Mary Ch. 01

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Mary could feel his hands on her hips as he thrust his average sized cock into her. Her cheek was pressed against the wall she was leaning against for support. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and her panties were pulled down around her ankles. She could hear the club’s DJ blasting music across the dance floor with a hundred or more people dancing to the beat. It was dark behind the curtain they were hiding under. But right now Mary was more concerned with the guy who was fucking her in the ass. She didn’t really feel any pleasure or excitement from being screwed in a semi-public place, at least not with this jerk. This is simply where he wanted to do her. To be honest, he wasn’t all that good. Mary was barely able to make herself wet enough to convince him that she was turned on by him. But a hooker who charges the rates she does has to be able to do things most girls would never consider. He grabbed her bright red hair and pulled her head back as she felt her 34D tits be pressed against the wall through her blouse. At 5’9″ tall she was just the right height to do it standing up with this jerk. She could feel his body pressed against her back, pushing her into the wall as he thrusted his cock into her roughly.

Finally she felt his grip on her hips tighten as he pushed his rod as deep inside of her as he could get it and she knew that he was finished. God, that didn’t even take a minute, she thought to herself. He pulled out and let her skirt fall back down. She simply turned around and held out her hand. He counted out 10 $100 bills and put them into it. A thousand bucks for a quick blow job and fuck. Not bad. Usually she has to do some pretty weird shit for this kind of money. One time a john took her to his place and she had to do it while wearing a donkey costume.

Mary is one of the best in what is called the world’s oldest profession. It’s a rare night working where she doesn’t make four figures. Aside from her “regulars” she’ll often go to clubs like this one to pick up clients. She put the money in her purse and bent down to pull her undies up from around her ankles. She pulled the curtain aside and walked away without a word. This was business, not personal. If it was personal she’d give him a goodbye kiss at least. If it was personal and he was good, she might even let him have her again. At nineteen she’s considered to be nothing less than a goddess by most men. Her body was almost all muscle with a 24 inch waist and 34 inch waist. With all the right proportions she has a magic ability to excite a mate with nothing more than a soft smile and a childish, innocent look in her eyes.

Mary’s been a prostitute for nearly two years. Her young looks, large tits, and firm body combined with her ability to pleasure a man has enabled her to charge top dollar for her time. She tests regularly so she knows she’s STD free. A quickie, as in find a place nearby so he can just do his business, like the one she just did is usually around a thousand dollars. An average night working the clubs usually results in two or three of those. A busy night can be five or six. The whole night cost $3000. If you want her services for the whole weekend it’s $10,000. Nights and weekends are usually asked for by her regulars. A short list of the rich and powerful in the city uses her regularly. Even after only two years Mary’s been able to make herself a multi-millionaire through smart investment. She’s been doing this since she dropped out of high school at seventeen.

She goes up to the bar and orders a martini. They never check ID here, at least not hers. Mary wonders whether or not to call it a night. She’s already met her money target for the evening. Then she caught him in the corner of her eye. The handsomest man that she’s seen in a very long time was three seats down the bar from her. Now here was a man to make her wet. He has dark black hair, blue eyes, and a muscular chest. She could see a bulge in his pants denoting a big cock….or a ball of socks stuck down his jeans. Mary smiled at the thought of finding out for sure. Maybe she should give up sex of the business sort for sex of the fun sort for the rest of tonight. She checked the mirror in the bar to make sure she looked ok then wandered over to him.

She slid next to him at the bar, carefully letting her chest brush against him. He turned to see who she was and she took her opening. kızılay escort “Hi,” she smiled at him, “I’m Mary.”

“Brad,” he said while shaking her hand. He knew who she was. The bartender once pointed her out and told him what she did.

“You new around here, Brad?”

“No. But I only just started coming here.”

“Where do you live?”

“About two blocks over that way,” he gestured in a certain direction, “I own a loft.”

“Wow! That’s really hi priced. What do you do?”

“I’m a doctor. I already know what you do. I’m not into paying for it just to warn you.”

“That’s alright. I’m not working tonight. You want to go sit down? Those sofas are reserved for members only, which I happen to be. You won’t mind talking to one of me for a while, would you?” she said with her sweetest smile. It never failed and it didn’t this time. He got up to follow her.

She led him over to the plush leather sofas in the back of the club and sat down on one. Mary pushed her breasts out at him slightly, causing her already tight fitting blouse to strain even further and, by the way, giving him a first class view of her bust. She crossed her legs, letting one of her ankles brush against his leg as he sat next to her. Brad couldn’t help but admire her. He had a certain distaste for prostitutes but in the case of this girl he could understand why men would pay for it. Even so, as they talked he found they had a lot in common and he began to become intensely interested in her. It’s not often he meets a pretty girl who shares his interest in art. How can an intelligent girl like this be in such a lowly profession?

