Mother’s Friend Ch. 06

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The next day Ron awoke very late and found that Sandy was already gone. He stayed alone in the room for a while and replayed the previous night’s adventures in his mind. Had he really watched Pam and Sandy fucking? He smiled to himself as he got out of bed and then had his smile melt away when he realized that it was the 4th of July and this was the last night of the trip.

It had seemed that he and Sandy’s plan of getting their moms out of their usual environments had succeeded. Things had progressed much farther than Ron had ever imagined and it seemed that he and Sandy were very close to actually living out their dirty fantasy of fucking their own mothers.

Part of him was surprised how much he now wanted to fuck his mom. However, he couldn’t deny that watching Pam and Sandy together had been wilder than anything he had ever seen. He was now sure that the forbidden thrill of being with his own mom while Sandy and Pam watched or even joined in would far surpass anything he had felt so far.

He quietly walked over to the door that joined his room with the one being shared by Pam and his mom. He pushed the door open softly hoping that maybe his mom and maybe even Pam would still be there. He wasn’t sure what he would do or say if his mom had been there, but somehow he thought maybe the lurid events of the previous nights might drive them to try something beyond anything they would have ever imagined. Only an empty room greeted his stare, however, and he guessed that the three ladies must all be out together.

He took a long shower and thought about his own mom’s actions the previous night. She had sat and watched as he fucked Pam and than as Pam sucked her daughter’s pussy. What had she been thinking while she watched him fuck her close friend? Had she wondered what it would be like to be in Pam’s place? The mere idea sent a shiver down his spine and made his cock tingle.

Part of him wanted to say that this was all pure fantasy on his part and that his mom would never actually agree to fuck him. Still, he couldn’t deny that she had watched Pam and Sandy commit incest the previous night and, in fact, had seemed very excited by the act as she played with her own pussy and made herself cum.

As he toweled off after his shower he was startled from his daydreams by the phone ringing. It was Sandy telling him that they were out shopping and would be back in a couple of hours. He lounged on the small balcony of their room as he waited for the others to return. His anticipation of the coming night began to build and, to a certain degree, his sadness also grew that this wild trip was about to end.

True to her word Sandy and the others arrived a couple of hours later all carrying various shopping bags and laughing heartily. Part of Ron had been afraid that somehow the previous night might have made the interactions between them strained or awkward but it was clear that the women had no such problems as they talked and laughed just as normal. He quickly relaxed and listened as they filled him in on their adventures.

The ladies had all purchased new bathing suits and wanted to try them out in the hotel’s large pool, so they all quickly changed and walked together down to the pool. As the other three staked out chairs Pam stopped at the poolside bar and bought a round of drinks for everyone. She returned and passed them out as they all four began to settle in to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and swimming together by the pool.

Ron could hardly peel his eyes off the three women with him as they each removed their robes or cover ups and revealed their new suits to him. Sandy’s bikini was not that much different in the front that her previous suits except it had a little less fabric around her tits so it left much more exposed to his greedy stare. It wasn’t until she turned and Ron saw that her suit was a thong did he really notice the difference. She and the others immediately noticed him staring and teased him slightly at his reaction, however Ron also noticed that both Pam and Nancy were glancing at Sandy’s bare ass as she moved around her chair before settling down.

Pam and Nancy had similarly bought suits that were more revealing than anything Ron had seen them in before. Neither wore a thong or a suit as revealing as Sandy’s but both were cut lower in front and higher in back than their previous suits.

The first time Sandy got up to take a dip in the pool Ron joined her for some swimming and splashing. As much as possible without looking too obvious he brushed against her and fondled her hot body under the water. They climbed out of the water together a little later.

Ron soon returned to the water when Pam made her way to the pool’s edge. As he had done with her daughter he and she played closely in the water and took the opportunity to fondle or at least touch each other under the water.

That is how the rest of the day passed for them as they lounged around the pool and drank a few more rounds until they agreed they were all ready for esenyurt ucuz escort dinner. As they made their way upstairs they talked about dinner plans and decided to perhaps just have a quiet evening rather than hitting the clubs or rowdy bars. They all changed and made the short walk to the restaurant next to the hotel for a leisurely meal. Several more rounds of drinks were consumed by all during the meal and by the time they were ready to leave the restaurant they were all feeling tipsy.

