Next Door Bodacious Beauty

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Disclaiming Fine Print:

1. Everyone depicted here is way over 18,


3. Please Take note of the tags, If you’re not of the persuasion as described in them best to seek your reading druthers elsewhere.

4. ‘Nuff said! Read. Enjoy. Discuss amongst yourselves.


There she was, his love and lust just beyond reach. She was tending to her garden, in 4″ pumps and a “tutu skirt” bathing suit, making sure he saw her purposefully bending forward at the waist, ‘azz a-blazin’. She had wedged the bottom piece on her sweet jelly roll into her crack and split her pussy lips like dental floss. She did that not for his benefit, but her amusement at his torment. He wanted that heavenly body, the one just beyond his reach and beyond mundane proportions. Of course she knew that, why else would she tease him so. She turned to face him. No eye contact, just a quick flash to be sure his gaze was properly riveted onto her. She upped the ante by arching her back in his direction to showcase the generous set on her chest.

He could see her squeezing a dripping whetted rag above her cleavage while she tilted her face upwards in enjoyment. The drops of cool water trickle down below her neck and between her breasts, disappearing under the scandalous plunging V-neckline. For added effect she opens her mouth in blissful respite from the heat. Then her finger tip slowly traced her puffy lips just before she stared directly his way. She pretends not to see him and turns to shimmy her booty over to the back doorway, stopping. She turns her head to the side and down to her right shoulder to keep one eye looking behind her, for him. It was the invitation he had been waiting for in blue-balled agony since moving next to her in June.

It is now the ides of August. Hot! Sticky. Sweaty. Slimey even. Good for profuse perspiration. It makes for a wet sheen upon his arm and leg muscles, the very same she desperately craves to cling to in passion. She does not let him witness her bare lust. Nonchalantly she saches inside, wiggling her caboose oh so subtly. He scoped left and right, making sure not to be noticed hopping the fence and breaching the entrance to her lair. She was out of sight when he trespassed the ingress. As he did so he could hear the creek of stairs. The ascension of her natural full figure made for syncopated thumping, much akin to a bed hitting the wall during ritualistic and relentless rutting.

His cock’s painfully trapped behind two layers of cloth, crying for escape. He waited for the creaking to stop, only to be replaced by footsteps along a corridor, past a squeaking door, onto a metal spring bed. Diminishing bounces are heard next. He bides his time savoring the acoustic allure. Then he proceeds as quiet as a mouse, up those same stairs, creeping across the hall, back flush with the wall, facing the doorway. Listening, not breathing, he hears the rustle of what has to be the peeling off of her bathing suit and elastic straps. It’s a mixture of sliding and snapping nylon. He suspects a small drawer is being slid open and it’s contents crudely shuffled as if she were searching for something well hidden. She must have been successful in her quest as the drawer is closed back up with a tap of the drawer front as it hits its stop.

A buzzing sound is shortly followed by low moans. Could It be a vibrator? He’s hoping that she’s imagining it’s his cock at work. Moans turn to groans and he can’t help but take a peek into the bedroom. His eyes almost tear at the blinding beauty of that fluffy woman on her back gently gyrating a Hitachi wand over her slit and clit. He can’t see her face, her breadth obscures it, but what he can see are two divided American things and inwardly deflecting silky smooth pussy lips with artemisbet yeni giriş a white mechanical staff whirling up and down its long vertical length. Dew forms at the edges of her labia the more it’s kissed by the bulb end. She’s now being more insistent with her motions and unwittingly exposes her burgeoning clit to his viewing pleasure.

Now’s his chance to clandestinely wheel up to her and grab the imposter from her clutches. He then pauses to basque in the vision of this woman of women. He forcefully preempts the pleasuring plastic prosthetic and glares back at her with steely determination. She was definitely counting on his company, but not this, this fast, and interrupted in the throes of autoerotic passion. He stares at her intently and methodically scans her entire being with a feathered touch of a single finger – down the bridge of her nose, continuing over, then around, the skin separating her nostrils, past her suckling lips turned up in a salacious smile, under her chin, sliding down the neck, the nape.

He stops, awaiting her protest which she begrudgingly bares to him. He resumes his exploration but with all five digits of his left hand. He circles her saucer sized areolas, spiralling in towards the hypersensitive nipples, then pinches each gently. His right hand takes over with four finger tips, starting at her cleavage and working in a serpentine path to the small crevice atop her puffy belly. It’s pinched together like a tiny mouth. He spreads it open with his thumb and middle finger and dances around the edges with an index finger, alternately inserting and retracting into its interior. It’s like tapping out a morse code reading, ‘I wanna fuck you so bad right now.’

