My Feather Girl Ch. 03a

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My Feather Girl 03a — A shining Jewel

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent on their planet of origin.

Many thanks go to RF-Fast and thor_pf for editing and polishing. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style… and a strong reliance on spell check.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Acup

A word of warning, I write good stories, I hope, with some decent sex in them. If you’re looking for a stroker look somewhere else.

The disclaimers have been moved to the end of the story for my ADD readers.

This is the story of a young woman who has been keeping company with a rather pathetic guy who has succeeded in warping her sense of what a ‘normal’ relationship and sex should be. It’s about her finding an average young man and her learning that what she thought she knew really isn’t so, then slowly working through to what should be a normal relationship and coming to terms with it. Finally coming to be a lovely woman who doesn’t hide her body and eventually begins to enjoy and even revel in being looked at. ___

WE’RE HERE! No more winter, no more THOMAS! Just me and Hank. But now I have to wear clothes for a while, I don’t really want to. The sun feels so wonderful on my little boobs and bare puss. But I guess I’ll have to until we can get to the hotel and Hank can ravage me any way he wants to! But not TOO many clothes. And since we don’t have official uniforms yet…

I woke to… nothing. We had stopped. When I cracked my eyes in the sunlight I saw something that brought me fully awake. Betty arched up sliding her little white thong up her legs. She grinned at me watching her get it just right around her shaved lips, and giggled when I gasped as she pulled her short skirt down to cover it. Add one of my shirts over her bikini top, not buttoned completely, and it seems we were ready to go. I looked out the window and realized we were in the employee parking lot, the sun just starting to come over the office buildings.

Betty handed me my jeans to put on over the shorts, but the muscle t-shirt was all I was getting for a shirt.

We walked around the truck, looking at our new start hopefully. I took her hand as we made our way to the building, “Miss your heavy coat yet?”

Betty pulled me close and put my arm around her waist giggling, “Only when I think about you sliding your hands in and groping me in the parking lot.”

Maybe we should have gone to the hotel first? Feeling Hank’s hands sliding over my clothes, sighing as his fingers slip inside to play with my boobs, and those sneaky fingers that are attracted to my butt! GRIN!!!!

I had to laugh at that. Up north we could stand there grinding on each other surrounded by our long coats, me groping her tits and ass and nobody was the wiser as I pressed a finger into her rosebud to give Betty a little orgasm in the parking lot. Not going to happen down here!

“Well, we might as well get started!” I gave her a kiss, momentarily groped her ass, then we headed inside to HR, the starting point of everything casino.

It was a nice surprise to find our packets all ready. Our gaming badges from this summer there waiting for us. We parted ways, me to see Samuel, Betty to see her new boss Juanita.

Walking to Juanita’s office, I was having second thought about coming in wearing my shorts and Hank’s shirt. Some of these ladies were HOT, but in an elegant way. A lot fancier than I was used to up north.

I came to her door and peeked in, hearing her talking. She was on the phone. She went wide eyed seeing me and waved me in while still talking.

I scanned the office while I waited, much more organized than when we were here a few months ago.

Juanita grinned when she hung up, “What you doin’ here girl? I jus’ got Don’s email you were comin’ yesterday afternoon.”

I just smiled, “The joys of working third shift. I’ll crash and burn early this afternoon, but for now I’m bushy tailed and rarin’ to go.”

She just chuckled, “Well, first thing is paperwork,” handing me a small folder. “And of course Don informed you how this was going to work didn’t he?”

“Not a peep.”

Juanita rolled her eyes, “Well, it’s a roundabout deal, but here’s how it goes. We have a Roulette manager whose husband is getting stationed back in San Diego. She’s going to go out there and be a full time mom.”

We both smiled at that.

“So that leaves a hole there. There are four table managers qualified for that when it opens up. That in turn leaves a hole for someone to move up in tables and/or transfer over from slots.”

“Unless a miracle happens, no one in tables is qualified to move up, so it’s a lateral from slots. Most likely is my high dollar lady.”

I whistled, the high dollar area manager is a coveted position. “There’s going to be some competition over that one.”

“Yes bahis firmaları and no. If we were in most of the other casinos it would be wide open. But we’re a little more lax on dress code for that area, and not many women can pull it off without being trashy.”

