Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife Pt. 04

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Big Tits

NEW and IMPROVED version. Continuing the story as I fuck all the women in Arun’s life. This is all fiction. It contains depictions of inter-generational sex and masturbation and depictions are pretty graphic. You should look elsewhere if you want a slow build up. All characters are above eighteen years of age.


Arun and Shilpa left the next day. But I could not get the girl out of my mind. She was like a

breath of fresh air. So young and willing and giving! I had forgotten that I could still go after girls and women far younger than me, and she reminded me that age was just a number. I hoped fervently that she’d get her summer training nearby and we could get together again.

I fantasized about Shilpa when I had sex with my wife, who was surprised at my new interest and vigor during our fuck sessions. Needless to say, I masturbated a number of times with Shilpa’s panties as well. I started looking and ogling at younger girls wherever I went – in the shopping mall, at the beach, in my office, during my jogs in the evening. I had even talked a few of the new female trainees at my office into having lunch with me, as a prelude to taking them out to dinner, and to see what would then develop. Things were looking promising with a couple of them who would not have been much older than Shilpa. They seemed willing to play along. Girls these days were far more outgoing and broad-minded.

But just like that, I realized one fine day that I hadn’t thought about Shilpa in a while. She had been replaced by that cute bespectacled, fair, North-Indian assistant in the office. Or was it the girl in tight leggings that had started jogging in the park around the same time in the evening as I did? Regardless, as days went by, I found myself thinking less and less about Shilpa. And even less about Arun.

Over dinner one evening I told my wife that I had to go to our Northern Regional office for a week for some work. I’d have to fly to Delhi and then take a local train or car to the office a couple of hours from there.

She said, looking up, “Oh really! That’s nice. You should go meet Arun.”

“Arun? Why?” I asked, absentmindedly.

“Why?? You are asking why? He’s your friend, that’s why, and he is in Delhi. You should pay him a visit.”

I mumbled, “Yeah, OK. Maybe I will. Let’s see.”

“No. You should go. For your information, he has been ill for the past few weeks and the doctors have told him to get bed rest for about another month, so he is at home now.”

“What? Ok.. ok… I will go visit him then. How do you know all this stuff?” I asked her.

“Madhu and I are in a chat group. So is Shilpa,” my wife said matter-of-factly.

Madhu and Shilpa! Wow!

I played dumb, and prayed my excitement did not show, “Uh huh. Is Shilpa.. Is she with them at home..?”

“No, she is in the hostel. She comes over during the weekends to visit, sometimes.”

I could think of nothing else after dinner. My cock was stiff and throbbing in my pants. How long ago did I fuck Shilpa, in this very house? Eight, nine months?

I held her head as she knelt in front of me. Her shiny, smooth, silken hair sliding through my fingers as she sucked on my cock, her head going up and down the length of my thick, veiny dick. Her mouth felt so cool on my hot cock. She pulled her head away and grasped my thick member with her fist and licked the glistening purple head all around. He tongue darted into the hole at the head, then down and under the head to my most sensitive part of my dick.

“Ooooh..,” a gasp escaped my lips as the sensation of pleasure spread from my cock to the rest of my body.

She giggled and then swallowed my whole cock till I could feel the back of her throat with the head of my dick.

I pulled her up and turned her and lay her down on the bed face down, with her ass high up in the air. I parted her heavy, tight ass cheeks and directed my throbbing dick into her asshole and pushed hard.

“Wait!” I told myself, recalling some detail. Or did I forget something? Did I not ejaculate in her mouth? I knew I came in her mouth, but was it before or after we fucked? Did we have anal sex?

“Damn! Doesn’t matter. I fucked her. And she also swallowed my cum. That’s the important thing!”

And her mother! Madhu! Fuck! Will I get to see her? I was her first fling, so to speak. I was the first to kiss her, squeeze her tits, suck her nipples, lick her pussy, drink her cunt juices! Mine was her first cock. We did not fuck, but she gave fantastic handjobs. She was a horny girl, if ever there was one. Oh! Those mutual masturbatory sessions. Her fingers flying in and out of her hole, rubbing furiously at her clit, her eyes bulging and gawking as my cum spewed out of my cock.

“Damn, Ramu! How does a big thing like that get into this small hole?” Madhu asked, incredulously, as she stared at my thick, smelly, veiny dick. I was stroking it slowly, the purple head glistening and the foreskin all bunched up under the head. beylikdüzü otele gelen escort Her right hand was on her crotch and she was rubbing her clit, and she had her left hand on her nose, taking in the smell of her own cunt.

