My Wife’s Sissy Panty-Sniffer

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I love my wife very much. She is a sexy, exotic-looking woman in her late 30’s. She is a size 12 or so, but carries it very well. We’ve been married for several years. Unfortunately, she is not very much into sex. As a man, I have a very kinky imagination and have expressed this to my wife. I have worn her panties in front of her, have asked her to use a dildo on my ass. I constantly try to give her oral sex, and try regularly to lick her sweet ass. I think she appreciates how attracted I am to her. However, the lack of sex has left me longing for more.

Over the years, I’ve developed a panty fetish. I love grabbing a pair of her freshly worn panties, and heading to the bathroom after she goes to bed. I sniff, lick, and play with her worn panties. I really love to lick where her ass has pressed up against the panties. She sometimes wears cotton thongs, which gives me a great opportunity to smell and lick her ass juices from her panties.

I think part of the panty fetish is that I don’t feel worthy of such a beautiful, caring, woman. I am not very well endowed. In fact, my penis is probably no more than four inches when erect. This has had an effect on my confidence with her. I’ve even suggested that she has an affair with a well-hung stud. She just laughs, and tells me that I am good enough for her, and that I please her sexually.

Since she has not shown an interest in my fetishes, I have gone to the web and regularly check out cuckold websites. I have decided, after reading the content, I am a cuckold waiting to happen. Recently, I’ve been looking on the web to find a man with a dominant streak who would like to sniff my wife’s panties while ulus escort I watch. It gets me off to see another man smelling her dirty panties, and telling me how much he loves the scent. It’s very humiliating for me, but at the same time, very erotic.

I started chatting with a guy not too far away. He said he had a panty fetish and would love to sniff my wife’s worn panties. We chatted for a while, and he would tell me how he planned to fuck my wife with his big cock. She would be begging for it, as I would have to stand in the corner with my little cock dripping pre-cum. He told me that my wife needed to be fucked by a real man, and that she was just being nice, and didn’t want to hurt my feelings about my lack of endowment.

Eventually, we met up so that I could give him a pair of my wife’s panties. He took them home with him, and we proceeded to chat while he was sniffing and playing with her panties. It was very hot, but I felt shameful and humiliated. Another man, with a nice big cock was sniffing my wife’s pussy and telling me how much he wanted to fuck her. He ridiculed me about my small cock. He said he wanted to get together so that I could watch him play with my wife’s panties. He told me that I would love it, and deep down I knew he was right.

We set up the scenario – he was going to show up at my secluded office, walk in, order me to strip, exposing my little cock. Then he would laugh at me as I showed him pictures of my wife, and provided him with her bra and recently worn panties. I was nervous and apprehensive, but still decided to go through with it. I gave him directions, and hit the send button yenimahalle escort on my email account. My heart was racing. We met a few days later. He had instructed me to grab the freshest pair of her panties and a clean pair. He walked in, said hello, and ordered me to take my pants off. He looked at my small semi-erect cock, and just chuckled. He told me that my wife needed his big cock in her pussy. He took off his pants and exposed his long fat cock. It appeared to be about seven inches, and very thick. His cock had a fat mushroom head. My heart was pounding as he applied lube to his cock and proceeded to lift a pair of my wife’s worn panties to his nose. He sniffed and kissed the slit, all the while telling me how he was going to fuck her hard. He also talked about how he would shove his big cock down her throat and gag her with his thick cock. My little cock was now as hard as it could get. He took a pair of her pink panties and draped it over my small cock, telling me how silly I looked. I was enjoying this scene, but felt so dirty inside.

He continued rubbing his big cock all over my wife’s bra and panties, sticking his big shaft in her slit, and spreading his pre-cum all over my wife’s most private garments. I was extremely turned on. He continued talking nasty about her, and eventually said he was going to cum in the slit of her panties. I was so hot. I continued jerking my small cock with my wife’s pink panties wrapped around it. He told me that I was to place the clean bra and panties, spread with his pre-cum, back in my wife’s panty drawer. He expected his cum to be up against my wife’s tits and pussy as soon eryaman escort as possible. I cleared my throat, and told him I would do this for him. A few moments later he grabbed the freshly worn panties and dropped a big load directly in the gusset of her panties. He spread his cum all around the panties. He then dropped the cum soaked panties onto my little cock. I felt so ashamed. His real man cum was on my wife’s panties, and was dripping on my little cock. His cum felt warm up against my little cock. He got dressed and headed towards the door. The only words he uttered was to make sure my wife wears the bra and panties. I stood there completely humiliated. I heard his truck pull away. I jerked my cock off feverishly, his cum acting as lubrication. I came hard all over my desk. I had been instructed by my new alpha male friend not to cum until we met. It had been four days since I had shot my load. The cum came spurting out of my little cock for several seconds. I cleaned myself up and really felt dirty.

I’ve never considered myself bi, or even curious about being with a man. However, as I was standing next to this well-hung man, as he talked nasty about my wife and sniffed her pussy scent, it really got me excited. I’m almost glad he didn’t order me on my knees. I’m certain I would have done whatever he asked me to do. In fact, as the scene was playing out, I fantasized about dropping to my knees and having him drop his low hanging balls in my mouth. Having him look down at me with the knowledge that he was about to stick his big cock in my mouth. Part of me would have liked that. Maybe next time….

He emailed me later that day. He told me he had fun, and wanted to get together again soon. He said next time he would make me wear a pair of my wife’s panties and a bra. He plans to stand over me and jerk off. His plan is to cum all over my little panty-covered cock. I am ashamed to say I can’t wait. To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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