Linda Again

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Linda and I had been seeing each other for at least 7 or 8 months with a little time out while she dated someone else semi-seriously for a while. It didn’t last, though.

We usually saw each other on Saturday nights. I tried to take her to dinner or to a show or something, but she really didn’t want to go anywhere.

As she once said, sitting on my couch sipping her Pinsch and water, “I’m right where I want to be.”

So it went. I cooked for her. Usually a steak, shrooms, potato or choice and salad, but I often snuck in Cajun dishes and occasionally did Italian. Then of course we’d fuck like bunnies.

Anyway, this particular evening I was putting on the finishing touches on a salad and some home made vinaigrette. The steak was ready for the grill and the asparagus was ready for steaming. The ingredients for the Hollandaise were ready to go. There was a knock at the door and I was somewhat surprised. She was a little early and that was unusual.

I opened the door and said, “Welcome.” She came in and we kissed for a long delicious moment. That woman can kiss.

She was standing in khaki London Fog raincoat, which I asked her if I could take. She smiled devilishly and undid the buttons and belt and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing nothing but a grin and goosebumps.

Her 36 C tits hung there so proudly with very dark reddish brown nipples fully erect at about 3/4 of an inch long and as big around as the tip of my ring finger. I just loved to suck on those nipples. She was breathing rapidly. Her legs were spread slightly and I could just make out the top of her pink slit peeking out through the light forest of auburn hair on her mons. Droplets of juice from her heated cunt glistened in the furry curls.

I gulped a couple of times. This situation seemed to call for some witty repartee, so I said, “Would you like a drink…first?”

She shook her head and flowed across the floor to me and every inch of the front of her was in contact with the front of me and gently gyrating while those fantastic lips pressed to mine with her tongue investigating the roof of my mouth. Needless to say I got the message and started walking her backwards down the hall to the bedroom.

I sat her down on the rail of the king sized four poster waterbed and started to pull off the tee shirt I had on. She unfastened my shorts and let them fall to the floor. I had nothing on now, but a smile and an 8″ hardon. Never taking her eyes off of my face she took my cock in her right hand and squeezed it gently a couple of times. This caused a nice heavy clear drop of pre-cum to form on the end. With her eyes locked on mine she brought her mouth up to my cock head and gently licked that drop and the one that followed it into her mouth.

She rubbed her tongue along the roof of her mouth and over her lips and said, “Yumm. I want a lot more of this,” licking her lips loudly.

Wasting no further time, she sucked the head of my cock deep into her mouth. She couldn’t swallow it, but she had it all the way to the curve of her throat. She occasionally gagged, but just kept pulling my butt toward her and sucking it in and out.

Well I knew I wasn’t gonna last long so I pulled those magnificent lips away from my cock and eased her back down on her back. I lay next to her with my left arm under her neck and my mouth fastened to hers. I ran my right hand up and down along her left side, caressing and squeezing as I did from her shoulder to her hip and around to her butt. My tongue explored her mouth and we were both heating up. I cupped her left tit underneath it and squeezed it gently, tugging it up slightly. I trailed my fingers gently around the outside edge of it and she gasped in pleasure.

I kept up the squeezing and touching on her left tit, not ever contacting the nipple, which was hard and begging for attention. I lowered my mouth to her right tit and worked my tongue underneath it and on the sides and into the cleavage. I gently sucked around the tit and even nibbled once in a while. Finally, she was moving around so much it was bahis firmaları getting hard to remain in place. I licked that right nipple with the flat of my tongue.

She moaned, “Oh Goddd. More and harder!”

Trying to be accommodating, I started sucking on that nip and gently pressing my teeth against its soft/hard texture. My right hand started making its way down her belly. I reached the soft, fluffy fur covering her mons and pressed against it with the flat of my hand, working the contact in small circles. I also switched and started sucking the left tit and nipple as I didn’t want it to feel left out.

Her cunt was soaking wet, exactly the way I love it. The juices covered the lips and had started on her thighs. I slid one and then two fingers into that hot cunt and began working them in a circle. I then pressed deep and up. The contact with her G spot set her off, moaning and huffing. Linda has many orgasms in an evening and they get stronger until she pops a real big one.

“Cumming now. Oh so good,” she cried.

Anyway I stroked her gently as she came back down and kissed her again. I was hard as a rock, but I wanted some of that lovely, wet cunt. I love eating pussy especially on a woman who lets herself go and appreciates it.