“You know how. Have you not seen the videos I gave you?” I said.

“Yes, Yes. But it is unbelievable!”

She noticed me staring at her pussy. She removed her hand and spread her legs to give me a better view, and reached out to grab my cock. Then , once in a comfortable position, she proceeded to stroke my cock. “Oh! Fuck Ramu. so big and hard. I love the smell!”

“Madhu, why don’t you put it in your mouth? I understand you want to be a virgin, and give your virginity to the guy you marry. But why not give me a blowjob? Come on, I do it to you. I love the taste and smell of you down there. Come on, please? Just for a bit.” I pleaded.

“No. No. And no, Ramu. I know all the boys like it and I have seen pictures and DVDs of blowjobs. It seems nice, your thing smells great. But no.”

“What if your husband wants you to suck him? What if he asks you to do it on your first night?”

“Then I will do it with him.”

“Fuck!” I screamed softly, and put my head between her legs. She had recently removed some of her cunt hair and her vagina was just a thin line, her outer lips covered everything else. She was creaming beautifully, and some cream oozed between her lips. I put my tongue and lapped the juices and opened her outer lips and sucked on her clit. I went at it for about three minutes when I realized she was going to climax. As her orgasm hit, she shook and shuddered like a car running on a dirt road. She grabbed my head and held it in place and lifted and slammed her crotch forcefully, and repeatedly into my mouth, grunting with each thrust, “Uhn. uhn, Uhn….”. The smell and taste of cunt juices and piss and hair were intoxicating. As she finished and fell back on to the cold floor, I raised myself and straddled her belly and proceeded to jerk off on her.

She tried to move away, “What? No! Ramu no, don’t finish on……, ” was all she could say before I lost control. Cum shot out of my cock, and I knew I shouldn’t let it fall on her face, so I held my cock down and directed my streams on her belly.

“Aiyoo, chee..what are you .. what did you do.. it is dirty.. Aiyoh, why…,” she cried out.

“Come on, Madhu. This is nothing,” I said as I clambered off her. I took my T-shirt and wiped my cum from her belly. “Don’t tell me you don’t like to see me do it. I came a lot!”

“Yes, but not ON me. I am not a whore. Only sluts do it. You are a dirty asshole. You sonofabitch!”

That night before bed, I slipped into the storage room in my house secretly and opened my treasure. I had them all well organized and cataloged. I realized that there were only a couple of new pairs of panties in my collection since Shilpa’s. Who the new ones belonged to slipped my mind, as I was focussed on Shilpa’s panties. Then I dug a bit deeper and sought out one of Madhu’s panties. Boy! How long ago was that from? I did not care! It was Madhu’s. A bright red pair, and coincidentally, the same color as Shilpa’s. I took them out carefully and examined them.

The storage room was dark, stuffy, airless and hot. My wife rarely ventured in here. And I had locked the door from inside so there was no danger of her walking in on me. I undid my pants and pulled out my turgid member. And I proceeded to wrap Shilpa’s panties on my cock and stroke it. I replaced her panties with her mother’s, careful with the old material. I did not finish. I went to the edge and came back – multiple times. The smell of cunt juices on the panties was faint, but that was enough for me. To think that these were pressed against Madhu’s and Shipa’s cunts was enough to drive me insane.

Later that night, I fucked my wife more forcefully and vigorously than I had in the last few months.

“Oh Ramu!” she gasped, as she opened her legs even wider to accommodate my thrusts. “So nice! Fuck! What’s got into you? Are you taking drugs? Ah… Ah… Ah… fuck, fuck… put you hands there… there…no .. on .. my… clit.. Yes…aiyoo aiyooo….”

Little did she know that I was fucking Madhu and Shilpa in my mind.

Oh yes! I will go visit Arun in Delhi. I will visit him and fuck his wife and daughter.

“Yes, Yes, Yes! Fuck!” I groaned and gasped as I struggled on top of the woman I was fucking.

Madhu! You did not let me fuck you all those years ago! That’s alright. Let’s fuck now. Let me put my cock in all your holes. I will show you once again how I cum. The very last time we saw each other was, what, twenty five years ago? You sucked my dick and I came in your mouth. I will do it again! And again! And again!! Uhn.Uhn..Uhn….

I wasn’t about to finish. I had a long way to go. I had to first fuck Shipa as well.

“Wait! Wait! Don’t move,” I screamed softly at my wife as she gasped and panted beylikdüzü rus escort under me.

“Ok ok ok.. Take your time. Fuck me..fuck me.. Ramu..yes..yes!!”

