year of high school started off badly – my assigned locker was next to one assigned to Chrissie Anne Brown, Miss Bitch herself, the girlfriend of my lifelong nemesis, Andrew Clark.

How much of an asshole are you anyway, I’d often wondered over the years about ‘Andy’, Andy who had mercilessly made fun of me since the first day we’d met in kindergarten thirteen years ago. Kids of course can we cruel, and someone like me, who had been born a midget, had been the object of ridicule all my life.

But Andrew, at eighteen, full sized, a good athlete, popular, the boyfriend of the prettiest girl in school, for some reason still thought it was humorous to make fun of me, to belittle me in public.

“Oh God, its you,” Chrissie muttered when she came up and saw me opening my locker, the locker next to hers. “Wait til Andy hears,” she added as she started to laugh.

“Hi Chrissie, how was your summer?” I asked smiling, an instantaneous decision echoing through my brain. I’m going to fuck this bitch, I thought; fuck her until she’s begging me never to leave her. “You look great,” I added.


“Your hair, it’s nice, you’ve changed it, the color, the length, the way it hangs…its sexy.”

Clearly surprised she still finally managed to answer, unable not to respond to a compliment, “Oh thanks, you really like it?”

“Oh, if only kaçak iddaa I was six feet tall and called Andy,” I crooned, my hand on my breast, “I’d be in heaven.” Just before I walked away I could see the confusion in her eyes before a small grin appeared in the corner of her mouth, a grin I could see she was struggling to control.

The thing about Chrissie is that she’s not only the prettiest and sexiest girl in school; she’s also one of the smartest. All through elementary school she and I had competed to be number one in the class, and I knew that the years when I had come out on top were the real genesis of the dislike she still felt for me.

But everyone else liked her, and she had become one of the most popular girls in the high school, a popularity that was merited by her niceness to everyone but me. I often thought that if she hadn’t been seeing Andy, a romance that was now entering its fourth year, she and I probably would have buried the hatchet and become friends.

“Are you on steroids or something?” she asked me peremptorily as she whisked up to her locker the next day and stood looking at me.


“You are? You’re much bigger than you were last year, aren’t you? You’re not really a midget anymore, are you? The girls at lunch were talking about you.”

“What did they say?”

“Oh, nothing really. Just that you were pretty big now,” she answered.

They’re were lots of people milling through the halls but no one really close to us, so I just leaned over and whispered, “My new doctor has been treating me for over a year, it’s nine and a half, cripes, almost ten inches long now…and pretty thick…I think it could be the biggest one in school.”

“Uhhh…ten inches…what are you talking…” she started, but then, as realization hit her, she couldn’t stop the blush that flooded over her cheeks nor stop from glancing towards my groin. “That’s disgusting,” she blurted just as her boyfriend arrived on the scene.

“Hi baby,” Andy chirped as he took her in his arms, a possessive grin on his face. “Yes he is disgusting hon. I heard they let you back in,” he sneered at me, “I guess they still haven’t got that school for retards and dwarfs open yet, eh?”

“Andy don’t,” Chrissie interrupted, “just leave him alone.”

“Sure baby,” he agreed as he turned back to her, “I gotta go; I’ll see you at lunch.”

“Such an intelligent, compassionate, mature man, our good, old Andy,” I said as we watched him retreat down the hall, “It’s just too bad he’s got such a small prick.”

“Shut up you little dwarf,” Chrissie hissed as she slammed her locker and stomped off.


She glared at me each time we met over the next couple of days, not even bothering to say hello when our paths crossed.

“Why are you still here?” she demanded three afternoons later when she appeared at her locker at five fifteen, perspiring lightly under her cheerleader’s uniform, clearly just back from practice.

“Sis boom bah,” I said grinning.

“Screw you loser.”

“Actually Chrissie, I don’t have time for pom poms. I’m taking some advanced math classes with Mr. Davis, he’s helping me with calculus, it should help with my SAT’s, he’s promised to write a recommendation for me to Duke.”

“Duke? You’re not smart enough to go there. He didn’t offer to write anything for me,” she complained, stamping her foot, “I’m his best student. Besides, who wants to go to Duke anyway, they’re all rapists up there.”

I was almost too mesmerized to answer, the way her perfect, firm, round titties were moving under the white school sweater, obviously unencumbered by any restraining bra. As my eyes hungrily moved over her she demanded, “Well, aren’t I?”

“He told me you were a good student, for a girl anyway. In fact he told me he’s never had a blond girl who could even add before,” I said smiling.

“Liar! …You think you’re so smart, don’t you?”

“All right, I’ll test you,” I challenged. “What longer, six inches or twenty-five centimeters?”

“That’s too easy….twenty-five centimeters is equal to ten …oh you pig,” she ended, her words trailing off.

I moved into her, pinning her against the locker with my body, letting her feel my full size as I crushed her breasts with my chest. She struggled to push me away but for second after second I held her, my hands digging into her firm ass cheeks, pulling her into my cock.

“You’re an asshole, you little, midget prick,” she hissed when I finally released her, her hand flashing through the air and slapping my cheek.

