Mother’s Love for her Son, Ch. 03

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Chapter 03

Taking the lead of inappropriateness, mother crosses the incestuous line.

For me to suck and fuck his beautiful cock if only in my sleep when sexually fantasizing about sucking and fucking his cock, I needed to see it again. If I had a camera and knew that the flash wouldn’t awaken him and embarrass the both of us, I’d take a picture of his magnificent prick. If I had a video camera, I’d take a video of his cock growing harder and bigger before popping out of his pajama bottoms as it did again. Now with the overhead light blazing in his eyes, he stirred but it was worth awakening him to see his big prick closer up and in the bright light again.

“Mom?” So enamored with his cock as if I was in a daze fingering my nipples and rubbing my clit through my nightgown, catching me by surprise, he looked back at me and nearly caught me masturbating. “What time is it?”

That would have been embarrassing if he had caught me masturbating or maybe subconsciously, I wanted him to catch me playing with myself. I’d love to masturbate together one day. I’d love for him to masturbate me while I masturbated him.

“It’s after midnight,” I said. He still had his eyes closed. I stood and walked over to him for a closer look of his exposed, erect dick without him seeing me staring, leering, and drooling over the sight of his big prick.

“How did it get so late? It was just ten o’clock,” he said.

“You fell asleep,” I said.

“I’ve been doing that a lot lately,” he said. “I’m always so tired from school and work.”

Already aroused and already wet from seeing his prick again while fingering my nipples and rubbing my clit again, my nipples were pushing against my nightgown and I knew by the focus stare of his eyes that he could clearly see them. As proud of my big nipples as I am of my big tits, I was glad that he obviously appreciated my tits and nipples as much as I did. Making me horny over all that I imagined he could see of me, he was looking at the impressions my nipples made in my nightgown. His stare sexually excited me that he could, no doubt, see the dark impressions my nipples made through the thin cotton material of my nightgown.

He was staring at my tits in the way I had been staring at his cock. He was sexually and incestuously lusting over me in the way I had been sexually and incestuously lusting over him. Being that it was late and I was so horny, desperately wanting to go to bed with him, I only wished he’d reach up and touch my tits before sucking my nipples. I’d love nothing more than to feel his hands and his lips on my breasts. Not wanting him to think of me as being the wicked incestuous bitch of a Mother, needing him to want me as much as I wanted him, I needed for him to make the first move.

“C’mon, it’s time for bed,” I said hoping he’d reach up his hand and feel me, touch me, and fondle my big breasts through my nightie.

I’d do anything for him to touch me. I don’t anything for him to feel me. While laying there on the couch with me standing over him, I wondered if he could see my naked pussy up my short nightgown. I imagined he could. I imagined him sticking his hand beneath my nightgown and traveling up my shapely thigh before feeling me in between my legs. What would I do if he did that? Would I act shocked and surprised while stepping away from him or would I stand there and allow him to cup my naked pussy before fingering me?

Let me draw you a bath before bed, I wanted to say. As if you’re my invalid patient and I’m your nurse, I’ll wash your back, your chest, and your thighs while continuingly dropping the soap and searching for it between your legs. Allow me wash your dirty cock with my mouth, I wish I could have said. I’ll come tuck you in, I wanted to say but I didn’t say anything of those things.

While he was too busy staring at the impression my tits and erect nipples made in my nightgown, I was too busy staring at his exposed, erect prick. I was too preoccupied with the thoughts of having sex with my son. How dare I? How could I? What’s wrong with me? I’m so immorally and immodestly wicked to be ogling my son in the way he’s always ogled me.

“Okay,” he said yawning and stretching

As soon as he closed his eyes again, I filled my horny eyes and overactive sexual brain with the sight of his erection again. His cock was so big. His cock was so hard. Once I stared long enough at it to record the image of it for later when I was alone and masturbating in my room, afraid that I could no longer control myself from touching his cock, stroking his cock, and sucking his cock, I jostled him again by pushing on his shoulder. Even though I so wanted to see it again and even though I was happy his cock was sticking out of his pajama bottoms, it was pure torture staring at his cock without being able to touch it, hold it, stroke it, suck it, and fuck it.

“James,” I said no longer prolonging my moment of retiring him and his cock to bed. “C’mon, it’s time for bed.”

