Like a Freight Train

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For Fred, only cause you dared tell me what you liked and were honest about it.

You burst in my back door like a freight train bursting through a tunnel. It has been a few weeks since we last got to see each other. Nightly chats and frequent phone calls just can’t take the place of skin on skin or mouth on mouth. We can chat and talk all we like but we still need to feel the touch of each other. You have been teasing me all week about what you are going to do to me when you get here. I have been teasing you about liking it.

You start to frantically look for me. I am not in the kitchen, not in the living room sitting in my computer chair. You have the feeling that I will be in the bedroom, and while you find the candles lit and the bed ready, I am not there either. There is no water running in the shower and I am not in the bathroom. I can hear you getting a little more than frantic as you check the closets and look in the bedroom again. I like to surprise you, but then I don’t want you to worry as I haven’t been well and you know that.

I quietly step out of the shower, carefully moving the curtain so that you don’t hear me. I pad on bare feet, to the bedroom where you are standing with your back to me. I walk up behind you and softly wrap my arms around you. You exhale sharply and turn in my arms. You can see the smile that is on my face as you cup my face with your hands and I get a kiss that tells me how much I have truly been missed.

Your lips are ever searching and your tongue probes my mouth. I can feel it again mine, insistent in the demand for my attention. I pull back and you look down at me and smile. “Where were you?” I giggle, and reply that I was in the shower. “I looked in the bathroom and I didn’t hear the shower running.” I nod my head and explain that while I am clean shaven and naked for you, the shower and shaving was done before you ever got here. As I explain I am running my hands up in under your shirt bahis firmaları and playing with your nipples, which are getting as hard as rocks. I can feel your cock getting hard against my hip. I know what we both want, and we both want it right now, damn it!

You lower your hands to my neck and start to gently stroke the back of it. Knowing that I will be pushing you backwards towards the bed shortly. You know the reaction that causes in me, want to see that reaction every chance you get. The goosebumps that raise on my skin are a cue to you that it won’t be long and I will be literally ripping the clothes that you wear off. In order to save that Harley shirt you start to help my trembling hands with the buttons. I quickly push the shirt down off your shoulders and to the floor. You continue to softly stroke my neck, my back, my ass, whatever you can reach. I am covered in chill bumps that you can feel and it has not a thing to do with the temperature of the room.

I get frustrated with the belt buckle and look up at you. “Please?” you hear in that husky voice that just seems to naturally come out of me when I am wanting you so badly. I couldn’t change it if I wanted to and you don’t want me to even attempt. You chuckle at me and undo the belt buckle. The rivet and the zipper on the jeans are undone in a second and I am sitting on the floor at your feet working the shoes and socks off of you. You balance with a hand on my shoulder and lift your feet, one at a time so that I can remove the jeans. There is no underwear to bother with for me. You know better, last time they ended up in the trash because I got frustrated with them. Your cock is at just the right level for me to reach with my tongue. You shiver as I sit, naked, on the floor, at your feet and you feel my tongue run up the length of your cock. I reach around the back of your thighs and pull you a half step closer so I can more easily reach you. You resist the pull at first, kaçak iddaa until you realize what it is that I am doing.

My mouth opens and I tongue you again. You lean slightly back against my hands and know that I can support you if I have too. Your eyes close to just slits as your head lolls backward in pleasure. I use my hands, running my fingers up the inside of your thighs, first one and then the other. I can watch your cock grow and get even harder if that is possible. I gently tickle your balls on the underside. At the first touch of a fingertip on the sensitive backside of them, you twitch. I gently suck the head into my mouth and taste the salty pre-cum that is always there with you. I enjoy your cock in my mouth and have told you about how I like the taste of you. You are carefully watching me squirm, knowing that my cunt is getting hotter and wetter by the second.

“Enough of that, or I will be cummin way before I want to”, you say to me as you reach for my hand. Pulling me so that I know that you want me off the floor. A kiss is again placed on my lips, but this time softer, much softer. As I go to reach for you again you move to the bedside. Sitting down, you motion for me to stand in front of you. I move as you request. I would do about anything at the moment just to feel your touch and you know that. Standing me in front of you, you look up at me. Moving your head forward just a little you kiss my stomach and then I feel your hands on my hips, moving me forward so that you can better reach me.

I feel your hands gently run down the front of my thighs and then inward toward the inside of my legs. Shifting on my feet, I move them apart for you. One hand slides between them and as my eyes close, I feel a fingertip gently part my outer lips. Next comes the feeling of a fingertip gently parting the inner lips, feeling the wetness that I have produced. The knowing that you can produce this reaction in me in such a short time kaçak bahis is always something that makes you hotter for me. Gently, carefully you remove the finger and pull me closer, resting your head on my stomach. Arms around my hips, hands softly caressing my lower back. Feeling the tension slowly leave me.

Puling back, you look up at me. I move at your silent command to the bed, lying down on my back. My legs are bent at the knee and spread wide for you to have access to the inner most part of me. I know that you want me and I know that I am truly enjoying every minute of you being here. I am careful of you and your feelings. We have discussed former lovers of yours, so I know that you have been seriously hurt before. Your mouth rouses me from my revelry, touching the inside of my thigh. You move carefully between my legs, and alternate between the insides of my thighs, licking, kissing, and nibbling your way to the center of both our pleasures. Shuddering from the touches that you are giving me, feeling nothing but the want to close my eyes, so that I can get lost in the sensations. This is what you give me. My eyes close as my hands reach gently for your head. Feeling your hair in my hands, knowing that you hear the moans of pleasure that are coming from me. Sliding a finger inside of me, you know just how to hit that spot. I can feel you rubbing while at the same time you are making little circles around my clit with your tongue.

Soon, we both know what is coming. You feel the wetness and the heat increase, I feel the intensity change. My hands are now twisted in the sheets, my hips being held in place only by your strength. You don’t let up, as my eyes roll back and my body gives a shudder that rocks the bed. I open my mouth but not a sound escapes. Lost in the feeling and oblivious to everything and everyone around me, I let the orgasm wash over and through me. This is what you wanted. The end objective to you. You move up to hold me and stroke me back down to your level. Softly, you look at me as I force my eyes open, and ask that question that always makes me giggle.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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