Movie Night Ch. 04

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For the reader: Be forewarned that this story presents a subject that is considered risqué in most circles. If you are not prepared to read about consensual incest (maybe not technically but at least socially) between step-father and step-daughter please move on to a different story. The story is one of fiction and the characters are all above the age of consent. I have tried to write it as realistically as possible but it should be treated as the fiction that it is, no more, no less. If you have not read Chapters 1 through 3 of the story I highly recommend it to “set-the-stage” and give the reader a sense the circumstances leading up to this chapter. The story is truly designed to be read in entirety and is mainly broken up into chapters to provide an easier reading experience. The ice has been broken, but where will it go next? Is her curiosity filled and will things return to normal or will they get hotter yet? This is the first story that I have ever written so I do look forward to any comments or constructive criticism that you may have.


Once again, I found myself struggling with the thoughts in my head and what to do about the situation that had been developing between my step-daughter and me. After Saturday’s ambush and subsequent hand job the rest of the weekend and following week seemed to go right back to normal. The things revealed on Saturday told me that despite being an eighteen year old young woman, my step-daughter had not had much experience with sex. Had the build-up of the last few months really been just a curiosity that she needed fulfilled? With things around the house seeming “normal” was that curiosity over? Did I need to say or do anything? So many questions abounded but as I had been apt to do so far, I didn’t confront them but merely let the cards fall where they may.

Friday quickly came around and movie night was upon us. I was still divided since I had enjoyed the feelings that she gave me but ultimately, I think that I hoped it was over. She came down in a long nightshirt that was styled like an oversized men’s dress shirt. It was white, but since it had been made to be a nightshirt, was made of a very thick material so I couldn’t tell what, if anything, she had on under it.

“Wait a minute. Was I actually wondering about that,” I thought to myself. “I thought that I wanted this to be over and done with.” Once again I found myself plagued by my conflicted emotions.

As I mentioned a while ago, the fact that she came down in a nightshirt really couldn’t be read into. This was pretty much a norm in the house and a gross majority of people would not even consider the way she looked as indecent for a family setting.

She climbed under a blanket with me as usual and we began watching the movie. After 30 minutes of watching with absolutely nothing having happened I began to think that I was in the clear. During the previous week’s movie night it had taken only about 5 minutes before she was touching me and less than 15 before she had my dick in her hand. I guessed that her curiosity had been fulfilled but if that was really the case would I still be writing about it. I guess not.

Another reason that I thought that we were back to normal was that she had left the blanket down low instead of covering herself all the way up to her neck. With it only pulled up to her ribs it would have been obvious to everyone if she had tried to bring my hand up to her breasts as had been recently occurring with frequency.

Suddenly, she made a loud proclamation of disgust and sat up a bit while muttering about having dropped popcorn down her nightshirt. For a moment everyone’s attention was drawn to her as she attempted to fish out the popcorn. Apparently having no luck, she undid a few of the buttons at the top of the shirt to gain better access to reach the offending piece of food. Even as she continued her ministrations, attention was drawn back to the movie and the event was quickly forgotten as she settled back down.

I really didn’t give it much more thought until a few minutes later. I happened to glance down and noticed that the buttons of her shirt were still undone. The way that she was laying was exposing most of her breasts to my view but was probably completely unseen if anyone else in the room had bothered to look over. At first, I averted my eyes but then I thought about how I had previously imagined that they might look based on the feel of them in my hand. Even in the room’s darkness I was able to make out that I was looking at an exquisite pair of breasts. I could clearly see her areola but my view stopped just short of her actual nipple. In the darkness I could not discern the actual color of her areola but could tell that they contrasted nicely with the color of her breasts and were clearly outlined as perfect circles surrounding the nipple. I estimated them to be slightly larger than a quarter and found myself entranced by their beauty.

