Mountain Sojourn

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All characters in this story are 18+ years old.


September 6, 1992, Idyllwild, CA

**Sunday 8 AM to NOON**

A beam of sunlight stabbed through a separation in the curtains, high up near the rod, and pierced Carter’s sleep. He was on his right side, sandwiched between Peri, curled against his back, and Ruth, snubbed with her butt tight to his crotch. His slight paunch filled in the pocket at the small of her back. His bent left arm lay along the contour of her ribs, with his hand tucked under her armpit. He looked at his watch and saw it was 7:49 a.m.

Aware of his morning pal, laying rigid and nestling, along Ruth’s ass crack, he flexed his cock and buzzed in her ear “You awake, baby?”

“Mmm, kinda sorta,” she mumbled, adding, with increased interest, “Feels like you’re up and at ’em, though.”

“Unh-huh,” he answered. “If you want some alone time, move over a little, but don’t wake up Peri,” he offered cautiously.

Ruth smiled into her pillow. “That sounds nice,” she answered, “but I might want Peri, too! Maybe I can have it both ways?” she asked softly, shifting to her right. As she slid over, Ruth pushed her right hand between her legs, searching, feeling, until her finger tips closed around Carter’s nuts. She elevated her left leg, canting it at the hip, and tugged gently, rearranging Carter’s wood. Still between her cheeks, his dick now nudged Ruth’s pussy-lips, which opened, kissing the visitor’s soft, bald head. Finding and fondling Ruth’s thick left nipple, he drifted kisses across her neck and shoulder.

“Mmm,” Ruth purred, “You always give me shivers, Bill,” she sighed as her torso involuntarily twisted under his feathery teases.

“That’s the point, baby,” Carter growled huskily, as his cock slid past her guard. “You shiver,… I…uhn!…deliver!” he grunted, thrusting his hips forward and burying himself against her ass, deep in her cunt.

“Ohh, and how!” Ruth gasped, pushing back her haunches against him. “You deliver big time, every time, honey,” she hissed between moans.

Fully lodged, Carter slowly rotated his pelvis in small arcs with baby thrusts. Ruth practiced her tantric yoga and squeezed her vaginal walls rhythmically. Rapt as they were, in their soft, quiet, morning dance, neither Carter nor Ruth noticed Peri.

Whether it was the draft from the raised blanket, the sudden gap between her formerly pressed breasts and the now absent backbone of her lover and master, or the minute, yet appreciable, rocking of the king-sized bed, Peri awoke. Her eyes adjusted to the morning half-light and she saw Carter and Ruth squirming under the covers. Instantly her coins popped. Her nipples sent little thrills through her tummy. Her pussy felt gooey. She touched her fuller left breast with her right hand and drove her left hand between her legs, sliding her fingers into her twat and sucking in her breath with her plump lower lip.

Oddly, she felt unsatisfied. The more she rubbed herself, the more she needed…something…more. Whimpering in frustration, Peri half-climbed, half-crawled, above and over the copulating couple. Facing Ruth, head toward the food of the bed, Peri wormed and wiggled until her dripping cunt, still stuffed with her own fingers, was in front of Ruth’s face and her mouth and chin grazed Ruth’s wet, greasy, snatch just above where Carter’s cock was regularly stirring.

Ruth welcomed Peri with open arms and hugged her tight, drilling her tongue between Peri’s fingers and torturing her clitoris. Peri returned the favor ardently. She pulled Carter’s loins and ass still tighter against Ruth and licked and sucked the top end of the occupied twat. Peri’s grip on Carter’s butt forced the tip of her right middle finger past its first knuckle into his anus, where it was trapped by their mutual contractions. Carter watched and smelled Peri’s pussy writhing on Ruth’s face as he steadily ground away.

Peri’s addition to the tableau was cataclysmic. In short order Carter, Ruth and Peri clenched, crying out with unique voices, coming under each other’s inescapable urgings. Carter was the first to recover his senses.

“Oh, you are beautiful, baby!” he said, patting Ruth’s bottom, “and so are you, Sweetie!” he said to Peri, who was rolling away and getting off the bed.

“Thank you, Uncle bill,” Peri said, happily, “Good Morning, Aunt Ruth! That was so great! Oh My Gosh, I can’t believe it!” she chattered, skipping into the bathroom.

“Well that worked out nicely, didn’t it?” Ruth observed, rolling onto her back and pulling Carter up on top of her. “You are the man, Bill!” she laughed and gave him a deep kiss as she dug her nails into his backside.

Carter raised his head, smiled and said, “Thanks, baby. I try, anyway.”

Peri bounded out of the bathroom and started to pull on her denim jumper. “Is any one else hungry?” She asked, hopefully. “I’m starved!”

