Lori Grows Up Pt. 06

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Lori had a good sleep and rest, and no weird nightmares like the day before. She and Dave had breakfast together, then Dave was off to the office. She had the day to herself and it would be a busy one, starting with a nice hot steamy shower. When alone at home, she usually relished the freedom of being naked, but today she wore shorts and one of Dave’s jerseys because there might be callers like the cable guy or plumber. She spent most of the day organizing their clothes in cupboards and dressers, did some laundry, changed the bedsheets, then took a little break and had some ice cream (orally). Dave loved roast chicken, so she stuffed a little bird and prepared some potatoes and a salad, and there would be a nice dinner for him when he came home at five.

She tried to dismiss it, but the strange dream of last night kept popping up in the back of her mind. She’ll see Marty tonight, and maybe get her take on it.


By four o’clock, she had everything pretty well buttoned up, and stepped out to the balcony. A little tired, she stretched out on the glider and closed her eyes, smiling, thinking about the good slamming she would get tonight from Dave’s huge cock. She spread her legs and tweaked her nipples, moved her hand slowly downward, rubbed her belly a little, then slid her hand in her shorts, inserting her middle finger deep into her vagina. It was already slick from thinking about Dave, and she fucked the finger in and out slowly, then faster and faster, while toying her clit with the other hand. The ticklish feeling started in her pussy then quickly spread to her ass and thighs and belly. She didn’t want to cum too loudly because she was outside, but the cum waves came hard and she jerked and shuddered through a powerful orgasm, “Ooooooo! Aaaaaaagh! Unnnnngh! Mmm, mmm….mmm,” almost falling off the glider. She took a few minutes to catch her breath and settle down, then licked off her wet finger and it was salty with a hint of vanilla. Then she checked on the chicken in the oven and got dressed, and Dave would be home in a few minutes.


“Hi sweetie. Doing ok? Mmm, something smells really good! Chicken?” bonus veren siteler as he walked through the door.

“Yep, roast chicken and stuffing and potatoes and endive salad, and for dessert…um…me,” kissing his cheek and giving Johnson a playful pat.


(after supper)

“Thanks, babe, everything was really delicious. I’m ready for…dessert, whenever you are, but I need a shower first,” he said.

“Marty wants to meet me at Gina’s for a drink, so why don’t you take a shower, rest a little, then we’ll have..dessert later. I won’t be too long.”

(at Gina’s)

“Hi Marty, you look great!” Lori said as they hugged and kissed cheeks.

“Lori! Wow, you look pretty great yourself! Let’s take that booth in the corner. Sit next to me, not across.”

Lori glanced around the bar and saw two guy-gal couples in booths, a few gal-gal couples in booths, and a few lone gals sitting at the bar.

“What’ll you guys have?” waitress said.

“Brandy Alexander,” Lori said.

“Make it two,” Marty said. “So Lori, how is the apartment coming, everything going okay?”

“Going good, all we need now are a couple more sticks of furniture. Mostly, we’ve just been using the bed,” she grinned.

“That’s good, hon. Like you, I’m from a small town, New Castle, and I know you are genteel, as I used to be, but can we speak freely?” Marty said.

“You mean New Castle, Pennsylvania?”

“Yeah, why?” Marty said.

“I’m from Ellwood City Pa, so we are hometown neighbors! And hell yes speak freely! I’m hardly genteel and I’m not ‘Lori the innocent virgin’ anymore, thank God,” Lori said. “Actually, I never was much for that innocence bullshit. So, you were saying,” Lori said.

“Just crying in my beer a little. I have to get it off my chest about…Rich, the guy I was dating and fucking and sucking for about a year. He recently got a promotion to middle management, and soon after, he started screwing anything in the office that had tits. A little honesty with a little pussy on the side wouldn’t have bothered me at all, but with him, it was like every other fucking night, and finally, I had to opt out of the relationship. I like you, bedava bahis Lori…a lot…and I just hope you and Dave are getting along, and that he’s giving you what you need,” Marty said.