I gulped and tried not to let it show.

“It’s a fine line between elegant and slut, especially here.” She leaned back letting her not so little cleavage become even more prominent and grinned. “But you seem to be pulling it off pretty well,” glancing down at my top billowing open a bit letting my bikini top show. “Not many women would have the guts to wear a feather girl costume without the tights.”

“I… Um…”

“I mean the way I hear it, that nasty change bank practically jumped out and tore a big old hole in those tights.” She grinned and winked.

I just smiled back, “Something like that.”

Juanita as still grinning, “So like I said, there’s going to be some competition for that position… when it becomes known it will be available.”

“So it’s not…”

She shook her head, “Multi department shuffle. Department heads know about the probabilities because we have to.”

“And you’re telling me because?”

“Claude and I think you’d be a good fit, and you’re getting cross trained on the machines. Couple that with a lack of fear to look good, and…”

“So what kind of time frame?”

“It will probably all start to come to a head around the first of the year give or take. Bad news, I don’t have any manager positions open right now, only supervisor. Good news is, a supervisor top end is pretty close to what you were making and it would only be for a few weeks. Add your per diem back in and it comes out pretty even.”

“And since Hank and I are sharing…”

“I didn’t hear that. There’s no reason to lower your per diem at this point.”

So I would get my equal pay in a round about way for the next few weeks, then…

“Everything should go okay,” she continued, “but as a supervisor you’ll need to watch yourself. And there are a few here who are hunting for any chance to move up. Any rumor at all and they are like sharks. Add in a few of them who have no clue that they have topped out, and well…”


“You know how it is. Everybody wants to move up, but some are blinded by their limitations. We’ll keep you near high dollar, and use you whenever possible to fill in and break that area. But there may be a few ruffled feathers along the way.”

“Well, I know what’s coming and what it will take to get there, so…”

“That’s kinda what Claude said.”

“He didn’t!”

“Mmm, hmmm, and he said to do my best to weasel your lasagna recipe out of you while I was at it.”

We both laughed at that. Best way to a man is through his stomach. Although in Hank’s case it might be through my puss!

“Where do I park my snow shovel!”

“Where the sun don’t shine! Hey Hank, we weren’t expecting you until tomorrow.”

“You ever try and stop a woman on a mission? Betty would have had us down here last night.”

“Betty, the one who stayed to help you with the quarter slots? So you two…” he was grinning like he had found out the worlds best secret.

I was grinning too, “Yea, we kinda got together down here and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. So where are you plugging me into the schedule down here? Please tell me I get to stay on nights.”

Samuel looked at me a bit wide eyed, “You WANT nights?”

I chuckled, “Samuel, I’ve been on nights for several years. I don’t have to deal with all the front office bullshit and all the politically correct ass kissers. Betty says I don’t have a filter, and she’s right. I say what I mean with no beating around the bush, so nights just work better for me.”

Samuel chuckled, “Sounds like Betty is right. So when do you want to start?”

“Well, I would guess tonight. Don’t have a whole lot else to do other than start getting acquainted with the area, look for a place to live, figure out how this transition is going to work. You know, minor things like that.”

“Well, I can answer the last one. I have a tech going on maternity leave the first of the year. So that’s your pigeon hole. We will of course have to advertise it, but with your experience and our making some specialized requirements on the position it will be yours if you don’t go back up north.”

“That ain’t happenin'”


I looked at him, and we had a bit of a stare down.

“I will say this once, and then deny I ever did. Your counterparts’ assistant on days up north is on a number of women’s shit list. If he doesn’t piss one of them off enough to castrate him with a dull butter knife, I don’t expect him to have a job for very long.”

Samuel cringed at that image just like I did the first time, its instinct. “I’ll keep that in mind. I know someone who’s crazy enough to want to move up to the arctic.”

I chuckled at that, it wasn’t that far north. “Well if he’s good enough for a recommendation, Claude will kaçak iddaa know what the timetable will be.”

Samuel chuckled, “What doesn’t he know.”

We made the rounds saying high to some of the day crew I met down here before. Doing the perfunctory walk through even though I had been here just six months ago, giving Sandy a bad time while I could.



