More than College Cousins

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I come from a fairly large extended family with several cousins who had grown up with me. Nick was 2 years older than me and while I technically did follow him to college, it was not because I was following HIM specifically. We just both were attending Iowa State for engineering while most of our cousins and siblings stayed closer to home and went to Upper Iowa, UNI or Luther. And I was not allowed to have a car at college because I would have to park about a mile away and Nick had offered to help me out. He actually seemed okay, maybe even a little excited to have a passenger and family in Ames.

Growing up Nick played with my older brother and not me- which was fine because I had plenty of girl cousins to play with, but 2 years ago when I saw him shirtless at our grandparents’ lake cottage, everything started to change…

He was my cousin, but he was also a MAN. And a sexy one at that.

Needless to say I was thrilled, excited and nervous to have to ride to and from college with Nick. And after 4 weeks of classes in my freshman year, I found myself alone with Nick in his old Buick heading home to Decorah during the Iowa State vs. Iowa football game in Ames so we could attend our grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary.

And three and a half hours alone in a car with a cousin I have secretly had illicit thoughts about was a very long time to play Truth or Dare…


“Jill,” Nick asked when it was his turn, “would you sleep with a professor for an A?”

We had asked more tame questions to that point, and no one had taken a “dare” challenge yet, but with this question and still well over 2 hours to go, I felt a tingle. “If he was cute enough. I’ve seen a couple of those old profs, and no, not them. But David whatever his name is, YES!”

Big talker I was. I had sex for the first time 3 weeks ago, and the next morning he dropped me off at my dorm and didn’t even give me his phone number. I gave my prom date a handjob and had let him finger me. I had very little experience and somehow I figured Nick would find all of this out unless I lied to him.

And I am a terrible liar.

“What about you? Same question,” I asked.

“I slept with a Teaching Assistant once,” he said, but she was not for a course of mine. To answer your question, probably not because the profs are all men right now.”

We drove on in silence for a couple of minutes and he asked, “Celebrity crush?”

“Hmm, either Ryan Reynolds or Tom Holland,” I said.

“Isn’t he, like 12 or something?”

“No, he’s in his 20s I think,” I said in defense of my answer. “Ryan is hunky, and Tom seems sweet and innocent. Same question to you? Who is your crush?”

“Well, I suppose if you are doing Ryan, I could do Blake Lively, but I would say Alexa Grace.”

“Who’s that?”

“Um, an actress. Google her,” he said.

So I grabbed his phone from the cupholder and started to Google her.

“Hey!” he protested, but not very strong.

“She’s probably some PORN STAR!” I teased.

He blushed.

She was. And she looked similar to me. Where Alexa had golden blonde hair worn down on her shoulders, I had my hair worn in a braid and on my shoulder- more of a Queen Elsa look. Alexa had dark-rimmed glasses framing her emerald eyes, where my green eyes were naked. And she had a smaller chest than me. I liked how my B cups perkily hung on my frame.

All in all, if this pornstar was his type- and I was willing to pursue it- I liked my odds.

“Oh, she’s pretty. She looks like me. Oh, here’s a video of her fucking her brother. And another brother fucking video. Hmm, did you choose her because she looks like me?” I teased.

“Pfft, um, NO,” he protested. “I just like her.”

“Hmm, this guy- her stepbrother- is hung but she takes him AAAALLLL THE WAY in,” I teased. “You are probably out of luck with her. She seems to have a thing for horse cocks.”

“Who says I’m not that big?”

“Really?” I said, skeptically.

“Dare. I dare you to pull me out and compare me to the guy in the video,” he challenged.

Crap. Now what?

“Uh, you can’t FORCE me to take a dare,” I protested. I DID want to see him because all of this talk did have me a little excited, yes, he was my cousin but yet, he was my dirty little crush.

“You insulted my manhood, so you owe me,” he said.

I looked down and his lap had a rather large bump. He wanted this, and so did I. But I needed to be sure he wasn’t toying with me.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes,” he breathed, barely above a whisper. “Ever since I saw you 2 years ago at the cottage, in that red bikini of yours.”

So he had noticed me. It was not all one sided. That was the summer I noticed he wasn’t just some boy, but he was all man.

I leaned over the bench seat and slowly unzipped his fly. His boxers had a wet spot and and his cock sprang out, it was the same size as this big flashlight my dad has- a Maglite or something. This thing was a war club.

