Music to My Ears

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Close Up

It can be said that the mark of intelligence is knowing when opportunity comes our way. Missed ones make us lament for “one more chance,” and force us to wait untold amounts of time for that chance, which, we’ll squander again anyway in most cases. Upon hearing of her favorite musician’s upcoming concert tour, my older sister, Denise, panned and trolled for tickets immediately, just like the thousands of others who found out he was coming to the main arena in the city.

Oh, how she loved The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. A few years earlier, she had missed out on the chance to see him in New York due to other, unbreakable commitments, so, now, Denise was all-out dying for tickets. After hitting wall after wall with the normal ticket outlets and radio station contests, she figured that, yet again, others would get to chant “Brruucce! instead of her.

That’s where I come in. Being online a lot, I happened upon a little-known, new ticket site. After some searching for “Springsteen” and “FA Arena events,” I had located two tickets, seated together, for the concert, priced at $75 each. A few keystrokes later, and, they were in my name, to be shipped within 24 hours. The concert was the following weekend, so, this was still fine with me. Originally, I hadn’t planned on going with her, just making her happy and getting her the tickets (and maybe gaining some usable points).

I emailed her, saying only: “Denise: I have Boss tickets! Interested?” knowing she would be ecstatic about it. Minutes later, my phone rings, and, sure enough, it’s my sister. “J! How did you get them?? How much? Of COURSE I am interested!! You are a doll!” she says, finding it hard to contain her excitement. “Ah, let’s just say, I know how to work online…They’re yours, now, FOC” I told her. “How many?” she asks, and I tell her “two, in the same place.” Still excited, Denise tells me she’ll call me right back, and, “I owe you a biggie for this!” I thought to myself, “yep, you do.”

Later that evening, Denise called me back, still thrilled at the tickets, but, in a bind as to who the other one will be used by. She explains that her hubby has no interest (in fact, made fun of her for even asking), and her other two female friends who would love to go, can’t. As if wanting to ask a question she knew the answer to, she said “unless…WE go? Hey, let’s…It will be a blast! You up for it?” My happy mind (and other body parts) were quick to respond. “Hell yeah, D…I could use a good night out…You gonna get wild at this thing?” I added in a kidding manner. “Ahh…We’ll see, just maybe…I do know that we’re gonna have fun…I still can’t believe it, BRUCE!”

“Cool deal…I’ll drive down” I said, and, fast as that, we were ON for a concert.

Saturday morning comes, and, I’m already revving with energy for this concert. Not even so much for seeing The Boss, but, to make this trip and have this night with Denise. I knew from long ago that she got wild at concerts; Now that she was finally going to see her main rocker, there was no telling what could occur. That was a fact that I was banking on. I visit her house in late morning, and, she’s already getting all jazzed up about the night.

Still in her sweatclothes, I was privately wondering what she’d wear that evening. A few hours later, as I picked her up for the 2 hour ride, topkapı escort I was more than pleased: Denise had chosen tighter-than-skintight white jeans, with a red and black Springsteen t-shirt she had had for I don’t know how long. She had done her nails cherry red to match the shirt. In short, she looked FUCKING HOT. The t-shirt had been out of her pants initially, but, after a trip to the bathroom, she’d tucked it in, making the shirt as tight as her jeans, molding her perfect hourglass body and serving to already, this early, drive me nuts.

Controlling myself, all I said about her attire was “Look great, D…even have the matching shirt.”

“Yeah, had it for a while, but, figured this is the best chance to wear it…It’s a little snug on me, though, you think?” she says, as we’re alone in her kitchen. “Trust me, D…Snug is great on you” I tell her, and she smiles, simply retorting “Thanks,” while smacking her hands and those long nails off of her hips and sides. Under my watchful eye, she strides to the staircase in her home, and yells up to her half-asleep hubby that “I’m going…Don’t know how late we’ll be.” As she spoke up the empty stairway, I could not help but glue myself to her ass in those extremely tight white jeans. Her slender body looked like she was poured into the pants like sexy liquid. How the hell was I going to last a 2 hr. ride with her in the car like this?? I’d find out soon enough.

