Mom turned into prostitute to landlord

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Mom turned into prostitute to landlordWe live in vizag in a house on rent. The home rent is very high. My father also has to bear the tuition fee of my college. As an ordinary Clerk, father sometime have so many financial problem that he can not even pay the rent of house. Our landlord, a 55 year old non-Bengali is generally a modest person. He does not even bother if father (father) can not pay the home rent on time or making any delay to pay. But in the year 2003 father becomes retired from his job and took a huge loan for his sister’s treatment. She had breast cancer. My father tried every possible ways but she died in December 2004. After my father took the loan he found it too tough to pay the high home rent. He sent a letter to the land lord that he can not be able to pay the rent for 12 months but he will pay it later.

Our landlord was so convinced with this letter that he gave his permission for the delayed payment of our house rent. But my father could not pay him the rent after 12 months as he himself was ill. He had an operation for gallbladder stone. But this time our landlord was very angry. He wants his rent. So one day he came to our home. On that day I was reading in my room. Sai (land lord) came at morning to our home. Father was outside of home to go to the market to buy some vegetables. Maa was busy in cooking. When the door bell rung maa stop cooking and go to open the door. In home maa always wear low priced, old sarees (generally cotton sarees). In home she does not even care to put the saree on her body in a careful way. She has worn a white blouse and a cream colored saree. Generally she wears saree 2 or 3 inch below her naval. Actually she has to wear in this fashion as most of the fleshes of her body seem to be gathered at the belly and midriff area of her body.
While cooking she has to tuck her pallu in her belly and the belly is visible in a huge quantity. She is sweating. When she went to open the door she didn’t even think that some one else may stand at door except father. So she didn’t care her saree to place at right places to cover her blouse covered big boobs and her huge belly. The strap of bra also came out on her shoulder. When she opened the door she was so surprised and unprepared that she has a very few time to gather her saree well at all over her body. The saree was almost falling from her shoulder to bring her boobs visible to sai. But she controlled it and put it right on her shoulder. Sai at first give a broad smile to her and asked her “kamon aachen boudi?” means – how are you? Maa also returned him a smile on her face. I come to see that who is on the door. Seeing him I can understand for what reason he has come to our home. He wants his money in any way. Maa then offered him a glass of water. When she was going to keep the glass on the table the disaster happened. This time she can not help her pallu to stay on her shoulder. As she bent in front of sai to serve the glass the pallu (aanchol) fell down and my mother’s blouse covered huge boobs are visible to sai. I see that his eyes became brighten with greed, with grasp. Soon maa keep her saree on right places and tucked it in her belly again.
After some time father came back to home from market. He became also surprised by seeing sai in our room. He sat on a chair and asked the reason why he has visited in our home. Sai told that for many years he had considered many times the payment of our house rent to be late. Now he wants all his money right now or otherwise he will throw us out side. Though canlı bahis as per as law is concern it was not easy for a landlord to throw away his tenant but sai was a very influential person. His brother was a political leader of the ruling party and had many high level contacts. Hearing this father become afraid and keep pleading him to give him some time to gather some amount of money as he really have not a huge amount of money in home with him. But sai is not ready then to hear this answer. He repeatedly told father that he wants his money today. Father then told him that to give him one day to leave this place as paying money is impossible for him now.
Seeing father in this position sai told him that he can give him a chance to gather his money. Father asked him about it. Sai then smiled and shamelessly told that he can waive 12 month’s rent if father allows him to have my mother for one night in bed. Hearing this father then burst in to fire. He told him to get out of our house. Sai then also become angry and ordered him to leave this place immediately or he will appoint some of his brothers men to throw us out of this house. Father suddenly get afraid and see at my eyes and in my mother’s eyes. Maa then was shouting too much. She was not even ready to hear this by her ear. She is so shocked that she ran into inside room and starts shouting loudly. Father asked some time to sai and go inside to make maa convinced for this proposal. Father told her that it is just a matter of one night and then we can live again free of cost fro at least 12 months. He told her to think about their son’s career that means about me. He told her that if they want to make their son settled in life then they have to agree with this proposal.