“Okay,” halkalı eve gelen escort he said again. “In a minute. I’m not sleeping. I’m just resting my eyes.”

I sat back down in my chair again, only, this time, with my nightgown raised to mid thigh and my legs spread enough that when he turned his head to look at me, he’d have the perfect view of my pussy up my nightgown. When I said that it was time for bed, I imagined him retiring to my room. I imagined him climbing in bed with me. I imagined us kissing and touching before making love and before him spooning me while holding me and falling asleep.

I so wanted to touch him. I so wanted to feel him all over. I so wanted to wrap my fingers around him and stroke him. I so wanted to lean my head down and take him in my mouth. I wondered what he’d he say if I did that. I wondered what he’d do if I had done that. There’s only one way to find out but I didn’t dare have the perversity to lead my son down the dark path of incest and to play in the Devil’s playground, not yet anyway.

“James,” I said for the third time.

“Yes Mother?”

I wasn’t going to say anything but, now or never, I was curious about his reaction to me knowing that I saw his cock. How hot is that to confront him with the fact that he’s been flashing me? Holding the mirror up to him of a Mother having sex with her son, I wanted him to know that I’ve seen his erect cock.

“You’re sticking out?” My last few seconds of seeing his cock before he put his beautiful toy away, I continued to stare.

“Sticking out?” He turned to look up at me but not before looking in between my legs at my exposed pussy. I saw him look and I knew he saw what I wanted him to see. Tit for that, if he was going to flash me his cock then I was going to flash him my pussy. I watched his cock pulsate in sexual delight at seeing his Mother’s cunt. “What do you mean, sticking out?”

“Your penis is out of your pajamas. Your one eyed cock is staring right at me,” I said with a laugh while giving him a Motherly smile.

“Oh, shit, sorry Mom,” he said trying to bend his prick enough to stuff his cock back in his pajama bottom. Watching him struggle with his stiff prick while trying to bend his big prick to fit back in the small opening, I so wanted to help him by offering him my hand.

Not having considered it before, it was then that I wondered if he was flashing me his erect prick on purpose in the way that I was flashing him my naked pussy now. A Mother flashing her son and a son returning the favor by flashing his Mother, how perfect is that? Maybe he wanted me to see his cock as much as I wanted to see his cock. Maybe just as curious as I was to know what he’d do if I touched his cock, maybe he wanted to know what I do seeing his big prick?

Would I stare at his erection or would I look away? Would I touch him and take him in my hand to stroke him before taking him my mouth to suck and before accepting him in my pussy to fuck him? With my pussy in plain view too, would he stare at my cunt? Would he reach his hand in between my legs and touch me and finger me? I needed to know. With all of these thoughts going through my mind, he was my son, after all, and perhaps he was just as perverted as was his uncle, his cousin, and me, his Mother.

“It’s okay,” I said daring myself to confess my attraction to him and his beautiful cock. Sexually excited when I made my confession, I was glad that I told him how I really felt about seeing his prick. “You made a lonely, horny woman very happy,” I said unable to let this opportunity pass me by as I have so many other times when he exposed himself to me whether accidental or on purpose.

How many times has he walked in on me while I was changing? How many times have I walked in on him while he was dressing? How many times has he walked in on me when I was showering on the pretense that he had to pee really bad. Knowing he’d come in the bathroom, I defogged the mirror so that he could see my naked body through the clear shower curtain by my reflection in the mirror. He must have drank a gallon of water because he always took a good, long look of my naked body while peeing.

“Mom! I’m so embarrassed and your cracking jokes,” he said turning to look at my pussy again before looking up at my face. “I can’t believe you saw my prick.”

Tit for tat, I thought, pussy for cock. Incestuously daring myself to continue, I was on a role now. Dipping my toe in the deep, dark end of the incestuous pool, I was ready to dive in headlong if only he’d give me a gentle nudge. Ready to swim naked with him in forbidden waters, a sea where no Mother should swim with her son, I had enough of the sexy games of exhibitionism and voyeurism. I was ready to take the plunge and the next sexual step with my son, if only he was ready and if only he was willing.