The route proceeds as normal, and we are making regular conversation, although my sister keeps thanking me up and down for the tickets by putting her hand on my arm. During one chumly “high-five,” I managed to run my palm over her 4 outstretched nails, and she said “they’re dry…I just did ’em.” Denise always could bait me with her nails, and, this was no different.

“NICE color, D…Very hot on you, I say, now taking her hand in my right, while driving with the left. “May I?” I asked, referring to not just looking at them, but, licking them and getting them in my mouth. With another hour road time, this was a ballsy move: a yes, and, I was set; a no, and, the evening may be tainted.

“Sure, go ahead…Just don’t smudge the color, ok?” she nods with a sweet smile. I sex up her beautiful nails and hand for the better part of 5 miles or so before she takes it back, saying “save some for later, bud…I have another hand you know,” flashing me her right hand. I nod with an “ok” and a grin to her, and, this harbinger of good things to come.

We arrive at last, and get out of the car to stretch. Denise was already in pre-concert mood, and it showed. “Grrr…Sttrreeetttchh!” she says, reaching upwards, taking in the whole scene. “Damn” I say to her, “look at the people here…It’s a madhouse!”

“Yup, it’s The Boss, ba-bay,” with another stretching motion. Aroused and, in a concert mood now, myself, I jokingly ask her to “Do that again, will ya?”

“Do what, J…Stretch liiike thissss” and she reaches skyward again and shakes her hips and ass. “Yeah, that…Boy, those ARE tight on you… Not that I’m complaining,” I tell her, dying to feel her ass. “I know they are…Look at my back pockets, try to get your hand in there,” she adds, knowing well that I was going in for a feel, even as a joke. Stepping up behind her, I attempt to put my finger türbanlı escort inside her pocket, but, instead feel her ass and side of her leg.

These things were severely tight on her, that was sure! Now significantly turned on, I chide her into “one more…hang on…don’t move or laugh…you’ll bust out of them.” She approves, and, I go up and down her tight body, ending on top of her tits. “This bra itches my boobs” she teasingly says, “It’s coming off.” I look at her real funny, and beg her “No, D…leave it on…Or, I can’t be responsible for putting my hands on you tonight…Tight as hell jeans, tight shirt, and no bra…Damn, I AM a man, you know!”

“Well, that’s up to you…You can feel me up, it’s ok… she says, fanangling inside her top and pulling the bra out of her sleeve.

We locate out seats, and get an immediate whiff of somebody close by smoking a joint. The smell wafts around the crowd, making my sister pine for some. “God…it’s been ages since I doobed…Wonder where it’s coming from?” she says. Again, for better or worse, it’s me to the rescue. Out of my front pocket, I produce two long, self-rolled joints, obtained from an old co-worker during the week while waiting for the tickets. I had planned this. “Holy shit!”she tells me, giving me a hug and kiss, “fire that baby up!” We smoke it down about half-way, and, hear the show-starting music. Denise goes wild (as did the rest of the crowd).

‘BBRRRUUCCCE!! BRRUCCEE!!” she screams, jumping up and down, making her chest just flap about the creation. I may have been the only one of thousands there who saw the show as being secondary to who I was there with. Being the showman that he is, Springsteen starts off with his legendary Born to Run (also one of my own favorites). Denise is rocking to it, swooshing back and forth, and singing along with it and me. We sing to each other as well. Every song or so, I got in more and more good feels with her, and, she didn’t mind one bit. The show, excitement, dancing around, and possibly the added-in doobage made her sweat, and, she tied her shirt up very close to her tits. She looked like a music video girl. My hands simply would not stay off of her after this point, not at all. Again, she didn’t mind.