They continued talking and learning about each other. Mary didn’t think that there were any men like this left. He seemed to be genuinely interested in her. She’s had men, most of whom turned out to be clients in the end, who would talk and feign interest in her but really they were only interested in her pussy. This guy seemed interested in her. He asked her about the exhibit at the art museum and they launched into a detailed discussion/criticism of the works displayed.

Mary couldn’t help but be intrigued by this guy. He was decent. If there’s one thing any good woman in her line of work can do, it’s read men. Those who can’t usually end up dead before they’re 18. They talked for nearly two hours and before she knew it it was midnight. He seemed to notice the time too. “Would you like to continue this somewhere else,” he asked thinking of a 24 hour coffee place nearby. Interesting or not, it was too soon for that step. Or so he thought.

Mary was lost looking into his eyes and so it was a few seconds before she nodded. She asked him with a smile, “How about your place?”

He was taken aback by her directness and hesitated for a minute. It was too fast for that and yet he found himself nodding in agreement and they got up to leave. Brad, for his part, couldn’t believe what he was doing. He’d always been a straight-laced guy and, as a result, doesn’t like hookers. And now he not only struck up a conversation with one, not only was he bringing her back to his place, not only had she made it clear that she wasn’t interested in taking any money from him, but he’s found that he was liking this woman. At 28, he knew that he attracted his fair share of the fairer sex. He certainly wasn’t a virgin and has had several women before. So why was this woman so different? None of the others seemed to establish a connection like this or so quickly.

They got into his sports car for the two minute drive back to his building. He parked in his reserved space and they got onto the elevator up to his place on the penthouse floor. Mary let out a small gasp of surprise when the door opened. The walls on the outside of the building were glass from floor to ceiling, allowing for an unbelievable view. She set her purse down onto the marble counter in the kitchen as he led her into the living room. He sat her down on the couch and went off to get them a bottle of wine. Mary’s attraction to him increased as she took a closer look at his place. One, he was obviously very rich. Two, she loved how it was decorated. Maybe this’ll be more than a one night stand, she thought to herself.

He came back and poured them wine. He sat down on the couch and she moved closer to him as they continued talking. kızılay escort bayan Her breast was lightly pressed against his arm as his hand rested on her thigh. Now he was checking her out and making only half-hearted efforts to hide the fact. Mary made not effort to hide the fact that she was admiring his very physically fit physique. His fingers moved to the inside of her thigh and his hand gradually moved upwards. Mary felt herself becoming wetter the higher it went. Finally, she lost control.

Without knowing why or how Mary found herself kissing him. His arms wrapped around her as he pulled her into him as she took his face in her hands. Her hand went down to feel his penis briefly through his trousers. She draped a leg across his lap as his hand squeezed her ass. It was like they’ve forged an instant connection; each automatically knew what the other wanted and did it without being told. For Mary this was entirely new and unexpected.

She sat up and straddled his lap. He tore open her blouse, buttons from it flying all around and over the room as he pulled her bra down hungrily to get at her breasts. Mary rubbed her crotch against his as he devoured her tits. His teeth pulled at her nipples as his hand kneaded and supported the flesh around it. She took his head in her hands and pulled him away from her. They gazed into each others’ eyes and in that instant they were in love. Mary opened his shirt with one rough gesture and began to rub her hands up and down his muscular chest.

She could feel the button and zipper of her skirt being undone. She stood up over him and let it fall to the ground. She stood before him, wearing nothing but a small pair of panties. He removed his shirt as she went down and undid his pants. She opened them up to reveal his boxers bulging outward because of his cock. He stood up and she frantically pulled the pants down to his ankles. He stepped out of them as his boxers came down as well. They stood facing each other for a second and admired one another’s bodies before embracing once again.

Mary could feel his mouth sucking her tongue, devouring her. She let out an involuntary groan. She wanted to know all of him. His cock pressed into her stomach as their arms were wrapped around each other and continually tightened their embrace of one another. Suddenly he pulled away. They stood facing each other, their hands resting on the other’s shoulders. Then, without warning, in one swift motion he reached down and tugged her panties down. They fell to the floor where she stepped out of one foot and kicked them away with the other. And just like that her sex was exposed to him. And despite the fact that she’s fucked dozen of men and has had a cock inside of her hundreds of time, Mary felt vulnerable by her nakedness. And she couldn’t figure out why at first. Then it dawned on her, unlike the others she actually cared about this man.

