My Favorite Fantasy

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I wake in the middle of the night, only the light of the streetlamps is filtering through my blinds. I stretch, feeling a familiar ache deep inside me, as I recall the dream I had just been having. I lay there for a moment, closing my eyes, but I am no longer sleepy. I give in and roll to the edge of my bed. I am naked, as always, when I open the bottom drawer of my nightstand. I remove my two favorite toys, my purple rubber dildo and my 7 speed bullet. These two toys have returned on their investment one hundred fold, time and time again. I reach down between the bed and my nightstand, my fingers locating a tall bottle of lube in the darkness. I get out of bed and find my way through the dark to my door.

I leave my bedroom and sit down at my computer desk. The soft glow of my computer screen lands on my toys and lube as I place them on my desk. I quickly pull up my favorite dirty video and play it. I spread my legs wide, propping my feet in familiar places on my desk and slowly began to rub my already wet folds. I do this for a few minutes, watching a curvy woman being pumped from behind by big cock. My pussy is aching as my mind wanders from my video and begins a favorite scenario in my mind.

I imagine I am mingling at a party, dressed in a sexy black skirt and hot pink tank that shows off plenty of my ample cleavage. There is a balcony and I move outside to grab a smoke. There is a chill in the air, making my nipples harden and protrude through my thin lace bra and tank. I set aside the drink I am carrying and light my cigarette with shivering fingers. I take a few drags, my eyes roving over the impressive view of this upscale downtown location. As I am about to toss my cigarette over the edge I sense someone standing behind me. Before I can turn, I feel to two big, strong hands circle my waist and slide underneath my thin top.

The hands are warm, sending shivers through me. I lean back against this stranger’s body, warming my own against his hard muscled chest. As I feel his large erection pressing against the small of my back, he whispers into my ear.

“I want you,” His deep voice sending shivers through me.

I slowly take one last drag from my cigarette and flick it over the edge. My hands are freezing as I slide them down his large forearms and settle them over his hands that have crept higher beneath my shirt.

“Then take me,” I almost demand, feeling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my juices began to flow between my legs.


As I imagine him slide his hands even higher, I lean back in my computer chair, using one hand to rub my clit, the other to massage my breasts. I can feel my wetness dampening my chair as I continue my fantasy, pinching my nipples and sliding my fingers deep inside my wet pussy.


My drink is forgotten as his lips find my neck, kissing and biting at the soft flesh beneath my ear. I gasp as his hands travel over my body, pinching and teasing. He lingers on my breasts, pinching and pulling on my nipples through my thin bra. I raise my hands up and around the back of his neck as his hands work my breasts. I whimper as he slides his hands back down. He grabs the edge of my tank and roughly pulls it up and over my head, exposing my thin, see-through lacy bra. I let him slip my tank over my hands and drop it on the balcony floor. He then places his hands on my wrists and slides them down my arms, over my armpits and down my sides. I shiver as a wave of pleasure courses through my body at his touch.

I keep my arms raised as he slides his hands down to the edge of my skirt. I am wet with anticipation as he pulls my skirt up, bunching it at my waist, exposing my lacy thong. His hands slide back around to my generous backside, squeezing my creamy flesh. I moan, pushing my ass back towards him, eager for him to take me. He slides his hands back up to my waists and slowly pushes me closer to the rail. He then reaches up and pulls my hands down to the rail, bending me forward.

“Don’t let go,” He commands, sending another wave of pleasure through my body, dampening my lacy thong further. I shiver as he steps back and I hear him unbuckling his belt, then his zipper and finally the sound of his pants falling to the floor beside my tank. I nearly jump as his hot hands slide back onto my flesh, massaging my ample backside. He slides one hand up my back and into my hair, grasping a handful; he jerks my head back a little.

I feel a flood of wetness soak my thighs as the slight pain trickles through my scalp. His other hand slides down from my backside and rubs the backs of my thighs. Then he uses his knee to roughly part my legs, causing me to stumble a little in my high heels as he parts them wide. His hand moves from güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the backs of my thighs to slide in between my legs to rub their insides. I moan as his hand moves upward and rubs my wet lips through my thong.