A realization hit me that despite maltepe escort everything that had happened over the past few months, this was the first time that I had seen anything more of her than a parent normally would. She had seen me completely naked, played with my cock on a number of occasions, and had even made me ejaculate but I hadn’t seen anything and had only held her breast in my hand a few times. I tried to dismiss it, but for the first time I truly felt a longing desire to see more of her nubile body. I was, however, able to curb these thoughts, trying to believe that things had seemed to return to normal and I was not going to change that. I told myself that my step-daughter had merely been curious and had used me, probably so that she would not feel embarrassed in front of some buy that she wanted to do things with.

I really don’t remember much about the rest of the movie because, try as I might, my attention kept returning to the wondrous sight of her nearly bared breasts. They remained exposed to me all the way until the movie had ended and she got up to head to bed. When she stood to go upstairs, the nightshirt fell into place naturally and you couldn’t even tell that it was unbuttoned as far as it was. Nothing else had happened that evening so I once again found myself thinking that things were normal and that she just didn’t realize how exposed she had been.

The next morning came around and I headed downstairs to find my wife and step-daughter had already started working on our typical weekend chores. I jumped right in to help and a short while later; both boys came down and did the same. Having ignored the typical Saturday morning laziness that we normally exhibit, we found that we were completely done with the chore list shortly after lunch. With the rest of the day as ours, my step-daughter announced that she was going to do a little shopping with one of her friends and would be home by dinner. A short while later her friend arrived and the two of them headed off to the mall. The rest of the family started a variety of other activities and, in general, had a productive, yet relaxing day.

My step-daughter kept true to her word and was home before dinner, walking in the door with a handful of bags just as the rest of us were setting the table and getting ready to sit down. She ran up to her room to drop off her purchases and came down carrying a small bag that I recognized as being from a music and video store.

“Dad…look at what I found,” she said pulling out a video that we had been anxiously awaiting the release of. “Can we watch it tonight? Please.” Seeing her purchase, the boys immediately started chiming in as well.

We normally don’t have a second movie night on the weekend but, having completed all of our chores in record time plus a few extras and the mounting pressure from the whole family, I conceded. Truth be told, I really wanted to watch the movie as well and didn’t really want to wait another week knowing that it was in our house the entire time.

After dinner we all cleaned up together and then headed in various directions to get ready for the movie. We agreed to all be in the family room by eight thirty to start.

I ended up being the last one to arrive, walking in the room only two minutes prior to our appointed time to find everyone in their usual spots, anxiously awaiting my arrival.

Since I was usually behind my step-daughter while we watched, she quickly hopped off the couch stating “go lie down, Dad. I’ll take care of the lights.”

When she got up I noticed that she was once again wearing the white men’s dress shirt style nightshirt but something seemed different to me. It took a moment to place what was different, but right as she turned the lights off, it hit me…I could swear that I saw the pinkish-red outline of a bra and panties underneath the shirt. Now, why should this be odd, you ask? Well, there are a few reasons…for one, as has previously been mentioned the shirt is quite thick and normally wouldn’t show anything. The other was that every time I had done laundry for the family, I could only recall seeing simple white or beige cotton underwear come out of my step-daughter’s hamper. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining things but put the thought out of my mind since I couldn’t tell with the lights off anymore, anyway.

About a half hour into the film she reached between us and very matter-of-factly took a hold of my cock and pulled it out of my pants. Despite the fact that it was completely soft and her action came unexpected it took less than a minute and only two or three tugs before she had a raging hard on in her hand. She lightly stroked me for a few minutes and then started to place my dick between her legs as she had done the week before.

As I slid between her thighs I found myself again feeling that something seemed off; well, other than the fact that my teenage step-daughter was playing with my cock. mecidiyeköy escort The sensations that I felt where I was in contact with her panties were smooth and silky and were in complete contrast to last week. I had a sudden flashback to the faint outline that I had perceived right before she turned out the lights and wondered just what she had on underneath the shirt.