“I know we talked about staying in,” Sandy said, “but is anyone up for one last night on the town?” Ron knew right away what Sandy was trying to do. She hoped that the alcohol combined with the acts of the previous night and the sexy environment in the dance clubs might be the spark that would bring their plan to completion.

“I don’t think I’m up for that,” Nancy answered, “I was kind of looking forward to spending the night with just the four of us.” Ron couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there had definitely been something mischievous and a little sexy about his mom’s tone that made him excited. Sandy perhaps picked up on the same thing as they all agreed and began walking back to the hotel.

Once up in the room again Pam rummaged through one of her bags and produced a bottle of alcohol she had purchased that day apparently in anticipation of the night to come. They each poured a glass and went out to the small balcony. The parties for the holiday were already in full swing and with increasing regularity fireworks would shoot into the air. They talked and looked out over the partying below.

They sat talking and drinking for a while longer listening to the music coming from the radio that Sandy had turned on earlier. They moved inside the room a short while later when the lights on their balcony began attracting bugs. As they walked into the room the radio began playing a particularly upbeat number. Sandy laughed and excitedly said, “Oooo, I love this song!”

As the others took seats around the room Sandy began dancing by herself. At first she was happy to dance by herself as the others watched. Ron loved watching her sexy body move temptingly as she danced and swayed before them. Sandy was a very good dancer usually, but her drinking this night had left her a little less graceful than usual. Still she looked sexier than hell to Ron as she moved around in time to the music.

Sandy kept on dancing as a new song started. Soon after the new song began she looked around and playfully said, “Hey, no fair watching. Come on out here.” Initially nobody moved so she danced over to Ron and took his hand pulling him out with her as they started dancing together.

They danced together for quite a few times and Ron was a little surprised and excited at how physical she was as they danced. She immediately began to rub against Ron with her ass and crotch and even fondled his ass a few times.

Ron initially felt a little awkward dancing like this with Sandy in front of their moms, but then he thought about them watching and maybe even getting excited themselves and his already hardening cock became even harder. He eagerly responded to her actions and they continued luridly dancing for a while longer.

Sandy gave him a sexy kiss and then said, “OK, who’s next?” as she looked back and forth between Nancy and Pam. Ron returned to his seat and watched anxiously as Sandy glided over to his mom and took hold of her hand. At first she seemed to be unsure of what to do, but then she stood up and moved into the middle of the room with Sandy.

As they danced Ron immediately noticed that Sandy was dancing with her the same way she danced with him. She repeatedly let her ass and crotch brush up against Nancy’s ass or pussy and her hands roamed freely all over Nancy’s back and sides. A couple of times Ron thought he saw Sandy fondle his mom’s ass and once, as Sandy raised her hands over her head briefly, he thought he saw her brush her fingers over his mom’s tits. By now his head was spinning in excitement and he had to change his position to create room for his hard cock.

Sandy and Nancy continued dancing for a while longer until Pam stood up and said, “May I cut in?” Ron expected Pam to then begin dancing with his mom but instead she approached her own daughter and they began dancing. As Nancy returned to her seat she glanced at Ron and he could immediately recognize the burning gleam of lust in her eyes and the flush of excitement on her face.

By the time he looked back at Pam and Sandy they were dancing closely with their arms around one another. They were rubbing their hips back and forth against each other in time to the music but both appeared to be putting a little something extra into the movements.

The next thing Ron knew Pam and Sandy had fallen into a deep and intense kiss as they continued slowly dancing. Their mouths immediately opened and he could see their tongues dancing back and forth as they continued their intimate esenyurt üniversiteli escort embrace. They continued their kiss as it became more and more passionate before they parted it and moved over to the bed nearest them.

They collapsed onto the bed together and resumed their now wild kiss. Almost immediately they began to lustfully grope at each other through their clothes as they stayed locked in their embrace.

Ron stared intently at the wildly incestuous scene in front of him and could feel his own excitement growing rapidly. He pulled his eyes away from them and looked cautiously over at his own mother to see how she was reacting to the scene before her. Part of him wanted her to look back at him hoping that somehow their eye contact might spark something between them similar to what Pam and her child were performing.

