Lunch With The Boss

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I parked my car and walked up to the door at the end of the two story motel building, as I’d been instructed. I pulled at the door but it was locked. Of course, I don’t have a key card.

I’m standing there wondering if he saw mw pull in. He told me the door had been unlocked, so would he just wait without looking for me?

“Sorry,” Dick pushed the door open, “I’m sure it was unlocked when I arrived.”

Just as he inserted the key card in the room door, he looked at me and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?” This was the third time he’d asked me today since I’d asked him earlier if he had any lunch plans.

“Yes!” was my one word response

As soon as we were in the room, he grabbed me, kissing me and shoving his tongue into my mouth.

When that kiss broke, I said, “We have way to much clothing on!”

“Are you sure you want to see a fat old man’s body?” Dick smiled.

Of course I said, “Yes!”

We stood there and kissed and our hands ran across each other’s bodies. I told him, “Take off all your clothes!”

As we started taking our clothes, he smiled, “Are you in a hurry?”

I laughed, “Yes, I only get an hour for lunch! Not like my boss!”

I stripped down to my dark blue bikini panties and matching lace bra. He only wore his tiny little black bikini briefs, which had a nice bulge in them.

He stood there running his eyes up and down my body for the longest time. He finally spoke, “You are not fat! You are sooooo, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” and grabbed me. He started kissing me again and his warm wonderful hands were all over my body!

We moved towards the bed and he eased me back until I laid down. He started kissing my breasts through the lacy bra then pulled it down and sucked on each pf my hard nipples.

He moved down and started nudging and kissing through my panties. bahis firmaları

Then he pushed them aside and slipped his tongue into the folds of my pussy. After a few seconds of tongue caresses, he yanked my little panties off and dug in. He was very gentle and it felt nice, but maybe a little too gentle.

That only lasted a minute or two. I knew I was wet, but I’d been excited since he called from the motel and told me where to meet him. He must have thought that I came already. I was starting to enjoy it when he came up to my face and gave me a taste of myself with his kiss.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, “You are so wet! Why? I can’t possibly do that to you!”

I said, “Obviously you do!”

He then pushes down his briefs, climbs on top of me and attempts to enter me. He seems to be having a hard time. “Can’t get that crooked little thing in there!” he chuckled.

Dick’s cock is the strangest one I’ve ever seen, it turns up! It’s got a crook in it! “Don’t worry,” I reached down to help, “I’ll get it in there!”

I also had a difficult time, but moved it down and around and it went in my wet pussy.

“Oh, my!” I cooed, “That’s better!”

“I’ll say so!” he started to move up and down on me, his cock moving in and out, “That’s very nice!”

“Fuck me with your sexy crooked cock!” I almost begged, “Fuck me, Dick! Oh, please fuck me!”

Dick is covering my little body with his, a sight that I just love to see. He is moving faster and pushing in harder, pushing me up higher on the bed.

I put my arms up to stop me from moving and he slams harder and harder.

“You look good under me!” Dick is almost trembling now, “I’ve owed you this for a long time!”

“Oh. Dick,” I groaned, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

He did! He pushed a few really hard and deep strokes and his body tightened kaçak iddaa up. In a moment I felt a warm flow inside my pussy.

He dropped, covering my entire body with his and we lay silent for a few seconds.

He slipped off me and went into the bathroom to clean himself off.

“Sorry I didn’t hold back,” He came back and stood by the bed, “You felt so good, I just needed to fuck you.”

I smiled and moved to the edge of the bed and grabbed his semi-soft cock, “You don’t think I’m going to let you off that easy, do you?” I shoved his cock in my mouth.

“Oh, I guess not!” His fingers slipped through my long brown hair and onto my shoulders. “I guess not!”

It wasn’t but a few seconds and he was hard again.

He crawled on the bed and laid on his back while I continued to jerk him with my hand and suck him with my soft mouth. “You are so good at this,” Dick smiled.

I hopped on top of his cock, wiggling it into my wet pussy and gently started riding him like I was on a horse.

I was going up and down and I closed my eyes, “Oh, Dick!” I groaned,” I threw my head back and arched my back, “Oooohhhhhh!” I rode him slowly.

Up and down I rode, tossing my head back and gasping with each stroke.

Suddenly he grabbed my hips and held me down, raising his hips to press deeper into me, “You look so good riding on my cock!” he moaned. “I’m going to have to cum in you again!”

I smiled and said, “How about us jumping to another position?”

He smiled from ear to ear and asked, “What would you like, my dear?”

I slipped of him and said, “My favorite position!”

“What’s that?” he asks.

“Like a dog!” I teased.

He smiled and said, “Tell me how you want me because I’ve never done it that way!”

I got on my knees and said, “Get behind me,” I motioned him kaçak bahis to get directly behind me.

He followed my direction, put his hands on my hips and said in a very husky voice, “OOOH, baby! You’ve got to know with you like this, I’m not sure I can last until I get back in you!”

“Try for me?” I softly begged, “Please try for me?”

“I am going to enjoy this too!” he leaned into me and I reached back, grabbed that crooked cock and worked it into the folds of my soggy pussy.

“Oh, Dick!” I groaned, “I love taking you like this!”

Dick held my hips tightly as he banged his groin against my rounded ass.

I love to fuck this way! I think a cock gets deeper or.. I don’t know or much care. I want it this way!

Dick is groaning and muttering things I don’t really hear. He held his groin to my ass tightly and thrust his hips, shoving my head under the pillow, although he had grabbed my hips, trying to hold me tight to him.

I reached down and rubbed my clit while picturing his big body behind me.

As I felt the hardness of his thrusts, I came. Moaning softly and holding onto the pillow for dear life.

We collapsed in the bed, his body fully covering mine for about a minute and then rolled to our sides in unison.

He remained inside me as we just laid motionless and silent.

I turned my face to his and we kissed softly. His crooked cock slipped out and retreated, for now.

We slipped off the bed and washed up, laughing and kissing gentle kisses and got dressed.

We kissed goodbye and ran out the door to get back to work on time.

Things seemed a little different the rest of the afternoon with Dick stopping at my cubicle a few times asking me if I was all right.

“Yes,” I told him.

At a few minutes after five, as I was getting ready to leave, he came to me and smiled, “Thanks for lunch.”

“Thank you,” I smiled. “I was really hungry!”

“Maybe we can do this again sometime?” he posed the question.

“I can hardly wait!” I kissed him and walked away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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