I moved down, pulled her legs apart and knelt between them. I pushed them back till her thighs were almost pressing against her tits and the dripping folds of her pussy and her tiny puckered asshole were fully accessible to me. I began by licking the curve of her ass and along the valley where her leg joins her body. I did this on both sides. Then with just the tip of my tongue I licked the outside of each lip and then, starting at the bottom of her slit just below her hole, just barely touching, I slid my tongue up to and just touch her clit. This usually gets a really good bucking reaction and I have to be on my toes to keep the contact light.

I looked up at her with a little smile on my face and she knew I was teasing. Now she likes teasing all right, but she likes the real thing better.

She reached down with both hands and pulled herself open for me and said, almost breathlessly, “Please suck me. Stick your tongue in me. Suck my clit. Now. Please.”

Linda rarely uses any type of sexually explicit language at all so this got my attention increased the hardness rating on my cock by another 20%. I slid my tongue into that oven hot wet tunnel and worked it round and round, rubbing my lips against her at the same time. Then I slid my tongue up to lick and flick against her clit. I repeated this several times for several minutes with Linda getting louder and louder. I slid my middle finger up her cunt while my lips fastened onto her clit and I fluttered my tongue across it. With a huge squeal she came again.

I licked and sucked my way up her chest across those lovely tits and kissed her hard. She vacuumed me in like it was the last time forever. She licked her cum off of my face and resumed sucking on my tongue.

I rolled back on my back and pulled her over onto me. She put her knees down on either side of my hips, took my cock in her hand and rubbed it in the lake that was her pussy and then slid it in. She groaned and her eyes closed for a minute. She kinda cocked her hips back and then slid back and forth on my cock with her clit in contact with my pubic bone and hair. Her juices soaked my balls. She was looking down at me with heavy lidded eyes while I was looking up at those magnificent tits.

I took one in each hand squeezing them and rubbing the nipples with my thumbs. Then I pulled her down and kissed her again. Then she sat back up again and I put my left thumb in my mouth to moisten it and started rubbing at the top of her slit. At the same time, I reached around her hip and squeezed her ass with my right hand helping the rocking motion that she was using.

I moistened my middle finger with lots of saliva and pushed gently on her puckered asshole, gently rubbing in a tiny circle. The hot little hole opened slowly and took my finger a joint or so kaçak iddaa up inside and I began to work it around slowly, still squeezing the butt cheek. Linda couldn’t take much of this and went for the big one right there.

“Fucccccck yesss,” she practically screamed, bucking and rolling as she was carried off on the waves of orgasm.

Before she had finished, I swung her over, never letting my prick out of her cunt and started pummeling her for real. I put my finger back in her ass, this time up to my palm and just let it all hang out. Within 30 seconds I was pumping a huge load of cum into that hot wet cunt. She came again although not as hard as the last one and I collapsed on top of her.

I raised up and kissed her and worked my hips around, but my cock was slowly wilting and eventually it popped out.

I rolled off and pulled her head up on my shoulder and we lay there kissing and touching for a while. She got to her knees and lovingly took my soft rod in her hand and began licking it clean of our combined juices. Then she returned her head to my shoulder and I kissed her deeply. I decided we both tasted good together.

Finally I said, “That was wonderful. You were wonderful!! Would you like something to drink now?”

“You mean you can get it up again this fast?” she asked with a low chuckle.

I tossed her a big 3X tee shirt and put on my shorts to go out and see about food. All I had to do was grill the steaks and steam the asparagus, so I got her a drink, got them started, made the hollandaise, then joined her in the living room for a moment of quiet. We rarely watched TV or anything when we were together. We talked about jobs and people and her kids (she had 3, all in high school or later). We ate and then went back to the living room to talk.

We hadn’t been talking long when the kissing started again. I do love kissing this woman. I was cupping those lovely tits through the tee shirt and gently running my thumbs over the now stiff nipples. We headed back to the bedroom, shucking tee shirts, etc. as we went.

I wasted no time at all. I got down between her legs and put my hands behind her knees and pushed her legs back and apart until her knees were almost beside her ears. From this vantage I had a wonderful view of that curly auburn bush with the prominent clit peeking out of the fold at the top of her cunt, and the moist lips pulled open and that juicy hole and that puckered rosy asshole.

I sucked each of her pussy lips into my mouth and slid my tongue under them. After a couple minutes of working up and down and side to side, I started running the tip of my tongue around the opening of her cunt, just barely inside. I’d do that a couple of times then push my tongue into that hot, wet, drooling hole as far as it would go. I was sucking and licking at the cream that came out of that hot cunt. Sheer ambrosia.