He progresses over to her pelvic mound and marvels at the steep descent leading to her fertile valley. As he grazes along the outer labia she’s at work unbuckling and lowering his jeans, and ultimately, his tidy-whities. With his ever deepening finger massage she struggles to set his hardened cock free from its fabric prison. His manhood turns scarlet, soliciting immediate attention. She complies with its demands and swallows the flared tip within her hot and moist mouth.

Meanwhile, he dips a middle phalanx below the surface of her delta and curls it into a hook shape with his thumb seeking her pearly prize. Between the stimulation of her g-spot and the oral fixation of having her mouth filled with cock, her groans morph into gasps, preventing her from concluding his complete envelopment. She switches to close fisted pumps of his shaft and head and now it is he that is gasping his gratitude.

He changes tactics and moves his face between her legs and holds them as high and far apart as he can. She begins to squeal with delight when his warm and smooth tongue performs lapping services upon her ample and appetizing cunny. He sees her eyes trying to get a better vantage of his vaginal ministrations, but he usurps her attention by his intent gaze into her eyes.

The emotional intensity of her realized fantasy is too much for her to keep holding his gaze, so she lays her head back to enjoy the tactile sensations he’s providing. She feels his warm tongue explore her outer lips. They begin to blossom with her surrender until she’s reawakened from her daydream by his slow suckling of her love button. She writhes in ecstasy while his soft lips graze upon her most sensitive inner petals. Without warning he plunges a pointed tongue within her depths. His tongue is so lengthy, she’s hopeful that it’s proportional to a protracted penis.

“Ummm… yeah, that’s good, tongue fuck my pussy deep!,” and he repositions his lingual lavishing back upon her clit while inserting a finger within her cunt, “damn that’s fucking good. Now I want a taste of that lovely cock.”

She pulls him in, smack-pushes his buns of steel to face her feet and rolls herself on top. He cherishes her aggressiveness as he finds himself looking up at the most beautiful pussy he’s ever seen. She licks artemisbet giriş up and down his shaft with fluttered jabs, occasionally kissing its crowning spearhead. She’s amazed at its desperate standing at attention. Then she can’t help herself but to attack his entire length in a single swallow, to which he issues a groan of his own.

Immediately following his engulfment he buries his face in her warm dampness and ardently laps. Threading his arms through her thighs then backwards around her ass cheeks, he opens her weeping folds with his soft fingertips. He even takes the occasional nose nuzzle of her precious pucker. At that he hears her squeals of surprise and delight.

He’s quickly drawn into her wonderful wanton world and can’t wait to mount. Just the anticipation is enough to stop him in his tracks and scramble to position the both of them into missionary. While maintaining his grip upon her splayed legs he lines up his saliva slickened shaft with her lady parts and slides the spongy crown up and down her slit to wet it further. This also serves as a promissory of pudendal penetration. The way her pink undercarriage progressively darkens towards her pussy and butthole resemble rings on a target. A target for his arrow head to pierce her bullseye.

After he feels satisfactorily prepared he wastes no time and plunges between her glistening folds. He’s the stamen to her ovum. The meaty and dense interior completely surrounds his entire manhood and he pauses at full hilt to savor the love glove he lies within. His cock is then held snug by the clamping of her smooth walls. She expresses her impatience by bucking her butt against his pelvis with a whimper.

He can no longer deny the desires of this pinnacle of plump perfection and so commences to see-saw into her sloshing slit. In and out he goes, gradually building his ever hardening thickness the more the exquisite feeling grows. In a flash of moxie he gathers his strength to pull her up to sit on the bed’s edge. He threads his arms under her knees as his hands latch to her hips. He hoists her off the mattress and quickly pins her shoulders and backside to the wall. She manifests her shock and awe by madly mashing her maw onto his while her spread legs hold fast to his hips. Her heels dig into his rear cheeks as a cowgirl would spur her stallion to a hectic gallop. He responds by ravishing her abused pussy with repeated pelvic thrusts. Wet clapping sounds rebound off of the ceiling and walls at a quickening pace.

“Fuck me big man! I’m gonna cream fat pussy juice all over your meat. Fucuuuk meeee!”

He goes even faster and more regularly with her dirty diatribe urging him on, “squeeze that big box for me now!,” he demands.

His words and insistent inflection incur her climax

, 2… and again! She issues a guttural grunt with each. Before she has a chance to regain her full mental faculties he pivots and drops her back onto the mattress and spins her onto fours. He reaches around her back and fills both his hands with her breasts while pile driving his groin against her ass. He becomes aware of his swinging cum-heavy balls battering against her clit. He precipitously plunges with all his might onto her rolly-polly rear. She’s so fun sized that she needn’t raise her butt very high, but does anyway.