“Who’s joking? I’ve been horny ever since your father died. With you looking so much like your father, halkalı grup yapan escort albeit a younger version of him,” I said still staring at the huge erection his cock made in tenting his pajamas, “I found the sight of your erection sexually arousing. Then, when your cock popped out of your pajamas, I wanted to take you in my hand. I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself from being sexually attracted to you? Incestuous thoughts between a Mother and son, albeit forbidden, are only normal. You can’t judge me too harshly for only thinking what I’d love to do with you and your big prick,” I said with a dirty laugh.

Oh my God. I did it now. I crossed the incestuous line and broke through the forbidden barrier. What have I done? Did I really confess my sexual attraction to my son? Never will our Mother and son relationship be the same. Nonetheless, glad that I started the ball rolling it was now or never. The ball is in his court now. Either he’d play my incestuous game by grabbing at the chance of having sex with me or he’d allow the opportunity I’ve given him to pass by pretending I never said that.

“Wait. Hold on. Back up?” Obviously he was taking the former path in exploring the possibility of having incestuous sex with me rather than the taking the latter route in ignoring all that I said. Recognizing the same look on his face that I see in my bathroom mirror when I’m horny, he looked at me with sexually excited wonderment. Suddenly, he looked at me in the way that I’ve been looking at him all of these times. “You’re sexually attracted to me?”

Duh? I wanted to say. Just like every other man, I needed to hit him in the back of the head with a baseball bat for him to notice me noticing him.

“Yes,” I said with a smile. “I’m only human James, especially when you’re exposing your erection to me. It’s been a long while since I’ve even seen a cock never mind touched a cock, held a cock, sucked a cock, and fucked a cock,” I said looking at him looking at me with excitement as if telling him that I had just made chocolate cookies, his favorite. “I know it’s wrong but I was tempted to touch you and had you not awakened, I may have. How would you feel if I was sitting here with my pussy exposed,” I said lifting my nightgown higher and spreading my legs more for him to get a good look of his Mother’s cunt.

Shocking even myself, I couldn’t believe my brazen audacity. I couldn’t believe my sexual depravity. I just flashed my son my pussy. What’s fair for him is fair for me. If he’s going to flash me his cock then I’m going to flash him my pussy.

“Mother! I never heard you talk like that and you just flashed your pussy to me,” he said looking between my legs and staring at my exposed cunt.

“Oh,” I said making no apologies.

I pulled my nightgown down a little and closed my legs a little but I didn’t pull my nightgown down enough nor close my legs enough to deny my son another view if of his Mother’s pussy if he wanted it. I wondered how much he could see of my cunt. I wondered if he could see my pubic hair. I wondered if he could see my pussy lips already glistening with sexual desire for him from seeing his cock. I’ll be masturbating tonight, no doubt, over this impromptu flashing show.

“I’m sorry but my cock popping out of my pajamas was an accident,” he said suddenly getting defensive and turning red with embarrassment.

“Every night we watch TV and you fall asleep. Then, as if to tease the incestuous lust that I have for you, every night you get an erection before your cock pops out of your pajama bottom. It seems to me that you have lots of accidents,” I said with a suspicious smile.

I wanted to ask him if he was purposely flashing his cock to me but I didn’t. I didn’t want to inhibit him or to discourage his need to flash me his erect prick, if that was what he was doing. Maybe he’s no different from me. He is my son after all. I spent my life flashing family, friends, and strangers my bra, panty, tits, and pussy, when I was his age.

“Sorry Mom,” he said looking at me. “I had no idea.” We stayed like that not talking and not moving with him on the couch and me in my chair. Then, he said, as if he had been thinking about our incestuous lust and allowing the raw, sexual images of our naked bodies flash across his mind before voicing them. “Incestuous lust? Really? You have incestuous lust for me?”

Now not even bothering to look up at my face, he looked back between my legs at my exposed pussy and smiled when looking up at me. Just as I knew he had been purposely flashing me his cock under the guise of accidentally flashing me, he now knew that I had been purposely flashing him my pussy under the guise of accidentally flashing him. He looked as if I had just complimented him when I was merely flashing him in the way that he had been flashing me.

Having flashed men my whole life, I couldn’t believe I was now flashing my own son and he was flashing me. I’ve created halkalı masöz escort the perfect incestuous scenario. Unless we were careless and broadcasted our incestuous lust for one another to our friends, no one would ever know what we did or didn’t do behind closed doors. For sure, just as I would, my 40-year-old girlfriends would love to have sex with my 20-year-old son.

