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It was a large moaning, slurping circle of humanity; about 20 people in total with Her Majesty in the middle. Each person licked and sucked on the genitals of the person to their right creating a large oral daisy chain. . Everyone enthusiastically blew the next person regardless of their sex and amazingly no one had ended up with a mouth full of cum yet. Overseeing this obscene orgy was the queen who had two fingers buried deeply in her cunt vigorously rubbing her g-spot. “Oh…” she quietly moaned to herself “fuck!”. As she watched the first man in the chain start to convulse in orgasm her own pussy started to spasm around her wet fingers. One by one, members of the chain started to buck and writhe in climactic bliss.

But that was yesterday. Today was a whole different matter.

As afternoon wore on she became disinterested with her ongoing meetings. Ruling was an awesome responsibility but it could also be incredibly boring. It had become very difficult to keep her mind on the matters at hand. To add to her distraction a very slight sexual tingle of horniness gently began to build deep in her core. It was born out of boredom instead of the pure randiness that usually overtook her so it smoldered rather that burning hotly through her. Instead of fighting off the urge and forging through the meeting she decided to shift gears. Looking down the long table full of council members she cleared her throat. The sound jarred the equally tired looking members out of their daydreams and they all looked at her.

“I think I’ve had enough of this for today. Let’s push the rest of the work out until tomorrow and call it quits for now.” The council members all smiled in relief and filing quietly out of the room.

Everyone left except her head Maid in Waiting who was… well… waiting… on the Queen’s instructions. “I’m going to retire to my bedroom.” Although she couldn’t ignore the dull heat at the bottom of her stomach that needed to be fed she was unsure of how to satisfy it. After the extremely thorough fucking that she’s had the previous evening she really wasn’t up for a lot of work and acrobatics to get off. “Don’t send the entertainers over to my bedroom. I’m just not up for that now.” Even as she said that the slow burning fire at the back of her pussy continued to grow.

Her handmaiden smiled understanding because she too had participated in the previous evening’s wild debauchery. “Perhaps I have an idea that would please you, my Queen?” she offered. “You have some lubricant that is just now ready for harvesting. Could I send that up to your room so you could gently fuck yourself?” She loved using dirty words to speak with Her Majesty. She knew the Queen enjoyed it and it made her feel so naughty.

“Lubricant! What a fantastic idea” the queen agreed as her the warmth in her cunt grew quickly and she could feel her pussy lips slowly moisten. “Please go ahead and bring it up.”

A few minutes later the Queen lay sprawled across güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her sofa in her bedroom. The room was warm and it was comfortable to spread her naked body on the soft furniture. She lay back luxuriously and looked down at herself. Her always tight nipples were standing out strongly from her breasts. As she imagined them being gently sucked on they hardened more and she couldn’t help but roll each nipple between her fingers. As she did so electric shocks ran from her breasts down her belly to the slowly opening lips of her pussy. She softly traced the outer folds of her opening with the tip of her finger. Her finger lazily ran circles around her hardening clit causing her to suck air into her mouth. The Queen’s perfectly bald cunt lips and clit grew in size and dampness as she looked forward to the slow lazy masturbation session she had planned.

Her bedroom door opened and her handmaiden entered bringing a totally naked man with her. She pulled him along by his hard cock and he seemed very happy for the treatment. He was a good looking man of medium build. After she released his dick it stood out strongly in front of him straining forward. A small strand of precum ran from the piss hole at the tip of his dick to the handmaiden’s folded hands 6 inches away. They both stood silently awaiting her direction.

Looking on the Queen his balls ached. She was so beautiful and it was such an honor to be in her presence. Her sexual appetite was legendary and he was hoping he would be worthy to meet her needs. His dick continued to strain forward and bob gently up and down as pre-cum was gently milked forward within him. The Queen could see a large bead of clear pre-come form at his cock tip that began to slowly stretch under its own weight as it grew. The Queen watched as the salty fluid slowly released from the shiny cock head and started to fall in slow motion. The queen’s eye followed the droplet of semen until it splattered stickily on the warm marble floor.

“Was he prepared as required?” The queen asked.

“Yes Ma’am.” the handmaiden responded. “His last orgasm was 4 days ago. I personally oversaw that session. Between then and now he has been drinking at least four liters of water per day and has been brought to near-orgasm at least 3 times a day.”

“Can you give me some details on the preparation?” the Queen asked.

The handmaiden blushed a little as she explained “The first goal of course was simply to give him a good fuck to fully drain his balls. To do that I supervised the entertainers giving him a very pleasurable evening. After many of your favorite handmaidens licked and sucked on his dick, he was was properly fucked by no less than three of them. He was not however permitted to cum in their cunts because I wanted to personally see his ejaculate shoot out of his dick as his balls were drained. As such, when he was getting close to his release I had the last handmaiden somewhat reluctantly, stop screwing him.

