Moving in on Dad Ch. 03

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Once Trish had left Frank and Sue moved into the bedroom. Sue wasted no time in pushing him down on the bed and taking him into her mouth. She sucked him off for a long time always keeping him from cumming, letting him work up a good head before she released him and crawled on top of him again.

“You seem to like that position.” Frank commented as she lowered herself onto his cock.

She felt it split her lips then spear her pussy and with a grunt she dropped all the way onto him. “Umm, I do. It fills me so full.”

She talked as she rode his cock. “Trish told me you two had a good talk.”

Frank looked at her with slight alarm “Does everybody know that my daughter wants to bed me?”

Sue giggled a little “No, the other two wonder, but I think they don’t believe it. It’s just that Trish and I talked about it before, so I guess I’m kind of her sounding board. She really wants to you know, she really loves you too.”

“I know, I love her too and I think I want to but I’m afraid.” Now that Sue had him in the middle of sex he was receptive and his defenses were down. He knew it but with an orgasm pending and a pussy wrapped around his dick he did not care. It seemed so comfortable and natural to talk about it with Sue. He realized that in all the years of marriage to Trish’s mother he had never achieved this level of emotional intimacy with her. With that realization came a warm glow spreading through his body and he reached up and pulled Sue down to him. To hold her close while his hips worked his cock in and out of her.

“Umm, I like this position too.” She breathed. “I just want you to know that as far as I’m concerned, if you make love to Trish I think it would be beautiful. Not sick or weird. She told me what you were worried about. I agree with her. I think it would strengthen your relationship and increase your love for one another. So if you decide to, you have my full support and help if you want it. But for now just fuck me.”

They spent the next few minutes doing just that until she came and the flow of juices over his cock and balls felt so warm and comforting that he blasted into her pussy. She felt the sperm pooling inside her all hot and fertile and she sighed. “I’m really beginning to like this fucking thing. But I like just being with him too.” She thought to herself. Then the fear started to slide over her. “What if this is just a fun thing for him and he gets tired of me. I don’t want to give him up.” and she realized that she was falling for him.

Frank woke the next morning with Sue snuggled up against him. She felt so warm and comfortable there and as he looked at her he felt a wave of pleasure roll over him and he leaned over and kissed her cheek. Her naked body against his shortly had him swelling to readiness and as they lay together he began to stroke her body. Starting at her shoulder he ran his hand down over it and to her tit then across her belly to her thigh. She smiled in her sleep and pulled closer to him, throwing her leg over his so that her pussy was lying directly on his thigh. Now as he ran his hands over her it was down her back and over her ass and he enjoyed the feel of her skin under his hand and the sweetness of her smile.

Before long he let his hand pause and run over her ass and then lower down to the swell of her butt where it met her legs and he could feel her wetness on one of her legs. He smiled to himself as he let a hand run to her pussy and slid a finger along her lips. She responded by trying to spread them even farther and letting out a little moan. He smiled and let the finger slide into her. She responded immediately by lifting up to meet him and even though she was still asleep was meeting the thrusts of his hand into her. He kept it up for a few minutes then slid out from under her letting her roll onto her belly all the time keeping his fingers working until he positioned himself behind her, between her legs. Only then did he remove his fingers and she whimpered at the loss but not for long as her directed his cock to the entrance to her pussy and pushed inside.

He began to slowly pump on her and her groans became louder and more demanding while he fucked her from behind. It took longer than he expected for her to come fully awake and as she did she raised her ass up even more to meet his thrusts until she collapsed back on the bed in her first orgasm of the day. But he was not finished yet and he kept up the pounding until he pumped his sperm deep inside her again and as usual the feeling of the warm liquid pooling in her womb and the realization that it was his seed inside her set her off again this time with a scream that he feared could be heard by the girls downstairs.

He lay with her as his member started to deflate. “That is the most wonderful wake up I have ever had.” She told him as they cuddled up. I could get real used to that.

He hesitated for a second as he realized that she was becoming a comfortable part of his life. The he whispered. “Maybe that’s what I had in mind.” She drifted off to sleep then with those words in her ear and although she halkalı bdsm escort heard them and they registered, she was too lost in near sleep and sexual release to fully comprehend what he had just told her.

