My Cousin

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Greg was visiting his cousin Kelly. She lived out in the country, and her parents had a barn, thought no one really used it. Kelly had kept it relatively clean in the hopes that her parents would let her fix up the loft and use it as a bedroom. Greg hadn’t realized that when she brought him up, there would be a catch involved.

She turned to him in the empty loft and told him what was on her mind. “I want to see a penis.”

“Pardon?” Greg was surprised.

“I want to see a penis. I’ve never seen one! I’m 18 and have never seen one at all.” Kelly explained. “Not in real life, not on TV, never. My parents won’t let me get movies that show nudity.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Greg asked.

“Greg, I was wondering, if maybe, I could see your penis.”

Greg, who was 19, was really turned on by all this, though he knew it was wrong. But what could just a look hurt? He decided to go along with it. “On one condition.” He answered. “I want to see your vagina. It’s only fair.”

Kelly agreed. “So do you want to go first? Or should I?”

“Let’s flip a coin. Heads, you see my head. Tails, I examine your tail.” Greg got a quarter out of his pocket and flipped it. “Tails,” he announced to the girl.

“How do you want me to be?” she asked.

Greg thought for a moment. “Take off your shoes, your pants, and your panties, and then lie on the floor.” She hesitated, but slipped off her shoes obediently. She unzipped her jeans and slid them to the floor, then off her ankles. Standing in her pink panties, she folded her jeans and put them next to her shoes. Then Greg watched her hesitate şirinevler türbanlı escort again, and finally pull down her panties to her ankles and kick them away. She laid down, putting her knees up.

Greg sat by Kelly’s legs and spread them apart. There, below an unshaved tuft of hair, were her pubic lips, beginning to swell and part. Greg was feeling the pain of his hard-on as he put a finger on her slit, ran it down to her asshole, and then back up to her clit. She sighed a little.

He decided he needed to tell her, “If you want to stop, tell me. And if I’m hurting you, tell me.” She nodded, and then closed her eyes, trying to relax. Greg opened her outer labia slowly, then her inner labia. He could smell her juices from where he was sitting. She was breathing more shallowly now, indicating her building excitement. He stuck one finger inside, feeling around a little, until he felt her hymen pushing back.

Greg finished by lifting her legs, to get a rear view of Kelly’s pussy. “All done.” Was all he said before beginning to pull off his boots. She sat up, still bottomless, and watched him drop his pants, and then his drawers, to reveal the erection he had been trying to conceal.

Kelly had him lie down the same way she had been, and she sat on his left side, at first just staring at what stood proudly before her. She touched the very tip, then ran a finger around the rim of the head. Greg shivered. Kelly ran her hand up and down the shaft, very gently, and then moved her hand down to cup his balls. She squeezed one of the testicles, and it made şirinevler ucuz escort Greg wince. “Gently,” he told her.

“Sorry,” she said. She squeezed the other more gently, feeling it all around. She inspected his scrotum before returning her attention to his dick. Rubbing it with both hands, she bent over and softly kissed it on the head. Before Greg could react, she had placed the head in her mouth, just holding it there, not sucking or anything. She looked up at his shocked face. She ran her tongue around what she had engulfed, and he came in her mouth.


It had been a year since the cousins had seen each other. Greg, who’d been away at college, had been thinking about the catastrophe that happened in Kelly’s barn. No one else was told, especially not the parents. Kelly had since received the permission to move her room into the top area of the barn, but she had paid for one third of the repairs out of her own savings.

Greg returned to the barn to visit his cousin. Once again, they were all alone.

Greg looked at Kelly and told her, “I’ve thought a lot about the last time I was here. And I want to return the favor.”

Kelly nodded. “I’m glad.” She took him by the hand and led him to her bed. She helped him get his shirt over his head, and he slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She was not wearing a bra underneath, so her breasts came out freely. Greg kissed each nipple while unsnapping her jeans. The pants came off very easily, and Kelly was now on the bed in just a simple pair of pink panties. Greg, standing next to the bed, dropped his şişli escort own pants before joining Kelly. They kissed deeply, feeling each other’s lust for a cousin by blood. And yet it was more than right.

Greg hooked Kelly’s panties and slid them down to her knees. With his help, she kicked them off her ankles. Kelly opened her legs to produce a now trimmed bush just above a beautiful pink pussy, and as he looked into her eyes, she felt his finger enter the wet hole. She gasped slightly, and then closed her eyes to savor the moment and the feeling of a second finger entering and moving in and out of her most private sanctum. “Mmmm,” was all she could say. Greg got down further, and touched his tongue to her clit, brushing it gently. Kelly moaned loudly, and soon that tongue was inside her wet slit, moving up and down and working pure magic, She began to breathe faster, and she could feel it coming, washing over. Greg pulled away when he felt her contract and shake, and heard her obvious orgasmic moans.

Greg slipped out of his boxers to reveal his erection once more. Kelly spread her legs wide when she saw it coming. Greg paused, just long enough to get a nod of encouragement from Kelly, before he slowly slid inside. Her hymen, still intact, instantly halted him. He watched her face as he pushed into it, through it, past it. She felt it break sharply, and then she felt more filled as Greg pushed himself even deeper until he couldn’t go any further. Then he started to slowly pull out; it was another adventure as she felt him scrape her inner wall as his head came backwards. Then forwards. Then backwards. Faster and faster he thrust, and she tried her best to push back from her position beneath him. Neither of them knew that it could have felt this good, and they were both moaning as they started to cum together. Depositing his seed inside his cousin, Greg collapsed onto Kelly and they kissed once more before drifting off to a calm sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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