Lisa Gets Laid at Work Pt. 01

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Lisa was a drop dead gorgeous housewife in her mid 20’s from Small town USA. She had married her high school flame not long after graduating and thought she’d always live the happy life but things dwindled quickly. Her Prince Charming as it turned out had more of a penchant to party with his buddies and spent less and less time with her leaving her feeling alone and very empty, frequently second guessing her marriage and realizing she’d made a huge mistake.

One of the highlights of Lisa’s life, believe it or not, was the job that she found in her small town at a local department store. It was demanding at times, and had it’s downsides of putting up with lousy customers and the usual hassle of working retail but it also had a few good things that really appealed to Lisa. She quickly noticed that she got a lot of attention from the local men, and for good reason. She was medium height, about 5’4, and had an incredibly well built slender body with big firm tits, beautiful face and gorgeous brunette hair with a hint of auburn, many men couldn’t help but to break their necks to get a second glimpse whenever they would see her, she was truly a hot piece of ass! Deep inside she relished the attention, the looks she got and the flirting from the gents even though they were all thinking to themselves of how wonderful it would be to slide their hard cocks inside her…then there was Michael…

Michael was the manager of the store, he was true to the phrase of tall, dark, and handsome. He hired Lisa and from day one there was a definite sense of curiosity and attraction between Lisa and Michael. As time went by the attraction turned into flirting, lustful glances, sly comments, at times some light touching made to seem innocent but made their attraction and curiosity for each other grow. In one instance, Lisa was stocking merchandise on a display table, Michael came from behind her to help and give a few tips and help stock the display. The area was a little confined and Michaels crotch area gently rubbed against the thin fabric on Lisa’s ass, she felt his crotch and did nothing to move away, if anything she made a few movements where her butt cheeks rubbed Michaels zipper area, perhaps let her arm gently rub across the front of his pants while looking as though it was not intentional bostancı escort at all, Michaels cock would begin to grow in his pants and he would at times have to leave to go to the mens room and re-adjust himself. After a few months there was a definite attraction and they each knew it, their lust for each other grew stronger by the day, now in their minds they were both looking for an opportunity to act on it, just looking for the right chance to come along.

One particular night the store was closed and a handful of employees were working late on holiday decorations. Michael wasn’t working that night but stopped in for a moment to check progress. The crew were just about to leave the break room when Michael popped in to say hello. Lisa and a few others were just walking back to the sales floor but she stopped to chat for a second and then slowly started walking towards the sales with Michael in front. At that moment, for no reason, they both stopped and with no one around, Michael leaned back into Lisa and in a split second went for a kiss. She didn’t know what hit her for a second but she gladly and without any hesitation welcomed his lips on hers and his tongue in her mouth. Michael, sensing that this was the perfect opportunity, walked down the hall a few feet, opened a door and pushed Lisa into the small, dusty janitors/supply room. It was not the place you would pick for a make-out session with boxes of cleaning supplies, tools, even an old urinal on the rear wall but on the spur of the moment it would work, crazy feelings were at work and neither cared where they were, they just wanted each other, and wanted it now!

As they turned toward each other and started kissing neither had second thoughts. Michaels strong arms reached around Lisa’s back and started to caress her back, her ass, her thighs. She rubbed her hands on Michaels chest, under his sweater and around his waist while feeling his lips on hers, she could feel him leaning into her and she gladly met his crotch with hers and started grinding her moist pussy on his leg. He started caressing and rubbing her breasts and she unbuttoned her shirt for him to give him open access, after he unhooked her bra he took it completely off of her, they both started unzipping their pants while Lisa rubbed Michaels ümraniye escort bayan cock through his jeans. Michael started sucking and kissing Lisa’s breasts, sucking her nipples, taking turns licking her hot firm tits and loving how she was responding to him. He had wondered if Lisa would ever go through with cheating on her husband but when he reached down her pants and stuck his fingers down her panties and inside her sloppy wet cunt his question was answered!

They both slid their pants to the ground and were soon standing with each other completely naked, in a small supply room with no lock on the door, anyone walking by could have opened the door and saw the entire show, fortunately lust kicked in and the show continued without a second thought about where they were or who they were going home to after this. Michael kissed Lisa and had two fingers buried inside her wet, hot snatch and while he finger fucked her, he was actually amazed at how easy it had been to seduce her thus far. She was completely naked, getting her tits sucked and pussy finger fucked by the boss.

When Lisa first reached over to stroke Michaels cock she was shocked to feel that he was at least 9 to 10 inches long, she had never seen a cock this long and was excited and extremely nervous at the same time wondering if her small tight cunt could take such a huge cock? She stood in front of Michael and dropped to her knees. This felt a little weird for Lisa as she wasn’t really well versed in the art of cock sucking, she had fooled around a tiny bit with a few other guys in the past but it wasn’t something she had done much, she didn’t even give her husband head, but with Michael though, for some strange reason she couldn’t wait to please him, her mouth was watering and she couldn’t wait to taste his huge cock! Michael was harder than he’s ever been in his life, his cock was almost a deep red color with veins popping out all over the shaft of his cock, he was also leaking huge amounts of pre-cum that Lisa was using as a lube to jack and stroke his cock.

Lisa held his cock with both hands and started licking his pole up and down the sides of the shaft. She licked and twirled her tongue along the length several times, teasing, driving him crazy, she held up his shaft and licked and kartal escort sucked his nutsack, he was going out of his mind, trying to not make noise. Lisa came back to the head of his rod, she used her thumbs to gently pull open his piss slit. She gently licked and stuck her tongue inside his sensitive pee hole, darting her tongue around, in and out while he was going out of his mind, trying to remain quiet. Finally she opened her mouth wide and took his hard red cockhead into her wet mouth. She started slurping and sucking his huge cock deep in her mouth. She could taste his pre-cum leaking out and she swallowed it right down as fast as it came out, it made her incredibly wet to swallow his juice and she milked the shaft to get out all she could, Michael was going out of his mind, she gave the most incredible blowjob that he ever had in his life, he couldn’t believe how hot Lisa was and how turned on she was to suck his big dick, she acted like she couldn’t get enough cock, her sucking skills were nothing short of incredible!

Michael was in heaven as Lisa worked his heavy, throbbing shaft. He stopped her for a moment and told her to put her hands down to her side. He put one hand behind her head and the other on the side of her face and asked her to open her mouth. When she did he guided his hard shaft back inside her mouth and slowly started pumping his dick in and out of her mouth. Slow and easy at first, he started going a little deeper until he was in the back of her mouth and could take no more. His thrusts became faster and deeper, holding her in place with his hands he was soon face fucking her with his rigid meat while feeling the warm pleasures of her wet mouth.

His cock was leaking large amounts of pre-cum and he was so turned on to see Lisa swallow his salty clear juice down when he pulled his cock out of her mouth a bit. She didn’t really know what was coming over her as all of this was so out of character for her, not something that she would normally do at all, she was sucking his cock like she couldn’t get enough and her pussy was getting hotter and wetter by the second. She was going out of her mind with the anticipation of feeling his huge cock sliding inside her soaking wet, tight pussy. Michael could feel his balls starting to churn and boil inside and knew that he had better stop before he shot his cum load in her mouth, he had much better plans for his seed. He withdrew his hard veiny shaft from Lisa’s mouth and pulled her up to kiss her and taste the remnants of his own cock juice that still swirled around in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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