“Let’s go back to ‘La Familia” for breakfast,” Carter suggested, “before we head up into the mountains.” He noticed, but decided not to comment innovia escort on Peri’s failure to don underwear under her sundress. “They’re easy enough to forget when you’re in a rush,” he thought to himself and grinned.

“Yes, Bill,” Ruth agreed, “A Mexican breakfast sounds good.”


There was a brief wait for a table, but by 9:15 they were settled and reviewing the menus the middle-aged hostess left with them. “Ah, Senor, Bienvendidos!” Luz said as she approached their table with her order pad. “It is nice to see you and your family again.” She smiled widely and looked at each of them in turn, nodding her head in greeting. “Do you know what you would like?” she asked.

Carter said, “How lucky for us to have you at our table, Luz. Could we have coffee and juice all around while we decide, please?”

“Of course, Senor,” Luz said, departing promptly. Carter studied her swinging skirt. It swished crisply around her calves but did nothing to hide the gentle collisions of her ass cheeks, caused by her natural rolling gait.

When she returned with the coffee pot and a pitcher of orange juice, Carter was treated to the front perspective. He felt like a kid who had just put on “X-Ray Glasses” as he remembered how delicious Luz looked, laying on her sofa, dressed only in her white cotton bra and black nylon panties.

As Luz poured the juice and coffee, Carter noticed Ruth and Peri were engaged in quiet conversation which he could not hear. “Perfect,” he thought to himself. Luz stepped beside him and filled his cup with coffee. Carter quickly turned his face to her left ear and whispered “ROSARY” and then said, “My Spanish is so poor, Luz, can you please stand here and help me if I misunderstand anything on the menu?”

Luz turned to him and said in a warm, mellow tone, “Certainly, Senor, just point to what you like and ask.” She side-stepped closer and Carter felt the heat of her right leg brushing his left bicep. Her jasmine and sandalwood perfume’s fragrance infused itself with the aroma of the coffee. His cock thickened and pressed against his shorts.

“That’s fine, Luz, thank you,” Carter smiled and put his right index finger on the “Huevos Rancheros” plate. At the same time he dropped his left hand and cupped Luz’ right calf briefly before running his flat palm up the inside of her leg, under her skirt, stopping only when the webbing of his hand felt the crotch of her panties. Turning his wrist, he curled his fingertips and lightly scratched the crease of her pussy through the nylon. “Tell me about…your eggs…” he said, pausing for effect, “are they very fresh?” Carter worked his finger around and under Luz’ leg seam and resumed stroking her cunt methodically, slipping ever deeper as her lips lubed themselves.

“Oh, yes,…yes,” Luz answered breathily, “Senor, the eggs are the freshest possible.”

“Hmm, I like them…soft, even a little…runny,” Carter continued, poking up and in, tickling the sidewalls of her slick vagina. “Can I get them like that?”

Luz was having trouble standing still, but, she found she could do so, if she clenched her thighs tight onto Carter’s hand. Squeezing her cunt around his finger also helped, although it sent more electric thrills through her entire body. “Senor,” she said, controlling her breathing with difficulty, placing her right hand on Carter’s shoulder for a moment, steadying herself, “You…umm…may have…the…ehh..eggs…ehh..exactly as you…want.”

Carter withdrew his hand, pointed to the “Chorizo con Huevos” and asked, still smiling, “Which do you recommend? The Rancheros? or the eggs with sausage?”

“It is a matter of taste, Senor,” Luz answered more calmly, now that Carter was not fingering her pussy, “For me, I like the chorizo because it is spicy. There is also salchicha, which is more like the American breakfast sausage.”

Returning beneath her skirt, Carter pushed three fingers under her panties and into her sopping twat. “Hmm…OK,” he decided, “I’ll have the…Huevos Rancheros…runny.” He kept sliding up and down her slit, ringing her doorbell on each upstroke, as he turned to Peri and Ruth and asked, “Luz is ready…have you decided?”

Luz hopped as Carter added his thumb to the mix in her cunt, then pulled it out again and painted her juices onto her thigh. Shifting her hips back and forth, she sawed herself on Carter’s hand while she wrote down his eggs, Ruth’s plate of breakfast tacos and Peri’s chile relleno.

Carter gave her a final small pinch and pulled his hand away, back to his lap. “Luz,” he asked, “When you work on Sunday, do you have to say an extra ROSARY?”

“No Senor,” Luz replied, “I go to the midnight mass on Saturdays before I work on Sundays.” She hurried away from the table and put the order up for the cooks.

“AI!” she thought to herself, as headed to the restrooms, feeling her melting cunt’s flow trickling down her legs, “What is there about that ‘anciano’ that makes me feel so…so…so caliente!”

