My Big, Stinky Penis! Pt. 01

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At the age of twenty-four, I had experienced quite a lot in life. I had a successful job, a nice flat, wore fancy suits to work each day, but the one thing in my life that I loved the most was my cock. I was so proud of it. For a short lad at five-foot-two, a cock pushing nine inches was impressive, but that wasn’t why I loved it so much. In my world where everything is clean and fancy, I craved the smell of a man. That deep musk that gets to the back of your throat. That smell, the stench of a real man, was the thing that I hid under my fancy suits. My armpits were sweaty, my feet were stale and my cock was ripe and musty. To me, I was perfect. The dichotomy of something dirty under a clean facade turned me on so much. I loved it.

It had been a long week at work and I had just gotten home; a semi bulging in my suit trousers. Staring at my colleague’s ass all day had got me all horned up. A big ass always turned me on. Male, female, non-binary, young, old, married, single. It didn’t matter to me. I’d fuck anyone. The only requirement was their acceptance of my stench. Yeah, I am nasty, but so are other people and there are many that have gone down and embraced it. I do too. I love sucking on a ripe willy or licking a sweaty cunt; I just love the natural taste of it all. But tonight, it was all about me. I just wanted a good ol’ wank and I was going to stink up my room doing it.

Other than a natural bursa eskort stench, I had one other main kink that I had. I loved wearing clothes. I loved wearing clothes whilst having sex. I loved just having my cock hang out of my flies as I got sucked off or pounded some girl’s pussy. Suits, hi-viz, football kit, chav trackies, mechanic overalls, army camo, chefs whites, police uniform. I loved any clothes that made me feel like a man. Even better if they had been worn by someone else; their sweaty stench all over me. Over the years I had built up a large selection of clothes, solely designed for having sex in. Never washed, never aired, so the smell just lingers all over them.

I opened the sealed-off wardrobe and the smell of stale cum and sweat washed over me. I felt my dick perking up in my suit trousers and now there was a prominent bulge poking out. I grabbed my crotch as I scanned the clothes hung up in front of me. I had worn my suit all week, so wasn’t in the mood to be fancy. I wanted a real rough-and-ready kind of feel. That’s when I knew. I pulled out my hi-vis work-kit that I used to wear when I was a builder. They were still dirty and cum-stained from all the fun I used to have in them. I stripped off my suit and put the new clothes on, before shutting the wardrobe tight.

A short-sleeved polo top, a pair of joggers, a large, bulky jacket and a hard hat, all in yellow hi-vis, finished off with bursa escort a pair of dark brown boots and a pair of stained white socks, all that reeked to high heaven. I sat on the sofa and switched on some porn. It was some construction worker porn, with a lad getting his knob sucked off by his older colleague. After rubbing myself through my joggers, I pulled the elastic waistband down and my cock popped out. A nine-inch uncut beauty. Well, a eight-point-eight inch uncut beauty, but nine is just easier to say. The unwashed aroma filled my nostrils. I grabbed the shaft with my right hand and slowly began to jerk myself off.

My foreskin began to slide up and down over my mushroom-shaped bellend. I hadn’t washed my cock in a week, so I began to smell the lovely aroma of smegma emanating from my cockhead. I pulled my foreskin all the way down and a layer of stinky cock-cheese burst out. I scooped some up on my finger and sucked it off. It tasted so good. All these smells began to hit me and I thought about the time where me and my bro, George, used to taste each other’s cock cheese in our van. We used to have so much fun in there. It then hit me that I still had some of George’s old clothes. I reached under the sofa and yanked out a big sock. It was one of George’s old work socks that he used as a wank sock. It was all crusty and weird colour from the years that he had been using it for, but bursa escort bayan it still had the strong stench of his cock all over it.

George’s body odour was potent. You could smell him from a mile off, but I loved it. I put the sock to my nostril and began to breathe in his dirty aroma. One sniff and precum leaked out of my cock. I missed him. Worshipping his smelly size thirteen feet, cleaning the cock cheese from his knob, spit-roasting our boss in the back of the van. We had done it all. I rubbed the sock all over my face. I wanted to taste it and smell it deep down inside me. A few more strokes and the cum came bursting out from my cock. Strands of thick, white semen spilled onto my hi-vis jacket, covering the pre-existing stains.

“Aaah, that was good,” I exclaimed with a deep sigh, as I squeezed the last drip of cum out. I sat there for a few minutes, my floppy cock hanging over my joggers, still wet at the tip. I scrolled through my phone for a while, before seeing an interesting post. George, the guy that I had just jacked over, was in a nearby pub, still clad in his work kit. This was it. I knew I had to message him.

I typed away.


I pressed send. My heart was beating faster and faster. My cock was already rock-solid again. And then I saw the dot-dot-dot notification. He was responding. I closed my eyes and braced myself.


He replied, complete with the horny devil emoji. Somehow he knew. Somehow he knew I wanted his cock. But, it didn’t matter because I was about to taste him again. His big, cheesy cock and his sweaty balls. My mouth was watering.

There was then a knock at the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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