Mistress Tanya Ch. 02

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The next morning I got up and fought the urge to check my email. I had to give her time to answer but to say that I was anxious was an understatement. A little before noon I check and sure enough I had a reply. I also noted that there was an attachment with the email. I could hardly contain my excitement at seeing what she looked like.

I opened the email and clicked on the attachment. She was beautiful. Red hair pulled back in a bun. She was wearing a black leather bustier and had a very nice rack. She was not nude but she was showing off her cleavage very well. She was also wearing tight, black, leather pants and what appeared to be about four inch heels. Her face, arms, and shoulders had a light sprinkling of freckles and she had the most penetrating green eyes I’d ever seen. The slight smile was very provocative. I sat and stared at her picture for quite a while then shook myself out of my trance and opened her email.

She told me she was glad I had decided in the affirmative and looked forward to having some fun. She did however say that we had some prep work to do before I would be allowed to meet her and her husband. I was then given the web address of a site that builds custom made chastity devices and was instructed to order one that was a tube only and that secured with a locking Prince Albert piercing. I read on. I was to have the device along with the locking pin and key sent to a drop box address which she would give me. I was to also get a set of ball stretching donut rings and work up to two inches before we would meet. She also instructed me to get a PA and over the next few months stretch it so that it could accommodate a 2 gauge ring or barbell. After wearing the 2 gauge jewelry for at least 1 month with no problem I was to let her know and she would send me the device and locking pin. She would of course keep the key. Once I was locked up then and only then would we move forward with the relationship.

I’m not going into the boring details just suffice it to say I complied with her wishes. When the device arrived I was to put it on and take a picture with a newspaper to prove the day I was locked away. She then told me that in 30 days she would email me and let me know when and where we would meet. I was also informed that we would have no contact during that time period and that if I tried to contact her we would start the 30 days over.

That ankara türbanlı escort brings me back to sitting in my rental car outside a bar, building up my courage to go through with this. I took a couple of deep breaths and thought to myself that there was no time like the present. I got out, locked the car, and headed for the entrance. I quickly found her sitting at a corner table and headed over. I wasn’t really sure how I should approach her but as I got close she stood up and extended her hand which I took then gently moved it to my lips and gave it a kiss. She smiled and we sat down. She was even more striking in person than the photograph and I was completely mesmerized.

After a bit of small talk we got down to the nitty-gritty. She said that if I was willing, we would go to her place and I could meet Sam (her husband/sub) and have some fun this evening. I could barely speak but managed to tell her that I’d really like that. I paid the bill and we headed for the parking lot. She pointed out a Mercedes and told me to follow her. I climbed in my rental and followed her out of the parking lot. We drove for about 20 minutes and finally came to a gated entry way which opened to a long driveway. I won’t go into detail but it was a very nice house. They obviously had plenty of money.

She pulled into the garage and motioned for me to park in the empty spot next to several cars. Getting out she met me at my car and told me I wouldn’t need anything from my car at this time. I followed her to the door and she turned and told me to back out now if I wanted. I assured her I didn’t. I was lead into a small mud room where she instructed me to strip and leave my clothing on a shelf. I was then to come on through the next door where I’d be given further instructions.

When I emerged into the kitchen her husband Sam was waiting. He acknowledged me by name. I wasn’t sure what to do so I did nothing. He went on by saying that he knew I was nervous but that I should just relax and enjoy myself. That put me a little more at ease but I still couldn’t shake the fact that at some point in the future I would be sucking his cock. I was still having a little problem with that. He motioned for me to follow and led me down a hall and into a large room. No, it was a dungeon. You name it, it was probably there. I really had butterflies now. He then told tuzla escort me he had orders to restrain me on the x-frame.

He ushered me over and attached my wrists and ankles to it. It was built to lay over and he rotated it so that I was leaning back at an angle. About that time Mistress Tanya appeared in the room. Sam moved aside and Tanya moved between my legs. I felt her handling my caged cock and realized she was unlocking me. When she slipped it off I immediately got an erection. She just giggled and told me that it wouldn’t do me any good because I would not be getting any relief tonight. Sam returned with a bowl of warm water and began to wash my cock and balls. It was a very odd feeling having another man touch my cock and balls but I did notice that I didn’t lose my erection. After he finished toweling me dry, he and the bowl disappeared for a moment then he was back. Tanya then stated it was time for some fun.

She looked at Sam and pointed at my hard cock telling him to get busy. Sam move back between my legs and I felt him cradle my tightly stretched balls in one hand. A moment later I felt him engulf my hard cock. He sucked me deep into his mouth then slowly moved back out swirling his tongue all around the head before sucking me deep into his mouth again. He was a very good cocksucker. Much better than any woman had ever done. And I had to admit that it really felt good. It had been a month since I’d had an erection and even longer since my last orgasm and with what he was doing I wasn’t going to last long.

I was beginning to moan in pleasure and thrust up to meet his mouth. I was really close when Tanya said “enough”. Sam immediately pulled off my cock leaving me humping upwards into nothing but air. I whined “nooooooooo”. Tanya just laughed.

She moved over between my legs and I noticed she held a small, multi-tailed, flogger in her hand. Without warning she brought it down firmly on my hard cock. I yelped in pain but didn’t have time to do more because it came whistling in again and again. My cock and balls were a mass of stinging flesh as she continued to whip my excited cock and balls.

As I was fighting through the pain something I couldn’t explain was happening. The pain was starting to turn me on. Hell if she kept it up I was going to orgasm. I then started to relish the next lash avrupa yakası ucuz escort getting closer and closer to what I needed most. Then just as I thought it would take only a few more strokes to bring me over the edge, she stopped. Again I whined “noooooooo”. And again she just laughed and told me I had a long way to go. She then turned to Sam who had returned and handed him the flogger but took a wooden spoon from him. She turned back to me and with one hand pulled my stretched balls outward.

She told me that we need to reduce my excitement and with that she started lightly tapping my trapped balls. She didn’t tap hard and at first I felt very little. She continued never changing the intensity of the strikes but after a minute or so I started to notice. My balls began to develop a dull ache. The longer she tapped the more intense that ache got. It wasn’t long until she had me begging for mercy. She flicked my cock with the spoon and told me that she’d stop now since I was no longer erect. She released my balls and turned away. My balls really ached. It was that “hollow in your stomach” type of ache. Not agony but definitely not pleasurable.

As I was catching my breath Sam returned to his spot between my legs and once again started sucking my cock. It didn’t take long for me to be fully erect and wanting to come again despite the ache in my balls. The more he sucked, the more I wanted to orgasm. And then just as before, right before I was about to go over the edge, Tanya stopped him. I looked up and she was moving back between my legs with the flogger again. Once again she started whipping my cock and balls. And once again I went from pain to almost orgasm. Again she stopped just short of letting me go over. Out came the wooden spoon and very soon I was begging for mercy. I was told later that I went through 10 cycles of this. I can’t dispute that because after the fourth one I lost the ability of rational thought. All I wanted was an either an orgasm or for her to stop tapping my balls.

I was vaguely aware of the frame being rotated all the way into the horizontal position. I was then brought out of my stupor by ice being applied to my cock. Tanya mounted my face and told me that it was time to see how well I did as a pussy eater. I was so damned horny and attacked her pussy with gusto. She was very wet and turned on and I licked and sucked her juices and cream like a starving man. I couldn’t get enough. I think she had several orgasms but I honestly don’t know. While I was servicing her sweet pussy, I was aware that Sam was replacing my cock cage. I heard the lock click shut and I then turned all my attention to my new Mistress who was approaching another orgasm.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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