Mommy and Me ad Beth Makes Three

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Anal Creampie

*** This is a stand alone story, but is a follow on to my Fall From Grace and How To Train Your Mother stories. This can be read alone, but reading the other stories will provide better context, to referenced events. I hope you enjoy. ***

As I lay here, completely exhausted, I wonder how I got so fucking lucky. Within a few short weeks, I repaired my broken relationship with my mother and began a relationship with my a woman, who is not only attractive and amazing, she is also my sexual equal, and THAT says a lot. This all requires some explanation, to really appreciate the magnitude of these accomplishments.

First, when I say my relationship with my mother was broken, I mean smashed on the ground, pieces scattered, and then buried in a landfill. In short, I was the product of her scheme to snare a wealthy man. When her “unexpected” pregnancy forced his hand, they married and along came, me. After securing her financial position, she quickly lost interest in my father, and treated him like crap, until he ultimately left. Of course he left her well taken care of, but never looked back. This left me with an absentee father, and a mother who resented my very existence. Talk about being born with a silver spoon shoved DEEP in my ass.

As you can imagine, this shaped my views on relationships and women, in dramatic ways. It also motivated me to get out of the house, as soon as possible. It also spurred me to be ruthless in pursuit of whatever I wanted. On the good side, it made me very successful in business. On the bad side, it ensured that I was never in a stable relationship very long. In fact, I don’t believe I had any real, romantic relationships. I was very successful with women, and never was lacking for women to fuck, but I never let them get close enough to build romantic feelings.

I never thought a lot about my lingering feelings of resentment for my mother or how I treated women, as a result. That was, until my mother, who was down on her luck, after losing her fortune due to bad investments, showed up on my doorstep. At first, I took her in out of a misplaced sense of duty. However, I quickly remembered why I hated her, when she started treating my poorly in my own house. This blew up into an anger driven, episode of revenge fucking, that was fueled by years of my mother’s mistreatment of me.

Rather than reacting with anger herself, my mother had a wildly, sexual response. She not only welcomed my sexual dominance, but she seemed to crave it. If you want to read about the wildly inappropriate sexual acts we shared, I recommend you read my other stories. However, this is was much more, than just two sexual deviants, enjoying shared desires. This whole series of events was very emotionally charged and cathartic for both of us. It is hard to explain the overwhelming, outpouring of emotion, we shared. We realized that we can never have a traditional mother and son relationship, but we can share, a loving and passionate relationship of our own design.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that my mother is the woman, that I said was amazing and my sexual equal. Yes, mom is fucking incredible, but she is not the amazing woman, of whom I spoke. That woman is Beth, a woman that I met by chance, while in the process of “breaking in” my mother, on a shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret.

Although, I noticed right away that Beth was attractive, I was too focused on my mother, at the time, to give Beth the attention she deserved. I had brought my mother asyabahis yeni giriş to the Victoria’s Secret, to sexually humiliate her in public. My plan was to have her try on sexy lingerie, and come out of the dressing room, to model them for me. Beth was a sales girl there, and took great interest in our blatant exhibitionism. Beth quickly changed from an attractive woman I noticed, to a woman I needed to know better, when she boldly, scolded my mother for being WAY too excited, while modeling the sexy underwear for me.

My heart fluttered and my cock hardened when I heard her shout across the store, “You are going to have to buy THOSE. There is NO way you are going to put those panties back, with them soaked in your cum like THAT.”

I knew that this was a woman, I must know better… MUCH better. As I sent my mother back to the dressing room, to get dressed, I chatted Beth up. I kicked myself for not noticing before, how attractive she was and how hot her body was. She was taller and more athletic than any of the women I had been with before. There is probably no great mystery, why I tended to be in relationships with short curvy women, who I now realize, looked a lot like my mother.

Unlike my mother, Beth is tall, close to 5 foot 10 inches. She is also very lean and athletically built. As I later found out, she was quite an athlete, and was even the Captain of her nationally ranked college volleyball team. Because of the long dress, she was wearing, I didn’t immediate see or appreciate her long sexy legs or her tight ass and abdomen. I did notice and appreciate her not too large, but very firm and perky C cup tits, which she highlighted with a nice pushup bra. I also noticed her thick, wavy auburn hair, which made her green eyes POP.

Even though she was a very physically attractive woman, it was her bold, shameless personality, which really drew me in. I was already impressed with how she busted my mother out, and clearly announced her dominance over my mother. However, what she did next really made me appreciate how like minded she and I were. She didn’t hesitate or beat around the bush. She just outright asked me, if that was really my mother.

I answered her just as directly, that it was. Instead of being shocked or appalled by this, she immediately told me how fucking hot it was, and how turned on she was by it. At that moment, our conversation was interrupted by the sounds of my mother LOUDLY cumming in the dressing room. Apparently, she was too tuned on with our previous play, and couldn’t help stop herself from masturbating, while thinking about it. After THAT, we couldn’t stick around, so I gave Beth my number and, told her to call me.

She did not make me wait. That evening, she called and we talked for hours. I was exhausted from a long and passion filled afternoon of wild sexual experimentation with my mother, but I was so enthralled with Beth, that I couldn’t bring myself to end the call. Apparently she felt the same way, so we ended up sharing our stories, and experiences, and life goals.

In our conversation, I quickly discovered why she was not offended by my sexual relation with my mother. She also had a troubled relationship with her mother. Apparently, her mother was aloof, in her own way, and never gave Beth the love and attention she craved. Beth excelled at everything she did, all in an effort to get her mother’s attention, and get a small feeling satisfaction, that her mother was proud of her. She never got that response asyabahis giriş from her mother, but it did make her a strong athlete and relentless competitor.