After a while, I rose on my elbows and resumed fucking my wife. She held my biceps and raised her knees, and I put my hands under them and doubled her up and proceeded to thrash her.

Shipa! I wanted to fuck you in the ass the last time, but you wouldn’t let me. This time I will not fail. I will own that beautiful ass of yours. I will push my dick past your hairy asshole and pummel you until I cum in your ass, you fucking, horny, girl. I will make you lick my asshole. Ah!!

“Yes! Yes. Ok, I am going to finish,” I gasped.

My cock was sliding effortlessly and smoothly in and out of Madhu’s cunt. Shipa’s cool, thick tongue was lapping at the entrance to my asshole!”

At the very last moment I pulled out of my wife’s cunt and fisted my cock. She got up on her elbows to see me. And both of us stared at my fist as it raced rapidly up and down the length of my cock.

I let out a soft, primal scream as I ejaculated on her belly. I continued stroking till the last, weak stream fell on her cunt hairs. She then moved her head forward and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and sucked it till the very last drop entered her mouth. Fuck!!

A week later I was in a cab driving to Arun’s house. My wife had arranged it so I would stay in their house for a night and then go to my work the next day. My excitement and apprehension mounted as I neared Arun’s apartment building. Would Madhu be there? What would it be like to meet her after twenty five years? And Shilpa? How will she react? What would we do? Damn!

But I was not ready for what was in store for me. Arun was in real bad shape. He had put on more weight and was walking with the help of a cane as he opened the door. He was panting and breathing with a lot of difficulty.

“Hey, Arun! What happened to you? How are you?” I said, in shock as I stepped into the apartment.

“Hey, nothing da Ramu,” He said, gasping slightly. “It’s diabetes. Affected my bones and stuff. I think my knees are getting weaker by the day. And I got a cold that doesn’t seem to go away. Been like that for a week.”

He walked me to his living room and I lay down my bags. He said, “Enough about me. How are you? You are in good shape, as usual. You look about ten years younger than me!”

I looked around, and then he said, “Oh! I forgot. Madhu had to go to her mom’s place urgently. She left last night. Won’t be back for a few days.”

I was disappointed, to say the least. There goes my chance, I said to myself.

“I know, I know,” Ramu said. “You came here all the way and cannot meet Madhu. Maybe next time, if there is one. Oh, by the way, Shilpa will be coming over. I told her you’d be staying the night. She’ll pick up some dinner for us. Did I mention she has a new boyfriend?l.”

Oh, Ok, I told myself, at least I’ll be able to meet Shilpa!

But imagine my surprise when I opened the door and saw Shilpa, and her boyfriend! The sonofabitch was here with her!

“Oh Hello, uncle!!” she jumped into my arms and hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. Then she turned to her boyfriend and introduced us.

Was it just me or was she really trying hard not to make eye contact with me. Throughout the evening, she avoided me. Did not talk to me, or respond properly to my questions and the like. Was it because her boyfriend was here? Did she not remember our session at my house? Did she regret it? Was it just a flash in the pan and she was now over it? Did she think I would have expectations for this evening and night? (Of course, I had expectations. I expected to fuck her. Fuck her in her cunt and ass, what else?).

But she remained aloof throughout the evening and through dinner. She even refused my help in setting the table.

After dinner, Shilpa and Mahesh, her boyfriend, went to her room. I sat with Arun while he got read for bed and chatted about old times. I got caught up in memories and stories and I kind of forgot about Shilpa for a while.

A little later, surprise, surprise! Mahesh came into the room and said he had to leave as his office had called in with a technical emergency. I spent another half hour with Arun and then walked to my room to retire for the night. As I passed Shipa’s room, I had a half mind to knock on her door, but I thought the better of it.

The possibilities of why Shilpa avoided me was playing in my mind as I dozed off. I was tired from the flight earlier in the day.

Sometime in the very early morning hour, when it was still very dark outside, and all was quiet with no one walking, no traffic on the roads, and even the birds quiet on the trees, I heard a squeak from my door. I was a light sleeper and I immediately awoke. Shilpa made her way to my bed. I raised my head, looking at her. She proceeded to undress. She only has a slip on, and she raised the hem and pulled beylikdüzü türbanlı escort it off of her. She was completely naked underneath. I made room for her and she lay down next to me.

She placed her palms on my face and reached up and kissed me, open mouth. Wordlessly, she reached down under the covers and held my penis in her hand. I was limp, but with a few seconds, I was hardening.

“Oh, uncle,” she whispered, and pulled off the covers and bent and took my cock in her mouth. Fuck! I almost jumped out of my skin. Her mouth was cool on my warming cock. I held her head steady, and pumped up into her mouth.