It was much bigger than what fucked me 3 weeks ago. Much bigger than my vibrator. And probably bigger than beylikdüzü anal yapan escort the stepbrother in the video I had just seen. I knew I wanted it. I needed to feel it in my mouth and in my pussy.

“Whoa,” I gasped. “C-can I…?” I asked.

“God yes! Take it,” he said and he placed both hands on the steering wheel, readying himself for the dual task of driving while getting roadhead or a hand job.

At this point, I had played with 2 cocks that were only about half this size, and had never sucked one. I knew the basics, kind of, but I wanted to try. No, I NEEDED to try.

The monster I was staring at had a reddish, almost purple head. The hole in the top of the helmet was leaking a clear fluid, and when I touched it, it was sticky and left a trail between his cock and my finger. Precum, I knew, and I rubbed it between my fingers and then tasted it. Salty, kind of like the sweat that forms on your top lip on a hot day- like a hot day where you are wearing a red bikini and your sexy cousin is staring at you then fucks you in the lake at your grandparents’ lake cabin.

Maybe someday, like tomorrow…

I put my mouth on it and sucked it like a popsicle, taking it deeper into my mouth and throat until I almost gagged. No way would I be able to swallow this whole thing until I had more practice.

But I must have been doing okay. One of his hands came off the steering wheel and gently touched my head, wiping my hair away.

“God that feels good, Jill.”

Encouraged, I went on. More and more precum leaked out, driving me on. I could feel his hip and leg muscles get real tense and all of a sudden he warned me in a gasping manner, “Jill, I’m close. I don’t care where or how, but I’m gonna cum soon.”

I knew where and how. Or so I thought.

I intended to swallow his entire load, but when he cried out in a pure animalistic cry, I was caught off guard by the sure volume of his cum. I swallowed some, coughed some, but most of it ended up in his lap and on my face.

“Ohmygod, Jill, you lied during Truth or Dare when you said you have never done that before. That was fantastic!”

Newly empowered but with cum on my face, I smiled. “Wanna see more?” I asked.


I slowly unzipped my shorts and then planted my feet on the floor so I could raise my hips and pull my shorts down.

His cock was still out and even though it was softening it still looked big. And now here I was with my shorts off and sitting with my legs open, green panties exposed. If we died in a car crash right now, it would be quite the family scandal. I could almost see the headline; “Cousins Die In Car Crash While Having Sex”.

I slid over just enough to give him access. He touched me on the outside of my panties, sending an electric shock through my body.

“Tell me your fantasy, Jill.”

“Do you think I’m sexy, Nick?”

“God, yes!”

“What if I were a stripper. Would you pay to see me dance, Nick?”

“It depends. What would my money get me?”

I don’t know why I said a stripper. I don’t think it was ever my fantasy to be a stripper, but Nick’s breathing seemed to pick up once again. So I gave him a fantasy…

“Well, I would start off in my red bikini, and when the music starts, I would scan the crowd for that one man to make eye contact with, drawing him in…”

As I said that, I took off my tshirt. I was in matching green panties and a bra.

“Maybe go with green instead of the red. Save the red for me,” he said.

“So as I dance around in my high heels and green, sexy lingerie, I spin on that pole, and the sexiest guy in the room stands up from his dark corner and walks up to the stage, sitting down right in front of me.”

I was subconsciously cupping my breasts as I was telling him this.

“Tell me more,” he said. His hand was on my bare leg.

“Mmm, next I take my top off,” I said, as I undid the front clasp of my bra, revealing my B cups and pointy, excited nipples. This was so wrong, but I was on fire.

“God, those are nice,” he said.

“Touch them, Nick. Touch my tits.” I never talk like this and am normally not this assertive but he was under my spell and I was going to take full advantage.

Damn! I wished were not flying down the road at 60 mph. We were on a two lane road with plenty of 8 foot tall corn and abandoned barns around. We could hide if we wanted to…

Nick reached over and gently touched my left breast. Then he tweaked my nipple.

“Mmm, the tall, dark, handsome stranger is touching my bare breasts. I spend all of my attention on him and the other people in the bar are getting upset…”

“Then what?” Nick asked, breathing heavy. His hand was massaging my breast and I sensed the car had slowed down. He seemed to be looking around for something.

“Next his finger slips inside my panties,” I said, hopeful he would follow suit.

He did.

“Aaaaggghhhh! God yes, stranger! Finger my pussy!”