He lay with her a few minutes as she slept then quietly slipped out of bed and headed for the kitchen to make coffee. He backed out of the room and closed the door so as not to wake her. He was halfway across the room and nearly in the kitchen, lost in his thoughts, before he realized that Trish, Barb, and Janet were sitting there all wearing a smirk and nothing else.

“From the sound of things you had a good morning.” Trish quipped.

“I’d say, from the sound of things Sue had a really good morning.” Janet answered.

Barb stood up and crossed the space between them in two steps as she pulled his head to her mouth and took hold of his member, which was beginning to re-inflate now. Then she broke the kiss with him “From the feel of him he did have some fun. It’s all covered in cum.” Then before he realized what she was going to do she dropped to her knees and sucked him into her mouth. A long slow suck it was as she cleaned his cock of the mixed juices on it. “Yep he had fun too. I can taste his cum and her pussy juice.” Then with that pronouncement she stood and took back her seat.

He blushed a little embarrassed at being caught walking the house naked, the fact that obviously everyone heard their lovemaking and the matter of fact way Barb had just sucked his cock clean in front of Janet and his daughter. He was tempted to turn and return to the bedroom and hide, but knew that would make it worse in the long run so he walked past them to the coffee pot. “You’re just jealous that it wasn’t you screaming he quipped.”

“Damn right we are.” Barb answered

“Yeah, what we got last night was just a tease. We’re going to try to bribe Sue into letting us fuck the shit out of you.” Janet threatened.

Trish just sat there sipping her coffee and smiling. She was admiring her father’s ass and how tight and firm it was then as he turned to face them she licked her lips at the sight of his half inflated cock and once again stiffened her resolve to have him inside her as soon as she could manage it.

“So what are you girls planning for today?” Frank asked

“Barb and I are going in for some more beach time.” Janet answered

“Sue wanted to go visit her aunt, she doesn’t live far and I told her I’d drive. We’ll probably be back after lunch.” Trish answered. “In fact we need to leave in about two hours so I figure I’ll let her sleep a bit before I wake her. What about you?”

“I have some errands to run this morning, then back here before lunch and be lazy the rest of the day.” Frank answered

“Goody, we’ll come back for lunch and then drag you down to the beach with us.” Barb offered.

Frank laughed “You know living here I very rarely go to the beach, it’s 100 yds. away and I haven’t even been down once this season. So maybe I’ll take you up on that.”

“Well we want to get there and get a good spot so we are going to get our suits on and get going. See you at lunch.” Janet said.

With the two of them leaving Frank and Trish were left alone. They made small talk for a while. Frank noticed how comfortable he had become with his daughters nudity and with his own around her. “I wonder if that’s a good thing?” He asked himself. He also knew that they weren’t going to see Sue’s aunt today they had interviews with his friend Scott, the president of the school board, but he didn’t say anything. He did wonder though when they were going to tell him. “Probably want to make sure they have the job.” He reasoned.

They toasted a couple of bagels and added juice to their breakfast before finishing with another cup of coffee. He enjoyed the time with Trish and the conversation. “Well I guess I should get a shower and get dressed. Do you want me to wake Sue or do you want to?” He asked Trish.

“She’s got some time yet to sleep, probably when you get out of the shower you can wake her.” She answered as he stood to head for the shower.

He acknowledged her request and walked toward the bedroom and the walk in shower in the master bath. As he walked away Trish watched his ass work and the tight muscles underneath and she found herself with a finger in her pussy as he disappeared around the corner. “Ohh, I’m getting bad.” She thought to herself. “Fingering myself as I watch my father’s ass walk away. I do need to fuck him soon.” She thought as she continued to diddle herself. She sat there for a couple of minutes before she got up the nerve to follow though with what ran through her mind and suddenly she stood and headed after him. “Before I lose my nerve. I may not get to fuck him today but I’ll at least take another step closer.”

