Making You Suffer

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It has been a while since I submitted anything but I started to write this back in June. Personal circumstances changed for me and I lost my muse a bit. Having given myself a mental arse kicking I realised I needed to get back to writing. I wasn’t going to finish this but found I couldn’t move on until it was done. It’s a bit sketchy and rough but it is finally out of the way for better or worse. If you like it great, if not, I’ll live.



It was a hellishly long hot sweaty night at work with no air-con. I had decided to get you back for the raunchy and very frustrating videos you sent me of you stroking your hard cock. I had the perfect payback sitting on my bedside cabinet.

I decided it was time to bust out the ben-wa balls. I loved them and the last time I wore them it led to a very wet messy fuck in the park after a thorough tongue lashing from you (thats a story for another time though). Apparently you had enjoyed knowing I was wearing them and watching my changing facial expressions. I knew there would be no repeat of the park encounter today but I was hoping a little mental torture would do you some good.

Just before I left for work I pulled my skinny jeans down and spread my legs, I snapped a quick picture of my wet pussy with my finger teasing my clit and saved it for later. After that I set the phone to video, filming as I slowly inserted the balls into my waiting hole. I knew the phone would pick up my moans and gasps and the high definition camera would show every drop of moisture. I blew bahis firmaları a quick kiss at the screen then headed off to work.

It was a blissful torture all night. I do a very physical job involving walking about ten miles around a warehouse over the course of the night and a lot of bending and lifting. It helped keep me in shape but meant with the balls in I felt every step and every movement of my hips. Gentle rolling sensations hitting my g-spot and cervix keeping me at a steady level of arousal but not enough to get me off.

When I first saw you that night you had no idea what was in store for you. Greeting me with that standard cheeky wink, your blue eyes glinting and your beard twitching with a smile. “Evening princess how are you?”

“Good, very good thank you!” I whispered back as I walked away giggling I looked over my shoulder at you in time to catch you watching my arse as I walked with an extra spring in my step.

I sneakily got out my phone and lined up the photo of my wet pussy. I waited until you were deep in conversation with a friend before hitting the send button. I watched as you looked at it trying hard not to show the fact your jaw nearly hit the floor and a tent was forming in your long shorts. The game was on.

As I worked I kept thinking of your face as you saw my wet cunt, every roll of those little balls getting me wetter and wetter. I decided it was time to up the ante a little. I disappeared to the toilet and sent you the video with a note to watch in private. As I returned I was kaçak iddaa just in time to see you head off to the mens room. I got a message a few minutes later with one word only. “BITCH!” I laughed to myself knowing it would take a while for you to calm down.

Fast forward a few hours to our tea break knowing we had only half an hour I headed out to the roof top area, laid out with plastic benches and chairs knowing you would already be there waiting for me. Nobody else normally came out so I knew we would probably have the place to ourselves.

As predicted you were sat on the bench in the dark corner, completely hidden from view by anyone in either the car park or the adjacent canteen. I joined you on the bench, stretching out and placing my head in your lap. I could feel the bulge in your trousers as I squirmed and wriggled against you.

“Hey, how are you?” I smirked as I ground against you.

“Don’t bother, i’m not touching you, you started this you finish it.” You scowled down at me. Despite your stern voice I could see the arousal burning bright in your eyes.

“But I’m all wet and achy!” I pouted up you.

“Tough, it’s your own fault, you’re just going to have to suffer.” We scowled at each other seemingly at a stand off. I kept eye contact as my hand moved down to the button on my jeans. I spread my legs as I slid the zip down. Your eyes followed my hand as my fingers slipped inside. I moaned and squirmed as my fingers slid against the length of my wet slit.

My fingers found the little string sticking kaçak bahis out from my vagina. I groaned and thrust my hips up as I pulled the balls out. They emerged with an audible wet pop as I tugged. I could feel much my pussy had tightened around them over the last few hours, my pelvic floor muscles had really been working overtime. I looked up at you before reaching up. “hold this!” I said as I placed the dripping little balls in your hand.

You stared open mouthed as I slid my hand back down between my legs. My fingers moved down between my lips stroking them, feeling how wet I was. I ran my fingers around the outside of my clit, moaning and arching my back, grinding my head into your growing cock. my legs spread wider as I slipped two fingers into my tight dripping hole, my fingertips curling up to find that special spot on the front of me. The heel of my hand grinding against my clit.

My hips were thrusting of their own accord, my walls getting tighter, squeezing my fingers and I started dripping onto the seat under me. My moans were getting louder as I felt the pressure building in the pit of my stomach starting to spread out and consume me. My pussy started to quiver and spasm before my back arched and went rigid, then my orgasm took over. I cried out as I lost control, completely forgetting your presence.

As I came back down to earth I looked up into your face. You looked flushed and your eyes glittered with lust as you stared. I checked the time and realised I had five minutes left of our break. So I left a quick on your stunned lips and dashed to the toilet to clean up leaving you sat staring and holding the ben-wa balls with an obvious tent in your trousers. I knew you were going to have a very uncomfortable night for the rest of your shift.

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