There’s no way he’s going to miss out on the vivacious view of her 757 wide-body. He stops to supply a slap across her right cheek. This buys him time for an extended gawk at her gorgeous rearward pointing lady lumps. He’s gigglin’ while they’re jigglin’.

He doesn’t wait any longer to again slam home as she ushers her mock protest, “umph, yeah that’s it, fuck this big wet pussy. Is this what you wanted when I bent over for you? Is it stud? Hmmm!? Did you like my bikini crotch riding up between my lips and crack? I bet you did. Now keep fucking me!”

He affirms with a nod and continues pummeling into her upturned posterior. He’s rapidly approaching his own crest. In an effort artemisbet güvenilirmi to postpone it he purchases his groin up on her tailbone and bends his knees outwards in a semi-squat. His inner thighs hug her legs close together and tighten her vagina to stretch that much more. He just wishes he could watch this happening on live video – his cock head slipping in and out between her soaking indented flaps, his own asshole bouncing towards the ceiling. It’s just like when he watches the porno vids he fapps to, but replete with all the added sensuality of touch, smell, taste and sound.

Suddenly he hears her cries of overwhelming passion, she barely has the wind to get out, “Yeah, hmm. You gonna blow seeing me getting fucked? Get down so I can feel your balls battering my clit again.”

He returns to his knees and sees her eyes locked onto a laptop featuring two shadowy figures apparently crashing into one another naked. In the recorded scene a large woman’s on top and guiding his cock into her massive pussy while he suckles on a tit. It’s his favorite viewing camera angle to afford him a money shot of the woman’s ass cheeks, crack and holes filling the screen. He’s also loving the scene before him of his neighbor’s maximum gluteus maximus bulging from the effort of cumming. ‘Gosh, that looks sooo good,’ he remarks to himself. But wait. He recognizes this fick and bows his face on the shoulder of his slattern neighbor for a closer look.

He then says softly but unequivocally, “I’ve seen this one too. I dream that it’s you when I’m watching and spanking my monkey. You’re my slutty next door paramour. Did you know that?”

He hears her ramping up to another quaking ‘O’ and is gearing up to his own. And, there she goes again as her body jerks involuntarily. That’s all he needs to see to spark his release.

And what a letting go it is! As if perfectly timed, she squeezes his pistoning dick as her shattering ‘umpteenth’ orgasm contrasts with his paralyzing one.

“Ahhh…” he screamed out loud.

His eyes strained shut, mouth agape, love juice rocketing out of him and into her velvety chasm. He collapses his now prone body atop her’s and rolls face down on the mattress to her left. Perspiration is cascading off his taut buns that she’s been yearning for since she first laid eyes upon them.

“I must’ve cum a dozen times!,” she declares in response to his exasperation of satisfaction.

“Eight,” he flatly corrects her with.

“Eight, ten, twenty, whatever. It takes a lot out of ya. You only do it once.”

He looks incredulously at her with one eye, “yeah, once for me, but all of yours is ‘cuz of all MY work.”

SMACK! he gets on the right cheek, “Lucky you got away with only that, dirty fresh boy.”

“Guilty as charged. I throw my mercy upon the court” he resigns to admit.

“You can ‘court’ me anytime”, with a sly suggestive smile. Your sentence, to be served concurrently is – you’re going to eat this ass then stuff it with cock, holding my tits while I rub my clitty.”

He perks up at that pleasant piece of perversion with that one eye as big as the moon, “look who’s guilty now.”

“Guilty as sin my dear masculine muse,” she lights a ciggy and licks a lollipop lasciviously, “Don’t! I only do this when I get good and fucked, and it’s been a while up till now,” she warns with a zippered mime across her lips.

He chuckles and drifts off in slumber. Fifteen minutes later she stows her lollipop in the blackened ashtray on the nightstand and covers both of them with the comforter.

“Good night, sweet prince. Just wait till tomorrow when I don my tight clingy ultra thin nylons. You’ll not be the only neighbor lusting after this luscious lolly. Maybe I’ll give you first crack, at my crack,” and giggles.

He pretends not to hear but can’t help but smile. She reaches under the covers to spoon him and caress his spent balls, still glazed with a mixture of sweat, spit, smegma and sperm. He responds with a resurrecting stiffy. She again giggles before nuzzling the back of his neck and deeply breathing him in. Her last conscious act is a big exhale through her nose. Big is as big does…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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