My Daughter , Me Ch. 2

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That was a good fuck I had with my daughter. I was thinking about going online for a change so I signed on to my screen name, which was RoseBud4U. I went into the swingers chat room and I found a male that was 36 years old and he was the right age for my daughter and me. This was our conversation:

RoseBud4U: Hi, My name is Rosemary and you are just the type of guy I am looking for!

ROCKY MAN: Hello Rosemary. So what do you need me for?

RoseBud4U: Well I read your profile and it said you try anything once and that you are 36 years old…well what do you think about having a threesome with me and my daughter, Tanya who is 18 and very sexy looking?

ROCKY MAN: Hmmm…what does Tanya look like?

RoseBud4U: She has blond hair down to her shoulders, sexy brown eyes, about 115lbs. and a size 34C.

ROCKY MAN: You’re right, she does sound like a hottie. What do you look like?

RoseBud4U: Long blond hair, blue eyes, 5’5, 135lbs. and a size 36D (I am 40 years old by the way).

ROCKY MAN: I usually don’t like older woman, but you are an exception!! You sound so sexy! Where do you live? When do you want this threesome to take place? Where shall we meet?

RoseBud4U: I live in Michigan, umm I think the threesome can take place Saturday and we could meet at where I live. Where are you from? It didn’t say in your profile…

ROCKY MAN: I live in Chicago, IL. I can get myself a flight there and tell the Mrs. that I am on a business trip to Michigan. What city do you live in?

RoseBud4U: I live in a city called Flint, it’s kind of big and sort of small. You can fly into the Flint Airport there and get yourself a rental car.

ROCKY MAN: Well I must be going because I have work to do! E-mail me at [email protected]

RoseBud4U: Alright, I will babe 🙂 My e-mail is [email protected]

ROCKY MAN: OK, later babe. I’m out.

ROCKY MAN has signed out

I closed the IM window and told Tanya the great news. Tanya got real excited and said that she would like to talk to him one day. So beşiktaş masöz escort I gave Tanya his e-mail address and Tanya said she would e-mail him.

It was the next day and I went online again and I checked my e-mail and got an e-mail from Rocky saying he can get Saturday off and come visit. He also said that I need to pick him up at the airport because he wouldn’t be able to afford a rental car. So I wrote down in my agenda “Pick Rocky Up From Airport” and then “Buy sexy lingerie for Tanya and me” down in my agenda for Friday and Saturday. Rocky was going to be flying in Friday night around 10:00 PM.


I got in my car and took Tanya along with me and drove to the airport. Tanya was saying how she couldn’t wait to meet Rocky and that she talked to him online before me. She also said she had some feelings for Rocky for a boyfriend but he is married. Once we got to the airport, we saw Rocky standing there in a business suit carrying his suit case. He had told his wife he was going on a business trip here to Michigan. “You must be Rocky” I said as I walked up to him. “Yes ma’am, you two must be Rosemary and Tanya.” Rocky said. “Yup, we sure are. So how long are you going to be in town?” Tanya asked Rocky. “Till Monday night, then I go back to Chicago, IL. We can have loads of fun this weekend.” Rocky said with a smile Tanya and I both looked at each other and smiled.

We got into the car and Rocky sat up front with me and Rocky started to caress my right leg. He had such strong hands. I noticed Tanya watching Rocky’s hands move up and down my leg in my rear view mirror. We had finally gotten home and I took Rocky’s luggage and Tanya unlocked the door. I put Rocky’s luggage in my room because all three of us were going to be in my room the whole weekend. I decided to lie in my bed and I had spreaded my legs open. Tanya came into my room in this sexy blue and black silk-laced teddy I had bought her at Victoria’s Secret.

“Does mommy need attention?” Tanya asked me with a grin.

“Yes she does beşiktaş otele gelen escort hun. Can you give her attention?” I asked Tanya with a smirk.

“Sure, I can. Where is Rocky though mom, don’t you think he would love to see this?” Tanya asked very loud to have Rocky enter the room.

