Loving Cousins

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

My name is Derek, I’m currently a senior in college finishing up my degree. I’m one of the fortunate few people whose parents still let me live with them while I finish my college degree. We live in a small apartment that’s owned by a very strict landlord. During the pandemic, our landlord fell on some rough times and ended up selling the apartment complex to a retail company. The retail company wanted to demolish the apartment complex and build expensive condominiums in its place. Legally speaking, the retail company couldn’t just force us out to demolish it. Instead, they got a lawyer and a group of inspectors to find “heavy structural damage” in the apartment. Giving them a legal free way to remove tenants while maintenance is done.

We were about to be kicked from our apartment and didn’t have anywhere else to stay. That’s when my aunt offered to let us stay in her apartment. My aunt owned a small 2 story apartment with a basement. She lived on the 2nd floor while her niece who was visiting stayed on the 1st floor. She offered us the basement. While it was small it was better than nothing.

My cousin’s name is Mary and we’re the same age. She has a tall pale figure with a perky butt and small breasts. She had curly long blonde hair and bright green eyes. We grew up together so like all kids I viewed her as gross but I really hadn’t seen her for the last 8 years. Now her body had matured very nicely. When we first arrived at the apartment I was surprised by how beautiful she looked, she had on gym shorts and a sports bra. Her milky white skin was mesmerizing, it was a good thing I was wearing jeans, otherwise, I would’ve had a boner.

As I said earlier, the apartment was very small and cramped. It had no AC units so it got very hot and humid in there. It got so bad that I eventually had to sleep naked. I made sure to lock my door when I went to sleep so my parents wouldn’t barge in. It was oddly satisfying to be sleeping in the nude. It was exhilarating exposing my body like that.

A few weeks after being settled in, my aunt announced that she and my parents were going to visit smokey bear mountains for a few days and asked if my cousin and I wanted to come. I was still bogged down with my online classes and homework so I declined. My cousin also declined, saying she had to work this week. So my cousin and I had the whole apartment to ourselves. It was very exciting knowing that I had my cousin all to myself. Ever since I moved in I couldn’t stop thinking about her, the way her hips moved, the way her ass jiggled every time she walked by was like she was giving me mating signals.

That afternoon my parents and aunt left for the artemisbet yeni giriş smokey bear mountains. My cousin started doing laundry so I decided to start spying on her. The way the basement was set up was that at the end of the first floor was a staircase that led down to the washing and drying machine passed that is the door that let to my apartment unit. I walked out of my apartment and pretended to go up the stairs. When I got to the top I opened and closed the door leading to the first floor to make it sound like I left. I knelt down by the railing and pressed my body against the wall near the railing to try and hide as much as possible.

My cousin started taking her dirty clothes out of the basket and into the washing machine. She was wearing denim shorts and a white crop top. She then reached for the detergent and began pouring it into a small washing cup. After she was done pouring she was about to put the detergent away when she accidentally knocked down the washing cup with the gallon of detergent. She spilled it all over herself and shrieked. I tried my hardest not to flinch.

She took a moment to gain her composure and turned on the faucet tap of the sink next to the washer. She pulled on the bottom of her crop top and edged towards the faucet. Her white crop top got all wet and I could see her bra. She then looked down at her shorts and looked up at the stairs. I immediately froze. She glanced at the stairs for a few seconds and went back to her laundry. I was so relieved. That’s when I saw her starting to take her shorts off. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She removed her stained shorts and tossed them into the washer. She walked over to the sink and got some paper towels. She then bent over and started cleaning the spilled detergent on the floor. I couldn’t believe it, her perky ass pointing out towards me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I reached down and pulled my shorts down. grabbed my dick and started stroking.

After she was done cleaning she filled up another cup of detergent and poured it into the washing machine. Once she started the washer, she jumped onto the drying machine and started going on her phone. She had her legs spread while she was sitting so I could see her pubes sticking out the sides of her panties. That’s when someone started calling her on her phone and she jumped off the dryer. She started walking towards the stairs.

I started panicking. She was about to catch me jerking off to her wardrobe malfunction. I had to act fast. I shot up and bolted out of the basement. I couldn’t think straight, I just had to go through the first door I saw. My dick still hanging out of shorts, I turned the doorknob on the closest door and ran inside. I shut the door behind artemisbet giriş and when I calmed down I realized that I had walked into my cousin’s apartment. That’s when I heard the basement door close and knew she was coming into her apartment. I ran through her apartment trying to find a palace to hide. I ran into her room and left the door ajar.             

