Mummy Love

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Big thank you to rjjtest1 for editing my story.

Hope you all enjoy…


Ashlee slammed the car door shut and made her way inside the house. She had just been on the worst date of her life. Since turning 18 years old three months ago, she had started to go on more and more dates. Like all the most recent guys she had gone out with, her date had again been a dud. The guy had gotten her all hot and worked up only to leave her wet, horny and frustrated. As she walked through the front door, she noticed her mother on the lounge with a glass of wine and a disappointed look on her face.

“Bad night momma?” Ashlee asked as she plopped down next to her mother. Her mom rolled her eyes in response and laughed, “Oh Ash, baby, you have no idea. What about you, how was your date?” Ashlee shook her head and had a sip of her mother’s wine, “Mom, what is wrong with me? I mean seriously, I haven’t been on a decent date in months.”

“It’s not just you baby, I’m in the same boat. Maybe it’s just the men around here. I think all the good ones are taken.”

Ashlee snuggled up to her mother and noticed her silk & lace nightie, “Cute mom, is this one new?”

“Yes baby, do you like it?” Ashlee nodded and ran her hands over the silk: it was so soft and smooth and hugged her mother’s curves in all the right places.

“You look beautiful momma,” Ashlee said as she continued running her hands over the soft material. Her mother wrapped her arms around her and enjoyed the gentle touch of her daughter, who was now running her hands over her thighs. As Ashlee continued to run her hands over her mother’s thighs, sınırsız escort she noticed her mother’s breathing getting faster. She snuggled up to her mother more and laid her head against her breast. She heard the unmistakable sound of a moan fall from her mother’s lips. Ashlee wasn’t sure what she was doing or where things were going to go, but she was wet and horny and her mother was turning her on even more.

Ashlee became bolder and slid her hands a little higher up her mother’s thigh, causing her mom to gasp and pull Ashlee’s head closer to her breast. That was it for Ashlee: her mother didn’t pull away or tell Ashlee to stop. Instead, she looked up to her mother and saw that her mouth was open and she had a look of pure pleasure on her face.

Ashlee sat up and ran her hands up her mother’s body until she reached her breasts, her mother’s eyes never leaving her. “Let me help you mommy,” Ashlee breathed into her mother’s ear as she kissed her neck softly, causing her mother to moan and nod frantically.

“Oh baby yes please, you’ve got mummy so worked up”.

Ashlee kissed her way down her mother’s neck until she reached her breasts, running her hands over her mother’s beautiful C cup breasts. Her mom’s hard nipples were straining against the thin material, and Ashlee slowly pushed the straps down, revealing her mother’s breasts.

“Mommy, you’re so beautiful,” Ashlee mumbled as she licked her mother’s nipple teasingly.

“Mmm, oh baby, suck on my titties like you did when you were a baby. Even back then you made mommy wet whenever I fed you.” Ashlee moaned taksim escort as she sucked hard on her mom’s nipples. She pulled and pinched on the other breast with her hand at the same time. She couldn’t believe she was sucking on her mother’s breasts. Her pussy was dripping wet as she continued to bury her face in her mom’s chest.

Her mother ran her hand through Ashlee’s hair pulling her even closer to her breast. She snaked her other hand down to her daughter’s wet, dripping pussy at the same time. “Baby. You’re so wet. Are you wet for mommy baby, is this all for me?” her mother panted out as she began to rub her daughter’s clit.

“Oh mommy yes, fuck it feels so good mommy! I’m wet for you, only you,” Ashlee moaned out as she started sucking on her mother’s other breast.

Ashlee couldn’t take anymore: she needed to feel her mother and she needed to cum. She slid onto the floor and pulled her mother down with her. She kissed her mother hungrily as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Ashlee pulled the rest of her mother’s nightie off while she quickly slid her own skirt off. Her mother worked Ashlee’s top off frantically. She laid her mother down and climbed on top of her, putting her pussy over her mother’s face. “Eat me mommy, make your baby girl cum for you,” she panted as she sat on her mom’s face.

With no hesitation her mother began licking and sucking her pussy, while Ashlee rocked back and forth on top of her mother’s face. Her mom began moaning beneath her as she licked up every bit of juice her daughter gave her. She then slid two fingers into her daughter’s tesettürlü escort waiting pussy, causing Ashlee to scream and ride her mother’s face harder.

Ashlee leaned forward and buried her face into her mother’s pussy, causing them both to moan. Her mother tasted amazing and she was so wet for Ashlee. Ashlee sucked on her clit, causing her mother to finger her harder. “Baby fuck, you’re gonna make mommy cum!” her mother yelled. Ashlee was so close to cumming, she wanted them to cum together. She climbed off her mother and flipped around so she could kiss her. They both moaned as they tasted each other’s juices.

Ashlee began to fuck her mother, riding her pussy and grinding their clits together. “Oh baby, you’re fucking mommy. You’re such a naughty girl, cum on momma’s pussy baby,” Ashlee’s mom moaned, which pushed Ashlee to fuck her harder. Her mother sucked and licked Ashlee’s breasts as they neared their climaxes.

“Cum mommy, cum for me,” Ashlee moaned as she pinched her mother’s breasts and fucked her even harder.

“Baby, baby right there…I’m gonna…gonna…I’M CUMMING!” her mother screamed as they both came together.

After they caught their breath, Ashlee kissed down her mother’s body and licked her pussy clean. She laid next to her mother and snuggled into her arms. “Baby, that was something. I haven’t felt so good in such a longtime. I know what we did was unexpected, but I want to do it again…a lot,” her mother said, a tad hesitant.

Ashlee smiled and kissed her mother hungrily, “Good because I don’t ever want to stop mommy. I love you and you make me feel so good.”

Ashlee ran her hands over her mother’s body, “I would love to feed from you mommy; it would be so hot.”

Ashlee’s mother moaned and climbed on top of her daughter again. “Baby, I would love that too,” she breathed as she kissed along her daughter’s neck and slowly began to ride her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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