He did, and it took almost no time for me to cum. If a guy cums that fast, he gets beylikdüzü balıketli escort made fun of, but for a guy to make a woman cum that quick, then he is a hero. I cried out as my body convulsed. The blood rushed from my head and my eyes flashed a white light almost as if I had been struck by lightening. As my senses returned, I laughed just a bit. I then realized I had my right breast in a death grip and Nick’s finger was in his mouth, licking my juices.

We had also stopped. We were in a farm driveway. No one around for miles.

“Aahh, that was…” is all I could say.

“Thank you, Jill.”

“For?” I asked, confused.

“Sharing your fantasy and your…”

“W-why did we stop?” I asked, looking around, hope returning to my mind that maybe he was about to fuck me in the middle of nowhere.

“Well,” he said. “I just thought maybe…”

“Is there anyone around?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.”

“Nick, please fuck me. Be gentle, I have never had anything THAT big inside, but I want to feel you stretch and fill me.”

No going back now.

Nick quickly got out of the car and opened the door for me.

“Wait!” he said. “Give me a second.”

He went to the trunk and pulled out a blanket and then took my hand. We ran about 20 yards to a grove of trees and he spread the blanket out.

“Do I need a condom?” he asked.

“I think it’s a good idea,” I said.

There was something not quite so taboo about a barrier between my first cousin’s penis and my vaginal wall.

But I STILL wanted him inside me.

We made quick work. I pulled my panties off and he dropped his shorts. He had returned to full size. He tore open the package of the condom he had and rolled it down his shaft as I watched in fascination. 3 weeks ago I had not noticed this detail. It had been darker and we both had been drinking. He had used some fancy heat lubed thing that made me feel as if I had wet myself. The heating lube kind of hurt and felt like I had accidentally gotten Icy Hot inside me.

This time it was some natural membrane thing he said.

Quickly he lined the tip of himself up to my opening and started to push, stopping as I gasped. God he was huge!

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, just go slow…at first,” I said.

He worked himself all the way inside me. I swear he had to be tickling my tonsils he was so deep in me. We picked up the pace and settled into a rythm as I wrapped my legs around him, drawing him deeper into me and trying to lock him in.

“Jill, I’m close,” he said between gasps. “Where…?”

“It’s okay. Inside me,” I gasped.

Then I came. If I thought I came hard in the car (and I did!) that paled in comparison to feeling his cock pulsate as I came simultaneously with him. My pussy tried to squeeze him for all he was worth. I was trying to milk him dry.

But even that condom made me feel like I had wet myself.

But as he started to withdraw himself, he plopped out followed by a large glob of cum. The condom broke and was bunched up around the base of his shaft.

“Oh, shit Jill! I wasn’t sure when I asked, but…are you…okay?”

I reached down and scooped some of his cum. Despite having came a little while ago, his cum factory was putting out lots of production today.

“I’m more worried about what Mom and Dad will say if they find my cum-soaked panties than I am about getting pregnant.”

Pregnant. What IF that happened? Would Nick be around? Of course, in some manner, unless the family banished us both. Becoming pregnant and telling everyone would be the easy part; explaining WHO the father was would be the tough part.

“Do you have a place we can hide these?” I asked.

“We will think of something…”


What would happen? Would Nick suport me? Could we legally get married anywhere in the country? In the world? Would we put our baby up for adoption? Or somerhing else…

These thoughts were going through my mind as we continued our drive toward home. It must have been obvious because Nick’s hand took mine into his and he squeezed it.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

I started going though some of my fears and asked, “Nick, will you always be there for me? Even after we stop doing…this?”

He looked at me and quickly pulled the car off the road again. “Nick, I don’t think I can again right now,” I said.

“Do you remember when you were 7 and you almost drowned?”

“Yes,” I said, not remembering any details.

“Do you know who pulled you out of the water?”

“I assumed it was Dad, but, no I guess I don’t know,” I said.

“It was me. Do you remember when you broke your arm…”

“Ugh, I HATE trampolines to this day!” I exclaimed. Then I remembered he helped- no, he carried me to his house so his mom- my aunt- could call the ambulance.

“And how much do you remember about ‘the accident’?”

“Not much. It was winter, I had a concussion and didn’t wake up for about 4 days.”

It was an accident in January that had killed beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş his brother, who had been driving.

“I held you and kept you warm until the ambulance showed. And I didn’t leave your side for days.”