Luz hurried into istanbul escort the ladies’ bathroom, checked the stalls and locked the door. Desperately, she yanked down her panties and pushed her hand into her pussy, plunging hard and repeatedly until she finished what Carter had started. Taking a deep breath, she pulled her underwear back up, washed and dried her hands and returned to her service section.

“Listo, catorce!”, the cook called. Luz picked up the Carter table’s order and moved across the room. She was still mystified by her inexplicable physical and emotional reaction in his presence. Her olive-tone skin diminished her blush, as she put Carter’s breakfast before him, but her scoop-necked blouse billowed out and her heaving bosom betrayed her feelings.

“Muchas Gracias, Luz,” Carter said, evenly, peering over his coffee cup rim into her rising decolletage. Her hardened nipples, centered in their clearly defined dark areolas, pushed against her revealed bra. “Those look perfect. Very nice presentation,” he complimented her.

Even her make-up was inadequate to conceal her flushed face as she stammered, “De…de nada, Senor.” Luz delivered the stuffed pepper to Peri, the tacos to Ruth and scurried off to collect an order for another table.

Peri interrupted Carter’s thoughts. “Are we going back up in that dopey tram, Uncle Bill?” she asked.

“Hm? I thought you enjoyed the view, Sweetie,” Carter replied.

“It was cool, but there was, like, nothing to do up there,” she pouted.

“Well, don’t fret, we are doing something else today,” he told her.

“But you said something abut the mountains…” Peri pressed.

“Oh, right! Sorry,” Carter answered, “I thought I mentioned we were going to Idyllwild. That’s a little village up in the hills. Very nice, cool but not cold, you’ll like it.”

“Doesn’t your friend, Dr. English, have a cabin or something up there?” remarked Ruth. “Are we going to visit him?”

“Yes, Chad has a nice little hideout just outside the main part of the town, on Strawberry Creek. We are going to go there, but he took Jenny on a little get-away to Santa Barbara this weekend,” Carter explained, “so we’ll have the house to ourselves.” Looking at his watch, he saw it was 10:10 a.m. “Hey!” he exclaimed, “We need to get going, it’s an hour-plus drive time.” He caught Luz’ eye and wigwagged her over to the table, “La cuente, por favor?”


A half-hour later the trio approached the city of Banning on the interstate. Carter swung the Taurus into a supermarket parking lot, turned to his pets and said “PRESTO, you girls just hang out, now, I’ll be right back.” Satisfied with their slumped postures, closed eyes and quiet acknowledgements, he locked the car and went into the store. He returned in twenty minutes with an armload of provisions, stowed them in the trunk and got back into the sedan.

He drove around, missing two turns, and finally found his way onto Highway 243. The narrow two-lane road wound quite a bit, but the mid-weekend traffic was light. “Most folks are already up there,” he guessed to himself, grateful for the peaceful drive and glad he had Ruth and Peri in trances.

At 11:40 a.m. Carter turned off the main road, just east of Idyllwild Pines, onto a dirt lane. A weathered wooden sign, shaped like a bearded little gnome, announced ‘Chalet Chad – Willkommen’ in a peculiar mix of French, English and German.

Another quarter-mile along, the road curved sharply and Carter drove under the attached carport and parked beside the A-Frame house. “PRALINE TOURMALINE” he called out, “Well, ladies, you both had fine naps!” He chuckled as they stretched and yawned. “Here we are, let’s see how it looks!”

**Sunday NOON to 5 PM**

The chalet was nicely appointed, in a rustic mountain theme, with a Great Room divided into a living area, a pass-through kitchen and a dining area. Each end of the house opened onto decking. The front porch was consumed mostly with sawn logs but had a couple of Tamarack deck chairs and a matching glider. The larger, split-level rear deck had a redwood hot tub on the lower part, with steps to the creek. A modern gas grill, redwood picnic table with benches, and two more Tamarack chairs occupied the upper level.

Off the Great Room were two bedrooms, each with a full bath, furnished with queen-sized beds and assorted ‘woodsy’ bureaus and bed tables. The hardwood floors were covered with pioneer-style oval hook rugs and the large river-rock hearth was already laid with a fire, set to be lit.

“OOO, this is nice!” Peri exclaimed, parading through the cabin. “Dr. Chad really has this set up!”

Ruth, more worldly-wise than the teenager, was somewhat less impressed, but agreed the cabin was far from a hovel and had some very nice features.

Carter took his bags into the nearest bedroom and pointed to the far room, saying, “You and Peri can share that room, if you like,”

“Aren’t you going to sleep with us?” Peri asked, dismayed.

“Maybe,” kadıköy escort Carter laughed, “if I’m not too tired. You can wear a fellow out, you know!” He winked broadly and closed the door to his bedroom.