She walked to his bedroom door, he had left it opened when he went in, she noted that Sue was still sound asleep. Then she turned and opened the door to the bathroom and slipped in. He was in the shower and the glass doors were all steamed halkalı elit escort up so he couldn’t see her. She opened the door quietly. He had his back turned and she slipped in and quietly closed the door. Before he could turn around she picked up the soap and quickly soaped up her hands and reached out and began to run her soapy hands down his back. He moaned at her touch and arched his back in pleasure. “I tried not to wake you but now I’m glad I did. You can keep that up as long as you like.”

Without answering she stepped up behind him and ran her hands down his sides and around to his chest and stomach. From his response he loved the attention and when she moved her hands down to wash his cock she found it was rock hard. She allowed her soapy hands to stroke him and then reach underneath to fondle his balls. She was tempted to keep going and jerk him off or at least get him to a state of arousal where he would not refuse her, but she choose to go with her original plan. Slow and sure, one step at a time. She already knew she was winning him over and it would not be much longer. She took him in her hands and stroked him a bit more before she let him go. “Ok daddy, my turn now.” She said as she turned her back to him to be washed.

He was shocked. He had been so sure it was Sue in the shower with him he never even looked. “Trish, what are you doing?”

“I figured I needed a shower too and we could save water.” She answered innocently glancing back over her shoulder. “Come on do my back please.”

He hesitated. His daughter had gotten into the shower with him and washed him. She had even stroked his cock. But not all that much, she could have been washing me. His thoughts warred in his head. They had been sitting talking, having breakfast just a few minutes ago, completely naked and neither of them objected them. Was this really a big step. Then almost without conscious thought as his conscious argued with his desires he picked up the soap and started to wash her back for her.

His hands touched her naked shoulders and ran over them and across her shoulder blades, she arched her back at his touch. He followed through by running his hands down her back to the top of her ass and then turned them away and up her sides and back down again. He slid them down her sides to he legs and continued washing the outsides of her thighs and then again turned and this time brought them over her ass in slow loving circles. He washed her ass carefully and ran his hands down over the swell of it and down her thighs. That done he brought them back up across her butt and around to her stomach slowly running his hands over her flat stomach and upwards, up toward her chest then finally he ran his hands over her tits.. He let his palms rest over her nipples and moved them around in circles, washing them but at the same time stimulating them. Then all too soon he moved them back down across her tummy to her mound, over the little strip of hair that she left there and down across her pussy.

She spread her legs a little to allow him to he inside thighs and he brushed her pussy lips with his hand and a tingle shot through her. Then he was done. She felt him begin to release her and then stop. He brought his hands back up to her tits and cupped them and drew her to him. His front against her back. She could feel his full 9 ½ inches pressing into the small of her back and felt a trickle of juice release from her pussy as she realized what it was she was she was feeling pressing back there. He held her to him, his hands over her tits pressing into him and he kissed the top of her head. “I love you honey.” And he squeezed her a bit harder then released her. She turned to face him and kissed him on the lips, gently, “I love you too daddy.” And she wrapped her arms around his middle and pulled him close. She reveled in the feeling of his cock pressing into her belly. He placed his hands on her back and let them run up and down. Fondling her and feeling her, touching her ass and thighs. Then he released her. “I think we’re clean enough. We should get out.”

She nodded as she released him and they stepped out of the shower. She was afraid he was going to ignore her now but he didn’t, he smiled at her and offered to dry her off and she gladly accepted the invitation. Then as he ran the big soft towel over her body she felt as though she would orgasm from his touch. “Sue is right you do have a really nice touch, very sensual. Thank you for doing that for me daddy. It was nice to have you wash me and it was nice to wash you.” She told him as she took a clean towel and rubbed him dry. He noticed she spent a little more time on his cock and balls than would have been really required but strangely he did not stop her or even mention it. Mostly, he admitted to himself because he enjoyed it. Then he surprised himself. “Yes it was, maybe we can do it again sometime.”

She was shocked. That almost sounded like and invitation, certainly an acknowledgement. Now she was more certain than ever that she was winning this battle. She even had the feeling halkalı escort that he was sorely tempted in the shower to just give up and make love to her. She knew she was. She had fought off the temptation the whole time to just drop to her knees and suck him into her mouth. She smiled to herself, soon, soon she would have him and it would be better because he would do it willingly, even eagerly. That was how it needed to be if it was to be right and good between them. She stood on her toes and kissed him again. “Thanks daddy. Now let’s go wake Sue up.”