I looked through the gap in the door as I saw her walk in. She was still in her panties from her detergent spill. She walked over to her fan, turned it on, and took off her crop top. She then placed it on the fan so that it could dry. Fuck I couldn’t believe it, my beauty of a cousin was in her bra and panties. Even though I was still horrified of being caught, my dick had a raging boner. She then walked towards her bathroom and opened the door, she didn’t walk in, she just looked at the mirror on the bathroom door. She placed both hands on her bra and proceeded to take off her bra.

I couldn’t believe it. I was staring at my cousin’s tits. They were small and milky white like her skin. Her areolas were small yet her nipples were hard. I couldn’t control myself. I reached down and started stroking my dick again. She walked over to her fan and placed her bra on top of her crop top so they could both dry off. She then walked into the kitchen, at this point I debated on making a run for it and running for the door, but would I make it in time? A few seconds later she returned to the living room holding a bag of chips and a few beers. Oh no, she was going to stay here for a while.

I stood there for a while trying to think of what I should do when I looked back at her. She was plastered on the couch watching Netflix with 4 empty beer bottles beside her. Bingo! She’s drunk, all I have to do is wait for her to fall asleep and I can sneak out here Scott free. I figured she was too drunk to hear me in her room so I started going through her things. I went through her panty drawer and couldn’t believe how good it smelled. It was like she sprayed each individual panty with perfume. After about 30 minutes I noticed that the Netflix show on TV had been paused and a pop-up that said “Are you still watching?” had appeared. Yes! My saving grace.

I quietly opened the door to her room and tip-toed out the living room. I slowly moved towards the door. The couch was at the halfway point between me and the door so I’d have to walk in front of her. Hopefully, her 6th sense doesn’t kick in and she wakes up from her hangover. As I slowly inched my way towards the couch I saw that she was completely knocked out. She had Cheeto crumbs all over her stomach, her phone was resting on her hand, empty beer bottles were sitting next to her on the couch. That’s when I saw her artemisbet güvenilirmi crotch. Her white panties were right in front of me as her blonde pubes stuck out. I looked down and saw that my dick was throbbing. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I kneeled down on the floor and slowly touched her foot with my finger to see if she woke up. She just snored. This time I used my entire hand to grab her leg. She kept snoring. Now for the ultimate test. I kissed her panties. Another snore. Now’s my chance. I used 1 finer from each hand to slowly peel her lacey white panties off of her. As her panties passed under her pussy, her pubes exploded out. She had so much public wair. It looked like she had never shaved in her life before. I leaned in and took a quick sniff. It smelled dank and sweaty. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled her panties off and placed her legs on my shoulders.

I started eating out her pussy. My nose was buried in her pubes and tickling me. I used my tongue to penetrate her pussy. Once her pussy was completely covered in my saliva I pulled my shorts down and began rubbing her clit with my dick. I grabbed both her shoulders and plowed my dick deep into her. Her legs twitched but the alcohol was keeping her asleep. I started pounding her tight pussy as I pressed my body against her. Her tits felt so warm pressed up against my chest.

At this point, my dick was now fully inside of her as my balls slapped against her pussy. I leaned in and started kissing and tongue fucking her. This felt so good, my dick felt like it was melting inside of her tight hairy cunt. I took my hands off her shoulders and wrapped my arms around her back. I gently pushed her body on the couch so she was laying down as I continued to pump away at her pussy. Our pubic hair was getting all tangled up together.

I was reaching my limit, I knew I was going to blow soon. But how many chances will I get to smash my cousin? As I kept pumping away I felt the walls of her pussy tighten around my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly I shot a huge load into my cousin, my dick kept making smaller spurts as my balls were emptying my seed into my cousin. Slowly my cock’s spurts started to slow down until they stopped.

I slowly pulled my dick out of my cousin and a huge load of my sperm started oozing out of her pussy and onto the couch. There were traces of my black pubic hair on her golden yellow pubes. I stood up, put on my shorts, and took one final look at my cousin. She laid on the couch, sweaty, her hair all messy, pussy overflowing with cum, body all red and sore. This is how I left my cousin when I walked out of her apartment.

The next day I walked downstairs to grab some garbage bags to do some cleaning and I saw my cousin getting ready to head out. I wanted to say hi to her and ask her if she was ok. But I decided not to. She left without realizing I was watching her from the top of the stairs. Did she remember what happened yesterday? I came inside of her and we’re related, could she get pregnant?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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