My Lust for You

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I am a 20 year old averagely built guy. I wrote this imagining my girlfriend who’s 19. She’s dusky with a lean body and small boobs. But She has killer eyes and luscious lips.

You hear the doorbell while you were busy scrolling through your facebook feed. It’s unlikely that your aunt, whom you’re staying with has returned so early from her work. You open the door curiously. You see me. You look at me like what are you doing here, and it dawns upon you that you had texted me yesterday that you’d be alone now.

I lean in and plant a kiss. You close your eyes and welcome my move. I gain confidence and kiss more rigorously. I hold your back with one hand and close the door behind us with the other. We slowly stumble inside the room while continuing to kiss. We both run out of breath and part. You look into my eyes with heavy breathing. I can see your eyes asking me what’s next. I grab your butt and pull you closer to me. I start kissing all over your face and neck. You start to feel my growing bulge through my pants. You move your hands down there and start caressing it. I slowly move one of my hands from bahis firmaları your butt along your curvy hips to your breasts. I give them the much needed attention by caressing and pinching them. I unzip your top and you help me remove it. I slowly get to see your abdomen, belly button, cleavage, collarbone.

The way you cross your hands to remove your top and slowly presented your body to me was absolutely sexy. I start pressing and kneading your breasts through your bra. I feel your nipples getting hard. You stop me and unclip your bra and let it fall down. My eyes gleam over your perky little breasts. I start licking your dark nipples, like hot chocolate on a scoop of ice cream. You bend your neck and let out a moan. I unbuckle my pants and remove them off me. You let me do the same to you and help me push your pants off your legs. You look cute in your panties. A visibly wet patch has formed confirming that you are thoroughly enjoying this. Unable to take my eyes of your sexy legs I look at your inner thighs lustfully. Intrigued by the enormous bulge in my underwear, you pull the elastic letting my good kaçak iddaa 7+ inch shaft spring outside. You can see the precum oozing out of it.

I let go of my underwear and stand completely naked infront of you. You giggle a bit and then bite your lips seductively. I now spread your legs and start licking your thighs. I get closer to your sex. I hear subtle moans from you. It gives me courage but I wish to tease you more. I start kissing and licking your panties. My hot breath touches all over your vagina. You get wetter and start moaning more. I can’t believe how hot you look. I slowly slide your panties revealing a so beautiful vagina glistening with your juices. I immediately get to work and start licking your lips. You push my head in deeper and use another hand to rub your clitoris. I explore the entirety down there with my tongue. Your moans grow louder as time passes. You cry more like whisper that you want me inside you. I abide by it.

I take my shaft and rub my head over your vagina. It’s exhilarating. I see your eyes rolling up and your hands grabbing mine harder. I spit on your vagina and with kaçak bahis the help of your juices I try and slide in. I’m now buried inside you. It feels good really good. I take it out and enter again with more force. You gasp and close your eyes. I grab your breast in one hand and start thrusting faster and each stroke more forceful than before. I suddenly pull out. You in an impulse try to grab me and put me back inside. I stop you and turn you over on the couch. Grab your and pull you towards me. You lay down with your butt up in the air. I spread your ass cheeks and look at your delicious holes. I insert myself and continue thrusting. My balls slap against your ass while your hands continue to work on your clitoris.

I can sense you approaching orgasm. And you announce it with a loud cry and shivering body. You turn back and smile at me. I give a ‘I am not done yet’ look. I lift your butt again and give 2 more thrusts and pull out. I start stroking my shaft and in less than a second, I shoot my load on you. It’s all over your ass and your back. I move closer and kiss you passionately. I thank you. You push me away and go towards the bathroom while swiftly shaking your ass. You say out loud that you want me ready for round 2 once you’re back from cleaning up. I say yes mistress while cleaning the dripping cum with tissues.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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