During a brief break to change the stage, Denise and I are standing up, huffing and puffing, and she’s got her hands on her hips, sweating like crazy. “Holy fuck!! This is great!” she yells, as I go in for some direct body action. “Ahh!!! My boobs! YES! Go head! Hell, I said I owed you! Have at it!” she exclaims to me, as I munch on her entire upper torso. As I finish, she tells me “Not so fast, buddy-boy…Lay one on these lips, and it better be good!” Excited, emboldened by the wildness of a concert scene, and intending on doing it anyway, I snake up her body and park my lips on hers, through the next song. I pull off of her momentarily, then, the intro to “My Hometown” starts. This slower, mellow song was perfect for me to go right back where I was on her, including more, slower body feeling and hip gyration. “J…later on…Wanna take this all the way, and be really nasty?” she asks me very slyly. “Christ, YES, D…It was my intention all along to nail you tonight.”

“I know,” she says, lips barely touching mine, “why do you think I dressed like this tüyap escort and picked your favorite nail color on me?”

“I knew it!” I joke with her…”I KNEW you did these gorgeous nails this sexy red FOR ME!”

“Yep…I did. Dan (her husband) even asked me why I was putting on the “fuck doll” nail polish.”

“I never gave him an answer… Screw him!” she laughs, now with my hands all over her body and pulling her into me so close that she looks like she’s attached to me.

Throughout the rest of the show, we rocked, danced, sang along, screamed, and considered ourselves “together.” Denise complied with my suggestions or requests “Your top! Higher!! Show off those tits, D!!” I said, caught up in the concert frame of mind. ‘Flash ’em!! Flash ’em to the guys behind us!” which she did several times, drawing an immense chant of ‘TITS TITS TITS TITS!!” from an entire row of men. I had her both on display, and, under wraps for the night. It was absolutely fantastic! I had total freedom with her, and, she, with me. Being the tease she is, my back had to have had 40 dig marks from her nails going down it, and, I mean, hard and deep. I think she let her excitement get the best of her while doing it, because, I was lined with her dig marks. And, loved it!

After three encores, the concert ends, and now it’s time for the real fun to begin. Still sky-high (from the excitement, not the pot, but, hey, who knows?), my sister gets very amorous on the way to the car. We must’ve made out 5 times in that parking lot. Finally back in my car, I’m practically ripping her tight pants off of her, and tell her “the…first…place…We’re stopping, getting out, and, fucking like animals!” I get on the highway, and, see a sign for a travel center, advertising “great hourly rates for drivers.” Those 6 miles from the sign to the travel center felt like a million, but, I passed it by devouring her 10 nails, fondling her tits, and unzipping her pants to get my hand inside. Denise, to her credit, barely kept her hands off of me, either. Pulling into the travel place, I tell her to stay in the car while I go get us some space inside. Waiting impatiently, I paid some grubby trucker $50 to take the room he had just gotten, and he could go get another. It works, and I spirit my sister to the truck driver’s quarters upstairs in the travel center. The door isn’t even locked, and her tight jeans are tossed onto the floor. “Get over here, you!” she orders me, with a sensual, long-nailed finger point. “Yes, ma’am…Order me around, sis!” I answered, as we started right then and there.

Wanting to make this as hot and memorable as possible (and, not wanting to be in this skeevy room all that long), I picked my sister up, and she wrapped her legs around my body. Backing her up onto the top of a dresser, she leans against the wall and says “Oooh…On furniture?? I better not get pussy slivers!”

A man on a mission now, I begin plugging her from straight-on, taking pride in her screams echoing down the tiled hallway. Denise heaved, hawed, and, at one instance, flat-out screamed my name! Also during the intensity, I recall telling her that ‘All of my friends have always wanted to fuck you…They ALL wanted to fuck MY sister! Too bad only I AM DOING IT!” The nastyness and taboo of fucking family made this all that much more enjoyable, for both of us. After a good 2 hours (straight, mind you), we were exhausted but knew we had to get going again. Keeping each other awake for the remaining hour and a half trip, Denise and I vowed to be considered “brother and sister” only in company, while knowing otherwise in private.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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