The main surprise was waiting for me then when I hear that maa told sai that she is ready for his dirty proposal and then started shouting again. Sai told my father to go to the other room because he wants to talk to maa privately. When my father left the room sai give a witted smile and told that he is going now but will come back at 9 p.m. He told maa that he want her for a full 10 hours night. Hearing this maa becomes so afraid that she burst in to shouting. Then he left our house.
When the two sticks of clock touched 9p.m. sai came to our home. We have already finished our dinner. Sai told maa to be ready to go to bed and ordered her to prepare a glass of hot milk for him. Maa told father to sleep on sofa for this night. I can see father can not even see at her eyes not even in my eyes. He sat on sofa, tried to sleep but unable to do so. Then after few minutes he told me that he can’t stay in this house tonight and left the house. I knew he must be going to our neighbor and his bachelor friend Trinath uncle’s house. Before leaving he told me to sleep but stay careful. I told my father that I will call him if any problem occurs. Maa then went to the kitchen to prepare milk. Sai then ordered her to keep the door open. May be he wants that both her son and her husband can see the legal sex of their mother and wife respectively.
Maa then has nothing to say as she know that her body is going to be explored by some one else other than her husband. She keeps the glass on the table and stand in front of the bed. Sai drink the half of the milk and ordered her to drink rest of the milk. Then he at first takes some time to see my mother’s white colored saree covered body. Maa was wearing a green colored blouse. I was so ashamed about the fact that bahis siteleri my mother is going to be fucked by someone who is a 23 year old man. Sai then stand up and take of his pant and shart. Then he removed his underwear to become full nude. As an young man he has his hairs on body . Even sai was of my age but I was shocked to see such a long and thick dick bigger than my dad. But his cock is not small with his age. I am surprised to see that it is about 7 inches long and 3 inches thick enough to tear any pussies still. Maa became afraid to see a big man naked in front of her. Sai then told maa to suck his cock. Maa take his order as she has to. She sat on floor on her knees.
Then she held his cock in her hand. Keeping her eyes closed she put the cock inside her mouth and started sucking it for almost 5 to 10 minutes. I was surprised to see that she can suck a cock like this. I understood she must have done it with my father before. Sai then hold the knot of her hair and untied it to fall upto her waist. It is nice to watch that my 49 year old mother is dancing her head front and back to suck a 23 year old cock. Sai was moaning like – aaaaaahhhhh ahh aaaiiiihhhhhhaaaaaaah uuuuufffffffffff , samita swettyyyyyyy love my cock randddddiiiiii, teri maaaaaa kiiii ohhhhhh.. then after some time he stop moaning as I can see maa is trying to keep that cock out of her mouth but sai strongly held her head from back don’t allow her to keep it out side of her mouth. I can assume sai is cumming in her mouth like a flood, as some bit of cum came out of the sides of her mouth, it was thick and white. After some time he makes free my mother from her cock. Maa swallowed up all his man cum.
