Mum, Sis and Bro. Pt. 03

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Hardly able to believe my luck, as my naked Mother laid back down on her bed. I undressed and poured oil into my hands. Moving around to the bottom of the bed, my hands shook as I coated her feet with the oil. Holding her right foot I slowly moved my thumbs in a circular motion just below her toes, working my way down to her heel. Sighing deeply, my Mothers bright blue eye’s fluttered shut as I moved to her right foot.

Lowering my head, I lifted her foot slightly, I decided to gently suck and nibble on her toes. As I worked my tongue and teeth on her toes she gasped,

“Oh my god, that is amazing, please don’t stop.”

After working on her toes for some time I gradually worked my way along the top of her feet to her ankles. Putting some oil on my hands, I massaged her lower legs, as I rubbed and squeezed the soft, milky skin her legs gradually parted. Allowing me access to her calf muscles and my 1st view of my mother’s pussy.

As I continued to work the oil into her muscles I gazed between her legs. As I watched pearls of girl cum seeped from her pussy. Her short lips were flared, and I could clearly see her clit as it poked out from its hood. Moving up to her thigh’s I poured copious amounts of oil into my hand. Starting at her knee, I pushed my hand diagonally towards her arse. Making sure to graze my fingers across her Anus, the tips dipping into her pussy as I dragged them back to her knee.

The effect on her was startling, her eyes snapped open, sitting up she grabbed at my rock-hard cock and literally pulled me on top of her.

“Try not to cum inside me,” she whimpered as she guided my cock to the velvet

softness of her soaking wet pussy.

Feeling the heat of her on my bell end, I pushed forwards and slipped bollox deep into my Mothers pussy. A lad at school who claimed to be experienced, had claimed that all pussies were the same, I thought at the time he was full of shit, now I knew for sure. The pussy that had birthed me was very different to my sisters, as I luxuriated in its heat and softness, my mother started to cum. Her orgasm was intense, causing her to buck her hips and moan loudly, smashing her pubes into mine forcing my cock deeper into her grasping pussy.

The feeling as her pussy worked on my cock were exquisite, remembering her asking me not to cum inside her. it took all my will power to pull out of her. As her pussy rippled and trembled, I shot several ropes on her belly and tits.

Flopping to one side, gradually my breathing and heart rate returned to normal as I cuddled into mum. Laying my head on mum’s breast, she still seemed to be lost in orgasmic pleasure as her legs twitched and shook as she came down.

“That was absolutely fucking amazing. Thought you said you were a Virgin?” she moaned, putting her arm around me.

Grinning, I replied, “Beginners luck, I read and watch a lot of porn.”

Moving down her body I parted her thighs and greedily licked the cum from her pussy. Pushing my tongue into her hole, before running my tongue up to her clit I relished the taste and scent of her. Pushing my head away from her clit,

“No please, it is way too sensitive, just cuddle me. It has been a long time, nearly 5 years since I had sex. That is the 1st time a man has made me cum like that, since… Well, before I met your Dad.”

Returning to cuddle her I contented myself in nuzzling her breast, sucking, licking and nibbling on her large nipple. Hearing the front door slam Mum quickly pulled her panties and dressing gown on, urging me to my bedroom, she went downstairs. Going to the bathroom I showered, drying myself I pulled on a pair of pants and dressing gown.

Heading down I could hear my Mum and Sis talking, it seemed that Beth and her friend had argued, so she had come home early. Entering the kitchen both women looked up and smiled at me, I felt my cock twitch as I returned their smile.

“What you been up to, watching tv or playing games?” Mum asked with a huge grin on her face.

“Thought you was out for night” I asked my sister.

“Yeah, well she is just a bitch, fuck her, she needs to sort herself out!”

Chatting about our trip in the morning, seemed to relax Beth and I decided to tell them about the cheque from Dad.

“Yeah, 5 grand, right?” Beth said.

Mum was shocked. “Your Father gave you 5 grand each!” She exclaimed.

The room went quiet for a while, Beth and I could see that Mum was deep in thought.

“The bastard! He always said that he wouldn’t give me a penny, when I think how we struggled” she broke off as the words caught in her throat.

Moving over we both cuddled her as her tears flowed. Feeling slightly guilty as I felt my cock start to stiffen as I inhaled their scent and felt the proximity of their bodies.

“Well I have savings, I can afford to give you half of it,” I offered.

Nodding, Beth agreed and said she would do the same. Kissing us both, Mums smile returned.

“No, I don’t need the money, you go and have a great time.”