I feel my legs start to shake as he moves my thong aside with his fingers and slides two of them into my slippery depths. He works his fingers in and out of my pussy until I am panting from pleasure. Then he slides them out and works my wetness into my clit, bringing forth loud moans of pleasure from my lips. I can feel my orgasm rising as he works his fingers a little faster, my hips grinding onto his hand. He suddenly jerks my hair a little harder and puts more pressure on my clit, causing me to cry out as I am flooded with my orgasm. He leans forward and lightly flicks my ear with his tongue as my body bucks against him. I can feel his cock pressing into my backside through his boxer briefs as he begins licking and kissing down my shoulders and back. I am gasping as he holds my head back still, pain tingling in my scalp, my juices running down my thighs as he removes his hand from my clit. He quickly removes his thick cock from his boxers and kicking my legs a little farther apart, aligns himself with my dripping pussy.


As I imagine his huge cock sliding into me, I quickly grab my thick purple dildo from my desk. I drop my legs down to the sides of my chair and raise myself up. I squeeze a small amount of lube onto my fingers and smear it onto my dildo. As I place it under me and began to lower myself, I shiver as it stretches my pussy and fills it perfectly. I sit down on it to the hilt and slowly began to rock my hips back and forth on my chair. As I close my eyes to return to my fantasy, I switch on my bullet and slide it between my slick folds. I lean back and began rubbing my bullet on my clit as I rock on my dildo.


I cry out in pleasure as he quickly slams his thick length into me. His thick cock stretches the muscles of my slick hole, sending a shot of intense pleasure through me. He grunts loudly in satisfaction, holding himself deep inside me for a few moments. I am breathing hard, my gaze fixed on the twinkling city around me. His grip on my hip and hair tightens, bringing a moan of pleasure form my lips, as I know he is about to fuck me. He slides his length out slowly, then slams back güvenilir bahis şirketleri into me, a loud slap of flesh on flesh. I cry out in pleasure again, pushing back onto him, begging him for more.

He leans his body over me, his breath hot on my neck, his hand sliding up to fondle my lace covered nipple. “Do you want it?” He asks in his deep, sexy voice, so very close to my ear, his breath raising goose bumps all over my body. As he speaks, he grinds his cock into me a little farther.

“Yes!” I almost scream to the city laid out before me. I cannot see his face, but I sense the cocky, satisfied grin that spreads across his features. He releases my hair, which brings a slight frown from me that quickly disappears when he uses both hands to firmly grip my hips.

I am shivering in anticipation as he slowly begins to slide his thick length in and out of my well lubricated cunt. I cannot hold back my moans of pleasure as I feel his pace begin to quicken.

“Fuck me!” I cry out, no longer aware of the city, the balcony, or the party happening around me. He slams his thick cock into me over and over, each time bringing me closer to my ultimate pleasure. I suddenly feel my orgasm begin to boil over inside me. My knuckles are white on the cold steel rail, my head thrown back with wide open eyes turned to the sky above. I cry out over and over, my sweet juices spilling over his thick cock still slamming into me. I hear his breathing quicken sharply as the muscles of my pussy contract on his thick cock.

His grunts of pleasure build as he slams into me even harder than before, bouncing my breasts almost painfully, though they are still contained within my lacy bra. His fingers dig into my hips, jerking them back onto his cock at the same time he is trusting deep into me. My arms and legs are like jelly, I cannot hold myself up much longer as my climax slowly subsides. I am still moaning each time his thrusts land deep inside me, certain I have never felt such intense pleasure before.

I feel his body stiffen against me, readying to empty his load inside me. Suddenly, his arms slide around me and slide up to grip my shoulders, pulling me up against his bent frame. I feel his hot cum spurt into me as he growls into my neck, beads of sweat from his brow falling onto the balcony floor below us. I slide my arms up and around the back of his neck, gasping as his last few thrusts send shivers up my spine.


As my fantasy ends, I am straddling my chair, sweat rolling down my body, the last tremors of my third orgasm rolling over me. I can feel my juices running down my dildo and onto my chair. I lean back in my chair and inhale deeply. Now I am ready to go back to bed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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