My Sexual Journal Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Hello readers! I am Ayaan, a reasonably average looking, Indian male engineer in my mid-20s. I was born and brought up in a conservative Indian household environment and I currently live and work in the Canada (moved here a couple of years ago). Like I mentioned, I come from a conservative family in Mumbai where any sort of sexual activity prior to marriage is frowned upon. It is only after joining university and subsequently after moving to Canada did I muster the courage to experience my own sexuality. I therefore thought about writing about my sexual experiences and share them with the world so that the reader may get a perspective about how it is to grow up sexually in a conservative middle-class Indian family as a guy. Please forgive the slow start, but I would like to use this part to provide considerable context and highlight my very first sexual experience.

Shortly after I turned 18, I was told by my parents to not touch myself between the legs and also to not indulge in any sexual activity with another girl whoever I may be attracted to at university till I was married. I was fairly well developed for my age and I definitely had experienced erections but I obliged and did not pursue any sort of actions with my dick. However, occasionally during showers, I would give in to my own self lust to touch and stroke my dick fantasizing about my crushes at university and later on at my work place. Due to the chastity I was in, it was pretty easy for me to get turned on and have a fully erect dick. I was fairly well developed for my age – I had a 6 inch long dick which was pretty hard and thick when fully erect. At times, I would also check myself out in the mirror when my dick was fully erect – it would pretty much find adiosbet yeni giriş its way out of my small-medium sized underwear, something which i found really sexy. However, out of respect for my elders words, I did not continue touching/stroking my dick and let the feeling subside.

Shortly after I graduated, I developed a strong crush on one of my colleagues at my work place. She was a few years senior to me, had short brown hair, beautiful deep brown eyes, perfectly shaped lips, flawless brown skin, and a figure worth dying for (34C-29-30; a bit more on how I found this out shortly). She always wore tight white/blue shirts with skirts and matching jackets, and was the eye-candy of the office staff. On my first day at work, I was assigned a work desk directly opposite to hers and therefore I quickly became the most envied guy on the office floor. That same day, on noticing her posture and her figure, I did feel blood flowing between my legs and it made my dick erect pretty quickly. At the same instant, Vineeta (my crush), got up from her chair to pick up a few print outs and dropped her stationery next to my table. I am pretty sure she noticed my hard dick at that instant itself. I felt ashamed, however my red face turned to a smile once she winked at me. It was because of the wink that I got the courage to flaunt my erections in front of Vineeta and I would notice that she would drop stuff near my table with the intention of staring at my erections. A week later, she reciprocated by wearing a tight white shirt with 3 undone buttons, so that I would get a glimpse of her bra and her boobs wrapped up by her bra. It was a beautiful sight.

Such teasing continued for a month and culminated in an exciting adiosbet giriş sexual experience for me – my first in person with another girl. It was around 5 PM on a monsoon evening and most of the staff had left to catch earlier trains so that they could get home. Vineeta, myself, and a handful of others stayed back to cover for the lost arms and legs. However, the workload was light. Since I had not had a washroom break for the entire afternoon, I decided to use the washroom and got up from my desk to go to the mens room. Our office washrooms are located right in front of the refuge area and therefore there is plenty of space in front of the washrooms which was hidden by a massive wall covering the refuge area. Just as I was about to enter the corridor, I bumped into Vineeta and both of us tried to move out of each others way by standing against the wall. Surprisingly enough, we leaned against the same wall very quickly and I was literally pressing into her body with the intention to give her way. I could sense her breathing and her nipples hardening as the two of us were standing so close to each other. My hormones responded similarly and my dick was entirely erect in front of my crush. That particular day, I wasn’t wearing any underwear since everything was in the washing machine, and therefore my erection was completely visible.

Vineeta – I’m sorry. I don’t mean to embarrass.

Me – No please dont apologize. I am in your way.

Vineeta – Well both of us are in each others way.

Me – But I guess our bodies don’t want to let go of each other.

Vineeta – Seems like. I’ve noticed that from day 1. How long is it? (Hinting at my dick)

Me – Almost 7 inches at times. How about adiosbet güvenilirmi you?

Vineeta seemed to feel awkward and was continuing to hold my waist.

Me – I’m sorry I don’t mean to get personal. I truly am sorry.

Vineeta – They’re a C.. I’m 34C.. My nipples do seem to like you. They don’t get erect in front of any man.

Her nipples were poking out of her bra and I was enjoying their sight.

Me – I’m glad they like me.

As I said this, each of our hands unknowingly felt our own bodies between the legs and both of us let out a few moans.

Me – I have never seen someone as beautiful as you and I have never felt this way in my body.

Vineeta – Neither have I. I’m chaste.

Me (surprised to hear) – I haven’t had sex as well, but I’m don’t masturbate.

Vineeta – How is that possible? Im sure you are 21 since you are a first year graduate. I was hinting at sex.

Me – It’s my own personal decision. But I do feel myself quite a lot. I just don’t take the feeling to an orgasm.

Vineeta – Really interesting. I guess we can have quite a few conversations about this! Do not forget to store my contact number from outlook contacts. (She winked at me).

Me – Definitely not! I’ve saved it already.

On saying this, both of us decided to stop touching ourselves. I could see Vineeta’s pussy juices drip onto her thighs and knees. Neither of us touched the other person but we had exposed our sexual organs to each other and were very much interested in knowing about each others sexuality. Even though the moment with Vineeta didn’t lead to an orgasm, I am glad I connected with her sexually. In the coming parts, I will write about how I gave Vineeta an orgasm in her rental apartment and how our sexual escapades continued despite of my hesitation to experience an orgasm. Feedback on the story is welcome and I look forward to incorporating this in the subsequent journals. Love always and never be shy of sexuality!

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