The two of them moved out to the bedroom and got onto the bed on either side of the still sleeping Sue. She was still on her belly exactly the way he left her earlier. They called her name and ran their hands down her back until she stirred. “Come on it’s time to get up. You have to go see your aunt, Trish tells me.” Frank said.

“Hmmm, I was hoping you’d wake me up the way you did earlier.” She purred sleepily.

Trish laughed. “If he does that you’ll go see your aunt with cum running down your leg and we can’t have that, can we?”

“But it was so much fun.” She pouted “Just a little. Please.” She asked raising her ass up into the air and wiggling it back and forth.

Trish moved around behind her and looked at her ass and pussy. “I don’t know daddy. It looks pretty good. If I were a guy I would definitely do her. Hell if you don’t I might just eat her out right here.”

Frank laughed “Maybe I should say no just so I could watch.” But even as he said it he moved around to view the pussy offered him.

“Come on daddy. Just do her a little. Make her cum then save the rest for later.” Trish offered and reached out and to his surprise she grasped his cock and pulled it toward her friend’s pussy. He had little choice but to follow and soon found himself behind his new girlfriend with his daughter guiding his prick into her.

He slid in easily and she sighed as he hit bottom. Trish had released him but drew her hand away wet with Sue’s juices and as she brought her hand to her mouth she licked it clean. He was mesmerized by the sight and started to work his cock in and out of the hole in front of him. Trish never moved away. She stayed right next to them running her hands down her friends body and his body, occasionally around her front to slide across a tit or down between them to touch his cock on the backstroke.

“God this is incredible.” Frank thought. “Here I am fucking a 22 year old beauty and my daughter is watching and helping us. So fucking Hot!” Frank felt Sue tighten up and clamp down on him as she came. Then realizing how close he was to his own orgasm, he called out “I’m gonna cum!” Sue immediately pulled herself off of him and called out “In my mouth” and dropped her lips over his cock and started to suck. The little bit of pressure was all he needed and he shot his wad into her mouth and as he finished she slid off of him leaving a little string of cum running from her mouth to his prick. She looked at Trish and leaned over and kissed her in a passionate swapping of his cum. Then they broke the kiss and both swallowed.

The sight nearly got him hard again. The girls giggled and kissed again before jumping out of bed. “I’ll use the shower downstairs. I need to get dressed today and all my clothes are down there.” And she skipped out of the room. Trish leaned over and kissed her father, smiled at him and walked out of the room also.

Frank dressed to run his errands and as he was preparing to leave called out to the girls that he was leaving. Sue ran up, in her panties and gave him a hug and kiss before he left. “I know Janet and Barb are going to try to bang you while I’m gone. It’s Ok if you want to. I don’t mind. So don’t think that you’ll be cheating on me or anything. Just have a good time.” And as she turned to go she grasped his cock through his pants and gave him a squeeze then returned to finish dressing. Trish leaned on the wall smirking at him.

“You’re getting more pussy these couple of weeks than you did the whole time you were married to Mom aren’t you?” She laughed. “Have fun, we’ll see you later.” He left shaking his head. “My daughter sure as hell grew up didn’t she” he said to himself then remembering where they were really going his mood changed and he found himself a happy man. Happy at the thought that Sue and Trish would soon have jobs here where he lived and the logical thing for both of them would be to stay with him. He would have them both full time.

As he drove to his various errands he rolled the events of the last few days around n his mind and realized he was as happy about Trish staying with him as he was Sue. He also admitted to himself that he was ready to surrender. That he really did want to make love to her, often. He almost did this morning in the shower. He was inches away from bending her over and slipping inside her then. Honestly he was just waiting for her to make one move in that direction, one come on, just one sign that she wanted it as she had told him the night before. Then again when she had stayed with them while he banged Sue minutes later. He had in fact intended on laying her down as soon as he was finished with Sue, but when he came in Sue’s mouth he lost his hardness, not surprising after the previous night and earlier in the morning. Trish was right he was getting more pussy in the last week than he had had in years.

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