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Big Tits

My first experience with anal sex was painful. It was not that I didn’t enjoy it, quite the contrary, but the unfamiliar-ness of the whole experience left me wondering how well it suited me. For days after my first time, my ass just didn’t feel like normal. And the very thought of anal sex again made my sphincter tighten.

But I knew that my lover enjoyed anal sex, and I wanted to make him happy. I knew that I would keep on enjoying being dominated by him, so I would allow him to fuck me however he chose, but I wanted anal sex to be more than a domination/submission thing. I wanted to know that I could experience physical orgasms from anal sex.

So while he was out of town, I decided that I would find out if I actually enjoyed the act of anal sex. One night, I put on some Sade, lit some candles, and laid myself down on my bed with my trusty dildo. First, I decided that I needed to start the night off right, so I started fantasizing about my lover holding me down on the bed fucking me while rubbing my clit. I allowed my thoughts to roam into dirtier territory, imagined him fucking my face as I sucked on my dildo and continued to rub my clit. I could feel my pussy growing wetter, kaçak iddaa longing to feel filled, I took my wet dildo from my mouth and crammed it into my pussy. It did not take long before I was writhing in bed, calling out my lover’s name.

I allow myself to rest, lazily running my fingers lightly over my breasts, enjoying the warm feelings washing over me. But I am also a woman with a purpose, and I know that I cannot stop here. I take my dildo and lick it clean of my love juices, getting more aroused by their clean, sexy taste. I then pull out my bottle of lube out of my nightstand, and pour a liberal amount over my dildo.

My heart races. I cannot believe what I am about to do, alone in my room. It feels so dirty. And yet, I know I must persevere.

It is difficult for me to convince myself to do it. Anal sex seems so sordid, even though the concept of it appeals to me. To be willingly probing myself with a dildo… I take a deep breath and bring the dildo to my pucker. I push, but my sphincter proves a tough barrier to break, and attempt after attempt, the dildo slips around everywhere but my ass. I refuse to be defeated. I start touching my still-swollen clit again and feel my body kaçak bahis relax. I take that opportunity to press the dildo against my unwilling hole, and it slowly edges past the tight ring. After that, it easily slides in.

It was so strange feeling myself filled by my dildo, not having my boyfriend’s warm body lying over me. I had no one to hang onto, just my two hands, one controlling my dildo, the other grasping the sheets.

I start out slowly easing the dildo in and out of my ass. I decided not to touch my clit for the rest of the night. I want to orgasm from the anal penetration alone. Eventually, I feel my ass ease up, and I start ramming the dildo in faster and faster, imagining my lover pounding into my ass.

Suddenly, I am overcome with a feeling of emptiness. My pussy longs to be filled even as my ass demands that I fuck it harder. Quickly, I insert two fingers into my pussy, just in time to feel my muscles start to rhythmically contract. I lay back, immobile, and just experience the orgasm. I am satisfied.

When my lover finally comes back from his trip, I am ready for him. He fucks me vigorously from behind, then whispers into my ear “Why do you like being dominated illegal bahis by me?”

“Because I do.”

“If you love being dominated so much, you must love it when I take you in the ass.”

He does not wait for an answer. His fucking has left me slick with moisture, so wet he does not need any lubricant. He takes a finger, then two, wets them in my juices, then spreads my ass wide and lubricates the sphincter. With little ado, he quickly replaces his fingers with his thick, deliciously hard cock. I can’t help shrinking away from it at first, but he follows my movements, pushes me deep into the bed, and claims my ass. He puts both hands on my shoulders, and rams into my ass as deeply as he can. I am completely possessed by him, I am his, and he brutalizes my ass the same way he does my pussy. And I love it.

Before long, I am screaming out, clawing at the bedsheets, slamming my ass back with as much force as I can summon. I wish that he could use more of me, that he could rip farther into me, that he could fill all of my holes and own me completely. I think my lover can sense this because he takes one of my hands, and has me put three fingers in my pussy, then he shoves two fingers into my mouth down my throat before he erupts and joins me in complete abandon. He fills me with his cum, and we both collapse onto the bed, his cock still planted deeply in my ass, and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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