My Private Secretary

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You are my secretary. You come in with the morning mail wearing smart business attire – – a black skirt ending just above the knee, white blouse, navy jacket, black thigh high stockings, and heels. Your red hair is pulled up. You give me a prim smile as you hand me the day’s post, turn on your high heels, and walk briskly out my door. My eyes linger on the shape of your calves and the pert curve of your rear as you walk back to your desk.

We don’t have much contact throughout the day. I’m doing most of my own work on my computer, but as I glance outside my office door, I can see you working away at your desk. Your chair faces me, and beneath your desk I can see your stockinged legs, mostly crossed at the ankle. But my eyes caress up the length of your legs, slowly traveling up to your knee, thinking about what treasures are out of my view. Imagining those legs wrapped around me. Working is difficult.

Later in the day I again admire you, deep in thought. You are looking intently at your computer screen, biting absentmindedly at your bottom lip as you contemplate a problem. My eyes rest on your full breasts, nicely outlined by your blouse. I imagine what your nipples look like. Are they a pale pink, or a rosy red? How long do they get when erect, when feeling a delicate tongue swirling, feeling the cool air on them when the tongue recedes?

The end of the day finally arrives. Everyone else has left, leaving us alone. You stick your head in my door and ask if I’ll be needing you any further today. Little do you know that I’ve been needing you all day. I ask you to come in to my office and shut the door. You get a worried look on your face, wondering if you have done something wrong, whether you are being let go. You sit in one of the guest chairs facing my desk. I can hear the swish of your stockings as you walk through my office, your heels sinking into the carpeting.

I ask you if you like working for me, and you smile shyly, saying that you do enjoy it, but you wish I was a bit more demanding. That I wouldn’t do much of my own work and would give you more to do. What would you have me do, I ask. “Well,” you reply, “I wish that you would use me more. I have many skills.” I rise from my chair and move from behind my desk to where you are sitting. I lift your chin so that we make eye contact, and tell you there is nothing I would like more than to use you this evening, to test out your skills.

With slight pressure under your chin, you rise to face me. You are so petite, so tiny. You come only up to my chest. I reach back and undo your hair, letting flow down your back. I pull you to me, feeling your full breasts against my chest as our lips meet. My hands slide down your back, slowly trailing down to the tight ass I’ve been thinking about all day. As our tongues lightly meet and explore, your right hand slides to the front of my trousers, feeling the effect you’ve had on me all day. I am fully erect, and feel hard to your questing hand. Your left hand lightly touches my chest as I break our kiss, leaning down to lightly kiss the nape of your neck. I inhale your scent, smelling your natural aroma, tinged lightly with shampoo and perhaps a light perfume.

You pull away and look me in the eye, silently asking what I want. I apply gentle pressure to your shoulders, and you know. You drop to your knees, and slowly unzip my trousers. You reach in and find my erect cock with your delicate fingers, pulling it through the fly of my briefs and out into the open air. You tentatively reach out with your tongue, the tip of your pink tongue lightly tasting the drop of pre-come that has bahis firmaları arisen. Your mouth breaks into a small smile as you taste me, and your right hand slowly begins to stroke me.

I tell you to suck me, and you lower your mouth to my rigid offering. Your hot mouth envelops only the head at first. You can feel how smooth the glans is, and how engorged it has become. I groan as I feel your tongue swirl around my cock, wetly rubbing circles around me. My hands are in your hair, and I gently urge your head forward, silently telling you to take more. I watch your lips slowly, wetly, slide down my shaft, feeling your tongue massaging the sensitive bottom of my cock. You take me in to the root, looking up and making eye contact with me as I feel the head of my cock touching the back of your throat.

