Miss Clemar’s Dilemma Ch. 07

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Notice to readers: This is a continuing chapter in the series “Miss Clemar’s Dilema”. I encourage you to read the previous chapters if you have not already done so, before reading this one as it begins where the last chapter left off…


In that moment, standing between the row of desks in her classroom with her fingers on the hem of her dress, Miss Clemar slowly, very slowly, began to raise her skirt under the watchful stare of her student Josie.

Josie set Miss Clemar’s phone down on her desk once she had finished reading the email on the phone, but not before Josie quickly sent off a copy to her own phone. Josie then turned and watched her teacher very intently. Josie marveled as her teacher’s dress drew ever higher in front of her.

“Come closer” Josie motioned Miss Clemar to move closer. “Lift your dress higher so I can see you. All of you. Don’t be shy!”

As if she were under a spell, Miss Clemar did as she was told. Her heart was beating very fast. Her breasts were heaving with her quickened breath. Her nipples were hard and sensitive. This was not her. She would never have let anyone, let alone a student, speak to her in such an explicit manner. Josie was once again motioning Miss Clemar to move even closer and she did.

The scent of Miss Clemar’s sex permeated throughout the classroom. Miss Clemar’s fingers (two of them) were now shoved deep into her own steaming and dripping pussy.

“Faster” Josie whispered in a commanding tone as Josie reached forward with her own hand and brushed along the soft skin of her teacher’s silky inner thigh. Josie felt a rush go through her own body as she made skin to skin contact for the first time.

Josie noticed the tremble in her teacher’s leg as Josie’s outreached hand stroked gently – moving ever higher and higher, until finally making contact with Miss Clemar’s own busy fingers. Those fingers that were still frantically pumping in and out of her sex with renewed urgency.

Miss Clemar gasped as she felt Josie’s finger entwine with her own fingers as she continued to insert them into her soaked and slushy pussy. When the finger belonging to Josie began to enter her along with her own fingers, Miss Clemar went over the edge.

She whimpered as she came hard. A minute later, the fingers in her pussy, her own, and Josie’s, slipped out drenched and dripping with sex. Josie stood up from her seat at her desk and offered her sex-covered finger to Miss Clemar. Without a word spoken between them, Miss Clemar opened her mouth and eagerly accepted casino şirketleri the young woman’s finger, tasting her own sex and sucking Josie’s finger clean.

At that same moment the other hand belonging to Josie firmly cupped her teacher’s drenched and still pulsating pussy. The pressure of Josie’s hand sent shivers throughout Miss Clemar’s super sexually charged body, causing her to quiver from head to toe. At that point, there was nothing she would not have done or do for Josie.

When the second orgasm hit, Miss Clemar struggled to remain standing. She leaned forward into Josie for support and clung to her young assailant as the tremors settled and her strength returned.

Once Miss Clemar’s breathing returned to normal, the strength returned to her legs. In that moment, the gravity of her actions struck her and she began to weep. Tears welled in her eyes as she stood back on her own, pulling away from Josie.

Shocked and horrified by what had just happened, Miss Clemar stepped back from Josie and turned away, running back to her desk.

Josie just watched the spectacle unfold as her teacher, flushed and flustered, grabbed her bag and her purse and raced out of the room, leaving Josie behind, smiling and amazed at what had just happened.

Josie then took her own hand that only a minute before had grasped her teacher’s hot and very wet pussy, and for the first time ever, a student had tasted the sweet sex of Miss Clemar.

Josie picked up her books along with Miss Clemar’s phone that still sat on Josie’s desk. It was forgotten in Miss Clemar’s haste to exit. Josie headed out the door with her her treasures along with a conquering smile upon her face. Josie could not believe what just happened and wondered at what had brought all this on.

Miss Clemar was an emotional mess as she made the drive home. Tears constantly streamed down her face during the short commute. Her usually immaculate makeup now was messy and smeared across her face.

She swore to herself under her breath constantly, chastising herself for letting this happen to her. She tried to understand what made her obey the outrageous demands of her student. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Miss Clemar was still crying to herself as she arrived home.

Once in the safety of the confines of her house she felt she could breathe again. As she sat her bag and purse down she realized that she did not have her phone. She remembered handing her phone and showing Josie the email. She recalled in on Josie’s desk. She was beside herself as she realized she had not taken it back.