Then he took some time to gather his excite and told maa to get ready to have the best fuck of her life. “ saali teri marad ne hi kabhi aaisi chodi nahi hogi tujhe. Aaj main tujhe phir se pregnant banaunga.” Hearing this maa starts shouting and holding his legs to beg her to go away. But wicked sai laughed at this pleading and hold the saree pallu in his right hand and let it be fell from her shoulder. Then he hold the saree at the area of naval where maa tucked her saree in. maa then strongly hold her saree not letting him to pull it down from her waist. But with some firm pull sai make maa take one or two round to open the saree. He then threw it off at a corner of the room. Maa then try to cover her blouse covered breast with her hands crossing over boobs. It’s a very sexy scene to watch that my own mother is going to be fucked in front of my eyes in a legal way. I also become eager to see what my mother nude in front of an outsider. I then start masturbating with my 5 inch boner. He then give a firm push on my mother shoulder to make her lay on the bed. Maa have all fear, shame in her eyes that come out as a form of tear. Sai get up on the bed and started unhooking her blouse buttons. In some time her blouse is being opened to a stranger to enjoy her big chuchis.Maa then covered her face with her hand in shame. Then sai almost tear her bra in excitement to have her juicy foot ball shaped Chuchis(boobs) in his mouth. He at first take the right breast. At first he starts sucking the nipple like —chhhhhhhhiiuimmmmmm ummmmmmm uhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmuccccccchh. Maa shout in pain =— aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaa goooooooooo
Laaaaaaaaaagcheeeeeeeeeee aaaa chereeeeee daaaao naaaaa pleaseeee. Hearing this sai get more excited as he started to bite the nipples with his teeth. He almost made some biting bahis şirketleri marks on her boobs. As I can see a pound boob flesh is between his upper and lower jaw as he is really biting them hard. Maa was shouting for help——ohhhhhh bhgobaaaaaaaaaannnnn bachaaaaaaaaaaoooooo aaammmmmmmkeeeeee keuuuuuu —-a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaar parchinnnnnnaaaaa. After eating those huge breasts sai move to the midriff area of her body which I can say is the best part of her body. Most of the fleshes are gathered around the navel area and around waist that makes it having 2 or 3 folds in her belly. Sai was really fondling her stomach then. He started licking the navel. For this I can say mom reached at the immense amount of pleasure as she has closed her eyes and was biting her lower lips with her upper teeth. Sai then untied the knots of her petty coat(saya) and pull it down.
He was licking his lips by seeing mom’s vagina. He told that “ abe randi aab mujh se aur raha nahi jata , tu jaldi se aapni dono paao upar kar de”. Maa obeyed what he said and make her legs up a bit. He holds both the legs with in hands and trying to go in front of her cunt with his straight following cock. He then sat on knees and told maa to held his cock in her hand and place it just exactly in front of the hole of her cunt. Then he started to insert his cock into her pussy slowly. While it enter her pussy it give her lots of pleasure with so much pain as she was shouting like anything ——aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhhoooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa goooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaamaaaaaai chereeeeee daaaaaaaaoooo. Aaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaagheeeeeeeee. After some time Mukesh entered her completely. Then he started moving it in and out slowly. It makes maa so pleased as I can assume that she hold his body with both of her hands firmly, caressing in his partly bald head. After some time sai stated fucking her badly, roughly as he was state of jumping and pumping in to her. maa also respond to this as she kept her waist dancing in the rhythm and grasp his legs by her legs like a lizard. After 15 minutes of restlessly fucking sai told my mother “ I am going to cum, please hold me firmly and be ready.” He put all his loads of cum in to her womb by shouting like aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh samittttttttttaaaaaaaaaa sweeeeeetyyyyyyy, immmmmmmmmmmuuuuuum I lovevvvvvveeeee uuu he had so much of sperm that came out of her pussy over flowing, thick in nature and white in colour, he was groaning like an a****l. He made my mom to reach multiple orgasm that night, she said ” I haven’t cummed so much till now my husband didn’t make me cum he used to cum very early”.
Maa also started jerking like a fish that have come out of water. I can assume that both of them come like a flood. After this act they were so tired that sai can not even move from the top of maa’s body. I saw his cock coming out of her vagina even the limped size of his cock was big around 6 inches, he had enormous strength to last longer in bed and they started lip kissing. And maa also this time respond well and give him deep , profound lip kissing. In that night sai fucked her thrice each session lasted upto 30 to 40 minutes and at the early morning sai give my mom a hard fuck in to her ass also. After that night maa nowadays sleeps with Sai happily and regularly. Sometimes she spend 1 or 2 complete days in Sai’s home. My father now sleeps with his friend Trinath uncle in his house because sai comes to sleep with maa every alternative day. She is believing that my father is not well enough to handle her and take care of her or even give her pleasure either by financially or by sexually. But we don’t give any house rent to sai and he is bearing all my education expenses also.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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