Nancy’s gaze, however, was firmly affixed on the couple on the bed. She seemed to take no notice of Ron at all at stared with a wild, wanton look in her eye at Pam and Sandy. She let out a soft moan and reached her hand up under her shirt to caress her tits in her growing excitement. Ron stared at her wantonly and thought about walking over to her and replacing her hand with his but didn’t for fear she would say no. As much as he wanted to be with her he knew he needed to wait for her to give him an obvious signal.

When he finally pulled his gaze away from his mom and back to the other couple he saw that they had began to strip each other. Sandy took off her mom’s bra leaving Pam in only her panties. Sandy immediately lowered her mouth to Pam’s tit as Pam moaned and rolled flat onto her back. From his angle Ron could easily see Sandy’s tongue roaming over Pam’s soft tits as she took her time teasing and exploring.

Pam let her daughter continue this for a while longer before she sat up and pulled off Sandy’s bra and panties. They traded positions and now it was Pam’s turn to suck and tease Sandy’s tits as Sandy moaned in pleasure.

His mom’s movement caught his attention from the corner of his eye and Ron turned to see her pulling her own top over her head and unclasping her bra. She still seemed to take no notice of Ron as she began to excitedly caress and fondle her own tits and nipples as she watched Pam and Sandy.

Ron stared, transfixed, at his mom playing with her own tits for a while until a loud, long moan pulled his attention back to the bed. As he turned back to Pam and Sandy he saw that Pam had moved down and now had her head between Sandy’s spread thighs. The moan had come from Sandy as her mother’s tongue had started to play with her excited pussy.

“Ummmmm, yes!” Sandy moaned lustily as Pam continued teasing her pussy. Ron began to strip off his own clothes in order to free his hard cock. By the time he had slipped off his boxers and sat back down he glanced back over to his mom and saw her sliding her own shorts and panties off her legs. She sat back up and immediately spread her legs letting one of her hands drop down to her pussy as she continued to tease and fondle her tits with her other hand.

Pam kept sucking at Sandy’s pussy eagerly on the bed for a while longer until Sandy began to make a series of moans that Ron knew meant she was close to cumming. Apparently either Pam recognized the moans or could just tell from Sandy’s body language that she was about to cum as Pam seemed to increase the intensity of her licking. Sandy immediately let out another deep moan and then her body tensed just before she started cumming.

When she did start cumming with a long cry Pam continued to tease her pussy. Ron could tell that her orgasm was intense as he watched her body writhe and shake from the power of the sensation.

It seemed like several long minutes before her orgasm finally finished and Pam continued to lick and tease her the whole time. Only when Sandy had completely finished cumming and had relaxed visibly did Pam finally lift her mouth. When she turned so Ron could see her face he immediately noticed with much excitement that he could see Sandy’s juices heavily coating her chin and cheeks.

Sandy didn’t stay relaxed for long because almost as soon as Pam lifted her head Sandy also sat up and guided her mom until they had switched places. Now Pam was lying on her back with her legs spread widely apart and Sandy was kneeling next to her preparing to eagerly suck her excited pussy.

Sandy wasted no time in moving her tongue to Pam’s pussy. Pam let out a lusty moan as her daughter began to really concentrate on teasing her pussy. Suddenly Sandy lifted her face away from her mom’s pussy and looked directly at Ron. Ron had been watching intently and had been slowly stroking his own excited cock as it stood out hard from his lap. Sandy’s eyes gleamed with intense lust as she looked deeply into Ron’s eyes for a few moments before she whispered, “Come here.”

Moving quickly to the bed, Ron met Sandy with a deep kiss and he immediately tasted etiler escort her own mom’s juices on her tongue. When the kiss parted Sandy softly whispered, “Help me suck her.”

They quickly readjusted their positions and moved in together until both of their tongues simultaneously were licking Pam’s excited pussy. Upon feeling both tongues on her Pam let out a wild moan and spread her legs even wider apart to allow them more room.