Finishing our coffee, şirinevler türbanlı escort Mum said that she was tired. Reminding us that we needed to be up at 7am, so she could take us to the train, she went off to bed. Beth took the cups out to the Kitchen. Hearing Mums door shut, and her En suite shower start, she rushed over and kissed me deeply. Automatically my left handled fondled her arse as my right hand reached below the hem of her skirt. Her legs parted as my fingers wound their way inside her panties. Her pussy was sopping, her legs buckled slightly as my fingers probed her sex.

“Oh god no, we are like kids on Christmas morning with new toys. You need to save your energy; I want lots of you over the next few weeks! “

Squirming away from me, she went to shower and go to bed. Alone, I played the events of the last few hours in my head. It was incredible, I had gone from a Virgin to making my Sister and Mother scream with pleasure as they launched into multiple orgasm’s.

Trying to ignore my raging hard on, I eventually slipped into the arms of Morpheus. Dreaming of wet pink pussy, rock hard nipples on soft globes of milky flesh, I slept.

Waking, I looked at the clock, its luminous hands showed 4.15am. Groaning I rolled over to go back to sleep, hearing my door open I sat up to see my Mother’s silhouette walking towards me.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you, wanted to watch you sleep, Oh Mike I am so confused.”

Snapping fully awake as she came nearer, I noticed she was nude. I was captivated by her large breasts that hung high on her chest as I had only seen her nude when she was laying down.

“Why confused?” I asked, as I watched her milky white globes, sway and bounce as she sat on the bed.

“Well I love you both very much, but I love you in a different way. Silly as its sound’s I am so jealous of Beth having you all to herself.”

For a moment I froze as I thought she knew that Beth and I had also crossed the line into incest. Realising she meant that she wanted me to herself, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Reaching below the covers she grasped my rapidly hardening cock.

“As you are awake, think I should remind you of what’s waiting for you at home.”

Lowering her head, she licked and sucked my delicate bell end, groaning with pleasure I reached across as she spread her legs, changing my mind I pulled her towards my head. Understanding what I wanted she knelt over my head and lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

Redoubling her efforts on my cock, I licked and sucked her nectar as it ran from her. It wasn’t long before I felt her tense, as her orgasm racked her body. Feeling my cock jerk, I dumped a load into my mother’s mouth as she took my length down her throat, swallowing it all she breathed.

“Oh god I had forgotten how much I love spunk. When you come back, I will take care of myself, so you don’t have to pull out of my honey pot. I really love the feeling as a cock pours its load into me.”

Lying beside me, we cuddled. I was a bit surprised and confused as Beth shook me awake at 6.45am.

“C’mon sleepy head, Europe awaits”

Chapter 3.

After a good breakfast, Mum took us to the station. After a rather teary goodbye, we boarded the Euro Star. Settling into our seats as the train started to move, Beth turned towards me and we kissed deeply. Giggling to herself she pulled a wedding band out of her purse and slipped it on her finger.

“What the hell’s that,”

“Well when we book into a hotel in Europe, we have to hand our passports in, people may think it’s strange that 2 people with the same name are sharing a room, ring should satisfy their curiosity!”

Amazed at her planning, I wondered where she had got the ring from.

“It is an old ring that mum gave me years ago, for when I played dress up. Think it may have been her wedding ring appropriate don’t you think. Two people in love who created 2 people that are also in love. Recycling at its finest,” she chortled.

The countryside flashed by and soon we were entering the tunnel, 35 minutes later we were in France, heading for Brussels where we planned to spend a couple of days. Our hotel was only a short walk from the terminal, check in was quick and efficient, our room on the 9th floor was superb, offering great views across the city. Eyeing the large double bed, I motioned to Beth, looking crestfallen, she explained.

“I’m really sorry Mike, I have a belly ache, think my period is due. I promise I will make it up to you in a few days.”

2 days later we were on our way to meet Aunt Mabel, dad’s sister, who lived in Switzerland. Although we had never met her, Mum assured us that she was a lovely lady, who was looking forward to meeting us. After several hours we got off the train, Mum had said Mabel would meet us by the station clock. Hurrying down the small platform we saw the clock, a rather rotund woman, with an elderly man, smiled as we approached.

“Hi, you must be Mike and Beth, the pictures şirinevler ucuz escort your Mum sent me, don’t do you justice. It nice to see that you look like your Mother, rather than that maggot of a brother of mine! This is my Dad, your Granddad, Harry.”