“I do have incestuous lust for you,” I said glad to finally get this forbidden and hidden, incestuous lust off of my 36 D chest by my blatant confession. After only a bit of honest dialogue and accidental on purpose flashing, I was glad that incest was out in the open instead of hidden beneath the covers in the darkness of our separate bedrooms while we, no doubt, masturbated over one another.

“Every night? Really? Every night, I’ve been flashing you my cock in my sleep? Every night?”

“Yes,” I said. “Every night I watch your cock harden in your pajamas before erecting itself enough to push through the opening in your pajamas.”

“I had no idea,” he said falling so silent with a long pause that I thought he fell back to sleep. “Just curious,” he said looking at me.

“Curious about what?”

“What you thought about my cock?”

I smiled while allowing the vision of his naked, exposed, erect cock to flash before my eyes again before he stuffed himself back in his pajama bottom.

“You have a big, beautiful cock,” I said, “just like your father.”

“Did you…” he said stopping from saying what I suspected he was thinking.

I knew what he was too afraid to ask me the question. An accusation of incest, he wanted to ask me if I touched his cock while he slept. With already so much between us unspoken and with so much that I wanted to say, telling him the truth about my incestuous desire for him was my first step, even if I was forced to lead the way.

“Did I what?”

I watched him bite his lip with trepidation. Obviously he was a afraid to take the next step down the incestuous path. As any good Mother would, I too, it upon myself to finish his question for him.

“Um, I was just wondering…” he said looking again at my exposed pussy before looking up at me.

“While you were sleeping did I touch your cock? Is that what you wanted to ask me?” I watched him nod his head with downcast eyes. “Did I wrap my fingers around your big prick and stroke you before leaning down to take you in my mouth?” Suddenly his face was filled with sexual excitement, no doubt, by the thought that I sucked him in his sleep. “No,” I said, “but I’m not going to lie to you. I wanted to touch you, stroke you, and suck you before fucking you.”

“Mother please. Stop. That’s enough. You’re making me uncomfortable,” he said.

Uncomfortable? He has no idea how uncomfortable I’ve been with him flashing me his cock never mind with him giving me the sexual fantasies I’ve been having while masturbating myself over the naked thoughts of him.

“Uncomfortably horny,” I said, “or uncomfortably sickened by the thoughts of having an incestuous relationship with me, your Mother?”

Tempting fate, I was pushing the incestuous envelope now. I needed to know if he felt as insanely sexual about me as I did about him.

“Uncomfortably confused,” he said falling silent again.

Giving him every chance to take the incestuous lead, I waited for him to speak. Enough of what I had to say, I needed to know what he had to say. Already knowing what I was thinking, I needed to know what he was thinking.

“What? Talk to me Jimmy. I’m your Mother. I’m the only woman that you can feel free to say anything to, other than when you marry and take a wife who’s hopefully your best friend.”

“I have all these feelings for you, Mom, feelings of love and,” he said pausing again, “sexual feelings. To be honest, I don’t know what to do with them all,” he said. “Some feelings are good feelings for you and other feelings are despicable feelings towards you.”

“Well, I’m sure that I’m not making you feel as uncomfortable as you’ve made me feel uncomfortable by seeing your cock night after night,” I said not trying to diminish his sexual feelings towards me but hoping more to bond our sexual feelings together as one incestuous, sexual relationship. “I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I so wanted to touch you, feel you, stroke you, suck, and fuck you but I’m your Mother and you’re my son. That would be wrong for a Mother to touch her son in a sexual way,” I said while wanting to add would it?

I wanted to ask him the question that I needed him to answer. How would he feel about having incestuous sex with his Mother? Would he want me in a sexual way or not? I needed to know. Maybe what we shared is just a sexual fantasy and nothing more. I looked at him as if waiting for him to give me permission for me to do all of the above, touch him, feel him, stroke him, suck him, and fuck him before continuing. I was hoping to encourage him to make the first move, even though I already did that with my incestuous, sexual confession.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said unconvincingly as if he was disappointed that I defined incestuous sex as wrong and, no doubt, he felt compelled to agree.

Now that it was still ajar and threatening to close, I needed to open the door of incest again before it closed again and closed forever this time.

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