Moving Back Home

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I was naked lying in my bed in total darkness. The covers were crumpled in a pile at the foot of the bed as it was just too hot to be covered. The only sound was the steady whirring noise coming from my ceiling fan as it did its best to cool me down. I was very close to sleep when I heard that sound again – the sound that has been playing in my head for weeks. It was the sound of a woman playing with herself and eventually bringing herself to orgasm, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Let me back up about a month to when I moved back home after a less than successful relationship. My name is John, I am 24 years old, 6’1 and in pretty good shape. I am one of the lucky ones as I don’t work out a lot, or watch every meal, but still manage a half decent body.

I moved in with my mom (Debbie) and sister (Stephanie) – dad died when I was 12 and Steph was 7. Mom never got married again, hardly ever dated that I knew of, I suppose taking care of us two kids took up most of her time. It’s not from a lack of guys trying as mom is quite the looker and still fairly young. She is only 39, but most guess her to be in her early 30’s. She had me at 15, her and my dad were madly in love right from middle school. It was thought that nothing would every separate them, not even having a baby at that young age. Unfortunately a freak accident at dads work is what finally did separate them, but it did leave her with a decent life insurance claim and a settlement from dads work, so she is and will be comfortable for the rest of her life.

Like I said, I moved back home last month, when my relationship ended abruptly with my EX – I thought things were going good, but she told me on day she just wasn’t happy and didn’t want to lead me on anymore and felt it best if we split and I move out. So there I was moving myself back home more than a little shocked and a kinda depressed too.

Mom and Steph were more than happy to see me back at home and did all they could to cheer me up. My favorite meals were getting cooked, my sister took me to the movies a few times just like I would do for her when we were younger. We had a great relationship growing up even though there eve gelen escort was 5 years difference. I guess I was like a brother and a father to her. She always came to me with problems which I was always more than happy to help her with whenever I could.

In the past couple of years, Steph grew up a lot, up and out. She went from being my cute kid sister to one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen. I tried telling myself over and over, she isn’t hot, she is your sister, but seeing that body on a daily basis makes it hard – yeah, pun intended. She and mom are the same height at 5’7″, both have amazing bodies, not skinny, but healthy. Flat stomachs on both of them, with Steph having a little more curves than mom, ass a bit rounder and tits a little bigger. Mom being a 34D and Steph a 36DD

When I moved back home I remembered quickly how much I enjoyed and dreaded seeing my family in their various stages of casual dress. What man wouldn’t want too see that? The problem was it was my mom and sister – I shouldn’t look at them like that. Some times I swear they tried to tease me! Like that was their way to cheers me up, sometimes it was one of them coming out of the shower with just a small towel, or the very skimpy bikinis they would wear out back tanning by the pool.

The day I moved back home was very hot, and after I got my stuff settled back in my room I figured the pool would help cool me down. I stepped out on to the deck but didn’t realize I was not alone, I stepped into our little change hut to grab my trunks, I didn’t pull the curtain closed since like I said, thought I was alone. As soon as I dropped my pants and underwear? I heard a whistle behind me and turned my head to find my sister on the opposite side of the pool in a lounge chair giving me a thumbs up sign!

Talk about embarrassed, I turned beat red and scrambled for my trunks, pulling them up quickly. I put my head down and walked over to her ‘Sorry about that Steph, I really didn’t know you were out here!’ ‘That’s quite OK’ she said ‘I didn’t mind that view at all! Nice butt big brother!’

I looked up at her to say something, but ended fatih escort up stopping dead in my tracks. She was lying there with the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever scene! I asked her ‘Steph, does mom know you are out here in such a tiny suit?’ She just lay there and laughed at me then said ‘Of course, she was with me when I bought it – she has one almost identical’

This just blew my mind and I had to get in the pool to cool down and also prevent my sister from noticing the growing bulge in my swim suit. I figured I’d swim a couple lengths to help things calm down. As I was coming back from my first pass, I was greeted with a huge splash, Steph cannon balled right in front of me. I stood up to say good job to her, but as she popped up out of the water, her bikini top was up around her neck and her tits were bouncing up and down, glistening in the sunlight. It was like slow motion, I watched as she popped up, first her hair, then face with eyes shut tight, then her top was visible, but all jumbled around her neck, that’s when I noticed her boobs were visible, tiny droplets of water resisting her skin due to the tanning oil she had on, running down her ample breasts clinging on to the underside just begging to be licked off…..

I must have been staring because suddenly I could hear Steph saying ‘Hello, earth to Chris, hello!?’ That’s when I said in almost a whisper ‘Um, Steph, your top’. She let out a little squeal, then really surprised me when she gave me a shy but bad girl kinda smile and reached down and pulled the top from around her neck and threw it on the pool deck saying ‘What does it matter now, you’ve obviously gotten a good look at them. I only have the suit on because you are home, usually I’m nude out here. I will go easy on you and keep my bottoms on’. She slowly waded through the water until she was right in front of me, her hard nipples almost touching me and said ‘Unless you’d rather I take them off too’.

By now I had a very hard cock even though I kept telling myself to get control – that’s your sister… I managed to squeak out in my best mid-puberty voice ‘No, I think you’d better keep them on, I mean what would halkalı anal yapan escort mom think?’ She laughed at me again ‘Mom!? She’d be the first one to joking me sans suit!’ This was getting to be too much, and I started mumbling something about forgetting to do inside and made a bee-line for the house.

That night was the forst time I had heard the noises. I was in my room and just drifting off to bed when I heard the faintest moaning sound. My sister’s bedroom was beside mine, with my bed against the wall that seperated us. At first I figured I was imagining the sounds, but as I listened more intently, it was very clear, Steph was in there masturbating. I know, no big deal, everyone does it. But with the views from the afternoon, the lack of girlfriend – well, the little brain was taking over. I lay there trying to be as quiet as possible, hoping to hear more, holding my breath, staring at the dark wall separating us as if it would make it easier to hear. She probably wasn’t worried about mom hearing her since mom’s bedroom was on the other end of the house and on the lower level. I don’t know when I started, but I suddenly realized I was jerking myself off as I listened to her. I was too far gone and too damn horny to stop now.

I could hear her bed squeaking and started to form an image of my sister in the next room. She was lying on her bed, only wearing a skimpy tight tank top. It was pulled up exposing her sexy stomach, but still covering her tits. Her nipples were extremely hard, easily visible through the thin material. Her panties were nowhere to be found, leaving her bare ass pointing up in the air. She had her pillow bunched up under herself and she was humping it like a mad woman, grinding her hot and wet young pussy back and forth with such determination. Her facial expressions showed she was very close to orgasm and nothing would prevent her from reaching her moment of blissful release. The moaning became louder as she grew closer to her peak, my own hand was moving at a furious pace on my cock, hoping to share this orgasm with her, suddenly, the squeaking stopped, and Steph let out an animal like groan, finding the orgasm she was searching for, I was so close to cumming myself, but I heard two words through the wall that sent my cum flying out of my cock, and my mind spinning even more than it was all ready – those two words were my sister saying in the middle of her orgasm, “Oh Chris!”

Another chapter to follow if response is good.

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