I was a little concerned that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I wouldn’t see exactly how much semen he was producing if I jacked him off while he was on his back. My experience is that men in his situation tend to ejaculate hard enough that it rains down all over and you don’t get a good sense of the total volume. As such, I directed him to get on his hands and knees so he would ejaculate onto the ground in a single location. I used a liberal amount of coconut oil on his penis while masturbating him which he seemed to enjoy. I had never jacked a man off in that position before and I think I liked it almost as much as the subject. It was a lot like milking the teet of a cow. As I milked him he became quite vocal and eventually ejaculated a very large load onto the floor. I gently held his testicles as he came to be sure I could feel all of the cum pumping out.” The handmaiden’s cheeks remained flushed as she recalled the story and there was a small amount of dewy perspiration on her upper lip.

“After that orgasm I set an appointment with him three times a day. In those meetings I would have him disrobe and masturbate until some precum started oozing from the tip of his cock. Never once did he complain about not being allowed to cum. Most days our sessions were fairly short. A couple times I caught him in a less horny mood and needed to give him a little help to achieve the goal.”

The Queen’s eyebrows arched. “How exactly did you help him?”

“Not to worry” the handmaiden said with a little chuckle. “I didn’t even touch him. Twice I removed my clothes for him so he could look upon me as he jacked off. The second time I have to admit that I was getting pretty horny so I fucked myself as he watched. That turned out to be a bad deal for him though because he had to stop masturbating long before I was done. About a quarter of the way through the session I could tell he was about ready to explode so I commanded him to stop touching his penis. For the last three quarters of the session I fucked my fingers in and out of my dripping wet pussy while he had to stand there with his hard dick waving in the air dripping precum. In following sessions he figured out a way to fuck himself well enough without my needing to disrobe.”

“I bet he did” the Queen agreed. “Do you know if he ever masturbated outside of your appointments?”

“Absolutely” the handmaiden said confidently. “I assigned that same entertainer who last fucked him to be his chaperone. She was with him night and day ensuring that he retained every drop of cum for the last 4 days. She was very thorough. She slept next to him at night to wake him if he started having a wet dream. She also showered with him and was the one to wash his cock for him so he couldn’t play with himself.”

The description of the procedures had done exactly what she was hoping for and the Queen’s pussy was now soaked. She absentmindedly slide her index finger up and down the outside of her slit while listening to the story. güvenilir bahis şirketleri “I think this poor man has probably jacked off enough in the last few days. Can you please give him a little reward?”

With that, the handmaiden knelt before the man. Her delicate tongue lapped back and forth at the pool of precum under the tip of his dick before she then locked her lips around the spongy head. Inside her mouth her tongue flicked back and forth just under the piss hole of his straining cock. With her left hand she gently played with his cum-heavy balls with her fingertips. Her right hand was busy between her own legs as she alternated between firmly rubbing her clit and plunging her middle finger up her cunt.

She had to admit to herself that she really wished that this man was here for her today instead of the Queen. There was so much frustrated salty cum stored up in this poor man’s balls that the release was going to be incredible. She could practically feel the large mouth-full of thick slightly sweet/bitter cream in her mouth.

The three moved together so the queen was slouching on the couch with her knees spread. Between her knees was the handmaiden facing away from the Queen, sloppily bobbing her head back and forth on the man’s heaving cock. The man stood over both of them with his eyes glazed. The handmaiden swallowed his straining dick with her lips sliding all the way to the base. The man groaned in pure ecstasy thinking it was not possible for someone to suck him off any better. To her credit, the very next time she swallowed his cock she proved him wrong. As her lips were wrapped around the base of his dick, she snaked her tongue out and wetly licked his balls. The man grimaced in ecstasy and every muscle in his body tensed.

Seeing that the man was about to ejaculate the Queen sternly reminded him that he was not allowed to cum without permission. Immediately the man cried out begging for permission. The handmaiden swiftly slid out from between the man and the Queen grasping the spit slicked dick firmly as it strained in her hand. The Queen looked him squarely in the eyes. “You now have permission to cum, however every drop must land on my cunt.” As the handmaiden methodically began to jack the man off his eyes squeezed shut and his balls began to convulse. The queen sexily grinned and using both hands obscenely pulled her bald pussy lips wide open. As the man began to cum the handmaiden pulled his dick hard enough that he fell to his knees, his dick now only inches from the Queen’s pussy. As both women looked on he began pumping ropes of salty cum directly onto the Queen’s spread cunt. While the man growled deeply, load after load of opaque white seed spattered across the royal cunt. The Queen closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling of the warm cum on her pussy as it started to drip down her thighs.

Slowly the man began to recover opening his eyes again. The handmaiden led him out of the room still grasping his now cum-covered dick at the root. The Queen purred to herself as she settled in for an evening of self-satisfaction fucking herself with her favorite lubricant. As the Queen slid her index finger into her now dripping cunt for the first time that evening, the man was scheduled for 3 appointments a day for the 4 four days until harvest would arrive again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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