Her ass was near my face, and I placed a hand on her smooth, round, thick ass cheek. I ran my hand on her ass crack. I ran it down and located her asshole and inserted my finger in it. She mumbled, “Mmmmmmmm, mmmmm,” and moved her ass away from me. But I did not let go, Held her ass and squeezed. Fuck, so young, so thick, so willing!!

I then grabbed her and plonked her on the bed. I put my hand on her crotch and cupped her cunt. She had let her hair grow there and my fingers ran over the thick, black, wiry curls. She shuddered and gasped as I found her hole and inserted my finger in it. She was sloppy wet and As I pistoned my fingers in and out, the juices flowed readily and easily and made her crotch hairs wet.

Then I raised myself and readied to fuck her. She grabbed my cock and directed it into her cunt. And she gasped as we made contact, and she held onto me tightly as I moved in and out of her.

“Oh, uncle. God! It’s so good. Fuck me..Fuck me..”

I took it slow. I put my hand on her clit and my mouth on her nipple. I sucked her tit. I rubbed her clit. I fucked her cunt. My thrusts were slow, long and hard. It was glorious to fuck such a young human being. She was so willing and giving. Wow!

She held onto my biceps as I fucked her, and looked right into my eyes. I increased my pace. And she groaned and gasped as I fell on her repeatedly. Her body shook as we made contact. I rammed her mercilessly, thoughtlessly as my lust increased from my loins. She was panting, sweat poring out of her. She held on to me fiercely as I plunged repeatedly into her. I was enjoying this. Enjoying this a lot. She was grunting and I realized I was also mumbling something like, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, cunt, cunt, cunt!” She responded by, “Yes, yes, yes, uncle, do it..fuck me!”

During one of our breaks, I had a feeling she wanted to say something, so I asked, “What’s it, Shilpa? You OK? Yeah?”

“Yes, yes,” she whispered. “I .. am… ok… but…uncle..I…..”

“What? What Shilpa?” I stopped and looked at her.

“Aieee, ahhhh.. remember..when we did ..,” she gasped. “You wanted to..we..tried to…you know… doing it from….from the back.?… Do you…is it ok…will you? Do you want to?”

“Shilpa, I … yes… I will .. if you are.. Ok…”

“Yes, yes, uncle.. I always.. I yes..,” she hissed.

“But Shilpa,” I smiled at her. “You have to ask once more.. Clearly!”

“What? What do you want me to say?”

“Ask what you want me to do, that’s all I am asking.”

“Ok,” she giggled.

“Now,” I said.

“OK. Uncle Ramu.. Ramu uncle..please fuck me .. in… ass.. Will you please?”

I laughed softly, and I turned her around. I put a pillow under her and she straddled it.

I lubricated my cock, and her asshole. She helped me as well, by spreading her ass cheeks.

“Shilpa, it’s going to hurt a bit. You OK?”

“Yes, yes, uncle. Please be slow. Now, slow!”

So I fucked her in the ass. It hurt her. A Lot. It was her first time. It hurt me also, a little, though it was not my first time. She groaned and moaned. She was in tears almost, as I took a long, a very long time, fucking her with my cock in her ass. It was so tight, her young virginal asshole being so plundered by my thick member. I could feel the hair around her asshole tickling my penis. Our bodies made squelching sounds as my belly slammed into her ass cheeks. I took it slow. I took a lot of breaks. I lead her along. She reached back and spread her cheeks to make it easier for us.

And when I wanted to ejaculate, I stopped and bent down to her ear. I had no shame. I had no fear. I knew what I wanted.

I whispered, “Shilpa, I want to come. I want to come in your mouth. Like last time!”

“What? Oh.. ok..yes, uncle,” she answered back.

I cleaned my dick as best as I could and we assumed the classic blowjob position. I crouched so my cock could reach her mouth as she knelt and took my cock in her mouth.

I face-fucked her, rapidly pulling and pushing my dick in and out of her mouth. And then when I was about to come, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and I fisted and stroked it. The day was getting a little brighter, and I could see her waiting, open mouth as she looked at my hand flying over the length of her shaft.

I gave her fair warning when I was about to come. “Ahh, Shilpa.. Here it is..ahh.. Ahhhh!”

My cum spurted out of my cock and landed first on her chin. She jerked back in shock, but I had my cock in my hand and I directed my next spurts towards her mouth, as I steadied her head with my other hand. I emptied my balls into her mouth. And she took it without complaining. She looked at me and when she realized I was finished, she closed her mouth and swallowed my jism.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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