I know the excitement is too much too bear for me. The mouth I have fantasized about is working magic on my hard dick. I tell you that if you keep this up, I will come. You just look up at me and smile devilishly, saying, “That’s the point.” Your head bobs faster, and I can feel myself deep in your throat. The wet velvet of your tongue is all over my cock – – harder and faster you go, your hand fondling my balls. I start to hyperventilate, and hold your head lightly in my hands, fingers running through your hair, almost, almost, aaahhh – – I erupt into your receiving mouth. Your eyes pinned on mine as your hand milks me into your mouth. I have spent much, and you struggle to contain it. I feel you swallow my essence as your eyes never leave mine. A rivulet of my come slides from the corner of your mouth. I reach down with my finger and wipe it, only to have you grab my wrist and take my finger into your mouth. You suck my come from my finger as hard as you have just finished sucking my cock.

I will need some time to recover before being inside your body again, but I will use the time wisely. I gently pull you to your feet. I ask you to slowly strip for me. You remove your jacket, revealing your hard-nippled breasts against your blouse. The blouse is next, then the lacy bra. At first you make to hide your breasts, but I tell you, no, move your arms. Your breasts are delightful – – small, but with large nipples, hard with desire. Now, the skirt. You unzip in the back, and lower the skirt to the floor, leaving you in lacy panties, and the thigh high stockings. I tell you to remove your panties. Down they come, but the crotch clings to your sex, your juices having permeated the silk. You swipe them down with your hand, but gravity can only do so much, and you must lift first your right foot, then your left to remove them. I see your light, sparse tufts of pubic hair, and your lips engorged with your excitement. The light catches a glimmer of your wetness that awaits my tongue, and my cock.

Time to repay you for this great pleasure you have given me. I lift you onto my desk, the firm globes of your ass settling on the wood. I kiss you deeply, and then move my mouth down to your neck, lightly kissing there as well. My mouth travels to your breasts, and those pink, hard nipples. My tongue circles them, and I gently bite those pencil erasers. But, I have no patience for the slow seduction, I must taste you now. I immediately move my mouth down to your hot, humid opening and thrust my tongue inside. You buck your hips up toward my tongue, surprised at my sudden actions. I can taste you – – the taste of you aroused is exhilarating. My tongue lightly plays along your slit. I want to sample all of you, but slowly, gently. My tongue starts at your rear opening, and runs slowly, wetly, through kaçak iddaa your labia, up to your engorged clitoris. I find your clitoris swollen with desire, peeking from its hood. I concentrate my tongue on your clitoris, circling it lightly. Then I flick it, very gently. My tongue travels back to your opening, and I curl it upwards to massage your inner walls. Your hands come down to my head, pulling me into your pussy as you approach climax. My tongue travels wetly back up to your clitoris, as I gently lick your clit. Your breathing becomes deep, measured and labored. Your stockinged legs drape across my shoulders, circling my neck. Your aroma is driving me wild. I can feel my cock thickening once again. You cry out, and I can taste you even more as your moisture increases. You moan, your toes pointing skyward, your hands rubbing my face into your sex, as your climax hits, and rolls, for a minute or more.

Finally you release me, my face glistening with your spendings. But, I am rock hard again. No time for niceties. I grab your ankles and place your legs over my shoulders. You reach down with your right hand and collar the mushroom head of my cock in your outer lips. Once seated, I push into you slowly. You are so wet, but you are so tight. Our eyes never leave each other’s as I push on, until I can feel the end of my cock bottoming out in you. My hands pull your thighs closer to me, and while still buried in you, I grab your bottom cheeks and lift you from the desk. Now you can feel me even deeper. Slowly I withdraw, as our gaze falls upon my shaft leaving your clinging sex. My cock glistens in the light from your wetness. Back inside again. I lean forward and kiss you deeply, pushing your knees back against your breasts as I do. This pushes me even deeper within you. I can feel your cervix at the end of each thrust.

I abruptly withdraw from you. You look at me with questioning eyes, unhappy with the empty feeling inside you. I spin you around so that you are now presenting that small, shapely ass to me. Your breasts are pushed into the dark wood of my desk, your nipples rubbing against the grain. I admire your shapely legs and derriere, your pussy opened like a blossoming flower, above that is the budded rose of your anus. I drop to my knees and pull open your rear cheeks, opening all your secrets to my gaze. My tongue tastes you again, running from your clitoris, through the engorged lips of your pussy. You gasp as my tongue reaches the dimple of your anus, wetly running around that tight aperture. It feels strange, forbidden, but good. You push your ass back onto my tongue and whimper. I rise and look down upon your offering, determined to heed your advice to use you. My right hand sharply smacks first your left rear cheek then your right. I like to view the white globes become soft pink, to hear your intake of breath and soft moan as I tap your buttocks with my open hand.

