Mouth Almighty

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The greatest oral sex ever. That was what she’d promised. And she was going to deliver. Her face was made up. Black make-up round her eyes, and bright red lips. Her hair was slicked back so he would miss nothing. A tight red outfit that exposed her breasts completed the outfit.

He was sat on the bed, watching her. She sat in a chair opposite him. He was wearing silk briefs, which were already tightening with his excitement.

“Before we begin, I’m going to play with myself. You can watch,” she said.

She leaned back in the chair, watching him as her hands very slowly stroked and squeezed her hips and thighs before gliding to her pubic mound.

One hand reached up to caress her breasts. She stroked her nipples to hardness and began to squeeze her breasts.

She half closed her eyes, pleasuring herself. She was enjoying seeing the need in his eyes, and watching his eyes roam over her body, wanting her.

Her mouth opened slightly as she masturbated slowly. But she still watched him and watched his excitement grow. She knew she was wet, and she knew he could see her wetness begin to show through her panties.

She began to play harder with herself, hitching her legs up and sliding her hand beneath her panties. He could see the outline of her fingers through the tight cloth as she entered herself. Both heels on the seat of the chair, she began to lose herself bahis firmaları in orgasm.

She rubbed harder and harder, making herself come. He watched her and she watched him as she hooked two fingers inside herself and pulled herself to orgasm.

She closed her eyes, feeling her heat and moistness, feeling herself clench around her fingers. She could hear his breathing grow heavy as she came hard, drenching her hand.

With hardly a break in motion she rose from the chair and knelt in front of him. Eyes locked with his, she stroked his bulging briefs. He lifted his hips as she undressed him completely. His erect penis quivered as she held it by the base.

Their eyes were still locked and, looking at him the whole time, she ran her hand up his shaft, circling as she did so. He gasped in pleasure. This was new. She repeated the action and he gasped again.

Then she placed her lips over the head of his hardness and slowly slid her mouth down as far as she could. Then, while he was inside her mouth, she sucked gently and her tongue caressed the underside of his penis.

She could feel him harden even more inside her mouth. She began to feel herself become more and more excited, as she enjoyed the sense of power she felt. She decided to tease him a little.

So, still looking at him, she took him out of her mouth and ran her lips very lightly along the underside kaçak iddaa of his penis. Her mouth was open and her lips caressed the sides of his penis as her tongue flicked the underside. She did this again and again. She saw how he was becoming lost in pleasure, giving in totally to her power.

She pressed firmly on the base of his penis with her tongue, and moved along his shaft. As she reached his glans, her tongue made lazy circles around his trembling cock. She could see the need in his eyes, and feel the desire in the hardness.

She lifted his penis and ran her tongue up it all the way from the base. She repeated this, faster each time, until she could hear his breathing quicken. She knew it was near the time.

She reached up to his chest and pushed him back on the bed. As she climbed above him she lifted up his legs. She licked and nibbled the insides of his thighs before taking all of him in her mouth. She heard him moan. It felt so good to control him this way; to tease him and thrill him.

She began to suck again on him as one hand held the base of his penis and the other slid down behind his balls, and rubbed that small area of skin between his balls and his anus. He was moaning and writhing now, and she could feel her own wetness and her excitement rising.

She rubbed his thigh with her nipple as she played with him, and felt herself tremble at the kaçak bahis contact. She rubbed harder and her breasts tingled all the way down to her clitoris. Her clitoris needed more stimulation now. She wanted them both to take each other in the mouth.

She turned and mounted him, so that he could lick her as she sucked him. She lowered her pussy over his mouth and he licked and sucked her eagerly. His hands stroked her perfect ass and his tongue danced inside her.

It felt so good for her, and she took him in her mouth and sucked hard, her hands holding the base of his cock and gently stroking his balls. She began to push into his mouth as she sucked and played with his cock.

Their rhythm increased as they both moaned. She pushed harder onto him as his hand sought out her wetness, and she began to pull hard on his penis. She knew they were both close now, and could feel him beginning to pulse in her mouth.

She was excited by her power over him and began to moan as she became more and more turned on. The hand on the base of his penis pushed down, holding his hips still as she bobbed up and down on him.

Her other hand played with his ass which twitched with excitement. It was the last straw for him, and he could hold back no longer. His groans had turned into grunts as his hips began to buck involuntarily and she felt the first hot spurt in her mouth. She pulled him out a little so her tongue could continue to lick and caress his glans as he came, all the time fucking his mouth. She came hard in his mouth and ground down on him before collapsing on him. The best oral sex ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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