What an accident prone young girl I was. But why hadn’t anyone told me about the depth of his devotion to me before?

Because we were family. And family stepped up. But he stepped up more than most.

I snuggled up next to him, relaxed, and eventually falling asleep. His love keeping me warm.


Saturday we had our grandparents’ 60th Anniversary party. We acted “normal”, skeaking a couple more minutes than normal alone, pretending for the others we were keeping tabs on the Iowa State- Iowa football game. But he said to me, “I hope you wear a skirt and no panties on the car ride back to school.”

“How about I wear something and just leave it on your floor tomorrow night?”

He looked shocked, then smiled, and then asked, “Really?”

“Yes. You have no idea how bad I want you to take me somewhere right now.”

He said, “I don’t think anyone would notice of we disappeared for a few minutes.”

“Nope,” I said. “YOU have to wait until tomorrow when we get back to Ames and you take me to your place, give me foreplay and make long, slowwww love to me,” and after a dramatic pause, I said, “THEN maybe I will forget my panties on your floor.”


We left about 9am Sunday, both eager to get back to Nick’s place. We both said we had to study, and made the trip in record time. We held hands and snuggled, but nothing like the trip on Friday. We wanted something meaningful- more meaningful than car sex.

When we pulled up to his place, he exhaled and said, “Well, here we are.”

Both of us were nervous. I was afraid that I had set expectations too high. I am not sure why Nick was nervous.

He raced around the car to open my door and I decided to flash him a peek of my red, lacy panties underneath my skirt. The look on his face was priceless.

We hurried up the stairs and locked the door behind us, standing there.

“Do you, uh, need anything?” he asked. “Bathroom is through the bedroom.”

“Let me freshen up,” I said.

“Jill,” he said, then stopped.

I turned to look at him. “Yes?”

“Remember, I do love you.”

My heart skipped a beat, literally. I think they may call it a premature ventricular contraction or something. I got light headed ever so briefly.

I had nothing to worry about with this wonderful man.

But plenty to worry about with our family later.

I went pee and cleaned mysef up. I had some wipes in my purse and put on a real small amount of perfume. I looked in the mirror and the shy girl who normally stared back at me was a sexy, glowing woman.

I was ready.

So was Nick.

On the bedside table was a box of condoms, but we decided at this point they were unnecessary. And we both wanted to feel each other.

Truly FEEL each other.

Nick slowly undressed me and had me lie down on his bed, then he went to work licking my pussy. Wow! That felt great and two small, quick orgasms later I needed to feel him fill me up.

He did. Missionary.

About 20 minutes later, he took me doggy style. That was amazing! I loved to feel his balls slap against my clit. I came harder than I thought possible.

We both napped for a little bit, then I took him by climbing on, controlling the pace and angle. Another amazing feeling.

But not quite the same as the emotional feeling I was experiencing. I was in love.

I was in deep, and had it bad. Silently I cried myself to sleep in his arms, before making love one more time around 4 in the morning. And finally I let him fuck me hard, slapping my ass in the procees as he bent me over the bathroom sink as we were getting ready for class Monday.

5 times in about 20 hours. I was wrecked physically and emotionally. Physically I would heal in a few hours and be ready again that night, but emotionally I was afraid that it would have to end, and I couldn’t stand that.

It was unfair that my soulmate was my cousin.


About 2 months later as he was cooking for me while I cleaned his apartment wearing only a French Maid outfit and nothing else, he said, “Jill, babe, remember your fantasy you told me about?”

“Yes. It was hot, but honestly it was not really a fantasy I have. I just thought you might like it.”

“Oh,” he said, kind of dejected.

“Why? What?” I asked.

“Well, there’s a strip club in Des Moines that is having an Amateur Night next week. We won’t probably see anyone we know, and I was hoping…”

I knew what was next, and I was in. Since he wanted this, I wanted this.

“What will you give me if I do this?” I asked, hand reaching for my pussy.

“Well, after you win the $100 for First Place, I will give you exactly what you beg for.”


Amateur Night arrived and we drove the 45 minutes to the strip club. I was nervous and he psyched me up. He also gave me two shots of tequila.

Charli XCX came across the speakers and I stolled out in my red bikini as the crowd gave me a warm reception. I spun around the pole and didn’t embarrass myself as Nick got up from a dark corner and approached the front row. I danced around, feeling the music, letting the beat and the crowd wash over me. I was feeling pretty good.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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