Mommy and Miranda Ch. 02

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So, here’s the background. My wife suffers from chronic pain, so she sleeps in her own bedroom. My Mom had joined us a month or so ago after having left the home of my brother, whose wife was a cunt. She had her own room, too. And my sister, Miranda, had joined us later on, sleeping in the twin bed next to mine.

I had spent my whole life as a voyeur, but the past month or so had been heaven. I had been peeping on my Mom, on my sister, and even on my wife. I was an equal opportunity peeper.

During the past month I had been lucky enough to get numerous blow-jobs from my wife, Elena. I had also reached a golden dream and had reamed out the pussy of my Mom. Finally, I had initiated my sister, Miranda, into the joys of sex. She was still a virgin, until this night.

We had been caught by Elena. I wasn’t sure if that was unfortunate or not yet. Elena had walked in just as I was shooting a huge wad up Miranda’s creaming, no longer virgin pussy. There was no way either of us could have stopped cumming, and I kept cumming until I was dry. Then I pulled out my slimy cock and said to Elena, “There’s a good explanation.”

Miranda had started crying again. I was sort of lost. Then Mom came slowly into the room, took in the story at a glance, and smiled broadly.

“Thank you little man. You’ve finally made this family whole.”

Elena looked at her, at Miranda, at me, and said again, “What the fuck?”

I was a little conflicted, but Mom took charge. She pushed me over to Miranda and said, “Comfort her, make her feel this was alright.”

Then she took Elena in her arms and caressed her.

“Come with me, Elena, we need to talk.”

I took Miranda in my arms and we talked about everything that had happened after she came out of the shower. How I had introduced her to true love, both emotional and physical. How it felt when I had

made love to her whole body, and how she had enjoyed every little bit of it. How she had lost her virginity and had orgasms, so many she had lost count. And finally, how I had cum in her little pixie pussy, and it had been good.

Later, Mom told me what happened in her room with Elena. My wife had always depended upon me both physically and mentally. It was nearly impossible to wrap her mind around me making love to her sister-in-law. Now, she found out from Mom, who believed in bluntness, that I had also used enjoyed my own mother’s body. It was a lot to take in.

Finally, after having made Miranda feel good about the whole evening, I went into Mom’s room and approached my wife, Elena. She was sitting beside Mom on the bed. I knelt down before her and took her hands in mine.

“You have to know, after all we’ve been through, the pain you’ve endured and I’ve tried my best to alleviate, after all the love-making we’ve done, ankara escort after all the blow-jobs and fucks,” and here she seemed to turn into the shy girl I met in college, “that we are lovers, always have been, always will be. Nothing has changed that.”

Then I decided to do something about the situation that might ruin it for all of us, or make it better than ever.

I stood up. I was still buck naked from making love to Miranda. My dick was still slimy with her virgin cum. Knowing what I was about to do, my cock started pointing upward.

I put my hand behind Elena’s head, pushing my fingers into her curly, blond hair and pulled her head down toward my prick.

“Suck my dick, bitch,” I said, as I always did before a sucking session. This was our little game, started long ago in college. She had always, for some reason, wanted to feel “forced” to do what she actually loved with a passion.

And she complied. She began licking and sucking my cock, with the new virgin juices of Miranda adding to the flavor. There was a fervor there that made me know everything was going to be alright. She even took some time to lick my balls, before returning to cram my whole cock down her throat. That girl could never get enough dick.

All the while Miranda had been watching from the bedroom door. I had heard her creeping up behind me as I had slowly gone into Mom’s room. And Mom had never stopped caressing Elena’s hair and shoulders with her loving, mother hands.

When I finally came, this time for the second time tonight, there wasn’t a lot of cum. Most had gone into Miranda’s hairless pussy. But this time was a little different for Elena. She had had an audience to her craftsmanship. She had tasted another woman’s cunt juice. And she had really felt like the center of attention.

This had certainly conflicted with her natural shyness, but I couldn’t help noticing that she was looking up at my familiar face with a mouthful of cum and grinning at the same time.

I thought this was good time for everyone to get some rest, and reflect upon the night’s events. First, we tucked Mom into bed. She was crying a little, but from happiness. Her family had never been closer, and it pleased her. Then I gathered my wife up in my arms and carried her to her special bed.

I knew from past experience she would be in pain, so I gave her some medicine and fixed her pillows the way she liked them arranged. I kissed her and told her how much I loved her.

Finally, I went to my own room, where had already climbed back into bed, but not wearing her teddy this time. Things had changed. And I didn’t bother putting my boxers back on, either.

We talked for a while as we lay in separate beds. We again went over the events of the evening, Miranda adding that she had really escort ankara enjoyed watching Elena suck my cock, and wishing she could do it.