Whether it was her broken relationship with her mother or just her natural inclinations, Beth described herself as “strongly” bisexual. She had not only started experimenting early on with other girls, but she had also discovered, that she enjoys sexually dominating other girls WAY too much. In fact, it was her lesbian leanings, that motivated her to get the job at Victoria’s Secret, in the first place. She told me that it is a great place to meet and assess other girls. She told me that she can tell in seconds, how a girl reacts to her lingerie suggestions, whether she is open to lesbian experiences, and more importantly, whether they tended to be sexually submissive.

She told me that when she saw the dynamic between me and my mother, she decided that she had to get to know us better. As she told me what she was thinking and feeling while watching us, we both touched ourselves. We both came while discussing what we had done in the store, and what exciting possibilities we could make real, together. It was during this sexually charged conversation, that we hatched our plan to get mom back to the the store, so that Beth could explore mom’s lesbian potential.

I am not going to lie, my mother made no secret about her dislike for lesbians, so the idea of her on her knees eating Beth’s pussy, had me ROCK hard again. If you are interested to read how that came out, I recommend you read “How To Train Your Mother: Lesson 3”. Spoiler alert, it was fucking amazing. In fact, it ended with a follow on date, back at my house, that didn’t end for four days. No lie, Beth came to the house and we were inseparable for four full days. It was a good thing that we started Friday after work, so we had the weekend. However, Beth and I still ended up having to call in “sick” Monday and Tuesday. For me this was not a problem, since I own my company, but I did feel bad for Beth… a little. Well, not really, because I had decided over that extended weekend, that I was going to make this woman mine.

We were both swept up in our whirlwind romance. Neither of us had ever met anyone, who we “clicked” with so immediately, and so completely. To make it even more incredible, my relationship with my mother, which would normally drive most women away, actually drew Beth closer. Not only does she indulge my sexual relationship with mom, she also enjoys and explores her own desires to sexually dominate her. And my GOD, there is no way to explain the feeling of watching the woman I love, dressed as a dominatrix, fucking my mother doggy style, while slapping her big full tits, as they swing under her, bouncing wildly with each thrust of Beth’s large strap-on cock. If I died right now, I would die happy, with that image in my head.

Luckily for me, I did not die, and lived to fuck another day, and another, and another, and… You get the idea. We fuck a lot. I mean a LOT. It is often all three of us, but Beth and I also enjoy our alone time. Hey, we are sexual deviants, NOT freaks… We do couple stuff also. Although, I gotta admit, Beth has a way of even turning mundane “couple stuff”, into a sexual adventure. GOD I love this woman.

Things were moving VERY fast and it seemed inevitable that we should solidify our relationship status. However, before doing that, I wanted to make sure mom was OK with where everything was headed. asyabahis güvenilirmi Beth understood, and gave me some alone time, to talk with mom. Of course, we can never just launch into a serious conversation. Our mother-son relationship is not like that. So here I sit in my comfy chair, while my mother is making love to my cock with her mouth. She is very good at this now, so far from the insensitive, duty focused blow jobs, she forced herself to perform previously. The love and appreciation which she is sucking my cock with right now, reminds me of the love and appreciation, that has grown between us. I relish this feeling, as she flicks her tongue around my sensitive cock head, while stroking my cock, and squeezing my balls. This pushes me over the edge and I cum hard. Mom doesn’t miss a drop, as she sucks up all of my cum.

As she continues to lay her head on my thigh, playfully squeezing my cock with her hand, as she occasionally flicks her tongue at it, I transition to the conversation I intended. “Mmmmm, that feels so nice mom. You know how much I love you and how much I love, how we are together? Don’t you mom?”

I feel her tense, sensing that something disappointing is coming. She answers hesitantly, “Yes, why do you ask? Have I done something wrong? Are you not happy with me?”

I quickly comfort her, stroking her face and tell her, “No, of course not mom. Quite the contrary. I never want what we have, to change. Well, I guess that isn’t true. What I want to talk with you about, is a change, but not in a bad way. What I really mean is, that I want to keep you with me always, and I want us to be able to continue to enjoy our special kind of relationship. However, as you are well aware, things have really taken off between Beth and me. I want to make sure you are OK with that, before I formally ask her to move in with us. I will understand if you have concerns, but if possible, I want to keep you both in my life…”

She cuts me off by launching herself into my arms and almost crushes me with her embrace, crying, “Thank GOD… I was so afraid you were going to break up with me.. or whatever you would call it… I can’t lose You… I can’t lose what we have…” She then breaks down crying in my arms.

I hold her tightly to my chest and rock her lovingly. “You never have to worry about that mom. You are mine, and I will always take care of you. And I am lucky to have found a woman, that not only understands that and loves me, but who also wants to share that with me. That is why it is so important to me, that you are just as comfortable, having her join us. I want us all to be a couple…, I guess it is more like a throuple. So what do you think mom?”

“I say we call her back here right now, and celebrate our “throuple” in style. I want to get on my knees and welcome her to the family…”

“God I love you mom… I am glad you said that you want to welcome her on your knees, because you do realize, that you are still OUR bitch, right? You are an equal part of our “throuple”, but sexually, you will always serve Beth and me.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way… Sir,” she responds in a playfully surly manner. I playfully maneuver her over my knee and swat her on the butt. I enjoy her GASP, and I rub her butt lovingly with my hand, and tell her, “You have such a great ass mom.” I continue to stroke her bare ass, while I call Beth. When she answers, I tell her, “Good news, mommy and me, and Beth makes three… Why don’t you head on back. Mom wants to get on her knees and welcome you to the family.”

*** This ends the origin story of how Beth and Mom, and I all became a family. I have many tales about our sexual adventures. I hope you will stay tuned for our future adventures. As always, I welcome your feedback and input. ***

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