My Heart Torn Apart

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From the Author

This is my first submitted story, this story is true and none of the events that occurred at the beginning of this relationship were started or even thought of by me, some names have been changed.

Please once this story has been told I cannot add to it as you see at the end.

I also apologize for the long winded entrance to my story, but it has to be told in full.

Before I start I must give you lowdown on myself, at the start of my extra – marital relationship I was 57yrs old, married for 30+ years and have 6 kids (all had left home) my marriage was stable and comfortable. I had a good job with good money and life was easy for us. In my eyes I am not handsome, at 5″ 11′ 82kgs with a keg for a stomach not a six pack, I was as I thought past my prime. Well on with my story.

I had tickets for my wife and I to see an overseas cover band at a nightclub in the city, we had been looking forward to this night for months, however three days before the big night my wife had to go into hospital for a leg operation and would in there for 10 days.

‘What about Friday night’ I asked her, (those tickets were not cheap and I didn’t want waste them), after discussing the situation for a few minutes she suggested that I take someone who would enjoy a night out, but you must take lots of photo’s of the band she told me, this I agreed to and started to think about who I could take.

I could not think of anyone in our social circle that was into the same kind of music as I and my wife were into, I did ask some that I thought might want to go but all declined as they didn’t want to go without there respective partners.

It was the Thursday evening before the big night and still hadn’t found anyone to go with me; I went down to the local shops to get a few things, I knew all the girls by name in the local convenience store and just happened to have Sally serve me that evening, like all checkout girls the first thing they say is “Hi, do bahis firmaları you need a bag?” and Sally was no exception.

“Hi Sally ” I said in a downcast voice.

“You don’t sound to happy” Sally remarked.

Sally was 17yrs, in her final year at school, she was tall around 5″ 10′, I could not give you her weight but she was not your typical hot hourglass figure I put her in the cuddly bracket, she had curly auburn hair, alabaster skin (with some freckles), the most beautiful blue eye’s that just melted my heart every time I saw her and small sensual lips (you know, the ones that scream kiss me), her breasts were not large just a nice handful size and to me her ass was perfect.

I explained my situation with not having a partner the next evening. Sally’s eye’s seemed to light up when I mentioned the cover band I was going to see.

“Oh wow” she exclaimed “they are one of my favorite bands”

The excitement in her voice and her body language suggested to me that she would love to go and see the band. I didn’t say anything except “Goodnight” as I paid for my items and walked off.

I sat in my car thinking about the excitement Sally showed when I mentioned the band.

Could I ask a teenage girl to go out with me for the evening, gee I had not done that in years, butterflies started to invade my stomach just at the thought of asking, I do need someone to go with I said to myself, it would not be as exciting alone. After sitting there trying to convince myself to go and ask, I finally agreed that this was not a date with a young hot looking girl, just someone accompanying me to a gig in the city, with that in mind I marched back into the store and waited until Sally was free.

“Back again” she said with a smile “forget something?”

“Yes” ummmm I stood silent for a second or two and then said “I forgot to ask, would you like to go with me tomorrow night”. Sally’s eye’s sparkled as she threw a quick answer at me.

“Yes” “What time?” “What do I wear?” kaçak iddaa “Oh my God I’m so excited” she exclaimed.

I told to wear something casual and I would pick her up at 6:30, I then asked for her address. As I left the store I heard her tell some of the other girls.

I visited my wife in hospital that evening and explained that I had asked a woman I know to go with me ( I couldn’t tell her I was going with a 17yr old girl) she told me to have a good time and not to forget the photo’s.

Friday seemed to go so slow, I left work at 4:30pm as usual, took a shower as soon as I got home, got dressed and waited until it was time to pick Sally up. I arrived at the time I told Sally to be ready, she was wearing tight blue jeans with a pink shirt with small flowers on which was unbuttoned just above her breasts and showing a hint of cleavage, I finally saw her with her hair down around her pretty face, her eyes sparkled melting my heart again she had just a little more makeup on than she did a work, in other words she looked absolutely beautiful, but even then I didn’t have any sexual thought’s about her, she was someone to accompany to the show.

On the 40min drive she talked excitedly about this evening (I don’t think she stopped talking once). We arrived, parked the car and walked to the restaurant that I had booked. I forgot to tell her that we would be eating before the show, which excited her even more.

After the show she talked and talked about the show all the way back to her place, pulling up outside she asked if I would like to come in for coffee, I refused as I did not want her to wake her parents, don’t worry she said they have gone away for the weekend and won’t be back until Monday, so I decided that a coffee would be ok besides I had nothing to rush home to.

Once inside she said that she needed to change her clothes, it had been a hot evening and her jeans were feeling uncomfortable. I put the kettle on while she was away, she came back wearing a pair kaçak bahis of rather baggy pink shorts and a lose white top which only just covered her small breasts, I could see she had also removed her bra as her pert little nipples were poking at the material of top. She made the coffee and sat opposite me while we chatted, I asked her about what she wanted to do after her final year but at this stage she did not have a clue, I asked about boyfriends, she told me she never had a boyfriend or even been with or kissed, Sally then said that she had a talk with her mum and dad about sex as she has been fantasying about intercourse for the last few months and wanted to know what it was like, her parents had told her that for her first time she would be better advised to have it with a man not a boy as boys are fast and would not care for her as a man would, I then thought to myself where is this going, here I have a 17yr old girl who had gone out with me as a fill in for my wife and she is sitting there talking about sex.

I needed to change the subject so I started to talk about the show tonight, she then put her right foot up on the chair she was sitting on giving me an open view of her crotch area which was covered by an almost see-through pair of purple panties, at the angle I was on I could not see if she had pubic hair or if she was bald , as I said before I had no sexual thoughts about Sally until now, staring at her panty covered pussy the blood started racing to my cock and I could feel an erection coming on.

I told myself to behave, but my other head had other ideas, to try and put off my manhood getting bigger I asked if she wanted another cup of coffee, Sally accepted, I went to place the hot coffee on the table over her left shoulder and as I did Sally moved and my arm brushed her breast, I heard her take a quick breath and moan softly, I told myself that after my coffee that I would have to leave.

Finishing my drink I got up thanked Sally for a great evening and that I must leave as it was getting rather late, I gave her my mobile number and told her to call me if she wanted, kissed her on her cheek said my goodbyes and left. I could see Sally had a disappointed look on her face.

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