Nightmare Hotel Ch. 01

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Kimberly Westley shivered as she walked through the cold night air, rubbing her hands along her arms to keep them warm. She was wearing a tank top and jeans shorts that ended right under her ass. Typical, she thought to herself, I dress like a typical Miami girl, and I end up freezing to death in Nebraska. She shook her head and walked on, stumbling slightly in her 3 inch stilettos.

Kimberly was headed towards the local inn, nicknamed Nightmare Hotel. It was rumored to have not a single guest who didn’t complain of creaking in the stairs, doors slamming shut, and being locked into their rooms. Some even woke up screaming in the middle of the night, claiming that they had seen a ghost. Kim knew that it was just the local crazies, trying to get more people to visit. The small town of Miriamswood had seen better days, and the locals were desperate to make some money.

When she finally reached the hotel, Kim realized that her sister had been right. There were no other buildings within two miles of this place. It was completely isolated. She shivered and pulled the door open, wanting the day to be over. She stepped inside and smiled as she felt the warm air surge at her, and took in her surroundings. The hotel was not very grand, with simplistic white engravings on the door frames, and a light baby blue wall color.

Kimberly canlı bahis walked up to the lobbyist’s desk and looked around as she waited patiently for the man to stop speaking on the phone. The only person there besides her was a middle aged man in great shape. As she watched him, he looked up from his magazine and winked, raking his eyes down her voluptuous body. Kim blushed and turned around quickly, pulling her shorts down a little bit to cover more skin.

The lobbyist finally turned to her and said boredly, “Welcome to Miriamswood Inn. How may I help you?”

Kim smiled and said, “Hi, I have a floor reservation for Kimberly Westley, due at,” she turned slightly to look at the clock, “10:30?”

The lobbyist’s eyes quickly leapt back from Kim’s busty bosom to her eyes. “Um yes, I have you on floor 13. Follow me, please.” He stood up from his chair and grabbed key 13 from his wall.

Kim followed the man and dragged her luggage that had been sent here along with her. She focused on not tripping and being able to leap into bed and sleep until 9 the next day. The lobbyist lead her to the elevator and whispered in her ear, “If you need anything, anything at all, please let me know. I am fully at your service.” He smiled secretively and left. Kim shuddered and laughed at his horrible method of seduction.

When bahis siteleri she arrived to her floor, she opened the door and locked herself in. Ah, she thought to herself, finally some well deserved peace. Kim called her sister, Noelle, and spoke to her about Noelle’s wedding arrangements. Afterwards, she threw her phone on the bed and walked to the bathroom. She closed the door and locked it, stripping her used clothes off her body, and stepped into the running shower.

The instant warm water from the shower head caused her enough pleasure to moan, and she let it cascade down her body, washing the day’s grime away. Kim grabbed the soap with wet hands and ran it down her body, marveling the feeling of silkiness the suds left behind. As she rubbed the soap onto her front, her finger brushed her nipple, sending a wave of pleasure through her body. Kim set the soap down and cupped her tits, letting her fingertips brush her nipples ever so slightly, making them erect. She moaned and closed her eyes, massaging her tits and slightly pinching her erect nipples.

As the water ran down her body, her hand followed, gliding over her flat stomach, and finding her sacred place. Kimberly used her middle finger to slowly stroke the outer lips of her pussy, then slightly dipping into her honey pot. She grew anxious and let her bahis şirketleri finger slide into her pussy, already feeling the wetness of her juices. The stroking started slow, but gradually increased in speed until Kimberly was gasping and panting, while furiously fingering herself with her middle finger and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Her other hand was alternating between boobs, squeezing with her palm and tweaking her nipple with her fingers.

Kim gasped loudly, the sound reverberating throughout the room, and moaned deeply as she began to cum. She finished and leaned against the wall, letting the water wash away her sweat. She sighed and got out of the shower after washing up, and wrapped a towel around herself. Then she unpacked her suitcase into the wardrobe provided, and dressed in her usual nighttime wear, a sheer blue nightie that was totally see through and her white lace g-string panties. Kim liked to dress up when going to sleep because what other time would she wear these?

She left the wardrobe and put on her robe, leaving it untied. She looked around, wandering around her floor. The Miriamswood Inn didn’t rent out rooms; they rented out entire floors. One floor was basically like a condo, with about 10 – 12 different rooms. Of course, all the freak reportings about hauntings had been from floor 13. Kimberly had tried to get a different floor, but of course, they were all booked.

She sighed and walked to her bed, ready to get to sleep. Once she sank into its soft folds, she was out like a light.

End of Chapter One.

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