“That is definitely now part of the learning experience, my little pixie sister. You’ll learn that and a lot more, maybe some things you have never even imagined.”

Finally, the house went quiet, and we all went to our own separate dreams, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

We only had the one bathroom in the house. Sharing had worked out well, though. Mom was an early riser from her farm days. Then Miranda would get up and prepare to go out looking for work. After she left, around nine o’clock I’d use the facilities. Finally, Elena, who slept in with her chronic pain to a later hour would get up around ten or eleven in the morning.

After that night I was prepared to really sleep in, but something awakened me about six in the morning. I rubbed my eyes to get them focusing, rose up in the bed, and with the help of the night- light and some sunrise rays was able to see that Miranda wasn’t in her bed. This was early for her.

I heard the shower running, so I knew someone was bathing. I was awake now so I decided to try a little peep. I crept into the hallway, peeked into the keyhole, and heard two female voices behind the shower curtain. This was certainly interesting. And after the last few weeks I had no qualms in opening the unlocked door and finding out what was going on.

I drew back the shower curtain. It was Mom and Miranda! And they were obviously in the middle of REALLY getting to know each other, finally. Each had a hand on the other’s pussy. I couldn’t see how many fingers were up each cunt, but it was more than one. Each had the opposite hand on the breast of the other, enjoying real titty. And they were locked in a passionate kiss.

I wanted so much to join them, but I realized this was a special time for them. Maybe it was about time to release a little of their lesbian side and enjoy some pussy as much as I did.

“Hi,” I said. “May I watch? I promise not to touch.”

They both jerked apart with some residual guilt, and then began where they had left off, finger fucking and titty squeezing and making out. There was a little shower chair that Elena used sometimes to relax in the shower. Mom sat down on it. Miranda got down on her knees started nuzzling in Mom’s hairy pussy.

“Can you find the clit, baby?”, Mom asked.

“Yes, brother showed me where everything was last night,” she said with a mouth full of pussy. Then she really started getting it, and Mom was humping her cunt into her daughter’s face harder and harder, and Miranda was licking and even chewing a little with a new-found gusto.

At the same time Miranda had her hand diddling her hairless pussy. She was learning more and ankara escort bayan more about sex every minute she was in my home.

I was still naked from bed, not having bothered to put anything on, and, of course, I was working that prick. Jacking off was second nature to me, since I had started being a “professional” voyeur in college. That’s how I first saw my wife Elena, through a ground-floor girl’s dormitory. She wasn’t my first jerk-off subject, and she wouldn’t be the last, but she’s the one that made me want to marry her.

So, my faithful cock was watching my Mom get her pussy eaten by her daughter, my sister, Miranda. And I was about to shoot some cum on someone.

“Does anyone want to eat some cum?”, I asked.

They both begged for it, so I decided to just give them a hose job, and started squirting cum all over Miranda’s face and Mom’s face. They both expressed joy, licking what came near their lips. Then, beautiful sight, they licked each other’s face, for the extra cum, and for the extra love.

I could see that they were still having fun with each other, so I thought I’d leave them to it and go get dressed in some sweats until I could get a turn at the shower. When they came into the living room later they both had glowing smiles on their faces.

“I’m going to town with Miranda today,” said Mom. “We’re going to take a break from her job hunting and do some hunting for some clothes a little sexier, now that she’s completely out of her twenty year shell. She needs to show off to the men and women in this town what she has to offer.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m cut off, does it? I taught her what she knows.”

“Don’t worry, little man, you’ll still get all the pussy you can handle from both of us,” said both at the same time. Then they both giggled.

After they left I finished my morning ablutions and went in to see if Elena was alright. She was barely waking up. “Did last night really happen, or did I dream it?”, she asked.

“You’re still my little cupcake, whatever happened. How do you feel about it?”

“To be honest, seeing you making love to Miranda made me very angry, at first. But after talking with your Mom, and finding out you had made love to your own mother, I felt a little differently. And then, playing with your thing in front of them both made it even more alright. I think I can live with it, as long as there is no doubt that I’m still number one.”

You may have noticed, she didn’t us any “nasty” words. That was her way. Still shy and a little naive, even after being married for almost eighteen years. When she said “What the fuck?” last night it was a major fluke.

I climbed gently into bed with her, making sure not to hurt her, and cuddled for a long time. Then, she asked me to give my “thing” to her to play with. I took off my clothes, lay down again, and she started jacking me off. I needed a little more, so, as was our way, I put my fingers into her fluffy hair and slowly brought her mouth to my cock.

“Eat it bitch.”

And she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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