I spun her easily, surprising her with my strength, and pushed her face first against the cool steel of the locker. “Is Annnndy the only man you’ve ever slept with?” I taunted as my fingers slipped under the soft wool of her sweater and found and cupped and squeezed her luscious orbs.

“Noooooo, stop,” she ordered as I felt her nipples growing under my fingers.

“So you’ve fucked somebody besides Andy?”

“No, no, just him, just him,” she cried before I finally let her kaçak bahis go.

“So I’ll be your second,” I said laughing as I turned and walked away.

“NEEEVVVVVER!” She screamed to my retreating back.


I ignored her for the next week, going about my school life as if she didn’t exist. When we were at our lockers at the same time, or when our eyes met fleetingly in class, I could see I made her both nervous and excited, and often saw her biting her lip, knowing she wanted to talk.

“Pig!” she finally hissed at me one day a week later when I arrived at my locker.

“What?” I laughed, knowing she’d found the gift I’d left in her locker, a gift I’d bought the night before at ‘Boutique Venus’, the local sex shop. I’d carefully wrapped it in silver paper, the ends held together with pink ribbons.

I was sorry I’d missed her unwrapping it; I wished I’d seen her eyes when the 9 inch long, lifelike (even to blue veins and ribbed cockhead), fat, plastic penis had appeared.

“You’re an ass,” she continued but I could see that at some level she was amused, even titillated by the gift.

“Try it, maybe you’ll like it,” I kidded. “I know, I know, Andy boy is pretty small, is he even six inches long when hard? It won’t be easy to take it all, but Chrissie,” I said, now whispering, “I know you can do it, sweetie. Hell, with all your cheerleading splits and stunts, no problem…”

She was retreating as I finished, her backpack over her shoulder, anger burning in her deep blue eyes…of course I knew she’d try it, play with it, insert it…who could resist…


For the rest of the week she stayed away from her locker, and each time I got a fleeting glimpse of her, she was arm in arm with Andy, seemingly clinging to him to protect herself from the evil dwarf.

“So?” I asked casually the next Monday morning.

“So what?” she replied aggressively but I could detect a tremor in her voice.

“Did you like it? Were you able to…”

Her blush betraying her she stammered, “You’re disgusting.”

“I’m a little longer than it of course, but still, I think you…”

“Liar,” she cried, “you couldn’t be bigger, it hardly fit…” Seeing her embarrassment I laughed, even as she rushed on, “I mean it probably…oh, screw you,” she ended lamely as she turned away.

For the next couple of days we both kept our distance from each other, for my part I was quite happy to let her stew in her own juices for awhile, knowing that every night she was returning home to that giant dildo, knowing that each night she was laying in bed, pushing it into herself, all the while wondering what it would be like with me.

Thursday at lunch time I cornered her in the stands overlooking the football field, I had earlier that morning heard her promise Andy she’d come watch him while he practiced.

“Go away,” she ordered between bites of her sandwich.

“Hi to you to. Can I join you?”

“No!” For seconds I just sat there, watching the football team running through their plays. “What do you want anyway?” she finally asked.

“I want advice,” I answered, a shy look on my face.

“About what? And I don’t want to hear any more about your”

“Don’t worry, it’s not that. It’s just…I wonder …listen, do you think I have a chance with Judy?” I blurted.

“What? Who?”

“You know, Judy Marshall…I mean she’s really good looking and hot…” I stammered.

“Why would she ever want to go out with you?”

“I don’t know. Heck, I’m good looking, intelligent, I’m nice…good in bed…”

“Yeah right! You’re short! Besides, she’s got a boyfriend. And what happened to me? I thought you were so eager to sleep with me.”

“She’s really pretty…I mean you are too of course, but … she is the head cheerleader…and besides, I think she and I will go better together.”

“She’s not that pretty,” Chrissie finally spat out, the anger now obvious on her face, an anger I’d known would come. The two girls had been rivals all through high school of course, competing over boys, over marks, over status and just this week Judy had been named head cheerleader, a job both had wanted. “And why pray tell, would you and she go better together?”

“Listen, sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have asked,” I apologized. “I prefer you, its just that you hate me and also…”

“Also what?”

“Well, its just that Judy’s boyfriend, you know, Tommy, well he’s pretty well built…you know, his penis,” I whispered, “I just thought maybe that…well that Judy could sleep with me easier than you…that she’s already had someone pretty big, not as big as me, but..”

“Are you crazy? Do you think that bitch would be better in bed than me? I can take as good as you got Jimmy O’Scoury,” she almost shouted.

“I’d prefer you sweetie,” I said laughing, then I bent over and kissed her quickly on her sultry lips.

“You never wanted Judy,” she sputtered, angry at how easily I’d duped her.

“Of course not,” I agreed with a real warmth in my voice, “Why would I want anyone but the most beautiful girl in Miami?”

Looking back as I skipped down out of the stands I could see a bemused look on Chrissie’s face and knew she’d soon be in my arms, a slave to my kisses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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