“So far, it’s going great with Dave. Ahem, now it’s my turn to speak candidly. Basically, he has been eating my pussy daily and fucking the living shit out of me, and I suck his cock and swallow every chance I get. And it’s not just physical, I really love the guy, and he’s told me the same. That’s the best I can tell you, and I pray God it lasts….Now let me ask you, why all the gals in this bar, and hardly any guys?”

“Hmm, I thought you would ask. Gina dissuades bi and gay males but welcomes all straights and bi and gay females. I guess you could call it a bi-fem bar. Does that bother you?” Marty said.”

“Hell no, it doesn’t bother me in the least. I think I’m straight, but God knows sometimes I have trouble always thinking straight, if you follow me,” Lori said.

“Okay, thanks for the honesty. Now I will be honest with you. After a year wasted with that motherfucking son of a bitch, I have no desire to ever be in a strictly straight relationship, or any other kind of strict committed relationship. Since you’ve been on leave, I’ve really missed you, and well, I’ve been having thoughts about you, like–“

“Like what?” Lori said, feeling the smallest of tingles starting in her pussy and belly and breasts. “Go on.”

Marty took a drag of brandy, “Like you and I, together in bed naked, with our tongues pushed deep in each other’s snatch, and dildo-fucking each other’s ass. There, how’s that for honesty?” Marty said, just above a whisper.

“Marty, in all seriousness, honey, I am truly flattered. I had no idea,” Lori said, not knowing exactly how to respond.

“I know, Lori, it’s a surprise hitting you with this all at once. But I won’t press you, I thought you could just at least think about it a while, but I would never wanna hurt you or Dave, because I love you guys,” Marty had tears welling, one running down her cheek.

“I thought I was straight, but right now I’m thinking about being in bed naked with you, honey, and I kinda like the idea. Uh, if we deneme bonus kiss or fool around a little in here, will Gina kick our slutty asses out?” Lori said.

“I don’t think so. Look around, it’s dark in here for a reason, and that kind of shit goes on all the time,” Marty said, brightening.

“Then slide a little closer, and I’ll tell you a secret,” Lori whispered.


“I’m not wearing any panties. Are you?” Lori said.

“No, just this mini-skirt,” Marty whispered.

“Good. With this table, I bet nobody will even notice if I slide my hand up under your skirt, and a finger into your sweet pussy,” Lori whispered, “or even if I play with your clitoris with my thumb.”

“Probably they wouldn’t notice if I did that to you too,” Marty said nervously, spreading her legs.

“Are you guys dry? Oops, I mean do you want another drink?” the waitress snickered.

“Sure, two more of the same, please,” Lori said, startled.

“Cummmming right up!” the waitress giggled.

“She noticed,” Lori said, spreading her legs a little more.

“I know her. She won’t give a fuck,” Marty said.

In the darkened booth, both girls leaned back, eyes closed, enjoying their silent mutual masturbation, then basked in the creamy warmth and relief of mild orgasms, cumming gently, quietly.


“HERE THEY CUMMM!” the waitress loudly announced, as she noisily set their drinks on the table. “I brought you guys a couple of cocks, er, I mean cokes too, for chasers.” She giggled and then she was gone.

Lori licked her wet finger, “Mmm nice, and not too salty. I never tasted anyone else’s pussy before.”

Marty licked hers, “Neither did I. What, vanilla?”

“Haha, I’ll tell you about the vanilla next time.”

The bartender announced, “Drink up, kiddies. Closing in thirty minutes.”

“I wanted to tell you about this dream I had, and get your slant on it,” Lori said. She depicted the strange dream as best she could, and when she finished, Marty said,

“I am no oneirocritic, but to me, the dream indicates that you will soon have to make an important decision. More than that, quien sabe?”

“Okay Marty, that’s what I was thinking too,” Lori said. “Let’s finish these brandies, and clink a toast…to eternal friendship! Now, I want a hug and a real kiss before we part.”

“Damn it Lori, I love you,” Marty said, big tears streaming.

“Me too you, honey, and everything’s going to be alright.”

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