As she began to slowly gyrate around my hard on, she reached over grabbing my hand and gently pulled it to her stomach. My fingers made first contact with her skin just above her belly button and she pressed my hand flat against her, open palmed. With her hand still guiding mine, she slowly slid it up toward her chest. I found myself savoring the feeling of her soft skin as I grazed it lightly until I came to the underside of her breast. As my hand rounded her gentle curves I felt the smooth silk of a presumably sexy bra followed by frilly lace that began just below her nipple and stopped about an inch above it. Although I couldn’t see it, I imagined that this was a very sexy bra that she was wearing.

As the movie played, we continued as well. She was slowly moving her hips back and forth as I gently rubbed her supple breasts and played with her nipples through the lace of her bra. I could feel the moistness develop through her silk panties and was thoroughly enjoying the sensations that I was receiving.

After a short while I felt her hand return over top of mine. My step-daughter began to guide me again, first over each of her breasts and then dipping our hands under the lacy top of one of her bra cups to feel and play with the hardened nipple hiding below. Removing our hands from the bra, she guided my palm over her ribs and toned stomach, lightly touching virtually every inch of exposed skin. As we passed her belly button, I noticed that we still hadn’t encountered any interference from the nightshirt. Finally, she rested my hand at the top of her panties where I felt lace edging followed by smooth silk just like the cups of her bra. I couldn’t help but imagine how beautiful she must look in such a set. All too soon, she returned my hand to her breast, leaving it there for the rest of the movie.

As the end of the movie approached, I expected her to break off so that we could compose ourselves but no such thing happened. As my wife and the boys started to get up and head upstairs she simply remained in front of me, holding my hard dick between her legs and pinning my hand against her breast with hers.

“I want to watch the special features,” she stated. “You want to watch them with me, Dad?”

As I started to mumble something I heard my wife comment, “well, it is too late for me, so I’m heading up to bed. You two enjoy…” She then leaned down and gave me a kiss making me extremely nervous that she would realize that I had my hand on her daughter’s breast or that my dick was out of my pants nestled between the girl’s thighs. No such thing happened though and she simply stated “I’ll probably be asleep when you come up so I’ll see you in the morning honey.” She proceeded to whisk the boys toward their bedrooms, leaving the two of us lying there in near darkness.

We did actually watch a number of the special features on the disk until there were no longer any sounds of movement coming from upstairs. Once she felt that we were safe, my step-daughter released me from between her legs and slid off of the couch onto the floor, kneeling. With her nightshirt unbuttoned, I could see a distinct outline of her bra against her pale skin but couldn’t make out any detail in the dark, shadowy lighting. She made a motion for me to stay as I was, took me in her hands and started gently stroking me.

Without stopping, she leaned over me and brought her lips to mine. At first we simply enjoyed a long sensual kiss on the lips. After breaking the kiss, she remained over me so I brought my hand up to fondle her breast some more. Next, she leaned in again, and as we kissed I felt her lips begin to part. I responded in kind and began to use my tongue, first on her lips and then in a wonderful French kiss. I don’t think that I had ever had a kiss that was so sensual and elicited such feelings before. It was simply beautiful.

After that wonderful, lingering kiss, she sat back a bit and concentrated on the hand job that was still in progress. Between the stimulation throughout the movie and the post-movie bliss that we were sharing, I knew that I wouldn’t last too much longer.

As she had done when she came into my bathroom previously, she leaned down and licked a little precum off of the tip of my dick and seemed to savor its flavor. Next, though, she surprised me by first kissing, and then licking the head.

Hearing me moan slightly, she even placed her mouth over my dick and took the head completely into her mouth as she continued to stroke the shaft. She backed off once again and told me to warn her when it merter escort was coming which wouldn’t be long by my assessment. Feeling my impending orgasm I told her that I was almost there and received another surprise from her in return.