“Come on, Peri,” Ruth prompted, “Let’s get into our suits and check out the creek. I think Dr. English made a splashing pool down there.”

“OK,” Peri agreed, involuntarily casting a wary glance at her breasts, “It is kinda warm. A dip sounds like it might be niceif it isn’t too breezy.”

Carter came out, saw the girls’ room was closed, and whistled his way into the kitchen. He put away the groceries and set a bottle of Asti Spumante into the freezer for quicker chilling. Having overheard the plan to try out Strawberry Creek, he returned to his room and put on his ancient pair of surfer-style ‘baggies’, proud he could still fit into them despite his paunch.

Peri waltzed into the Great Room in her new black bikini and see-through cover-up, did a swirling spin in front of Carter and then skipped over and hugged him tight to her. “Thank you, again, Uncle Bill, for…EVERYTHING!” she said, kissing his bare chest just below his throat.

“You’re entirely welcome, Sweetheart,” Carter answered, huskily, as his dick started to fill his trunks. “You look great, are you ready to try out the Ole Swimmin’ Hole?” he laughed, swatting her bottom and swiftly rubbing her cheeks.

“Yes, but I will probably get in that hot tub pretty darn quick. Aren’t mountain streams, like, icy-cold?” Peri checked back.

“You bet they are, darling!” Ruth said from the bedroom door as she entered the Great Room. “We can use the creek and the tub just like the Finns do with snow and saunas, but WET!” she conjectured, crossing to Carter and the youngster. “Group Hug!” she called, wrapping her arms around them both and pressing herself hard to their sides.

Ruth wore an ultramarine blue, high-cut, Speedo Lifeguard tank suit. The thin nylon and lycra material flattened her tummy and flattered her well-developed thighs, hips and bust, which was now rubbing against Peri’s and Carter’s arms. “Let’s get wet!” she said and poked a teasing tongue tip into Carter’s ear while she dropped her right hand and pinched Peri’s bottom.

“Ow!” Peri yelped, “That really HURT!” but then she turned her face quickly, kissed Ruth on the lips and pushed away from the others. “Last one in’s a rotten egg!” she yelled, running across the dining room and out onto the deck.

Carter pulled Ruth around and against his chest. He slid his left hand up her back, from her ass to her neck, held her head and kissed her, supplanting Peri’s lingering taste. Dropping his right hand, he opened her pose and pressed two fingers under her left leg seam. As he drug these along her hip joint to her waiting pussy, he whispered, “I don’t mind being the last one in, after I have already been the first one in.” He pulled his fingers away and licked them as they walked out together arms around each other’s waists.

Peri’s coat was tossed on a deck chair. She was standing by the creek bank, her right foot tentatively poised over the crystal clear, gurgling stream, uncommitted to the water. Ruth and Carter walked up behind her, each taking an elbow and hip, and kept marching, propelling themselves in to a depth above their knees.

“OOOOHHHHMYGOSH!” screamed Peri at the top of her lungs. “This is the coldest ever!” Gooseflesh covered every inch of her exposed limbs, her coins and nipples stood against her black top. Ruth, too was struck by the frigid fount and took in a gulp of air with a “Whooosh!” Carter felt the cold, but was motivated by stoicism and did not emote. Rather, he embraced Peri and Ruth and briskly rubbed his hands up and down their arms.

All were surprised at how quickly they adjusted to the temperature and, moments later, even Peri was splashing and dancing in the water. “Wow!” she shouted, “This is SO refreshing!” The rocks, however, were treacherous, and she lost her exuberance after missing a step and sitting, unharmed, but all wet, in the pool.

Carter and Ruth gave her a hand up.

“Are you OK?” Ruth asked solicitously.

“Yes,” Peri answered, “Nothing hurt but my pride,”

Carter laughed along with her and gave her a warm kiss. “There!” he said, “Just in case you bruised that lovely lip, I kissed it and made it well!”

Ruth stepped out of the creek and said, “I’m ready for the hot tub!”

“Well it should be ready for us, Chad lets it run under the cover.” Carter said, following her up the path.

Back on the deck Peri noticed the tub was, indeed, steaming, as Carter pulled its top back and turned the jets on. She wasted no time climbing in and laying back, letting the bubbles float up around her neck, back, and between her legs. “Oh, man, this is great, Uncle Bill!” she called, “Hurry in!”

Carter laughed and said, “It’s no wonder you beat us into the tub, Sweetie, you are still in your suit!” He peeled down his baggies and stepped over the tub’s edge, sitting naked beside his self-declared niece.

Ruth, too, stripped out of her blue Speedo, stood in all her naked, furry, glory on the edge of the steps and then backed over the tub lip into the steaming bubbles. She sat on the curved wall opposite Carter and Peri and beamed a wide smile through the mist.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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