Getting into Mabel’s car, we excitedly chattered as we saw the mountains and lakes near her home.

“Unfortunately, you are a little early for skiing, the lakes are still open, I can get you a good deal on a hire boat or jet ski. Right Harry?”

The old man turned towards them; his watery blue eyes seemed to undress Beth as he smiled, she was surprised at the attraction she felt for the old man. His eyes seemed to explore her very core, his smile was genuine and warm.

“Of course, I own the hire boats and skis on the lake, will get you kitted out in the morning. It is a little cool for water skiing, but you can fish or just cruise around the most beautiful lake in Europe.”

After a fabulous lunch, Mabel asked if either of them could drive,

“Yes, I can” I said.

“Great well you can take Harry’s car and have a look around, he can’t drive anymore, his eyesight is not very good.”

Going outside, Mabel opened the garage door and pulled Harrys car out for us. It was a Citroen C5, much bigger than I had ever driven. Looking inside I was glad to see it was an automatic. Although elderly the car had a built in sat nav. Mabel programmed in a few places she thought might interest us and soon we were on the road. It was strange driving a left-hand drive car and driving on the right. After a few miles we saw some stunning scenery, where the mountains appeared to disappear into the lake and reached up to the light clouds. Pulling off the road, we followed a track to the edge of the lake, grabbing my I phone I tried to capture the majesty of the place.

Returning to the car, I started to pull my seat belt back on, smiling Beth stopped me, reaching across she unzipped my fly. Pulling my cock out she bent down, as her mouth glided over my sensitive bell-end I gasped as she wanked and sucked my cock. Running my hand through her hair I reached round so as I could knead her breasts.

Stopping briefly, Beth undid my trousers as she wanted to caress my ball sac. The sensations as she licked and sucked my cock, as she caressed my bollocks, were incredible. Sensing I was about to cum she suddenly pushed her index finger into my arse, the sensation was electric. As I shot a heavy load into her mouth, she greedily swallowed my whole load.

“Wow spunk taste’s so nice” She giggled.

“Where did you learn to suck cock like that? That was fucking incredible.”

“I didn’t learn it, just thought it would be nice for you. Just because my pussy is messy now, doesn’t mean I can’t keep you happy. My pussy should be ok by tomorrow or maybe day after, but sometimes, instead of my pussy, will you finish in my mouth? What about my arse, have read that men really like anal sex?”

Looking at her face I grinned,

“Oh yeah, you have a gifted mouth! If your arse is half as good as your pussy and mouth, would love to try anal.”

As we drove back to the road, Beth suddenly asked.

“Did you hear anything last night?”

“Nope, was dog tired, slept straight through, why?

“Well somebody was having raucous sex; the women sounded a lot like Mabel.

“Really? Who was she with, oh you think harry and her…”

“Well I don’t think anyone else was there, Harry definitely has something about him.”

“We drove in silence for a few miles, finally Beth said.

“Would you object to me blowing or having sex with another man?”

“Well I wouldn’t want to watch, but no I don’t see how I could object. You are thinking of Harry?”

“Yes, if the opportunity arose, I would like to taste another man’s cock. Not sure I would want to fuck him though. Think my body is only for you.”

The subject wasn’t mentioned again as we drove along, I was really starting to enjoy driving the Citroen and the scenery was stunning. Arriving back at Mabel’s sprawling lakeside home we parked the car and started towards the house.

“I will be with you in a while,” Beth said, as she started to walk up to Harrys shed and small allotment. Walking into the house I found Mabel in the kitchen, cooking dinner.

“Hello Mike, did you enjoy your look around, where’s Beth?”

“Yes, we did thanks, she’s chatting to Harry.”

“Will be some time before we see them then, he can talk the hind leg off of a donkey.”

Laughing at her euphemism, it was a saying I hadn’t heard before. As I watched her cook, Mabel and I chatted about Mum and her brother, she wasn’t surprised when I said, “we hadn’t really seen him much.” She didn’t even seem surprised when I said he had given us “5 grand each for our birthday.”

At dinner, Harry seemed happy and Beth looked content as we ate our Lamb dinner.

“Harry, did you give that maggot some money after you spoke to him on the phone last week?” Mabel asked.

“Yes, şişli escort 15 grand, what makes you ask?”

“You old fool, did you know 10 of it was for these 2?

“Nope, figured he might as well have it now as when I’m dead, bit less for this bastard government to grab.”

Turning to me Harry asked, “was the car ok?”

“Yes, it ran perfect, very nice car thank you for the loan.”

