My Cousin, My First Lover

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Hi everyone… this is a true story.

I am a typical Indian girl and have been brought up by well to do conservative parents. This incidence is about when I was in tenth grade. I had just had my eighteenth birthday a week ago. I had summer vacation those days and was staying in house contemplating the exams that lay ahead of me.

I was just whiling away my time reading textbooks, novels, watching movies and gardening occasionally. I didn’t have a very close friends’ circle and none to accompany me in those vacations. Dad and mom are both working in government jobs and leave house at 9 a.m in the morning to return late in night around 8-9 p.m. except on Sundays and national holidays.

We have a lot of relatives, both from my mother’s and my father’s side and not having any other siblings, I had grown close to my cousins and looked forward to meeting them whenever the chance should come. I have a cousin brother named Vishal who was three years my senior and had just written his higher secondary exams and was preparing for his professional courses entrance exams.

One fine day, dad announced that Vishal’s dad had called up and that he was to come over and spend the summer with us so that he could attend a coaching program in our place. I had always looked up to Vishal bhaiya (brother in Hindi language) and adored him as he was considered a genius who always used to top his class. He was very knowledgeable and funny too and time used to fly whenever he was around.

So it did. He came home and settled down in a couple of days. We were meeting after a gap of three years and there was some breaking of ice required as both of us had grown in the last three years having left the years of childhood and entered the turbulent years of adolescence.

But once we had spoken and laughed our guts out on each other all that ice melted fairly quickly. He had grown to be a flirt and kept on passing occasional comments on how beautiful I had grown etlik escort to be in the last three years. He too had been working out and looked the part of a commercial model. We kind of grew close and he started helping me out with studies occasionally. His classes used to wind up by 3 p.m. and we used to spend a lot of time together, mostly chatting. He used to flirt incessantly and I used to brush him off. He however was occasionally rather blunt and I had gently rebuked him too.

One of those days, about a week after his arrival, he came back from his classes at 12 p.m. as his biology teacher hadn’t turned up on that day. As usual I was alone at home and was just about to have lunch.

I was glad that I won’t have to eat alone and served for both of us. While eating we chatted away about things in general when he suddenly stopped and asked me if I had had a boyfriend at school. I was shocked at the sudden question and replied in the negative. He seemed pleased and said he that he was. I asked why and he shrugged off saying that he felt free to discuss ‘things’ with me now. I asked him-

“What things?”

“Stuff like enjoying the company that we had and all…”

“But I am enjoying myself already.”

“How about enjoying ourselves more?”

And then he extended his leg and caressed my bare feet under the table. The touch sent shivers down my spine and I retracted my legs.

He caught my hands with his hand across the table and started squeezing them hard. I tried to free the hands but his grip was tight. I pleaded into his eyes whereby he loosened his grip and I got up and silently removed my plate and started washing up the plates.

He too got up, washed and went up to his room.

I went back to my room and stayed there for an hour, angry and shamed. At about three, he knocked on my door and entered my room. I sat up on my bed and looked at him questioningly. He said that he ankara eve gelen escort was sorry and that he was overcome momentarily by his emotions. I said it was alright and that it didn’t matter.

He sat on my bed and we sat there in silence for about five minutes. Then he moved closer to me, and held my hand and said he was sorry for what he was about to do. Then, all of a sudden, he grabbed my head with both his hands and gave a full kiss on my lips.

In spite of my protests, he drew me down on the bed under him while constantly kissing my lips, trying to part my lips effectively muffling my screams. His hands moved down and began caressing my breasts through the t-shirt that I was wearing.

I was flooded in feelings of shame, fear, guilt and intense pleasure and my body seemed to betray what my mind knew to be wrong. Tears rolled of my eyes and I gently gave way to his probing tongue that delved into the depths of my mouth searching everywhere while my tongue and lips quivered in the attention being bestowed on them.

His right hand went under the t-shirt and found my breasts and started cupping them and fondling them. I was moaning in pleasure and let out a loud gasp. He felt encouraged by me response and gently lifted of me and in a swift motion relieved me of my t-shirt and then again dived down on me attacking my breasts with his mouth licking, sucking and biting on them while I moaned in near ecstasy.

His hands traveled down and entered the loose elastic of my skirt to the region of my navel and then the pubic mound. He got off me again and in a swift motion yanked the skirt down, waiting and relishing me in my panties only and then gently removed them too. He kept admiring them pinning my hands to my sides that tried to protect my private area.

He then removed his hands of me and I rolled off to a side feeling violated and shamed. He removed his shirt, pant and undies and gaziosmanpaşa escort lied down next to me running his finger down my back from the neck to the natal cleft and then spooned himself behind me in the lateral position and brought his hands around me to fondle my breast and my pussy at the same time.

He then rolled me over on my back and climbed me on the top, his erect penis lying between my thighs and then he kissed me on my neck and licking all the way went to my lips.

I was feeling wet between my thighs and felt his hands parting my thighs for his penis to gain access to my private bush. He then steadied his penis and gently entered my hole and I felt the tearing pain of the penetration and the insertion.

I screamed loud and tears jerked off my eyes freely. His penis just went on stretching me more and more and then he hit my hilt and rested on me for a minute while kissing me on my mouth, his tongue playing with mine in a frenzy.

Then, he started moving himself up and down on me, his penis slamming down on me again and again…

I moaned, cried, begging him to go on and to rip me apart… He went on and on and on and slammed into me again and again and again…

By now, my body was responding independent of my thoughts and my pelvis started bobbing up and down to meet his thrusts. I could feel the crescendo building up and in a sudden release, million of volts discharged through me starting from my vagina and spreading along my spine. I convulsed in pleasure and let out a loud gasp…and was immediately shocked by another jolt from my vagina and yet again and again…my body convulsing in ecstasy. He seemed to be slowing down, his breathing becoming labored and then I felt him discharge into my depth. He convulsed again and again and went in pulsating and spraying my insides. He was spent and then he gradually rolled off me and then gently kissed me on my lips. He put his fingers into my hole and then smiled at me.

I smiled back.

He climbed back on top and after fifteen minutes of fooling around, he was inside me again pounding my flesh with his rod, again and again and again…

He came five more times inside me before my parents were back.

The rest of the vacation was memorable…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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