Mommy’s Boy Ch. 1

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His mother, Janet was quite stunning for her age. She was 45 years old, but looked much younger. Mike couldn’t understand why his mom never dated, or anything. She only left for work, shopping, and occasionally to play bingo with her girl friends. Mike always hinted around that she needed to start dating, but she would always laugh it off. Janet looked down at her son, lying on the couch. He looked so helpless. She was almost looking forward to the opportunity to baby him again. He hadn’t really let her baby him in many years, and she was going to make the most Mike Madison was being his usual nice self when he offered to help his friend move some furniture.

Everything went pretty smoothly until they began moving the china cabinet. His friend yelled, but it wasn’t quick enough, and the huge wooden cabinet crashed down on his hands. Mike yelled loudly, and could hear the bones crunch. “Shit” he yelled. After a couple of hours in the er, he was sent home with two broken hands. He felt pretty useless, as he looked down at the two casts. This was one time that he was glad that he still lived at home. Being 19, he was the last of his friends to still live at home. He basically stayed because of his single mom. He was the only companion she had. of this. She held his glass of tea for him, as he sipped it through the straw.

She fed him, and did everything for him that he needed. Mike was doing all right, except he was a chronic masturbator. He usually masturbated 3 or 4 times a day. Even when he was getting pussy, he still enjoyed stroking his cock daily. The first week went by pretty good, he would find other things to think about ,when his cock got hard, and it would usually go down shortly. But after about a week, he felt like it was going to explode. He couldn’t do a thing to beylikdüzü escort satisfy himself, and he was going crazy. His mother came home from work, and after feeding him his dinner, announced that he needed a bath.

Mike still felt pretty embarrassed as his mother began undressing him. She had him on the side of the bathtub in only his briefs. She then tugged on them, against Mike’s will, removing them. Mike’s flaccid cock flopped freely, and his mother began washing his body. Mike thought about everything he could, as his mother ran the warm washcloth over him. She made her way between his legs, gently lifting his cock, and balls as she washed him. His cock immediately stiffened. Janet flinched, and quickly let go of her son’s huge, erect cock. “Oh my” she said. “I’m sorry, mom” he said, turning red from embarrassment.

“Oh my poor baby” she said, not able to take her eyes of his throbbing 7 and a 1/2 inch cock. It was quite beautiful, she thought to herself, from it’s bulbous shaped purple head, along his thick shaft, all the way to his almost hairless balls. Janet felt sorry for her son, as he tried to cover his aching erection. “It’s just, that I haven’t been able to….” he began, but was cut off in mid sentence by his mother. “Oh son, it’s ok, shhhhh, just relax” she said. Janet did something she would never dreamed she would do. She grabbed her son’s thick cock in her hand, and gently squeezed it.

Mike thrust against his mom’s hand as she held his thick shaft. “Oh baby” she moaned, slowly pumping her hand up and down. Mike moaned, and Janet watched as the precum began oozing from her son’s magnificent cock. “Oh baby” she moaned. Janet smeared her son’s slick precum with her hand, coating his large cockhead with it. She then beylikdüzü eve gelen escort caressed his shaft with her finger tips. Mike was moaning loudly, thrusting into her fist. Janet felt her son’s cock tense up, and it pulsated wildly in her hand. She stopped stroking him, and let go of his cock. Mike groaned. Janet cupped his smooth balls in her hand, and began softly rubbing and caressing them.

His large cock bounced freely, as she played with his balls. “Oh mom” he moaned. She brought her fingers to her mouth, and licked her son’s precum from them. “Mmmm, it tastes so good” she thought, as she then gripped his cock and began furiously jerking him off. She watched as her son fucked against her hand, thrusting wildly. “Oh mom, I’m gonna shoot” he moaned. “Oh yeah, baby” she grunted, watching as his thick white cum shot from the huge head. “Mmmm, yeah” she moaned, amazed at how much cum her son was shooting. She stroked him until she milked every drop of precious cum from his large cock.

She looked at all of the cum on her hand, and brought it to her mouth, and licked some of it off. “Mmmm, baby tastes good” she said, licking the rest off. She then lowered her head, and took his still rock hard cock into her mouth. She licked all around his sensitive head, licking the remaining traces of cum from it. “Oh God, baby” she once again moaned. She held his cock in her hand, and slowly stroked him. Janet’s breathing was rapid, and she was getting so excited. Finally she couldn’t take any more, and she released her son’s cock, and ran off to her bedroom. Mike sat on the edge of the bathtub. He could hear his mother softly moaning from her bedroom. She was in there getting herself off. “Mom, come here” Mike yelled. Janet beylikdüzü masöz escort quickly returned to the bathroom where her son was sitting on the tub.

“Yes, baby, what is it?” she asked. “Mom, can I watch you do that?” he asked. Janet felt the redness rush to her face. She was so embarrassed.

“Watch me do what?” she asked. “What you were doing in your bedroom” he replied. Janet felt the urge to run from the room, yet the idea of masturbating in front of her son really turned her on. “Mmm, ok why don’t you join Mommy in her bedroom” she moaned. Mike ran behind his sexy mother, watching as her firm ass moved beneath her silky panties. His young cock was fully erect, and he oozed precum excitedly. His mom was now helping him onto the bed. She positioned him on his back, and she stood at the foot of the bed.

“Mmmm, are you ready?” she asked. Mike nodded his head in approval, and watched as his mom slid her t-shirt over her head. Her breasts were a bit saggy, but were large and beautiful. They were milky white, and at least 38D’s. Her nipples were large and brown. Her long blonde hair slid over her smooth shoulders. She held her breasts in her hands, and squeezed them firmly, watching her son. Mike’s cock quivered as he watched his mom play with her large erect nipples. “Mmmm” she moaned. Mike wished he could touch himself as he watched, his cock was aching. His mom was now sliding her panties off. Mike gasped as he looked at her hairy pussy for the first time.

Her bush was very thick, but very blonde. It was quite beautiful. Janet slid her hand between her legs, and rubbed her swollen clit. She slipped a finger inside of her hot, aching pussy. “Oh yeah!” she moaned. Mike watched excitedly as his mother spread her pretty pussy apart. “Mmm, see how wet Mommy is?” she asked. Mike gave a nod, and moaned. Janet slid onto the bed, and straddled her son. She rubbed her wet pussy over his belly, as she pressed one of her nipples against his mouth. Mike sucked the large pink nipple into his mouth, and gently nibbled on it. Janet moaned, and ground her soaked pussy against her son’s belly.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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