“So Hank huh? I heard you two got a bit friendly during opening.”

“WHAT! How could you…”

Juanita smiled, “I didn’t for sure until you just confirmed it.”

I just groaned and tipped my head back.

“And besides, I know of several women just from this department who were hitting on him while he was down here and he never even looked at them. And you can’t miss Anita when she’s around.”

I thought for a second, then it came to me. “Anita?” holding my hands WAY out from my boobs.

Juanita just smiled and nodded, we chuckled at Hank. She was the one on his crew with the twin boulders, and the only dry part was her boobs the way she was sweating. Kinda hard NOT to notice those things even when she was dry!

“So he really?”

“Yup, heard he looked right past her boobs at your butt. Popped her ego big time let me tell you. But now that we’ve gabbed the morning away fantasizing about your hunk, it’s time to get back to the paperwork we haven’t even started on.”

I got a text from Hank, he was all finished. I told him half an hour give or take and I’d text him again.

It made me tingle a little knowing Hank looked at me right past those boulders. Okay, and maybe a little wet… only a little. GRIN!

So we killed a half an hour. Showing me where I could park my little cart, getting a ribbing on having that much stuff when most of the guys shared a locker for tool pouches and smocks.

“Where do you keep all your service manuals? Your data line testers and all your little gadgets?”

They pointed to a shelf of manuals and shrugged at my tester question. Man, I am going to have to keep an eye on my stuff for a while. Now, one of the guys I could forgive the manuals, because Terrance had an almost photographic memory. He could remember most of the wiring diagrams, and had the frequent problem areas ingrained. But not to have your own testers? What happens if somebody on another shift breaks the one on the shelf?

We were still sitting exchanging war stories when a call came over the radio for a tech to the pits, one of the shufflers was down.

“Sandy?” Patricia called out.

“Don’t look at me,” he called back. “I don’t have any good ones until the swap out next week.”

“Swap out?” I asked Patricia.

“Yeah, they ship us good ones, we ship the defective ones back for repair. Usually about every two or three weeks.”

I just hung my head and groaned.


“You send them out,” I said to the table.

“Well… yeah.”

I lifted my head to see five techs staring at me, “Sandy?”

“Yes mister pain in the ass.”

“How many bad ones do you have back there?”

“The usual ten, why?”

“What’s wrong with them?”

“How should I know? They’re tagged for repair.”

Just for a change I looked at the ceiling instead of the table.

My phone beeped, ALL DONE!

Shit shit shit shit! I hit speed dial, Betty answered with way too much enthusiasm, “Hey, where are you?” Damn she sounded good.

“I’m still down in the shop, and…”


“And how tired are you?”


“Long story, but they’ve got some shufflers down.”


“They send them out for service.”

There was some snickering on the other end, then one of those sickening sweet voices, “My hero… what do you need?”

“You want to unlock the truck so I can send one of the guys out to get my cart?”


“Hang on,” I put the phone down. “You,” pointing to a young guy I didn’t know the name for. “Head out to the employee lot. Look for a bright blue F-150 with the prettiest woman you have ever seen all in white standing next to it. She’ll unlock the truck and you can get my little roll cabinet from the back.”

HE SAID WHAT?! He thinks I’m… Oh I am going to fuck him until he can’t walk, then I’m going to fuck him until I can’t walk!

He turned to leave and I turned back to a snickering Patricia, “What?”

“Nothing,” Is that all women’s answer when they don’t want to fess up?

I put the phone back to my ear. “Hey babe, one of the guys will meet you out there to lift the cabinet down from the back of the truck.”

“Okay, see you in a bit.”

Well, here goes the first day! Head out to the truck, pull my bikini top aside enough it barely contains my nipples! Undo all but the two bottom buttons on my top and then pull it up so it billows open if I even THINK about leaning forward! Man I wish I was wearing my shorts, they’d be so far up my ass and puss kaçak bahis I could have them for lunch!

“Okay Sandy, let’s see what you’ve got.”

We grabbed shufflers and set them on the bench. I WAS going to start testing them… but they had no test cards! DUH, they didn’t repair so they didn’t have test cards.