Then I decided to try something a little different for us. I lowered my head and licked in one long slow swipe that dipped gently across her anus, gently into her cunt and wound up as tickle of her clit. Her hips jerked. I worked my thumb into her cunt. This was easy because she was so soaking wet. Then I licked across the bottom of her cunt, tickling the skin between there and her asshole. Then I worked further down and delicately rimmed her puckered anus. I used lots of saliva and licked in a circle.

“Oh, my,” she moaned. “Oh this is so nasty. Don’t you stop!”

She pressed the back of my head with her hands. I pushed my tongue in and she just groaned. Then I worked my way back up to her cunt and licked there while I pulled the thumb out of her cunt and gently worked it into her asshole. She moaned again and started wiggling her hips in a circle. I worked the thumb slowly while I moved my tongue up to flick across her clit, faster and faster. I kept drooling on my thumb to keep it wet and slick and worked it deeper into her asshole.

Pretty soon I was “fucking” her asshole with my thumb. I then worked a couple of fingers into her soaking cunt and continued the fucking motion kaçak bahis while I worked on her clit. When I took the nub gently in my teeth and lashed it with my tongue she came again, kinda howling and thrashing. After a minute or so she pushed me away and pulled me up next to her. We kissed and she just lay there recovering.

We hadn’t been laying there long when she murmured, somewhat shyly, “Will you fuck me in the… er back?”

To which I replied, “The back…?”

“Yes, my butt, my… ass,” she replied. “I’ve never had it there before and you’ve got me wanting it. I want you in there. Now.”

She rolled over on her stomach.

Well she didn’t need to ask me twice. I started at her neck, licking and sucking and massaging down her back until I came to the marvelous swells of her butt. I teased into and around that crack with my tongue, occasionally nipping with my teeth at each cheek. Then I pressed her legs apart and cupped her pussy from behind to pull her up to a kneeling position with her head and upper chest flat on the bed and her beautiful butt elevated. Her crack was open and I could see the saliva soaked pucker of her ass and her dripping cunt and the erect clit peeking out from its hood of flesh.

I started licking at the clit, then working my way back up to her asshole. She moaned and creamed some more. Once again, I started working my tongue in circles around and into the pucker of her ass using lotsa saliva to keep it lubed. Soon I began to work my thumb in again to get her opened up. She became used to this quickly and I removed my thumb and shoved my tongue in the hole to lube it more. I spit and spit more saliva into the hole and returned my thumb to the hole to keep it opened up.

“Do it!” she hissed. “Fuck my ass now. Put that big cock in me. Please. Now!”

Finally I ran my cock into that dripping cunt to lube it. After a few delicious feeling strokes I pulled my thumb out of her ass and placed the head of my cock in the pool of saliva and cunt juice in her asshole and gently pushed.

She groaned, “Yessssss.” and I continued until the head was in and trapped by that tight sphincter.

“Am I hurting you, babe?” I asked. Her response was to push back with her hips, sinking my cock deeper into the hot tight canal of her ass and moaning even more. She moved her hips in a slow circle and it slid in all the way to the balls. I pulled back slowly, savoring the gripping heat of her rectal sheath until only the head remained in her. Then I spit some more saliva on my hand and rubbed it on my cock and slid it all the way back into her in one long, smooth thrust.

She screamed, “Yess. Fuck me now!”

And I did. Slowly building up the speed and strength of my thrusts over the next few minutes until I was pounding her butt with my hips. This could not continue. I reached around and grabbed her left tit and started to tug on it while I rubbed her clit with the other hand.

I screamed, “I’m cumming,” and the most massive orgasm I’ve ever had began.

She screamed right back, “Cumming now, keep fucking meeee!”

And she was. I could feel her asshole grip my cock spasmodically as I emptied my balls into her ass. There was spurt after spurt as I pulsed and pulsed into that hot clinging hole. It was amazing.

I continued to fuck her slowly until my cock was too limp to continue and then I slowly pulled it out. We both collapsed on the bed. We cuddled for a while with her head on my shoulder, frequently kissing running our hands up and down each others bodies. I got up and brought in a warm washcloth and gently wiped her cunt and ass and the sweat off her chest and neck. Then I cleaned myself up and returned to bed, holding her again. Gods she felt good.

She smiled and looked up at me and said, “We have to do this again. Soon. I thought it would hurt so much, but it didn’t and I was so hot and you were so big and I came so hard…

I pressed my fingertips to her lips to gently silence her.

“You’re right,” I agreed. “It was the best I’ve ever had. And you were hot and uncontrolled and I loved it. We’ll do it again soon, but now I need a little rest. Can it wait till morning?”

“Absolutely,” she purred. ” Wait till you see how I’m gonna wake you and prepare you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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