“Did someone call?” Rocky entered.

“Yes. We are both so horny for you, Rocky. You want to help us?” I asked seductively.

“Oh, you bet!!” Rocky said as he jumped right onto my bed.

Rocky started to take off Tanya’s teddy while Tanya was unbuttoning my blouse that was really tight on me. I took of Rocky’s robe and threw it on the ground. I started to fondle with Rocky’s pecks as Tanya was sucking on my breasts.

“Mmm…feels sooo good Tanya, keep doing it.” I moaned. Tanya sucked away on my breasts and Rocky put his cock in my mouth. I started to lick the head and the balls and then I finally took it into my mouth and started to suck very hard.

“Ooooh Rosemary, your so good at blow jobs oh god baby mmm” Rocky moaned. Tanya was moving down to my pussy and removing my dress pants I had on and she threw them on the ground. Tanya then removed my black G-String I had and put it aside on the bed. She then was licking my clit.

“Mmm Tanya your tongue feels sooo good. Can you please suck on my clit?” I moaned.

Tanya nodded her head and started sucking the juices out of my clit. Rocky all of a sudden came in my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum.

“I wanna fuck you Tanya. Take a break from giving your mother attention, I need that tight young pussy of yours!” Rocky said. Tanya stopped sucking and looked up and gave Rocky the OK to fuck her. I got up and sat in my office chair and started to finger myself imagining it was Rocky’s cock.

“OHHHH GOD ROCKY YESSS UHHHHHH!!!” Tanya screamed as Rocky was thrusting deep into her.

I started to finger my pussy hole really hard and I came all over my fingers. Rocky was still humping away on Tanya and Tanya had her legs wrapped around his beşiktaş rus escort waist. Tanya had a big smile on her face like she was enjoying being fucked by a stranger.

“OHHHH TANYA YOU’RE SO TIGHT. HERE I FUCKING CUM!!” Rocky yelled as he squirted his cum into Tanya’s pussy. Rocky then collapsed on top of Tanya and Tanya started to cum all over Rocky’s dick. Their juices had mixed and Tanya wanted me to lick up they’re cum so I got on my knees and flicked my tongue at Tanya’s clit. I then licked all the way down to her ass crack and started to tongue fuck her.

Tanya was squirming like crazy. I was lapping my tongue like a kitten desperate for milk and drinking it up. The cum tasted so good. Rocky’s cum and Tanya’s cum was a perfect taste. It was very sweet and yet a little sour, which I like.

As my tongue disappeared into Tanya’s mouth, Rocky was behind me fucking my ass.


“Ohh Rosemary your ass is so tight, please don’t scream continue tongue-fucking Tanya this is so turning me on! OOH!” Rocky said while he was thrusting his 7 1/2 incher in me.

I started to continue to suck on Tanya’s clit but not so hard this time because Rocky was fucking my ass. Rocky’s cock was so nice in my ass. My ass was no longer a virgin and lost it’s virginity to Rocky. I wished I were his wife because he sure is an excellent lover.

Just as Tanya was cumming Rocky came all the way in my ass and I licked up Tanya’s juices from her pussy. Mmm, Tanya sure did taste great. I then had Tanya lick up Rocky’s cum in my ass. Her tongue felt so good on my ass crack. Her tongue was trying to go deep into my ass trying to get all of Rocky’s liquid into her mouth. Rocky laid in bed and started to rub his cock. Tanya kept on licking up and down and her tongue then was licking my fuck hole in my pussy.

“Mmmm…Tanya I am going to cum baby.” I moaned.

“Cum baby cum. Cum for your daughter.” She said breathlessly. I started to squirt cum in my pussy and Rocky got up and started to lick the cum.

“Rosemary you taste so fucking good.” Rocky said.

“Thanks.” I replied.

After I came we all laid in bed. I was on my back laying and I was sleeping and Tanya was cuddled up to Rocky and they were talking about normal things. That is what we did on our Friday night and did it all weekend long.

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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