When I told her that I was close, rather than move out of the way as I had expected, she leaned down and took the tip back in her mouth. She locked her lips around my shaft just under the head and swirled her tongue over the top. Unable to take any more, I exploded forcefully with a grunt and followed it with about three more solid jets of cum before the orgasm subsided and I started to soften a bit. To her credit, she kept her lips locked the entire time and didn’t back off at all even though the amount of cum must have been a lot since some had oozed out the corners of her mouth. Finally releasing my dick, she swirled the cum in her mouth for a second and then swallowed it all down.

She let out a little “mmmm…” as she stood up and then leaned down, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and walked toward the stairs saying “goodnight Dad. See you in the morning.”

A little overwhelmed, it took me a moment to recover. I started to compose myself and noticed a slightly sweet, yet salty taste on my lips and realized that it was a little trace of my cum from when she had kissed me. Normally, I would never have thought of tasting a man’s cum before but for some reason the thought that it got there from my step-daughter’s lips made it extremely erotic. I finished cleaning up and headed to bed for a night of peaceful sleep, dreaming about what happened the whole time.

As morning came around, I found myself in the kitchen with my wife eating breakfast at 10:30. The boys had already eaten and were in the family room watching TV but we still hadn’t seen any sign of my step-daughter. I had just finished eating and was taking care of my dishes when my wife said “will you go wake up sleeping beauty before she wastes the whole day away,” referring, of course, to my step-daughter.

To be honest, I was a little nervous since everyone was awake and it was daytime but responded with “sure, hon,” and trundled upstairs. As I arrived at her room, I gave a rap at the door and called her name but got no reply. I did it again with the same results and figured that she was simply too far gone to be woken up this way so I slowly opened the door.

The sight that greeted me as I opened the door took me a bit by surprise. She had completely removed the nightshirt and it was crumpled up on the floor and was lying on her stomach with the sheets only pulled up to her waist. She was still wearing the lingerie from last night and was a beautiful sight even though most of it was hidden underneath her. The previous night’s guess of red had been correct as I saw her wearing a rose colored bra that appeared to be quite expensive; definitely something new. I could see a hint of the lace at the side of her breasts and the silk straps going around her back and over her shoulders but saw no sign of a closure. “Must be front-close” I guessed but didn’t remember that from last night.

As I took a quick glance around, I noticed one of the shopping bags from yesterday’s foray with her friend was from a popular lingerie shop at the mall. My next thought was that it seemed way too large of a bag for a bra and panties. “What else did she buy there,” I wondered.

She was, indeed a tough one to wake that morning and it took a nice bit of shaking to get her to stir. Once I did though, I saw a big smile appear on her face realizing that it was me at her bedside.

“Morning Dad,” she said and sat up on the edge of the bed. The sheets that had been covering the lower half of her body simply fell away to her side and I got my first real view of this young beauty. Her body was exquisite. I couldn’t see a flaw anywhere on her skin, her proportions seemed just right, and her breasts were a perfect handful with a youthful shape to them. The designer lingerie that she had bought accentuated everything with its rose color in a perfect complement to her skin tone.

Next, my step-daughter simply stood up and closed the couple of feet between us giving me a good morning kiss and saying “that was a great movie last night, wasn’t it?” She didn’t seem to care in the least that all she had on was a bra and panties and they didn’t cover much really.

I was almost frozen in place by the sight before me and couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she crossed the room to her closet. She grabbed her towel and began coming back toward me, apparently headed to the dresser. As she crossed the room, she popped open the front clasp of her bra and took it completely off, right in front of me.

For the first time since she was a young child, I was looking at her completely bare chest. This time there was no shirt, no bra, no anything to obstruct my view. To say that I thought that her breasts looked perfect wouldn’t be saying enough. I knew that this image wouldn’t ever go away.

Lost in reverie, I almost didn’t notice as she started to head out of the room saying “I’m going to go shower. Let Mom know that I’ll be down in a few.” I think that if it wasn’t for her comment that I might have still been standing there with my mouth open.

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