Letting Him In Ch. 02

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Lauryn held Tumo’s engorged dick in her delicate hand and pointed it directly at her puckered hole. Tumo grabbed the lube on her nightstand and put a huge glob on his purple head, he took a bit and put it on his middle finger then forced it into Lauryn’s tight ass. She moaned and threw her head back against Tumo’s chest. Nobody had ever had her ass but she was ready. Tumo forced his index finger then his ring finger in her ass, she moaned louder from the pain but he held her firm and forced his pinky in. Through the pain Lauryn pushed her ass back at him, making his hand go deeper in her ass. Tumo started furiously pumping his fingers in and out of her tight ass. Lauryn was beside herself, her cunt clenched on the verge of orgasm and her juices were all over her thighs and wetting the bed. Tumo could tell she was ready and boy was she going to get it.

Tumo noticed her scarves hanging on the wall, he grabbed a fluffy one and decided that in order to fuck Lauryn hard, he had to tie her up and make sure she wouldn’t be able to run from the punishment his dick would bring. He turned Lauryn on her belly and then tied her hands to the headboard of her bed so that she was on her knees bent over and her hands tightly tied to the headboard. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Tumo then put more lube on his swollen dick then positioned himself behind Lauryn, he spread her pussy lips and teased her hole with his head. Lauryn tried to push back on his dick but she couldn’t, she was helplessly restrained. Tumo enjoyed torturing her and rubbed his length over her clit, Lauryn’s pussy was leaking love juice all over his dick and it was all too much for Tumo. With his dick at her anal entrance he pushed into her until his head was in; Lauryn’s ass was way too tight but Tumo was determined to fuck her and fuck her well. Tumo spread her legs wider and held her hips then forced his entire thick cock into her ass. Lauryn screamed…

Everything she had ever known shattered around her and the pain ripped through her delicate orfice. As Lauryn’s whole body fought to keep Tumo’s pistoning member out of her, he pushed deeper and thrust his hips forward until his engorged head was all the way in. Lauryn bit down hard on her lip, fighting the urge to cry out; it was then she felt her pussy clenching. As Tumo invaded her back hole, Lauryn got even more turned on. By the time he had fully impaled her, Lauryn güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was like a bitch on heat. Slowly and methodically, she began pushing back to meet his tantalisingly slow thrusts. Tumo was trying to be gentle because her ass was so tight and he was shocked to see himself disappearing into her so easily, he could not believe how well she could take him. When Lauryn moaned that he should fuck her ass hard, Tumo did as he was told.

Holding her even tighter he started fucking her for all he was worth. Tumo wanted to pleasure her through the pain. While flicking Lauryn’s clit with his thumb, Tumo shoved three of his calloused fingers deep in her dripping wet pussy. Lauryn bucked against Tumo’s hand and her cunt contracted around his fingers, she knew she wouldn’t and couldn’t last long; Lauryn was about to come. Suddenly she cried out and her whole body went tense, then all at once waves of pleasure consumed her, drowned her, overwhelmed her. Lauryn came so hard it set off Tumo’s own orgasm and with a few last strokes in her ass, he emptied himself in her bowels. Lauryn and Tumo collapsed on the bed, her hands still bound on the headboard, his dick still stretching her ass.

Without güvenilir bahis şirketleri a word Tumo untied Lauryn, removed his deflating cock from her distended ass hole and quickly dressed then left. Lauryn was left full of come, feeling sore and used; she curled up into a ball and fell into a deep sleep. That night Lauryn dreamt she was trapped in a foreign prison, repeatedly raped and used. Just when she had lost hope of any rescue, Tumo came in the night and broke her out; he carried Lauryn on his back and ran forever into the darkness, into the future. When Lauryn awoke, she was a mix of emotion: she was scared, relieved, horny and angry. Scared that she had been trapped in her dream, relieved that it was only a dream, horny at the thought that a man had saved her and angry that it had been Tumo who had rescued her. Last night came rushing back to her mind; how could she think that a man like him could treat her the way she deserves. Yes, it was just sex but still, at least some conversation afterward, a cuddle, something!

There was a knock on Lauryn’s door, and it brought her out of her thoughts. Lauryn was glad for the interruption and she put on her robe to answer her door. As she swung her door open, wondering who could show up unannounced at 6:30 in the morning, Tumo stood there, leaning against the door frame, looking like sex on legs.

With a grin, Tumo said, “Just thought you might be hungry after last night.” Lauryn looked down and realised Tumo was holding coffee and a brown paper bag. Is this breakfast in bed?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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