Well, two of them wouldn’t even run their start up routines so they were set off to the side. Then we waited… and we waited. And in came my smiling beauty pushing my cart! Leaning over to let me see her bikini top through my mostly unbuttoned shirt.

I got a quick kiss and a bottle of Pepsi in my hand, “I knew I kept you around for something.” I got swatted at and another grinning kiss with Patricia snickering in the background. I swear these women are ganging up on me.

“So what do you need?” Betty asked bending over at the waist, her skirt running right up between her cheeks, then looking over her shoulder grinning at me.

“Huh?” momentarily distracted by the view, “Oh yeah. From my belt pouch, the 1/16″ allen.”

“Blue cap?”

“That’s the one.”

I began taking covers off, “Is my test deck in there?” Please tell me it is…

“Yup, here,” handing it to me. Over the next hour, we ran them through some diagnostics with a varying audience as techs came and went on floor calls, some watching me and some watching Betty. Betty was either handing me what I needed or running diagnostics on the next one beside me and exchanging grins with Patricia.

She heard it too, she knows what he said and Hank doesn’t even realize what he blurted out.

After robbing parts from the two dead fish, we got three of them working enough for me to feel confident to send them to the floor, with instructions to run them through three six deck shuffles before putting them out since my test deck was only three.

I looked at Betty, and she was dragging. She’d had a little nap early in the night, and frankly I wasn’t too far behind her, having gotten maybe an hour more than she did.

“Enough for today boys and girls, it’s past our bed time. We’ll see you tomorrow morning.” I closed up my cabinet and we shuffled out. Thank god the hotel was only four miles away. We checked in, somehow stayed standing through the shower, and dropped into bed still slightly damp.

I know I said I was going to… but I’m just too…

I know we each got up a few times in the middle of the ‘night’, but I didn’t EVEN want to look at the clock. And I was going to have to figure out a way to get the curtains to seal better or change rooms. ___

I want to just hop on Hank and scream his name as he cums in me! But we have things to accomplish! I slipped my little skirt and bikini top on, the feeling of the morning breeze on my bare wet puss making my nipples tingle! I grabbed our suitcases and headed back up, the bellman offering to push the luggage cart. I wonder if he might have been one of the guys I flashed a little the last time?

Hank looks all sweet and innocent lying there like that. I wonder if I could slide down and suck him until he wakes up? Suck him down until my nose is in his pubes before he hardens. Feeling him harden between my lips… Fuuuuucccckkkkk.

But we have to start looking for an apartment. I did manage to strip and slide back in beside him, but he started to wake up before I could snuggle against him.

I woke that afternoon to Betty leaning on her elbow, head in hand playing with my chest hair. “Hey studly.”

I grinned up at her, “Morning beautiful.”

She grinned and leaned down for a kiss. “What do you want to do today?”

“You mean besides ravage you?” rolling up enough to lick her nipple.

OH god I really want you to do that! Eat me, squeeze me, make me scream your name!

“Something like that,” Betty sighed.

“Well, we drove around a bit before, but that was as short term guests. I guess we better start looking for a place before our per diem runs out.”

Maybe we can find a place and you can take me there and make me scream before we even move in!

Betty grinned and leaned over to plaster herself against me, kissing me. I reached over and grabbed the edge of her ass. “What?” I asked as she broke the kiss still grinning.

“I got a list of places from one of the girls in HR.”

“So that means we need to get up and eat and then…” I didn’t even finish my sentence. Betty was out from under the covers and digging through her suitcase. WAIT! We didn’t bring in any suitcases this morning. “How long have you been up?”

“A while,” pulling her thong up and grabbing a lace bra. She was slipping her jeans on while I made my way to the bathroom. Betty was waiting as I managed to pull on my jeans, then handing me my t-shirt as she grabbed the keys. In a bit of a hurry are we?

Betty’s enthusiasm quickly waned. After three apartment complexes we gave up on the list. They weren’t ‘bad’ apartments, but they weren’t in the best of shape either for what they were asking, oh ‘and they have no kitchen!’ says the self appointed cook. I thought the kitchens were okay, not too big to make a mess in, only enough room for a few days of dishes to keep the dirty ones to a minimum. My point of view was not appreciated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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