Mother and Daughter: Ellen , Elisa

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My name is Elisa, and I am about 5’9″, thin with honey blond hair. I’m 20 right now, though I am describing what happened when I had just turned 18, how this whole thing with my mom got started.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever end up doing some of the things I do now. My mom and I live alone because my dad left when i was like, three years old. I don’t think I remember him. Mom and I have always been close but I never liked any of her boyfriends and we sometimes fight about that. She would bring boyfriends home and I would just listen to the fucking in her room. I could hear them through my wall sometimes.

So when I started bringing my boyfriends home she got really controlling and wouldn’t let them into my room and I couldn’t sleep with them or anything, which I thought sucked and was totally unfair. We fought about that a lot. Until one day I brought my newest boyfriend home and he was really hot. I mean, he was 19 and sexy, had a good face and really nice bulge in his pants. My mom liked him cause he was nice and polite and did things polite for her. And I think she liked the way he looked, too, and seemed to keep looking at his bulge.

So John, that was my boyfriend, he comes over one day when I think she is gone and we can be alone. I really wanted to have some time alone with him cause I was still a virgin though I was trying really hard to lose it but never seemed to get the opportunity and John was just amazing. I really wanted him to be the first guy I let inside me. So we were on the couch making out and our clothes were all messed up and coming off, and I halkalı eve gelen escort was thinking this would be it.

My mom walks in on us. I freak out, but John is just sort of mellow, like he is used to this. His pants are partly undone and his shirt is off, and I am partway undressed and my mom just stands there and looks at things for a second or two and then puts her purse down and says “So, Elisa, I think maybe I need to teach you a little bit about how to please a man.”

John’s cock had come out of his pants and was hard, standing up like a soldier. He didn’t say much, except something like, gosh, ok, is that ok? So I am sitting on the couch and mom just comes over and kneels down in front of John and pulls his pants down. I was sooo uncomfortable. I would rather that she just get mad and throw him out, but instead it is like she is taking my boyfriend from me. That seemed cruel and just not right.

Mom is pretty sexy, I gotta say. The guys like her and she is pretty young, and I think John was totally turned on by this older woman wanting to service him. So he is all like, yeeeaaahhhh and strokes himself to get hard for her and she cups his balls and starts telling me how to give a man a hand job. And then she shows me, stroking him. She actually spits on his penis, and I am freaked out, I never heard of that but I guess it makes it easier to stroke him because John didn’t mind.

I’m sitting on our couch watching mom do my boyfriend, and then she takes him in her mouth which I knew I was supposed to do but had never seen done halkalı grup yapan escort before. It was just so weird to see my mom do it, but it was also sorta hot too. I mean, I had never seen a blow job before, much less my mom doing it, and it just got me really aroused and hot. I touched myself a bit.

John is groaning and maybe thrusting a bit as mom takes his whole cock into her mouth. His cock was big, bigger than I realized they could get and the way she just let it go all the way into her throat without choking was amazing. Mom was really something, and I was enjoying watching, but I was also getting kinda jealous because John was my boyfriend, and I should be the one blowing him.

I think mom realized this because she stopped for a second and told me to get down off the couch and come over on my knees and start taking him. So I got down, though she was still there, and she was still sucking him and I started sucking his balls. John was really moaning and enjoying this by now, having both me and my mom doing him at once.

Mom then tells me to start tonguing his cock, and so I do, except she is as well. She doesn’t stop. Like, what am I supposed to do, keep sucking him while she is doing it too? I guess so, so I am sliding up and down and so is she, and our lips are touching. Now, this sounds really weird but it wasn’t really because she was just sucking his cock and so was I; and yet mom’s lips and my lips were touching and I was pretty aware of that.

John seems like he might be ready to cum at any moment, and I take halkalı masöz escort his whole cock in my mouth, trying to do what I saw my mom do. My mom’s saliva was all over his cock and I was getting it into my mouth too, which I was aware of but by then I was just so hot and aroused, all I wanted was to get John to shoot his wad and for me to do it.

My mom started working his balls and then his cock and as we both sucked the end of his cock our lips touched, and mom kissed me. I mean, she full on kissed me, with her tongue and everything. Now this seems like it should be really weird and just major awkward, but it wasn’t. It seemed perfectly natural, we were just two girls servicing a man, getting off on it and having fun, so it seemed perfectly normal, like the right thing to do. We kissed some and swapped spit until John’s cock slid between our lips again. I think mom even had her hand on my bare boob then.

So mom finally says, it is time to finish him off; and starts massaging his dick with both her mouth and hand really hard and fast. He is moving his hips and I am in there, tonguing him as well, one hand on his ass, urging him on. And then suddenly he like, jerks and pulses and his cum spurts out and covered my mom’s face and gets on her clothes and everything.

So that was the first time mom and me ever like, shared a man. Since then we have shared some other guys, in different ways. Mom and me never actually do it together, just her and me, you know. But when one of us brings a guy home, we sometimes will both do them and when we do it together, we get off on each other as well. It seems OK just as long as we are sharing a guy. It isn’t about my mom and me having sex then, it is more like, me and mom having sex with the same guy and we just sort of end up being together too, and it seems pretty normal then.

So that’s the story of my first time with my mother, I might write some more about some later times. She and I still do it.

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