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Richard and Eleanor had just moved to town on her 18th birthday. Marking a new beginning for the two, a fresh start. No one here knew of them, nor of their relations.

Eleanor was Richard’s daughter. Her mother, Sophia, had passed during childbirth. Leaving Richard a widower, with an infant. To properly provide for his daughter, he worked twice as much, hiring a full time, live-in maid to care for baby Eleanor. That was well over a decade ago. And the maid was no longer around.

Now that she’s become quite the young adult, she said she needed a new start at life; where nobody knew of her mother or father, or of her at all. It was a plus to move so far away with her father, because now they didn’t have to hide. They are in love.

Thankfully, the pair look nothing alike. Eleanor was petite and the only physical feature on her to show her maturity and hint at her age are her breasts. The biggest part of her, sitting perfectly on her ribcage are the breasts, by today’s standards, double c cup. Eleanor was not tall, only about 63in and has lovely, cascading, auburn curls down to her waist. A nice compliment to her hazel, mostly brown eyes.

Richard on the other hand, was very tall, almost reaching an entire foot above Eleanor. He was not fat or thin, perfectly built with a hint of muscle from his farm days before Eleanor existed. He was classically handsome, a long nose and dark hair with no hint of grey yet. And bright, blue eyes that Eleanor always thought he could see into her mind with.

The two had decided together when they settled in this town they’d be wed and live as man and wife. And no one would be any the wiser. The couple had a small ceremony with only a priest and the two.

It was evening now, leaving the chapel, in her most elegant dress and Richard in his best attire for the impromptu marriage. They take the carriage directly to their new home, where Richard had paid some farm hands to help unload their belongings previously.

Richard wastes no time in opening the front door and essentially carrying Eleanor upstairs to their new, shared bedroom. He gently sits Eleanor down on sahabet güvenilirmi the big, neatly made up bed.

“Oh my, Darling. You are quite beautiful,” He reached around her to start unbuttoning her dress and then help to loosen the laces down her back.

“I want to just rip this gown off you, but I need to resist. I want you in this every day. So I can see my bride as beautiful as now every day.” He whispers these sweet nothings to her when her wedding gown is completely undone and barely holding on by her shoulders.

Richard stands back to properly look at his new bride, his gorgeous girl. He groans to himself and takes off his clothing in a hurry.

“I don’t want my dress to stain, Richard,” Eleanor whispers as she attempts to slide the dress off her body the rest of the way.

“Let the dress stain. I want to have you in it first,” he takes her hands in his own. Richard stands, almost nude in front of his bride.

“What have I told you about calling me Richard?” He says into her ear.

“Only in public, Daddy.” She turns to look at him fully and he captures her in a bruising kiss.

“Good girl.”

He releases her hands and steps back to check the curtains are pulled shut on the windows. Richard looks to Eleanor and groans again. The erection straining against his underwear is hardening painfully fast. The opens the buttons on his fly for a small amount of relief.

“Daddy? What are we doing?” Eleanor asks quietly.

“What we were meant to do. You are becoming my wife. And as your husband, I’m taking what’s mine, now.” He steps out of his pants and pushes her to lay down on the bed.

Richard kisses Eleanor, tender and full of love. Love fire his daughter. His beautiful baby girl and love for his wife. His virgin wife, about to consummate their marriage. Eleanor reaches up both arms around Richard’s neck and pulls the kiss deeper. She whimpers softly when Richard ruts against her, she can feel the huge cock pressing into her through the thin clothing.

Richard lifts her hips a small fraction to push the dress to her waist. He yanks down her panties and cups her sahabet yeni giriş pussy in his giant hand, thumbing along her clit. Eleanor feels embarrassed by the slap moans and whimpers coming from her.

“Does Daddy’s little girl like this? You want something in there?” he hotly whispers into her ear. She shivers as his breath leaves goosebumps along her arms. He uses two fingers to drag up and down her sweet smelling entrance. Leaking her pussy juices nicely to coat his fingers. He pushes his ring finger slowly into her needful and excited hole.

“Baby, I believe you’ll kill Daddy if you take too long. And you are in the process of suffocating my finger, now.” He pulls a little out and issues back in, locked into a steady rhythm of opening his wife up for more. Finally he groans deeply, rubbing his cock on her hip through his underwear. He shoves another finger, the middle, into her joining with the ring finger. This time he wasn’t as nice or patient.

“Daddy!” Eleanor cries out into his chest. Richard elicits small puffing moans and needy panting breaths from his virgin bride. Richard is fucking Eleanor now, harsh thrusts of his fingers into her tight, sucking pussy. He wonders if he can’t fit any more fingers into her, how will his cock ever fit? He was far too impatient to wait and think it out.

Richard shoves his underwear, now coated thickly in precum, down to his thighs. He rolls completely on top of her and removes his long fingers from her with a lovely pop. Eleanor looks both frightened and aroused, truly the perfect bride for him. All Richard had to do was make the perfect daughter to be his own new wife.

Eleanor’s right thigh is grasped in Richard’s strong left hand and pulled as far from her other leg as she could stretch. Richard aligns his astoundingly large cock up to her entrance, and kisses her deeply as he thrusts in. He meant to impale her fully in one swift go, but Eleanor had tensed at the painful fullness, and he was only less than halfway into her. Eleanor cries into the kiss and, whimpering so loud, he can feel her cries vibrating on his chest.

He pulls out sahabet giriş ever so slightly and rams back in, another harsh and painful thrust, now completely embedded into her virgin hole. Richard breaks the kiss to whisper to her about how lovely and perfect she is. How this means they are to be together forever, by giving herself completely to him, she is only ever to be with him. She nods and whimpers more. Richard had been absolutely still since the second thrust into her.

Richard gently, slowly pulls his hips back and pushes forward again into her. Eleanor gasps softly and kisses her Daddy,

“I love you, Daddy.” She tries to lift her legs around his back, and only gets them about a fraction up, feeling him shift inside of her, going deeper than before. She screams and he kisses her to shush her.

“Eleanor, my perfect wife, the most beautiful girl I could ever hope to have, I promise I’m being as gentle as I can be with you,” he says this into her neck, then bites and licks her collar bone. The fabric of her wedding dress is far too low cut for a woman of her state, but Richard had insisted she wear it.

Eleanor is finally calming down from the harsh intrusion into her. As she relaxes and eases up the grip her pussy has on Richard’s cock, he sighs and begins to thrust again. It’s a slow, and loving pace, until Eleanor moans,

“Daddyyy,” into his ear. Richard shuts his eyes and starts to truly, without abandon fuck his daughter.

He grips onto her hips and pulls her up, getting the exact angle to slam into her cervix and bruise her climax center on every thrust. Eleanor is panting and clinging onto Richard as though she’ll die if she isn’t hooked into him with her nails on his shoulders. Eleanor pulls him down for another kiss, but has to turn away as she feels a new, giant emotion sweep through her.

Eleanor lays under him, as still as she can be with him pounding into her, and her body feels a flash of hot, lightning quick burning then a sweet, slow cold as her first ever orgasm tears through her.

“Daddy!” She screams again and he bucks into her for a few final thrusts, the grip on her hips and thighs are basically branding her with his handprint.

Richard lays atop her, his huge cock softening inside of her. He can tell at this moment it’ll be hard for him to go back to work in this new town. Especially if it means he can’t have his new bride on him.

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