Ron’s mind raced with the unbelievability of his situation. He could hardly believe that he was helping Sandy suck and lick her own mother’s pussy. They kept up their teasing sometimes working together on teasing her clit or fucking her with their tongues and sometimes trading places and teasing both areas at the same time. When Pam finally started cumming they had both of their tongues slipped inside her pussy. The sensation for Ron was unbelievable as Sandy’s tongue slid alongside his own and mixed with the warm, wet, softness of Pam’s quivering pussy to produce an amazing experience.

They each lapped at her pussy for several minutes after Pam finished cumming and only stopped when they heard a low moan from across the room. Ron lifted his head and looked over as his own mother sat with her legs spread wide apart and her fingers wildly playing with herself. Seeing her in such sexual ecstasy and so close to orgasm caused his already rock hard cock to throb in excitement.

Before he knew what was happening Sandy had crawled off the bed and quickly walked over to Nancy. Sandy took hold of Nancy’s forearm and slowly pulled her hand away from her excited as Nancy looked up at her in surprise and excitement. “Let me help,” Sandy softly said as she dropped to her knees and quickly moved between Nancy’s spread legs.

Just as Sandy began to lick Nancy’s pussy and Nancy let out an excited gasp Pam got up off the bed and walked slowly over to the other couple. Nancy watched Pam moving closer with curiosity and lust in her eyes, as she seemed to be wondering what was about to happen.

Sandy sighed contentedly as Pam dropped to her knees beside her daughter and moved in between Nancy’s spread legs. Sandy moved over to allow her some room and they both began to wildly lick and suck at Nancy’s wet pussy. In their excitement one or both of them were making wet, slurping noises with their tongues as they lapped wildly at Nancy.

Nancy was groaning repeatedly and it seemed like she was already on the verge of cumming. All the lusty sounds and the completely wanton image of Sandy and her mom sucking his mom’s pussy were driving Ron wild with lust. He knew he had to do something to relieve his hard cock and he couldn’t resist the view of Sandy and Pam’s asses as they knelt on the floor and leaned away from him while they concentrated on Nancy’s pussy.

As he walked toward them he very much hoped that his mom would open her eyes and see his hard cock moving toward her. She didn’t however and kept her eyes tightly closed as she seemed completely lost in her own pleasure. He thought about moving around the two women on the floor and trying to entice his mom to suck his cock, but again the fear of her rejection stopped him. Instead he knelt behind Sandy and quickly guided his cock to her wet pussy.

She didn’t lift her head or stop her licking, but she did let out an excited moan as Ron’s cock filled her with one steady push. Almost as soon as Ron sank himself into Sandy’s hungry pussy his mom started to emit a series of short moans. He looked up at her and could immediately tell by the look on her face that she was ready to cum.

Her eyes were still closed tightly and her chest heaved up and down with her short gasps as Sandy and Pam continued to drive her to the point of her release. Ron’s stare was drawn to her hard nipples, which now stood very prominently off her tempting tits. Obviously, Ron had never seen her nipples so excited and could feel his own lust grow rapidly at their sight.

When Nancy finally did explode into orgasm her eyes flew wide open as she cried out loudly. As it happened when she opened her eyes she immediately made eye contact with Ron who had just looked up to her face from her tits. She cried out over and over as her whole body shook and heaved, but once she had made the eye contact with Ron she never broke it. As she came Sandy and Pam continued to eagerly eat her pussy and she and Ron stared intensely into each other’s eyes.

She was still finishing her own orgasm when the powerful scene before him caused Ron to lose his control. He had only been fucking Sandy very slowly but with a loud grunt of his own he pushed into her and began to pump his cum into her with a surprising force. His orgasm was so powerful that he couldn’t help but close his eyes for a moment at the shear intensity of it. When he opened them again and looked over at his mom she was now looking lower and Ron quickly recognized that she was must have been watching his cock moving in and out of Sandy as he slowly pumped back and forth into her.

He couldn’t believe that she was opening staring at him fucking Sandy like this and the idea that maybe she wanted to be in Sandy’s position drove him wild. He glanced back up at her face and they reestablish eye contact briefly before Sandy and Pam started to stir and then stood up. All four of them stood up together and moved over to the beds.

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