My Daughter, Alyx Pt. 01

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Female Ejaculation

After work, I went out with a few friends for a drink. There were five of us and we sat at a table near the bar. We usually went out once or twice a week. I had known Miranda for about eight years. She was a good friend and we had a lot in common. She was divorced with two kids. They were both younger than Alyx. I knew the others for less time, but we were all close. As had happened so many times before, the others went home leaving just Shane and I at the bar.

Shane was a lot younger than I and was newest to our group. He was barely twenty-four years old and had only been with the company for a year. He wasn’t married, but he had a girlfriend. They had been together for a few years, but because of the distance between the two of them, they only saw each other on alternating weekends.

Shane and I had hooked up in the past. Over the course of the year, there were a bunch of times that I accompanied him to his apartment after a night out. We only had sex twice, because he felt guilty about cheating on his girlfriend, but that didn’t stop him from accepting a good blowjob. I was feeling it that night, and so was he, which led us to flirting and finally deciding that I would make a stop at his apartment before going home.

As we were getting ready to leave, I suggested that he should come to my place this time. Although that had never happened before, he didn’t seem to care where we went.

Alyx was home when we arrived, I knew she would be, so I introduced the two of them. She gave up the living room couch and went to her room – leaving the two of us alone. I poured him a drink and he sat back on the couch. I knelt before him and began to rub his cock through his tan dress pants. Within a few minutes, he began to grow. His cock was gigantic – it was a freak of nature. Before meeting Shane, I had never met a guy so well endowed. He was also aggressive. He liked to hold my head in his hands while I sucked him and he especially enjoyed when I took him deep. I’m not one to back down from a challenge.

He held my head and forced me down as he had so many times in the past. He fucked my face so hard I gagged and lost my breath. I didn’t mind his rough style. In fact, I kind of liked it. Although he thought he was in control, I liked knowing that I was in charge of his pleasure. After nearly ten fierce minutes on my knees, I had his cum in my stomach and he was cleaning himself up for the drive home. There was never much talk after – I think his guilt got at him.

When Alyx came back into the living room, Shane had already gone home. I asked her what she thought of him. She smiled, said he was cute, and then made a snide remark about his age. When she told me that she would like to give him a try, I couldn’t have been more excited.

The Challenge

I have never been shy, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to make beşiktaş anal yapan escort this happen. Alyx and I formulated a plan and there was a lot that could go wrong. Shane was not interested in sharing our ‘arrangement’ for fear that his girlfriend would find out and I respected his wish. It didn’t matter to me if others knew, but for him it wasn’t negotiable. How could I get him to open up? That took some work.

Overcoming the Challenge

When I arrived at work in the morning, we exchanged our traditional pleasantries. We were friends and we acted as though that was it. Not even my girlfriends were privy to our secret encounters. Although Miranda was suspecting, I never said a word despite being tempted. I’ve never been good at keeping secrets, but for some reason this one was different.

We arranged to meet after work at our usual spot. There was nothing unusual about that and the girls were coming as well. While we were sitting at the table it was as if nothing was going on. Our glances were discrete and our conversation was typical. I couldn’t believe how late the others were staying as the night seemed to drag on. I was growing annoyed and decided that I may as well be the first to leave – give up on it for the night. I was surprised when he said that he was ready to leave as well. Despite our unusual early exit, it was as if there was nothing unusual at all.

In the parking lot, I asked if he would be coming with me. He wanted to go back to his place but I insisted we go to mine. He didn’t persist for long. I drove as he followed and I called Alyx to prepare. We settled on how we would go about it and we were ready to execute.

I met him at the door after entering from the garage. Unlike the last time, Alyx was not in sight. She waited upstairs just as we had discussed. Shane and I took a seat on the couch, and although I was flirty, I held out and would for a little longer. I faked that I was sick in the stomach and excused myself to use the bathroom. That was phase one. He was alone on the couch and there was no telling how long I would be.

Alyx was ready for phase two and she came down the stairs in a towel. She had taken a quick shower while we were on our way and it seemed perfectly normal that she would walk down to the laundry room to gather some fresh clothing. She acted surprised when she saw him sitting there and he seemed a little uncomfortable. She greeted him and apologized for coming down wrapped in a towel. He let her know that it was alright and she proceeded to walk in front of him on her way to the laundry room. Before leaving the room, she asked where I was and he gave a brief explanation. So far, everything was on point.

The door was stuck and she asked him for some help. He obliged and rose to his feet approaching her beşiktaş bdsm escort unsuspectingly. She steeped aside and he opened the door without any effort. When he turned around, quizzical, she dropped her towel. At that point, he became even more embarrassed and turned his head quickly away. She told him he should go sit back down and that she had something to show him. Hesitantly, he went back to the couch and took a seat. He was sitting with his elbows on his knees and held his forehead in his hands as she approached.