The thought was sobering as she processed casino firmaları that Josie was now likely in possession of her most personal and intimate information. Texts, emails, pictures and contacts were now in the hands of Josie. Miss Clemar didn’t believe in locking her phone. She didn’t think to initiate locking her phone remotely. Either way it was already too late.

Josie had been very busy, quickly transferring as much information from her teacher’s phone to her own as she could. Contacts, screen shots, emails, everything she could find that might assist her, Josie collected. She hadn’t waited until she was home. She began as soon as she was outside the school. She needed this for what she was plotting in her mind.

It was bad enough when she dropped the phone in the bathroom stall. It was made much worse when she humiliated herself in an explicit sexual act in the presence of a student. Now, that same student, the one who Miss Clemar was convinced was blackmailing her had everything on her. Miss Clemar’s private life was now at the mercy of a very domineering young woman and Miss Clemar knew it and was very frightened.

Miss Clemar flung herself on her bed exhausted and cried herself to sleep. It was hours later and dark in the house when she finally awoke. She looked at the clock. It was ten-thirty pm. She had slept for over four solid hours.

She rose and went to the bathroom. As she turned on the light and looked in the mirror, she barely recognized the face looking back at her. Miss Clemar’s usually immaculate mascara had run. She was a mess and she was in the deepest of trouble.

Without her phone, she didn’t know what to do next. The thought only then just crossed her mind that she could use her tablet to lock her phone. She knew it really didn’t matter now. Josie had the phone in her possession for almost five hours. She thought to herself that god only knows what Josie has already done.

Miss Clemar stripped in the bathroom. It didn’t take long as she wasn’t wearing much. Josie still had her panties, or so she thought.

She turned on the shower and washed herself clean. Dried and naked under her bathrobe, she went to her bedside and picked up her tablet. It was then she noticed several messages had been left for her. The most recent was left only a few minutes before she emerged from the bathroom.

All of them were from an unknown email to her own.

“Where the fuck have you been?” The most recent of messages began. “I have your phone. You have some very interesting messages on it. I am surprised at just how naughty you have been. I know your address. Reply to me güvenilir casino at once!” Signed “J”

Miss Clemar looked at the message for a full minute before finally replying to it. “What do you want?” was all she typed before hitting reply.

Thirty seconds later a reply came from Josie. “I will be at your house in 30 minutes. Have the front door unlocked when I get there. Be kneeling, facing the door – naked and don’t disappoint me.”

The gravity of her situation was grave and Miss Clemar knew it. She knew that whatever was happening next, she had no choice in the matter. There was nothing she could do now except do as Josie asked of her, and maybe, just maybe, there would be some way to convince Josie that it was all a bad mistake and she wanted it to come to an end. She would promise Josie to never speak of it again.

Looking at the clock, Miss Clemar knew that it was very close to the thirty minutes since she had received the email. She went to the front door in her robe and unlocked the door.

She removed the robe and placed it on a nearby chair. Imagining what Josie was asking of her, Miss Clemar knelt facing the door. Her hands on her knees. Then waited.

She heard footsteps approaching the entry on the sidewalk outside. Her breath and her heart-rate both increased. She shifted into a less relaxed position and righted herself into what she believed would be appropriate for Josie.

Despite her fear and anxiety, Miss Clemar’s body once again betrayed her and that quiver of sexual excitement crept into her as the footsteps now were just on the other side of her entry door.

She closed her eyes and waited for what was about to happen next. The door opened and she felt a breeze across her naked body. She did not dare to open her eyes.

The voice that broke the silence was Josie’s. “What have we here? You did as I asked. Don’t open your eyes.” The sound of the door closing and the deadbolt locking was all that entered into the momentary pause.

Miss Clemar heard the rustle of clothing, and some movement around her. She let out a gasp as she felt fingers brushing through her hair. “Stay still” the voice commanded her. She did.

“I need you to know that I have most of your phone contacts now. Friends, teachers and family too.” Josie spoke calmly “I also have some interesting information that I found on your phone too.”

Miss Clemar listened intently to everything that was said. She felt her chest heaving and she felt droplets of sex between her legs.

“These things I found, and that display in your classroom today are safe with me.” Relief came at once to Miss Clemar. “You simply have to do the things I ask of you, without hesitation and without argument.” Josie continued. “Do as you are told and no one will know. Do you understand?” she finished.

“Yes.” returned the timid voice. “I understand”.

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