“Aint no loan boy. She yours, will get the garage to service and check her over tomorrow. Will save you a fortune in train and cab fares.”

“Nodding my thanks, I glanced at Beth, she nodded her approval saying,

“It was a lovely car and will make our trip so much easier.”

In the morning, I was woken early by Beth coming into my room. Without saying a word, she slipped beneath the covers and started to suck my cock, very quickly I was raging hard. Turning herself around she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. She was obviously very horny, almost as soon as I started to lick her pussy and clit, she was cumming. Her hole poured girl cum almost as quickly as I could greedily lap it up. Turning back around she grabbed my cock and guided it to her sopping pussy, plunging herself down she took my entire length.

“Oh fuck, yeah. Mike, I love you and I love your cock ripping my pussy apart.

“I love you too Beth, but we must be careful,” Beth wasn’t listening as another orgasm burst through her. Spinning herself around, with my cock still rammed deep inside her she proceeded to bounce up and down on me. I loved watching my cock push in and out of her. I felt her pussy tighten as she came for the 3rd time, I shot ropes of spunk deep inside my lovely sister.

I woke in a panic. Fuck, my sister was still lying beside me, we had fucked and licked each other to exhaustion. Shaking Beth awake I asked her to go back to her room. Grateful that we hadn’t been caught, I breathed a sigh of relief as she got dressed, I smiled broadly when she posed nude, rolling her nipples between her fingers before pulling her panties on.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door,” C’mon you 2, the lake is waiting it is a beautiful day.” Mabel, called as she opened the door. Still topless, Beth made no attempt to cover herself up, as I scrambled to cover up.

“Don’t worry boy, you ain’t got nothing I haven’t seen before. Looking at Beth, Mabel murmured, “Very nice, if only I was 20 years younger. And a 100 lbs lighter,” she chuckled.

Putting 2 cups of coffee down, Mabel smiled broadly at me and brushed her fingers across Beth’s breast’s as she left.

“Bet Harry enjoyed them, Breakfast in 10 minutes, up and at ’em please.”

With no time for a shower, Beth and I got dressed and headed downstairs, the delicious smell of Breakfast making my stomach rumble. The breakfast was huge and very tasty. Apparently, Harry kept some chickens and grew mushrooms in one of the outbuildings. The sausages had a strange texture but, were delicious. As Mabel busied herself cleaning up, she explained.

“Harry’s taken the car into town to get it serviced and checked over, should be back soon though. Heard him on the phone last night, he’s organised a nice boat for you.”

Finishing my breakfast, I noticed that Beth had barely touched hers. Seeing my glance, she smiled and pushed her plate over to me. “Need to lose 4 lbs.”

“Oh sweetheart, I’m sorry, never thought of that, would you like a bowl of Muesli?” Mabel exclaimed.

Leaving the 2 women to chat, I walked out onto the veranda and enjoyed the sunshine. Pulling my phone out, I decided to give Mum a call, to let her know we were ok and having a superb time. Mum sounded harassed and busy, I imagined the shop was busy and she was still short staffed. Beth came onto the Veranda and grabbed my phone, excitedly telling mum all about our trip so far.

As I relaxed in a lounger, I saw Harry climbing out of an old BMW with the name of the garage on the door. Waving cheerily at me, he walked up the slope to some outbuildings. Turning back to Beth, I tapped my watch, trying to indicate that she should get off my phone. Sticking her tongue out, she winked, turned and carried on talking to mum. After a few minute’s Beth came and sat on the edge of the lounger, she looked radiant. Her hair shone in the sunshine and her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me,

“Did you enjoy Harry?” I asked as casually as I could.

“Not really, he has a huge cock, made my jaw ache, his spunk tasted… strange. Did wonder what that cock would feel like inside me though.”

“You going to find out?”

“No, I told you, prefer to keep that for you.”

Feeling guilty, I was about to tell Beth about mum, when Harry walked onto the Veranda. I liked Harry his easy chat and genuine smile as he winked at me, “You’re a lucky bastard son” he said in a low voice, before turning to Beth and kissing her on the cheek. “

The garage says the car should be fine, going to give it a major service and a fresh inspection certificate. I checked with the insurance company and the car is insured for the whole of Europe, including the UK.”

Standing back, he couldn’t help but admire her braless breast’s as her nipples protruded into her t shirt.

“Have either of you had a boat before,” Harry asked, shaking our heads he continued, “Ok not a problem, should be able to show you the basic’s in an hour or so.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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