She was blunt; she told him she wanted to show him her abilities at sucking cock. He pulled back and resisted but her gaze was fixed on his eyes. He looked as though he wanted to run, but couldn’t move his feet which seemed as though they were stuck in cement. She looked at him with her puppy-dog eyes and pouted. He immediately shook his head no. She asked him if he thought she was pretty and he told her that he did but he was there with her mom and she would be back any minute. She expressed that she didn’t care and placed her hands on his thighs. He said that he had a girlfriend and Alyx followed by asking him why he was there with her mother while giving of an evil grin. He couldn’t find the words he wanted to say.

She unbuckled his belt and he trembled. He let out a breath as his zipper was lowered and he shook his head no when she reached into his boxers and felt him for the first time. She smiled as she looked at him and his dick emerged from the top of his shorts. She leaned forward and let it rest against the side of her face. She looked at him again and begged for his cock with her eyes. He wanted to say no but he couldn’t; he was still unable to speak. She kissed the tip of his dick and asked, again, if she could suck on it. She couldn’t resist and neither could he. My daughter knelt on the floor before him, naked, as she moved his cock across her face and let the tip brush her wet lips. He shuttered.

She took the tip into her mouth giving it quick kisses from time to time. She let his pants fall to the floor and continued to suck gently. She flicked her tongue before letting it find its way deeper into her throat. She bobbed her head in his lap and locked her eyes with his from time to time. He looked at her in disbelief and was certainly terrified by this unexpected event. She stood and kissed him on the lips before standing taller and letting her breasts rub against his five o’clock shadow. She stood up taller yet before she straddled him on the couch.

He protested once again as she maneuvered his cock into her wet pussy and let out a groan as she worked it in deeper. She was moving slowly and she rested her forearms on his shoulders, locked her hands in his hair, and continued to let him slip deep inside of her. She moved more vigorously and he dropped beşiktaş elit escort his guard. He was finally enjoying himself as all of his inhibitions slipped away. She rode him in intervals rocking back from time to time in an attempt to give him a short tease. Then I walked back in the room.

The worry rushed back into his face and he attempted to push her away. She wouldn’t budge and she engulfed his cock with her cunt. As much he wanted to escape, he knew that he couldn’t. I knelt between his knees. I took his balls in my hand and gently squeezed while watching his shaft slide in and out of my daughter’s young pussy. I applied pressure to his gooch and a loud sound arose from his throat.

She rose to her feet by placing them on either side of his thighs and she leaned forward placing her pussy near his face. She rested each knee on the back of the couch by the sides of his head. She arched her back and let him taste her. I put my hand on his shaft and stroked him as she looked back over her shoulder and smiled. I took him into my mouth next and let him feel the warmth. Again, he let out the sounds of excitement which tickled Alyx’s cunt and she let out a mixture of giggle and excitement.

She pulled away from him and he sat expressionlessly. She knelt down beside me and took his cock in her hand as I continued to suck. He was close to erupting. With his left hand pulling my head closer, and his right hand tangled in Alyx’s hair, he let out a quick series of moans as I drained his cock and proceeded to swallow his load. A string of cum hung between the tip of his cock and my closed mouth. Alyx reached out and gathered it, along with the remnants on both my face and his cock, before licking it from the tips of her fingers. He closed his eyes as he sat back on the couch. She took his cock in his mouth in an attempt to gather the beads of cum that continued to emerge from him.

Alyx and I looked at each other mischievously before looking back up at him. He opened his eyes and simply asked, “What the fuck?” There were no appropriate answers; we had none to give.


Alyx stood, walked over to where her towel lay in on the floor, and made her way back upstairs. Shane and I continued to look at each other and didn’t say a word. I invited him to accompany me upstairs to spend the night in my bed, but he declined. I offered to get him more to drink but he refused. There are no words to explain what had happened between the three of us that night. Neither of us had anything else to say. I walked him to the door and embraced him. As we hugged, the door partially ajar, I thanked him for fulfilling our fantasy and he walked quickly to his car.

I went up to my bedroom, with the taste of his cum still in my mouth, and crawled under the covers on my bed. I thought about going over to Alyx’s room to talk, but instead I turned off the lights. Within a few minutes she knocked on my door. She came in, said goodnight, and told me that she was going out. I told her I loved her and she said the same. With the door closed, I listened to the sounds of her feet on the steps, the opening and closing of the door, and the engine of the car as she drove away.

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