They kissed again as he bent down and picked her up. They walked down a hall in his loft to the bedroom while kissing the entire way. He laid her onto the bed and she gazed up at him dreamily, knowing that he is going to make sweet, passionate love to her. He set her down and stood up above her. She stared up at him as her head rested on the pillow. She spread her legs for him as he came down on top of her. They began kissing again, and this time she was hungrily devouring him as he teased her by rubbing the head of his member up and down over her sex. He could feel how wet she was, now much she wanted him to enter her. But he held off.

“Take me,” she half whispered half growled into his ear, “Make love to me, please.”

His hands massaged her chest as he continued to tease her. This drove her even wilder and she began to moan in frustration. Every womanly instinct in her was screaming that she was ready. And yet nobody’s cock was entering to give her what she so desperately needed. He started giving her quick kisses over every part of her flesh that his lips could reach. She wrapped her legs around his ass in a vain attempt to pull him into her. Mary had never been so ready to be taken by a man in her life. She began to thrust her hips up and give off a pleading whimper as his mouth clamped onto her neck and sucked her flesh.

Suddenly, without warning, he was inside of her. She let out a gasp of surprise as he began to move escort kızlay his hips excruciatingly slow, pushing his penis deeper into her pussy. Mary let out a moan of frustration. Didn’t he sense how horny she was? How much she needed his cum inside of her? But his weight was pressing her into the bed so she couldn’t lift her hips in order to speed up the pace. Despite her frustration, Mary could feel herself building up to heights of pleasure she never thought possible. Her cunt was giving off a steady stream of cum onto the bed under them. Before she knew it she had climaxed twice onto the member that had penetrated inside of her the second more intense than the first. His weight was pressing down onto her as he pushed his rod even deeper into her. He reached down and grasped her ass with his hand. Using that hand he began to guide her to meet his thrusts by pulling her into him.

Mary felt herself building for her third climax in their love making. She could tell that this will be the most intense one yet. His thrusting began to change. No longer were his motions gentle. He began to thrust his cock into her at a fast pace with rough strokes. Each time he thrust into her his hand tightened its grip on her ass and pulled her hips up slightly to meet him. Mary let out a long gasp and gripped the bars making up the head of the bed as she felt both of them building up to climax together. His thrusts took on a sense of urgency as they both began to moan loudly. Mary felt herself begin to climax. She opened her mouth in a silent groan as waves of pleasure assaulted her.

As she rode her climax she became aware of a new warmth inside of her belly, one that originated near the cock inside of her. Mary smiled as she felt her body accept the seed he was depositing inside of her As they came down off of their respective sexual highs she kissed his cheek and whispered, “I love you,” into his ear. He kissed her back and in return said that he loved her. Her legs, which had tensed up and wrapped themselves around his ass, relaxed and fell to the sides. He rolled off and laid next to her.

For the next half hour they talked. That was as long as they could last naked in bed together before the heat took hold again. They talked long enough to decide to try a relationship and for Mary to find honest work. This time she took the lead, sliding below the silk covers to clamp her mouth around his cock. As she sucked him she rubbed his balls with her hands as his whole body tensed up. She stopped just short of his climax and came back up. As she brought her head up to his she let her breasts lightly brush against his body.

They kissed deeply as she swung her leg over him and straddled his waist. She sat up and smiled down at him as she lifted her hips and positioned his cock at her opening. Slowly she let herself fall down onto it, allowing his member to impale her. She smiled at the sight of his back arching and muscles tensing. Once he was all the way inside of her she just froze for a second, enjoying the feeling of his penis inside of her, the way it made her feel like a woman. Then she began to ride him.

First her thrusts started slowly, building in intensity and pace. Soon her entire body was moving up and down, bringing his cock in and out of her as she tried to coax the seed she wanted from him. Brad had excellent self control and was able to last a very long time, especially after having just shooting his load into her an hour ago. Mary’s fingernails were scratching at his chest as she violently thrust her hips, bringing his cock as deep into her depths as she could make it go. She was moaning loudly as she rode him.

She leaned forward, her hands on either side of his head for support. She let her tits hover above his face for a minute, teasing him. Then she leaned forward a little and offered him one to suckle on. He needed no encouragement and took the hard nipple into his mouth. His hands gripped her ass cheeks as she continued thrusting her hips. Without warning she came up, pulling her tit out of his mouth. She leaned all the way back, her hands now on his knees for support, as she began to thrust with her whole body. She built up quickly with his rod rubbing her clit like that and she could feel her juices begin to flow out of her onto his hard rod. Her muscles clenched involuntarily, squeezing him inside of her. Brad couldn’t stop himself from emptying his load into her. She sat up and smiled down at him as she felt wave after wave of seed be deposited inside of her for the second time.

She got off and laid down next to him, her head resting on his chest. Satisfied, they went to sleep naked in each others’ arms.

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