You look back over your shoulder, your red hair falling casually around your shoulders and back, and you say, “Fuck me. Thrust deep into me and spill your seed within me.”

I place the head of my cock into your wet slit from behind, and thrust all the way into you with one stroke. I hear the air leave your lungs as I begin thrusting hard and deep from the very beginning. You begin to push back against me as we build into a rhythm. I catch you off guard by softly spanking you in time with my strokes. We can both hear the moist squishing of your pussy as I drive ever faster into you. My eyes are riveted on your inner lips clinging to my cock as I slice in and out. Your hands steal down to your clitoris and you kaçak bahis caress yourself there, rubbing circles around your engorged clit as I thrust into you. I gather moisture from your drenched sex, from the pool of fluid where we are joined, on my finger. I run that wet finger around in circles on the tight knot of your anus. I slowly push my finger into your rear opening up to the knuckle as I continue to stroke in and out of your pussy. I can feel my cock sliding against your pussy walls with my finger inside your clutching asshole. Your breathing is ragged as you come, and I can feel both of your passages squeezing me.

You are urging me to come, to spray deep inside you, but I am not finished with you yet. I slowly pull myself from the sheath of your pussy, and move my wet cockhead to the target a little higher. You sense what I am about to do. You are uncertain – – you want it, but it seems so taboo, and will it hurt. You sway your rear end, seemingly both inviting and teasing me, but also seeking to escape the eventual penetration. I place my right hand in the small of your back and hold you firmly to the desk. I lean forward and whisper in your ear, “You do want this, don’t you? You want to feel me filling up your most private of openings. You want to feel my thick cock stretching your virgin asshole, don’t you?”

You raggedly whisper, “Yes. I do. Yes.”

I stand to my full height behind you, one hand still holding you to the desk, while the other hand brings my stone hard cock to your anus. The hole looks impossibly small, but I am determined. My cock is still very wet from your sexual secretions, and my previous tonguing has left your opening wet with my saliva. I push forward slowly, but determinedly. At first no progress is made, then you begin to open for me. Slowly I enter you, my eyes fascinated by your opening swallowing the head of my cock. With a pop I am in to just past the head. The sexy whimper you allowed as you felt my first entrance makes me want to push all the way in at once, but I will wait. With one hand still in the small of your back, I take your long hair in my other hand, and gently pull, so as not to hurt you, but to cause you to arch your back. With your back arched, your ass is fully presented to me, and I thrust forward slowly, entering you inch by inch, until you can feel my balls kissing the lips of your pussy. I hold still deep within you and let you adjust to me. You are breathing rapidly and deeply. You look back over your shoulder and tell me to fuck you hard and quick.

I do just that, filling you with hard slow strokes, accelerating into more frantic thrusts. Your fingers again are at your sex, one hand rubbing your clitoris while slender fingers from the other slide in and out of your tunnel. My breathing becomes labored. The tight velvet of your rear passage is becoming too much. I am going to come. Just a few more thrusts. You come loudly as you can sense that I am near. I can feel your wetness run down our thighs as I plunge deeply into you one more time and explode. You can feel my cock swell and erupt my seed deep inside you. I hold myself inside and you can feel the spurts, the contractions of my cock as I empty myself inside you. I collapse on your back and we try to catch our breath. I slowly pull my cock from your clutching rear with a soft but audible, ‘pop’.

I collapse into one of the guest chairs and admire your reddened bottom as you are still draped over my desk. Our mixed juices flow from your openings and drip down your stockings, the gleaming white of our emissions a stark contrast to the dark stockings. From your halo of red hair I hear your voice, “Will you require anything else of me today, Sir?”

I reply, “Nothing more today. A good day’s work. We might need to catch up on some things over the weekend, though. Be here at 10:00.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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